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By J.W. Bryan
December 27, 2014

In this series on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), I am only able to reveal at best, a sliver of the tip of the iceberg regarding the depths of this evil. Therefore, anyone who desires a complete picture, and an access to well documented research, I highly recommend the book, “Shadows of Power” by James Perloff. It can be purchased here , or by calling 1-800-342-6941.

In parts 1 and 2, we began to get a glimpse of how the CFR came into being. Now let's take a look at how it worked its way into the position of influencing governmental operations. This was done in such a manner that the Global or One World Agenda would receive its initial start, and then continue on to its perceived and planned destiny.

According to James Perloff, in Shadows of Power, “In September 1939, Hitler's troops invaded Poland, and Britain and France declared war on Germany, and World War II had begun.”

From Curtis B. Dalls’ FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law," page 67:

“Less than two weeks later, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, editor of Foreign Affairs, (the official publication of the CFR), and Walter Mallory, the CFR’s executive director, met in Washington with Assistant Secretary of State George Messersmith. They proposed that the CFR help the State Department formulate its wartime and post war planning. The CFR would conduct study groups in coordination with State, making recommendations to the Department and President. Messersmith, a council member himself, and his superiors agreed.”

I find it very interesting that the CFR, a private organization, could find an open door into the operation of the United States Government through the State Department. We weren’t in a war, or so we were told. FDR was continuing to proclaim that he would never send American boys to die on foreign soil. I know this for a fact, for I heard him. In addition, not only was the CFR going to be allowed to help the Department of State with its wartime policy, but also with its post war plans. In other words, it was going to help with plans of what to do after the war – a war that we were not in and weren't going to be in, as we were told countless times.

There are pseudo intellectuals who have the unmitigated gall to tell us that there isn’t a conspiracy. So, here's the very definition of a conspiracy: "when two or more people advance an agenda/plot against others, while at the same time, keeping it secret from them," that constitutes a conspiracy. Simple, isn't it – you don’t need a PhD to figure it out. And just how did this private organization of the CFR find an open door into the operations of the United States Government through the State Department? It's really very simple... when one understands how the CFR makes preparations prior to attempting something like this.

Let me try to simplify the explanation. The State Department had received a prior salting, so to speak, with influence and control by the CFR. George Messersmith, Assistant Secretary of State, was a member of the CFR and though he had superiors in the department, we can be sure they were well aware. They had been well informed concerning who represented the power behind the throne, which in this case was George Messersmith. So let’s see if we can get a picture of how this event played out. We have CFR member Messersmith, being approached by Walter Mallory, the Executive Director of the CFR, and Hamilton Armstrong, Editor of the CFR's official publication, Foreign Affairs, proposing that the Council helps the department of State formulate its wartime policy and post war planning.

Since we know how the CFR operated, and continues to do so to this day, we can see very clearly how this operation played out. It was well scripted from the very start. Walter Mallory and Hamilton Fish Armstrong didn’t proceed into this exploratory to only see what the take would be. This little exercise was only for show; maybe something to be referred to later to give some credence as to how it all came about. The reality is, it was already a done deal. We can equate it with a shenanigan – an exercise where one approaches oneself to make a deal, when oneself has already agreed to it. This was theatre for the masses.

On September 12, 1939, the Council on Foreign Relations began to take control of the Department of State. On that day, Armstrong and Mallory paid a visit to George Messersmith in the State Department. The Council proposed forming groups of experts to proceed with research in the general areas of Security, Armament, Economic, Political, and Territorial problems. The State Department accepted the proposal. The project (1939-1945) was called Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies. Hamilton Fish Armstrong was Executive director. The CFR officially became part of the State Department in February of 1941.

Then, in 1942 the relationship between the Department of State and the CFR strengthened again. The Department organized an Advisory Committee on Postwar Foreign Policies. The Chairman was Secretary Cordell Hull, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for helping found the filthy communist United Nations, and was called the "Father of the United Nations" by FDR. The vice chairman was Under Secretary Sumner Wells. Dr. Leo Pasvolsky, director of the Division of Special Research, was appointed Executive Officer. Several experts were brought in from outside the Department. They were CFR War and Peace Studies members; Hamilton Fish Armstrong; Isaiah Bowman (1921 Director of the CFR); Benjamin V. Cohen, who assisted in the drafting of the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks agreements leading to the establishment of the United Nations; Norman H. Davis (president of the CFR from 1936-1944); and James T. Shotwell who promoted entry into the League of Nations (forerunner of the UN) and in 1917, he became director of research at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. (Remember, In 1934, the Carnegie Corporation said we are going to use the schools to change the US from a free market system to a planned economy. In a planned economy, as in Communist countries, the administration chooses at an early age what your child will do all throughout their lives.)

