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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
November 30, 2010


As time passes, I am continually growing dismayed and livid over what our president, his Cabinet, and puppy-tail Dems (really Progressive Liberals or Socialists) are doing to our country. I have been working on this series all year, hoping that offering my thoughts in “Parts” would allow me to gain some perspective on the situation, and give Mr. Obama a better chance of rectifying the damage he has done to our country. However, I see that giving him additional time to make things right has only topsy-turvied our nation even more, and thus, we are now in worse shape than ever. Let’s look at additional factors that give our country a sense of malaise, a sense of defeat, and an overwhelming anger:

1. Mr. Obama shows no true patriotism or loyalty to our country, and even called his own kingdom “arrogant.” Our president shows little pride for our nation. Not only does he denigrate us by kneeling and bowing to others, but he has over a period of time refused to place his hand on his heart in respect for our flag, or even salute it. In fact, initially, he refused to wear the U.S. flag pin that most senators and federal workers proudly wear. Even the First Lady has scorned our country by stating to the effect during her husband’s campaign, “This is the first time I’ve been proud of my county.” This infers that though she was an attorney who pledged to uphold the values of our nation, she wasn’t even proud of America then. Hypocritical?

2. Resorts to melodrama hyperbole and rhetoric, as well as scapegoating. Obama relies on his rhetoric, which is often punched up with mendacity or false impressions, outright lies, as well as a tenor of theatrical histrionics: “’We’re in the worst financial crisis since Great Depression. (Sep 2008); the lax regulation that Bush favored got us in this disaster. (Sep 2008)…. Save $150 billion in tax cuts for people who don’t need them. (Dec 2007); take China “to the mat” about currency manipulation. (Dec 2007…. “I don’t think homosexuals are immoral any more than I think heterosexuals are immoral.’”[1] He pushed and rushed in a frenzied condition the Obamacare (health) bill because he insisted it was in utter and dire importance to pass immediately, but since Scott Brown won the Massachusetts senate seat, he said there was no rush. What happened? His hypocrisy again shows in his statement in 2004 that then president Bush was rushing his agenda in bills so thick that no one had time to read them. Yet, he has done and continues to do the same. Where did those 200-plus pages in the Obamacare come from that the Senate hadn’t seen and approved before the bill was passed? See this article.

3. Mr. Obama displays total disregard for our freedoms and the unfair use of cronyism. Mr. Obama has forced socialized medicine down our throats for a mere 30 million people who either do not have or do not want to purchase health care. Every single American is now in socialized medicine—the downfall of many nations that had implemented it in the past—all because of 30 million who don’t have it, and, most likely, of that 30 million, our monies are going to the care of the illegal aliens who don’t deserve our taxpayer monies to keep them healthy, happy and wealthy in our homeland that they shouldn’t even be in; they send the money they make in America back to their own country, not to ours, which is feeding them, medically treating them, providing them with welfare, and educating their children. Ironically, countries that had forced socialized medicine on their citizens are going back to private insurance companies because it just doesn’t work, such as in the UK. Canadians offer that they often have come to America for good medical care because their socialized medicine didn’t work. Yes, we need medical reform, but not Mr. Obama’s way.

In an e-mail by CCW, quoting United States Lt. General (Boykin) retired, this is what it’s all about: [2]

Now, the attack on our country and our freedoms has come from the highest offices in our land; our chosen elected officials think we are incapable of choosing what we want to eat; if we need a doctor; what medicine to take, when we are thirsty; who we are in ourselves and our Creator. Freedom...Individuality are on the line. Right here, Right now.

The longer we allow Progressives/Liberals/Socialists to run our country, the deeper we collapse into Marxism, which is Mr. Obama’s background. Check it out for yourself. I propose that our congressional positions be only two-year terms, with the right to re-election solely for one more two-year term; after that, the same candidate can never run for the same position again, no matter how great of a job he or she did in that office. I also urge each and every American to prevent sitting presidents from using American taxpaying dollars to support their campaigning for their party members, as well as for themselves when it is their turn to run for presidential re-election. The president’s party should campaign for him or her—not the president, himself or herself, who should be working for us taxpayers and not burning our money while campaigning via the use of Air Force One, the employment of secret service agents, the cost of the president’s entourage’s stay at posh hotels, and the gorging at five-star restaurants. Let’s also limit the presidency to three years instead of four with the same rule: They can run for re-election after their first three-year term ends, but then they cannot ever run again for the office of president. We need to stop the cronyism, the pay-offs behind closed doors arrangements, the endless monies funneled to colleagues through deals with lobbyists, corporations, political organizations, such as the former ACORN and whatever its successor may be, and other entities, including foreign funding.

