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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
March 27, 2010

The Great Usurper has been in office a year, and since his swearing in, our country has undergone vast changes. This article takes a look at what he has done and how it affects us or will alter our traditional American way of life, which will hold true for other nations as well. For many of you, my comments will upset you, but while we still have a modicum of freedom of speech, I have a right to express my point, just as you do as well.

Your comments are always welcome.

The items below are solely my impressions, and I realize that since I do not work in the White House or have any affiliation with our president, that I could be in error on some of the particulars I have outlined. I apologize if I am proven wrong; however, I—as most of us--can only go by what I see, hear, experience, and read, and those four parameters pieced together create an image of a man running our country who is not prepared to hold the highest office in the world. Please do keep in mind that the alternative media present a far more detailed and different profile of our president and other government members than the mainstream media do which remains in love with Mr. Obama and his seven dwarves: Grumpy (Rahm Emanuel), Doc (Sebelius), Sleepy (Biden), “Cashfool” (Geithner), Happy (Obama), Dopey (Pelosi), “Sleezy” (Janet Napolitano).

Just as the seven dwarves worked in diamond mines, using only rudimentary tools of the trade and basic, average mental skills, so do the president and his key workers who mine in the dark for taxpayers’ diamonds. We can hope that some day in the not too distant future that their rudimentary skills will turn to brilliance and that they mine for the taxpayers’ benefits, and not for our money, freedom, and possessions.

To respond in advance: Yes, I am a Conservative, a Christian, a patriot, and a registered Republican, though I am truly an Independent. I do not always vote along party lines; I vote for the person. I make no apologies for any of my positions. Having said that, know that I am always interested in learning both sides of an issue.

The following have no particular order of importance.

1. Poor senatorial record. This is especially true for Mr. O’s voting record, which was a precursor to his presidential actions. He entered the senate by manipulation, and then he did little as a senator. He likely was busy behind-the-scenes preparing himself for the presidency as directed by his handlers.[1] The majority of Mr. Obama’s positions on the passing or rejecting of critical bills and acts were NVs (Not Voting), such as the bill on “Expressing Support for General Petraeus and all members of the Armed Forces,” and [an NV] to [sic] adopting an amendment that extends tax credits and deductions for renewable energy development.” He also did not vote on a bill to “…prohibit funds… from being granted to organizations that perform abortions when a woman's life is not in danger, unless the organization is a hospital.”[2] He issued an NV at least 63 times out of approximately 100 issues, from April 2008 through October 2008.[3] “Barack Obama missed 314 (24%) of 1300 votes since Jan 6, 2005.” This places him in the worst 10 percent of Congress.”[4]

Additionally, offers, “Barack Obama has sponsored 121 bills since Jan 24, 2005 of which 115 haven't made it out of committee and three were successfully enacted. Obama has co-sponsored 506 bills during the same time period.[5] His support of other senatorial measures can be interpreted as his way of having built camaraderie for his run as president.

On significant issues needing a yea, he voted nay, such as the bills on acquiring foreign (terrorists) surveillance, and developing natural gas off the coast… and the development of oil shale resources on public lands. He has also “Voted NO on defining the unborn child as eligible for SCHIP [State Children's Health Insurance Program]; (Mar 2008); NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008); NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions (Jul 2006)[6]; and NO on recommending a Constitutional ban on flag desecration. Therefore, his record represents a pro-abortion stand,[7] and an anti-patriotic appearance.

However, he voted yes to allowing the Secretary of Homeland Security to adjust the status of certain undocumented immigrants to that of permanent resident. He voted yea for stem cell research. His yea votes were predominantly for stimulus packages in 2008 and for such bills as S 2611 which is a “Vote to adopt an amendment that establishes a system for providing states with financial aid to offset the health care and educational costs incurred by giving aid to immigrants, and also allocates for funding the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP).”[8] This bill was sponsored by then Senator Hillary Clinton and co-sponsored by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT). Of heavy importance was a 48 (yea)-49 (nay) vote to propose a constitutional amendment defining marriage as consisting of a man and a woman; Obama voted NO. He has also expressed his contempt for gun ownership,” endorsing Illinois handgun ban. (Apr 2008). [And he]…cosponsored the bill to limit purchases to 1 [sic] gun per month. (Oct 2007)….”[9]


Closely study Project Vote Smart to see our president’s voting record. It greatly details his position on patriotism, abortion, budget and spending, illegal immigration, agriculture, business, campaign finance, civil liberties, and a host of other issues. Did Americans take the time to study Mr. Obama’s background, his senatorial record, his resume of experience (or lack of), his ideologies, his Communistic childhood influences, his affiliation with corruption (Chicago, ACORN) and his contacts with people of questionable character, before they voted him for president? Or did their adoration of his oratorical skills, his race (in being part of the historical election of the first American black president), his promises of change, and their hatred for Bush, take precedent over common sense?

