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By David Ruben
June 1, 2013

The question is: why do the overtly corrupt have such a stranglehold on the human race?

All around the globe, there are political and religious zealots that delight in terrorizing, torturing and murdering people. In America, perversion and corruption are rampant, and violence is commonplace. Even in your own home-town danger and crime hovers somewhere nearby. The question is: why… why do the overtly corrupt have such a stranglehold on the human race, and exactly how did the virus of immorality gets into our lives and our world -- and most importantly, what is the way out so we can be truly free? The path has always been and always will be the same for everyone. Each of us is born with a unique, separate awareness of being. Some find meaning, live a good and rewarding life, and die well, while others turn toward a different destiny. Why?

Have you ever thought about what it really means to be human? There is, and will only ever be one of each of us. We are born brand-new, and before us lies the ultimate destiny of searching for truth and meaning or denying it - of wanting more, or less consciousness. Doesn’t being human mean that our experience of gradual personal growth is a process of becoming better through confronting, not running from, life’s issues, problems and evils?

In a strange way, life is like a complicated chess game, where as people move across the board, the various pieces keep changing sides. People who have been “pawns” of an enemy may have a change of heart and cross over to the good side. It works both ways; while good people try to save the bad ones from evil, the bad seek to corrupt the innocent and separate them from their innate goodness. The truth is, many people the world over, as they have for thousands of years, live in a suppressed, traumatized and therefore "altered" state of consciousness, manipulated and controlled by various political or religious systems. On the surface, we are all members of the human race regardless of race, color or creed, but we are not all the same on the inside.

Everyone wants a world of perfect peace, balance and equality, but will it most likely ever come about? No. Why? Because many people not only will never awaken to acknowledge how much corruption surrounds them, but those in denial choose to remain zealously committed to keeping others confused and asleep. These are the types that in many third world nations go about the dirty business of torturing and killing millions of innocents simply struggling to find meaning and happiness.

Unfortunately, the only way the evil types (such as the Taliban or N. Korea) can maintain the illusion of their demented, misguided sense of worth is by destroying those around them who see the world from an awakened perspective. Just as the most corrupt, ruthless member of a gang often gets to rule the crime family, similarly these types often rise to political power and literally create chaos, violent crime, mental illness, broken homes and drug addiction. Like the Egyptian pharaoh of old, they will never let the people be free. Such "freedom killers" abound, not just in foreign countries under dictatorships, but wherever the sickest, most corrupt member rules. Nevertheless, there is hope for us, because one thing separates “us” the awakened from “them” the sleepers -- our conscience. The real difference between “them” and “us” is that we have conflict about our moral, personal and social problems, and they do not - for that reason alone, we have survived them and so we are still alive inside. Those that wish to control us abuse their talents to ambitiously and ruthlessly manipulate or eliminate anyone who stands in their way. When they ascend to positions of authority in society, they rob the innocent of their mental health and freedoms, then legitimize, promote and legitimize on behalf of the perverted and wicked.

If all this is true, then there can be only one answer: freedom can prevail only when higher awareness (respect for God) and common sense becomes the collective goal, no longer held up to ridicule. Unfortunately, many otherwise innocent and productive people have spent virtually their entire lives in various emotionally troubled states, governed by a kind of madness indoctrinated into them by the “mind-attackers.” The difference is that we the awake see the madness and know we need change, but we have not been allowed to take back full control of our lives. So, how then can we become separate from those who will not ever awaken, and who revel in chaos, irresponsibility and immorality?

"A nation can survive its' fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor--He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation--he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city--he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared." —Cicero, 42 B.C., Roman Statesman, orator, and author.

Denial is a form of mind control! Is it too late to regain our freedom? No, but the answer is painful. It comes down to a choice of what you want to believe or what you are compelled to deny. The key to freedom has to do with our chosen consciousness… rediscovering that we have a choice about what kind of life we want to live, the most important choice each of us must personally make. In my view, there are only two kinds of "freedoms" in this life:

1. Freedom from the compulsion to do what our environment (programming) compels us to do…
2. Freedom from knowing that we are acting from programming.

