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By J.W. Bryan
December 6, 2014


In the past few months there has been a resurgence throughout the country, of interest, frustration, and anger among the citizenry, concerning how far this country has drifted, or we might say, stampeded, away from the founders' American Principles of government. We can attribute this to an acute awakening, on the part of some and gradual for others, as to how all this has happened for the simple reason that most, probably a good 99% of us, were complacently going along under the delusion of a mind-set which subscribed to the erroneous dogmatic belief that, “Ah!....This is America; nothing like that can ever happen here.” How many times we still hear this today!

As a matter of fact, as I think back on my back-trail, I can recall a time (The Fall, November 1941 I think) when this statement was made by an elderly man. Now, when I say elderly……he was that to me; for I was only thirteen at the time. After he made this statement there was a pause ….I waited to see if anyone would say anything, but no one did, so I just had to open my mouth: “Well Sir” I began, “Yes, it could… could happen here, and I’ll tell you how.” Well….you should have seen the look on his face. He cast a not so kind, quisling stare at me and said, “Aye?” So I explained it to him.

Making the long story short, I went on to explain that it couldn’t happen in a short period of time, but that it could over a period of fifty or sixty years. Now here’s the part some might question; for I explained the workings of, what I call, “The Mechanics of Dialectical Materialism, “ to him, and I didn’t know there was any such thing – I had never heard of it. Now, of course, my dissertation of the subject was no way close to being intellectually delivered; it was very juvenile. My vocabulary just wasn’t up to it. I could only do the best I could, sort’o the way I’m doing here.

Okay, back to the subject at hand, before I got side-tracked. I had noted that there was a resurgence of interest, frustration and anger concerning how the government had drifted away from American principles of operation. This has resulted in many people desiring to get involved and hopefully doing something about the problem. Unfortunately, however, most of us are either uninformed, or misinformed inasmuch as we don’t know where the root of the problem lies. In short, very few of us know the enemy and it’s/his/her/their method of operation; because they do not let us in on their Goals, or their Agenda for achieving them. So, therefore, any action on our part is for the most part, simply an exercise in futility.

There are many, who I have observed, who are involved in various programs and agendas which they have seized upon, in their minds, as a way of resisting. However, in most cases, since these acts of resistance were neither tactically, nor strategically directed at a vulnerable point of the opposition’s agenda in general, there was no concerted action with other participants in it. So, what resulted was, and will continue to be, nothing more than a shot in the dark.

Okay, so much for that. Now let’s get down to why I’m writing this. Those who are still with me are somewhat serious about this, and desire to hang on and see what’s coming up next.

That being the case, without any further preliminaries let’s jump right in and get at it. To begin with, the enemy, whatever we might choose to call them, Democrats, Neo-Con Republicans, Socialists, Communists, or Progressives can all be covered by one term, Collectivists. They are all in it together and have been working towards their goal for a long time. It goes all the way back, in organized form, at least to 1776 with the beginnings of the Illuminati in Bavaria. But we aren’t going to go into that part; we are going to jump ahead to the end of World War 1.

Soon after the end of that conflict in 1919, the Conspirators began their campaign to establish the League of Nations. However, they were unsuccessful because the U.S. Senate refused to ratify it. As I understand it, there was something of a smear campaign launched against the Senators who refused to vote for ratification, they were called “The irreconcilables.”

Can’t you just imagine how put out the conspirators were when these loyalist American Senators refused to be swayed by their betters in the attempt to advance the admirable cause for world government? After all, hadn’t they contrived successfully to bring about a war to end all wars; the war that would make the world safe for "Democracy?"

And now, the chagrin of having been stymied by a bunch of nincompoops.

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I need to clarify a couple of terms that I used in the preceding paragraph. Conspirators: two or more people who are advancing an agenda against others, while at the same time, keeping the agenda secret from those they are advancing it against. This is an absolute, regardless of who says it isn’t. And now, for Democracy: this is a term often used by collectivists who have an esoteric meaning in their insider lexicon. The meaning to them is socialism. However, their intent in using it is for us to perceive the opposite.

This concludes Part 1, The Introduction. In part 2, I will go into the beginning of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). This group is at the root of everything that has transpired since that time. The CFR is something we have to be informed about, or we will continue to be at a loss to know what to do; it’s like the 2 plus 2 equals 4 in math – if you don’t know that – then what else you might know will be of no use to you. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3,

© 2014 J.W. Bryan – All Rights Reserved

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J.W. Bryan was born in1927 and spent five years in the Marines, from 1945 - 1951. He worked at International Paper Company for 31 years as paper machine worker, and later in quality control. He is a Lifetime member of the John Birch Society, having joined in 1961. After retirement from International Paper, he and his wife Polly worked several years as house parents in children's homes, both in Virginia and Mississippi, 1991 - 2008. They now reside in the country out of West Monroe, La. where he produces peaches, watermelons and an assortment of vegetables. He has spent his life fighting to keep our Constitutional Republic.




I need to clarify a couple of terms that I used in the preceding paragraph. Conspirators: two or more people who are advancing an agenda against others, while at the same time, keeping the agenda secret from those they are advancing it against.