No president, or any other government employee or candidate running for office, should be allowed to ever accept financial support from another country. I urge Americans to stop paying retired congress critters exorbitant retirement benefits and perks, and to force them to enroll in the same Obamacare they are thrusting on us. If Obama’s healthcare program is supposedly good enough for us, then it also should be true for them. Moreover, we need to end congressional and presidential servants’ lifelong financial comfort, endless secret service coverage for family members, and disproportionately excessive benefits once they are done serving…period!

We also need to tell our lawmakers to stop giving our money away to big business, as they did in the so-called bailout (fraudulence and lies) of AIG, Goldman-Sachs, the banks, and auto industries. Those bailouts were arranged by the recipients and various members of Obama’s Cabinet and our Senate and House—all to bilk middle-class and low income Americans out of more money. What a ploy that was! Suddenly our country was bankrupt (conveniently followed by other nations), succeeded by the banks, the financial brokers, and the auto manufactures. What’s next?

4. Imposed governmental control not only on health care, but also in the auto industry (with Mr. Obama becoming CEO of GM), and the banking system. The President did this with little to no business experience via various bailouts of big businesses that have not helped our economy, and he is now headed for take-overs in other sectors of our country. Socialism (a form of Leninism, Trotskyism, Left Communism, Totalitarianism, and Fascism) is all about people working (slave labor) for the good of the rulers, not for the benefit of individuals—a dictatorship of the proletariat. Keep in mind the 10 planks of Communism (abbreviated here):

1. Abolition of private property; application of all rents of land to public purposes.
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state
6. State centralization of communications and transportation.
7. …production owned by state…cultivation of waste land….with a common plan.
8. Equal liability of all to labor; establishment of industrial armies….
9. … abolition of distinction between town and….
10. …combination of education with industrial production.

How many of these have our administration filled? How many are on the agenda that we haven’t been told about? It is undeniable: We have already met some of the planks written above. We are well on our way to an Obamaesque Communism.

5. Reduced American superiority by Obama bowing, kneeling to rulers of Saudi Arabia and Japan, and accepting a gift by Hugo Chavez, and other consigned actions makes the U.S. look puny. The old saying and practice that “Americans don’t bow to anyone except God,” seems to have slipped our President’s mind. This is not to say that respect shouldn’t be shown to other heads of state, as certainly they deserve regard and deference, but it does mean that when our Commander-in-Chief downgrades himself to countries of lesser stature, our place in leadership is reduced. Hot Air wrote]…"The President of the United States executed a bow to a monarch so deep that he literally had to take a step back to balance himself…No American President should ever make such an obsequious display to any monarch — ever…."[4]

6. Sends jobs overseas: If our administration would stop outsourcing our work, and instead re-create an industrial/manufacturing base, we would not only bring jobs back to our country, but we would again reign supreme in the “American Dream” department, something we’ve been loosing over the past 40 years, in particular, with each presidential term featuring a president and Cabinet eager to give up our power to appease other nations through treaties, settlements, accords, EOs, and other pacts. Just look at what has been going on with China, which is now posed to overtake America in jobs, economy, education, wealth, military, and politics. Now we are facing the rise of North Korea in its scientific shadowy boost in nuclear power, pulsing its muscles to prove that America can easily be contended with. Is America asleep or just plain stupid?


7. Displayed scatterbrain foreign policy. A sense of ADHD and, conversely, narcolepsy seems to run in the White House. Unfocused, unstable, volatile, erratic leftist liberal leadership has America appearing hostile one moment and meek the next. Mr. Obama’s original lack of addressing the public after the Christmas Day terrorist incident, and Janet Napolitano’s lying over fake actions—actions that were not taken against the terrorist immediately and should have been—leave Americans wondering if our strength, as well as if whether Obama’s so-called foreign affairs policy, are working. We hold our breaths over whether he would attack Iran after massive deployment in Afghanistan while simultaneously fighting in Iraq. What exactly are his strong points in foreign policy, and who is really in control of it?