My analogy is simple: Our conscious mind is like a radio receiver with just two channels that acts as a sort of “thought receiver,” like a conduit through which either good or evil ideas enter and manifest in this world as either good or evil deeds. Depending on what "station" we tune into, the "programming" we receive comes either from within us (awareness, intuition and reliance on a higher power), or from programmers in the outside world, which changes us into externally motivated, cultural, religious, or political beings. But here is the catch: Without the willingness to squarely and honestly face the truth of our mental/emotional enslavement to mind manipulators, people literally cannot stand to be conscious. We can only learn just so much, in an intellectual sense, from religion, psychology and medicine, all of this knowledge fails us miserably as we face the unbearable daily pressures that challenge us. Winning the war against our enemies requires something more than intellectual knowledge. We are all by nature, compulsive creatures of environment, and often find ourselves "slaves of conditioning" often "programmed" and motivated by pressures to conform, when we ought to obey the dictates of our own inner conscience. As we turn back toward a Godly or “awakened” way of living and thus awaken "the original self within," we are then able to override environmental pressures, and there is a amazing result: as you become more aware, it becomes more impossible to be manipulated, or do anything against your will.

Unfortunately, before the time of awakened reason, people tend to "solve" problems by escape, (smoking, illegal drugs, alcohol, psychotropic drugs, illicit pleasures, etc,) denial and delusional imaginings thus diminishing their awareness of in turmoil one way or another. Our reactions to life’s pressures and the resulting emotions drive us to imperceptibly submerge our minds in a dreamy escape-reality of denial, often so much so, that some people never come to understand why their lives and world around them have become such a mess. To varying degrees, as we interact each day with the insanity of the world without having become aware, due to the varieties of stress and pressure, we are becoming emotional prisoners, driven and demoralized by a flood of emotionally induced ideas that we eventually come to believe originate from within us.

For this reason, when pressured or stressed sufficiently many people tend not to resist believing they are "following their hearts" which often leads to tragedy. Does stress really hypnotize us? Well, the story goes something like this: Once you get upset things go wrong. Because once you are upset, you can become confused and frustrated. Eventually, lost in a cascade of thoughts generated by feelings, we loose sight of the reality that we do not know what to do -- and so make catastrophic decisions. Confronting or solving problems by reducing our awareness of them is like taking LSD to see reality: you will end up in a world of distorted imagination.

Denials (excuses) compound the loss of clarity vital to seeing, and acquiring the understanding needed to solve the problems, thus a pattern is perpetuated. Some people live in such a way that they are willing to "lay down their lives" -- their precious, conscious uniqueness -- by standing for what is right. Others do just the opposite and preserve their miserable asses defending what is clearly evil. Everywhere through human agencies, spiritual forces are at work. No matter, because there exists an "awareness" within us, a space from which vantage-point one both observes and changes the course of the future a fraction of an instant before its shaping - and therein lies the power of choice. A choice to take on a new awakened "mental altitude" with undreamed-of potential.

Once you awaken there is no need to force any outcome, you will change the world by remaining unchanged. In effortless control, you influence the world through not being influenced, you win by not losing. No need to win -- just don't lose, which is to say, under trial and tribulation, stand strong in principle.

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Out of a calm composure, you will choose to say or do something - or choose to say or do nothing -- without fear of repression or reprisal. By not becoming upset, intimidated or fearful and braving the outcome of any conflict, a quiet sense of triumph follows. What the change agents of the world fear more than ANYTHING is the average person discovering and utilizing this little bit of insight: The moment-to-moment practice of being patient, objective, and process based is much more profound than it seems. It is not just a psychological stress-reduction technique or coping mechanism. Rather, it is faith in action. And when you have faith in yourself, you are free from the influences of those who wish to control you.

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© 2013 David Ruben - All Rights Reserved

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David Ruben is Senior Executive Producer, and Team Leader at the creative boiler room for the Audio Taskforce at Talk Radio Network (the 2nd largest distributor of Talk programming in America). Over the past 4 years David has won 3 LA Comedy Awards in the voice/production category. David has produced some of the most successful nationally syndicated radio personalities such as Michael Savage, The Jerry Doyle Show and The Rusty Humphries Show to name just a few.

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Denial is a form of mind control! Is it too late to regain our freedom? No, but the answer is painful. It comes down to a choice of what you want to believe or what you are compelled to deny.


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