There were 362 meetings of the War and Peace Studies groups and the meetings were of course held at the CFR Headquarters at the Harold Pratt House in New York City. Their work was absolutely confidential. The American citizenry knew nothing. In 1944, these members of the Studies group were invited to be active in the Dumbarton Oaks Conference on World Economic Arrangements. This ensured the establishment of the United Nations.

So let's take a deeper look into this. The CFR had evidently been involved in making preparations to assist the State Department with both its wartime, and post war plans. At this point the question arises: what could have possibly given the CFR the idea that we were going to be involved in World War II? Can we consider that the remote possibility exists that it had advance knowledge of what was about to transpire? If it didn’t, why was it preparing to help State with its planning? And surely it's not too much of a stretch to consider that the CFR might have been involved in the planning which resulted in World War II becoming a reality?

That being said, I realize it cannot be definitively stated that this was the case, or at least I have not come across any evidence which would tend to confirm that the CFR had previously been involved in plans to this effect. However, there is considerable evidence confirming that it was birthed, and came into being, for the express purpose of bringing to fruition the plans for total Global, or World Government. Therefore, since this was their goal and what it was expressly organized for, it is reasonable to suppose the CFR would be involved in the making and coordinating of plans which would have a contributing effect to the furtherance of the agenda for which it was expressly organized.

As mentioned, one of the entities which resulted from World War II, and significantly advanced the agenda in pursuit of these goals was the United Nations. This doesn’t mean that the idea for the UN was born as a result of the war. It would be more correct to say that World War II resulted from the planning of the United Nations, which the CFR was responsible for creating.

In “The Shadows of Power," James Perloff reveals that "most Americans believe the UN was formed after World War II as a result of international horrors of the war. Actually, it originated in CFR intellects and the term ‘United Nations’ was in use as early as 1942."

This could be the earliest there is any record of the term United Nations being used. It is reasonable to suppose that since the rejected League of Nations resulted in the forming of the CFR, it was for the purpose of continuing the drive towards World Government. It also necessarily follows that the same kind of thinking which resulted in the attempt to establish the League of Nations, continued to prevail throughout the interim between the demise of the League and the advent of the UN.

I realize, as I’m sure most readers do, that all the foregoing is perceived as politically incorrect. Why? Because it is adversely referring to historical events, and how they are perceived to have culminated into a situation that has placed us under the threat of completely losing our national sovereignty, along with all our individual God given liberties.

This, of course, is to be expected. If these entities have collaborated to bring these situations about; and some of us stumble upon a few clues which result in our waking up to that fact, then it necessarily follows that somehow we have to be discredited. We have to be looked upon as a people of no consequence – outside the pale.

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It is a given that those exposing the rot are going to be tagged with a label designed by those being exposed. This is to make the exposure ineffective, or at least, less so. So, why worry about it. We only have to make sure we are right and then speak the truth.

If only one-half of a percent of us will commit to getting ourselves informed of the traitorous activities of our officials, and begin to expose it through whatever means we have access to, then we will begin to see a difference. So let’s do it – and let’s do it now, because the hour is late.

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© 2014 J.W. Bryan – All Rights Reserved

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J.W. Bryan was born in1927 and spent five years in the Marines, from 1945 - 1951. He worked at International Paper Company for 31 years as paper machine worker, and later in quality control. He is a Lifetime member of the John Birch Society, having joined in 1961. After retirement from International Paper, he and his wife Polly worked several years as house parents in children's homes, both in Virginia and Mississippi, 1991 - 2008. They now reside in the country out of West Monroe, La. where he produces peaches, watermelons and an assortment of vegetables. He has spent his life fighting to keep our Constitutional Republic.




I find it very interesting that the CFR, a private organization, could find an open door into the operation of the United States Government through the State Department. We weren’t in a war, or so we were told. FDR was continuing to proclaim that he would never send American boys to die on foreign soil.