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By J.W. Bryan
January 17, 2015

Great Betrayal on the Way

The grave danger of a proposed trade agreement is coming up for ratification by the Senate very soon. It is more of a threat to our freedoms, what little we have remaining, than Obama Care, amnesty, and Hillary Rodham Clinton combined. Watch this video from William Jasper regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This TPP is being secretly negotiated because the Obama Administration fears that if the public is aware of what is going on, the opposition to it will be so overwhelming it would likely not even be brought to a vote. Not only has it been secretly negotiated, but there has also been a conspiracy of silence concerning it.

The only exposure of it has been by the New American Magazine along with some other minor media. This, of course, reveals that some powerful forces had to come into play, or there would have been other news sources which would have carried it. If the New American and a few other small timers could find out about this threat, then there is no doubt that Fox News, as well as all other major media, has been privy to it all. But there hasn’t been a peep out of any of them concerning it.

So, in view of all that it is quite clear there was a well organized and coordinated strategy carried out to keep this under the radar for over a year. All the while a strategy was planned, amounting to covert action, to get everything set up for when the right time arrived to pass this unconstitutional legislation.

Here is where we see how the CFR plans and facilitates things in a way that they come to fruition practically unseen. We noted in part two that all the major media is either owned or controlled by members of the CFR, so therein lies the answer to how something like this can be kept quiet. In addition to this, there are about five hundred CFR agents in the Obama Administration, with each of them being in charge of some part of the agenda, and since all this coincides with the Agenda for Global Governance – what can we expect?

In 1939, as noted in part 3 of this series, the CFR arranged to get well enough established in the State Department to assist it (State) in formulating both its wartime and postwar planning, even before we knew we were going to be in a war, (or at least the people didn’t). Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that if they were making plans about the war, prior to it, then they were also making postwar plans. They included getting the United Nations established, and how the Marshall plan would be utilized following the war to initiate the ongoing development of the European Union. And that, my friends, was the first step toward bringing to fruition the plans for final Global, or One World Government.

What made establishing of the E.U. so important to the strategy of the “One-Worlders” is very simple. There was the need for a base to which future nations that succumbed to “Global Governance” would be added. The following analogy explains it. In the old west, there were those involved in capturing wild horses and the first thing they had to do was to set up a corral in which they would place the first bunch that was caught. This made it the holding base which other horses could be added to as they were caught. Without the holding base there would be no point in an activity to catch more horses.

The forces supporting all this developing of the E.U. were, and continue to be, very formidable. According Alex Newman's article, “THE EU: Regionalization Trumps Sovereignty,” in the September 2013 issue of the New American, he states, “The U.S. Government has been supporting the union from the start. Major American tax-exempt foundations helped fund the effort, too.”

“Also key were establishment fronts such as the Council on Foreign Relation and the Bilderberg conference. After World War II, the Marshall plan, for example, played a major role in foisting today’s regime on the peoples of Europe. Back in a 1947 speech, then-U.S. Secretary of State George Marshall (CFR) strongly suggested that European economic cooperation was a precondition for desperately needed American aid after World War II.”

In other words, he was telling them that if they didn’t cooperate – refused to join with other nations – continued to hold on to their sovereignty and their independence, then they weren’t going to share in the goodies. The bottom line of all this is that the U.S. Government pushed/financed the people of Europe into the European Union.

What does all this have to do with now and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership? It has just about everything to do with it. If what took place back there 64 or 65 years ago had not happened, then the currently proposed trade agreements would not be all that significant, relatively speaking, of course, but it did happen. It was the beginning of what this proposed TPP agreement is all about. The TPP will bring us about two steps away from the fruition of the process that will deliver the United States into the European Union.

Enough has leaked out about the secret negotiations revealed in the New American Magazine, that the proposal consists of twenty nine chapters, but only five of them have anything to do with trade. The remaining ones, 24 of them, have to do with how our government and society, as a whole, will be changed. It is almost a given that we will not know what those changes are till after it is ratified.

The TPP is the first in a two step plan to launch us into the European Union by 2015. The next step which is planned to come up in 2015 is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It is of the utmost importance that we defeat the TPP, because, by doing so, it will be much easier to defeat the TTIP if it is brought up. They will most likely back off and regroup for a later attempt with different strategies.