. . .Obama has little foreign policy track record, however… it's not easy to decipher his views, beyond his rhetoric and the people he's chosen to advise him. Two questions arise. First, is it possible to extricate Obama's views from those of his advisers? Many of the people surrounding him can be categorized as liberal interventionists, Clinton Administration-era veterans….to deal with less than immediate threats to the United States…. Second, how much of what Obama is saying is simply what he believes he has to say….[5]

His warrior or wimp personality confuses everyone, and--as the Label Factor puts it--makes us fearful of what he will do next.

Leslie H. Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote on the Daily Beast blog two weeks ago that Mr. Obama needs to toughen up with his adversaries. “He puts far too much store on being the smartest guy in the room,” Mr. Gelb wrote. “He’d do well to remember that Jimmy Carter also rang all the I.Q. bells.”…. Here is a president who just ramped up the war in Afghanistan, sending an additional 30,000 American troops. He has stepped up drone strikes by unmanned Predators in Pakistan and provided intelligence and firepower for two airstrikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen that killed more than 60 militants. He has resisted the temptation to sign a new nuclear arms agreement with Russia that might not provide American inspectors with the level of verification detail that they want. He is moving toward the wide use of full body scans in American airports.[6]

Couple this with Mr. Obama’s lack of efforts in controlling entrance of foreign terrorism in our country—either through radical Islamic or radical Mexican drug cartels, among other fanatics—our nation appears as a feeble, anemic, ineffectual force to deal with. Word has it that Mr. Obama will yield citizenship to all the illegal aliens on our terra firma. Is this how we fight those who threaten our lives in every aspect: Physically, financially, culturally?

8. Flouts taxpayer’s money particularly during a rough recession. Jet setting, junkets, pork, taxpayer entourages, stimulus packages, cap and trade, campaigning, all weigh heavy on Americans who are losing their jobs while our leaders are out spending our money. Talk about crooks running our country: Look at political fundraisers where Ponzi scheme villains ate with high-level Democrat lawmakers and President Barack Obama:

….While working as the head of Florida’s most politically-powerful law firm, Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Adler…Scott Rothstein stole US $1 billion from investors in South Florida and New York. Rothstein’s fraud was exposed while he was shuttling between the two cities. The fraudster then went on the lam to Morocco with the Feds in hot pursuit, only to return a few weeks later to face the music…. On the very night before he fled the country, Rothstein supt at the table of one Barack Obama at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida. Rothstein. . .. [7]

9. Narcissistic personality detrimental to America. Our president likes to appear in the media…over minor things, but holds back on major issues, such as the Christmas Day terrorist, at which time he said he would let his department handle the situation rather than he, himself, addressing the public. It was only after much pressure that he finally made an appearance. He despises Fox because they cut through his self-admired attitude, but he remains the mainstream media’s golden-haired boy, as well as the “dude” on talk shows, newscasts, and other non-essential media events. He enjoys seeing himself on magazine covers, on television—especially receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, of which he was truly undeserving—and hearing himself spout his usual aimless, meaningless purple-prose oratory. Americans are embarrassed by his vanity, and other nations are laughing at him and us.


So, here we are—having completed mid-term elections, with Mr. Obama having taken a “shellacking.” Will that wake him up? Undoubtedly no. Ask yourself the age-old question: Are we better off now than we were before Obama? It seems to me that our direction has been ever changing with each president. My fear is knowing what our youth—our future leaders of America—are being taught in school through pre-designed curricula by special groups, such as issues on homosexuality, Islam, and the denigration of America’s prowess—the onslaught of lies and corruption fed to our children,

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I don’t expect the old powerful, wealthy, free America and the American Dream to ever return…unless we act now to take back our beloved United States of America.

Click here for part 1, 2, 3, 4,


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The longer we allow Progressives, Liberals, Socialists to run our country, the deeper we collapse into Marxism, which is Mr. Obama’s background. Check it out for yourself.