2. Inexperienced. Critics shouted that Palin was too inexperienced to be president even though she knew politics first hand, first as mayor, then as governor, but Mr. Obama never held a true job other than serving as a facilitator in non-public civic organizations, and a few years in the senate with a dubious voting record. Certainly, Mr. McCain was not a viable candidate, which left Republicans wondering what in the world had happened from the time the entire pool of many Republicans running for the office ended up solely with John McCain. In retrospect, it almost seems like a set-up in that all the potentially effective candidates hit the dust to leave an aging, bland, likely no-winner to go against a strong, youthful, charismatic and apt victor. This is the thesis vs. antithesis Hegelian technique.

3. Obama sealed all his records to hide his true citizenship. The questions looms as to why Mr. Obama sealed his college, birth, and other records—at the cost of thousands and thousands of dollars to taxpayers--when past presidents have opened their files online for millions and millions to view and check. Why would someone who claims citizenship legitimacy want to hide his records proving that? If he is a citizen, the records will confirm it, and anyone who truly is a citizen would want to disprove the false and unfair accusations, and put an immediate end to the controversy.

But Mr. Obama festers the rumor by not wanting to prove differently. The birth certificate he has put online has been shown by several experts to be a fake, and this only inflames the claim of his being in office illegally. Most irritating is that our courts have refused to review the case, in spite of evidence offered by attorneys such as Philip Berg and Dr. Orly Taitz. If the Power Elite put Mr. Obama in office knowing he was not a U.S. citizen and that mainstream media would minimize his illegitimacy or totally overlook it and that the courts could be “paid-off” to not review the case…they were right. And we quietly let his presidency stand. Just show us the records, Mr. Obama. For Mr. Berg’s appearance on the radio show “New World Order Disorder,” the announcement offers:

Attorney Philip Berg writes about the Obama website featuring his birth certificate: “…I saw that the text in this image bore the telltale signs of being graphically altered after the image had been created. From June 13 onwards, the unfamiliar format of this document, and the questionable information that it contained, became tangential to my discovery that the scanned image alleged to be a true copy Obama's original COLB [Certificate Of Life Birth], was a forged document image. Today [2008], with three months worth of research and supportive evidence behind me, I can now say, without any reservations, that my initial recognition of this image forgery was absolutely correct.”[10]

Devvy Kidd, who has her finger on the heartbeat of America, explains that Mr. Obama has absolutely no claim to citizenship, simply because his father was under British rule:

“The ONLY argument here is the undisputed fact that Obama's father was a Kenyan national under the British Nationality Act of 1948, making Barack Hussein Obama also a British citizen at birth. It doesn't matter if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya; it is his father's citizenship status that makes Obama constitutionally ineligible to ever hold the office of president.”[11]


On the same issue, Ms. Kidd says Hilary Clinton is also ineligible to hold her office:

That case deals with Clinton as a usurper. Clinton is serving as Secretary of State even though clearly, she is constitutionally ineligible [because]…. the historical fact that -- as in Mrs. Clinton's case -- salaries increased during the terms for which these officials were elected, thereby violating the Ineligibility Clause.[12]

Do Obama handlers and others (the Power Elite) behind him and in our government really think we, the people, are that stupid? Perhaps we are, as we surely behave apathetically about issues critical to our nation and to our individual liberties. This results in the ultimate question, then: If Obama is proven to be illegal, what happens to the presidency and our country? Biden is a long-time, true globalist, and that’s bad news; Pelosi would be the ultimate danger to our nation—more so than any terrorist would. So what happens? How would this affect our nation?

How would the world look at this?

4. No true blueprint or vision for action. Barack Obama (Barry Soetero) won the election on his oratory skills, and not on a true workable platform or a sound vision or some grand design for our country. His words speak louder than his actions, and neither is strong nor effective. He made endless promises and presented many planks but he has fulfilled few of them and none of them completely. He seems to jump from one issue to another without resolution for any of them. Those couple of programs he has partially introduced (clunkers, auto ownership, stimulus packages, healthcare), have cost and will cost Americans excessive capital during a time when our economy is at its worst. These projects and others he plans to install will make not only adults sacrifice financially, but our children and grandchildren will be in the red a long, long time.