Recent information reveals that the Obama Administration and GOP leaders are reportedly plotting what amounts to a betrayal of the American people through a series of far-reaching “free trade” deals which will practically deliver us into the European Union – the final precursor to total World government.

Critics of the plan from all across the political spectrum are rallying to stop it. Some opinion molders are quite vocal on the subject. Surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh had this to say, “The Republican Party was not elected to sit down and work together with Democrats to slow down the speed the country is headed to the cliff and go over slowly, they were elected to stop the policies of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.” Nevertheless, Republicans are making it clear they intend to continue working with the Democrats, and the President, to get things done, particularly Obama’s rotten free trade agenda.

Here is Senator McConnell’s take on it, “I’ve got a lot of members who believe that international trade agreements are a winner for America and the President and I discussed that right before I came over here.” He shares Obama’s vision with other Republicans about trade partnerships. McConnell continued, “I think he’s interested in moving forward, I said send us trade agreements, we’re anxious to look at them.” Now, of course, it goes without saying that Obama is interested in moving forward, but what is forward to him – does it not mean moving toward fruition of his agenda? And what is that? He has stated it very clearly himself – “To fundamentally transform America.” And that means, when America is no longer the America we have been loyal to and loved, since 1776.

For the past six years, Obama has revealed who he is and where he’s going. Does anyone think that McConnell is naïve, or stupid enough to think "forward" to Obama means to turn around and proceed in the opposite direction? Or does he intend for us to believe, while he is aware all along, that he and Obama don't have the destruction of American sovereignty as their ultimate goal? This really brings up a question as to where McConnell is, but anyone who has watched his voting record already knows where his loyalties lie, and it's certainly not with his constituents or the American people

Even Senator Rand Paul has voiced his support for the trade agreements: encouraging the President to “prioritize” passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. They get to DC and they all drink that Potomac Punch and trade their souls for money, power, and fame.

Let’s sum it all up. Both of these Senators, for months prior to the election, were very vocal in their opposition to Obama and his policies. Of course, pre-election rhetoric always sounds so wonderful. Now however, it's all peaches and cream with the Marxist in our White House. It’s like they are enamored with him – seemingly like they are infected with the sweets, with the honey dripping and the ants eating them up.

What we are witnessing here is very disgusting. We need to take a very hard look at these Senators as well as all others of like minds, and let them know exactly what we think about them.

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The fact that the authors and promoters of the TPP admit that it is just a steppingstone to an even more expansive and more dangerous FTAAP (Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific) which I wasn’t able to get in to – should be sufficient to guarantee its defeat. However, defeating the TPP and FTAAP will require a coordinated and sustained effort by American patriots over the next few months to take this information to their fellow citizens. It will take – in the words of Samuel Adams – “an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” Then the heat and light from these brushfires must be directed at members of Congress so that they will honor their constitutional duty to stop the TPP.

Which will you choose? Freedom or the free trade agenda?

The above is quite a challenge, but it is something which those of us with honor can’t refuse to take up. I believe we can do it – with only a few good men and women we can win. If only half a percent of the adult population get busy in their communities – informing people, and staying on their Senators, we will be victorious. Of course, we must stress that we can’t do this without God’s help, because we are opposed by Satan and all his forces, so we have to seek God’s help and direction. So let’s work like it’s all up to us, and pray like it’s all up to God. As for myself, I am somewhat limited in what I can do. I am closing in on four score and ten, so I’m not long for this world, but I have some wonderful grandchildren, therefore I commit myself to what little I can do for as long as God gives me what it takes to do it.

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© 2014 J.W. Bryan – All Rights Reserved

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J.W. Bryan was born in1927 and spent five years in the Marines, from 1945 - 1951. He worked at International Paper Company for 31 years as paper machine worker, and later in quality control. He is a Lifetime member of the John Birch Society, having joined in 1961. After retirement from International Paper, he and his wife Polly worked several years as house parents in children's homes, both in Virginia and Mississippi, 1991 - 2008. They now reside in the country out of West Monroe, La. where he produces peaches, watermelons and an assortment of vegetables. He has spent his life fighting to keep our Constitutional Republic.




This TPP is being secretly negotiated because the Obama Administration fears that if the public is aware of what is going on, the opposition to it will be so overwhelming it would likely not even be brought to a vote. Not only has it been secretly negotiated, but there has also been a conspiracy of silence concerning it.