Obama’s following the old Keynesian method of spending more to get out of debt is not working, but rather making the situation worse, especially since analysts are frantically warning Americans that another major crash is coming—one that will be worse than that of 2008. Money is recklessly spent by the president and his wife, by Pelosi, and everyone else affiliated with his sinking ship. If Mr. Obama has any kind of so-called blueprint, it is fascism, communism, or totalitarianism. (Fascism, Nazism, and totalitarianism are types of economies where the rich rule a poor working class; not all people share in the wealth of the society…just the rich, the elite; the rest of us are their slaves. Specifically, communism is an ideology where the state plans and controls the economy and a single party holds power—a dictator. Briefly described, Socialism is a centralized government producing and distributing products and services and controlling the economy.
Fascism is the totalitarian system glorifying the state and nation, allowing the state to hold control over every aspect of national life…meaning control over every individual.) Such strategies call for government to control all services and products and distribute them as the dictator sees fit while using the average person as the drone performing these services and manufacturing products for centralized government.

On March 25th (2009), Hannity said, “Obama administration is pushing the single biggest power grab and move towards socialism in the history of the country"[13] Does this ring true for the old USSR—Capitalistic America’s major enemy, which seemingly now has become routine for life in the United States.

Consider the Obama Administration’s reckless spending of taxpayer dollars, not only by the president himself, but also the First Lady who—of all First Ladies who had at the most one to three assistants—has twenty-two paid assistants, with five making in the six-figure range; eight, earning over $60,000-90,000; and the rest, from $35,000 to 57,500, for a grand total of $1,591,200 in salaries.[14] Equally squandering our money is Nancy Pelosi who saw fit to use Air Force One as her personal white horse while piling up $101,000 for in-flight food and ‘booze.’[15]

5. Weakened our military defenses. Obama seems to think that if America shows a willingness to mitigate our military power, we will “make friends” with our enemies; yet, all this has done is weakened our power to protect ourselves. Rep. Darrell Issa offers:

In an increasingly familiar display of Carter-era defeatism, President Obama has acquiesced to Russian demands and dismantled long-standing U.S. plans to counter the threat of Iranian missile attacks. The cancellation of military deployments in Eastern Europe that were designed to protect both the U.S. and our allies from Iranian aggression has, in fact, weakened our global position. In response, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called Obama's decision "brave," which gives many Americans little consolation for the loss of a strategic defense initiative. Under the president's plan, missile interceptors similar to those located in Alaska and California will not be deployed in Eastern Europe as originally intended.[16]

If we do not build a strong defense system, we become sitting ducks for various world rulers to overtake us or, at the very least, toy with us and threaten us. The once mighty United States will look feeble and frail to the all the nations, and ripe for taking advantage of, not including wiping us off the face of the map.


Americans’ relationship with our president is much like having an impish little brother who does not listen to others, makes promises he does not keep, wants his way and does whatever he can to make it happen. This causes frustration and anger in everyone around him. Yet, his grin and adoring manner of speech give us fleeting moments of hope, even a few smiles. Many wanted Mr. Obama to succeed but his behind-closed door policies, his ephemeral commitments, his refusal to listen, and his determination to hold us at bay-- particularly in his hell-bent intent to destroy our patriotism, our freedoms, our sovereignty, our once good morals and high degree of integrity, and a nation for the people by the people--have given Americans a president not for the people but a dictator of the people.

Certainly, every person has good and bad points. Those who don’t fit our profile of right and wrong, or who behave in an irresponsible manner, or make choices that seem to go against the norm—or what seems to be ‘normal’-- don’t rate on our personal scoring card; nonetheless, we are polite to but not “friends” with them. Mr. Obama and his teammates fit this scenario. The polls indicate how strongly Americans disagree with his actions; his ratings are the lowest for any first year, first term president. He is not listening to the public. One would think the Health Care fight would have been a dominant red flag to him of what Americans want and don’t want, but yet he plowed through with his plans, deceptions, and arm-wrestling, and pay-offs to get his way, and he did so in an unnecessarily immediate, so-called “emergency” time frame.

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He is scaring those Americans who read between the lines. If only he would listen to his people and not his Cabinet and his misguided inner voice, he could be a good president. Right now, he and his administration have mocked America, corrupted our political system, and thrown our nation under the bus. Please wake up, Mr. President.

Click here for part 1, 2, 3, 4,


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� 2010 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

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But Mr. Obama festers the rumor by not wanting to prove differently. The birth certificate he has put online has been shown by several experts to be a fake, and this only inflames the claim of his being in office illegally.