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By: Devvy
April 13, 2009
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"There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash." - Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist, New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929

June 20, 2007 (MarketWatch) -- "Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Wednesday gave Congress an upbeat report on the global economy, saying it was stronger than any time in the past two decades."

"We're going to see an economic collapse, the likes of what the world has never seen before." Gerald Celente, February 10, 2009. (Video here; watch it)

“We're starting to see glimmers of hope across the economy,” the president said after a White House meeting with his economic team....Obama echoed Summers’ prediction a day earlier that the “sense of a ball falling off a table” would end in a few months." April 10, 2009

"Half of the hedge funds will go bust next year...You will see credit ripped out of people's wallets. Ten million more will lose homes. There are $4.2 trillion in credit cards outstanding. Credit card companies shut down eight million credit card accounts in February. Banks have already closed out 80 million cards." International Forecaster, April 11, 2009

Excitement is building over the hundreds, if not thousands of "tea parties" planned for April 15, 2009. Glenn Beck, the new knight in shining armor and $50 million dollar anchor man for FAUX (FOX) News Network has been leading the charge. Here's a guy who drew his paycheck for years from the liberal CNN suddenly jumping ship to a network owned by porn king, Rupert Murdoch. Beck has also been promoting a one million man march on Washington, DC. Don't waste your time or money. This is to herd desperate Americans into nothing more than another feel good exercise.

Most Americans are barely hanging on financially while Geithner wants to steal BILLIONS from you, me and our children to give to 'ailing nations'. Why encourage Americans to spend money they don't have to go stand in front of the monuments to the Gods of DC who don't give a tinker's damn what the American people want? There are many of these distractions going on around the country, i.e., a 'Continental Congress', which bears no resemblance to the first Continental Congress whose delegates sent by the colonies actually had some authority. The one currently being planned is simply another feel good exercise that wastes valuable resources by keeping Americans busy doing something that will produce nothing.

Do you know what the herding technique is? Do you know what 'controlled opposition' means?

These tea parties are the manifestation of millions of Americans who finally got the big jolt last September when they screamed at Congress: No bail outs! They also watched their hard earned money in 401(k)'s bleed half to death. It didn't matter. That body of crooks, cowards and criminals have their agenda and they no longer fear the ballot box. Why? Because the mobs continue to demand the fruits of your labor are stolen via heavy, progressive taxation to give to them - right along with massive vote fraud. The U.S. Constitution is nothing but a prop out in the District of Criminals. It's business as usual while we the people continue to see everything we've worked for go down the rat hole courtesy of the same Congress who didn't get the job done in the previous session.

Because this uproar by we the people is growing exponentially, something must be done to herd the people in the right direction to control opposition to the master plan of one world government and the final destruction of our constitutional republic. Along come some good, decent Americans who decide to make their voices heard by having a tea party. This is nothing new. The Committees of Safety, of which I am a board member, has held them in the past; see here. However, now that the level of raw anger has been ratcheted up considerably, a "new" face of reason on a "fair and balanced" television network picks up the anger factor and begins to exploit these millions of desperate Americans.

Remember how Glenn Beck treated Ron Paul during the primary season? Remember how Glenn Beck poked fun of Ron Paul supporters and insinuated we were all a bunch of crazies? Dr. Paul, Dr. Edwin Vieira, Peter Schiff and a hundred others have been trying for decades to explain the core cancer (our debauched currency and corrupted monetary system) only to be ignored or laughed at by useful tools like Glenn Beck. I highly recommend you go read Joel Skoussen's: Glenn Beck Debunked; see here beginning on page 3.

Tommy Cryer's organization, Truth has been highly effective nationwide in getting concise information to "taxpayers" on April 15th at post offices around the country. However, with this new tea party craze, thousands, if not tens of thousands will be herded in a different direction: Venting their anger at a tea party and then what? Write your congressman? Write the usurper president? America crossed the Rubicon last summer and the worst is yet to come. Instead of tens of thousands being encouraged to stand with the thousands from Truth to get Americans the truth about the income tax (domestic Americans are NOT subject to the federal income tax), let's herd the peasants into more feel good exercises. Let them vent, wave signs and flags, go home and write letters proclaiming, "We'll remember in November!!!" Yeah, that worked real well last November when all but about 27 seats out of 435 changed. More socialists were "elected," while constitutionalists were shunned by the media and voters who shouted they wanted "change!" What they did was reelect the same crooks who have brought destruction and misery to our country.

Instead of Glenn Beck leading the charge to get Tommy Cryer or Larry Becraft on his show to explain to the American people how the tax code is being misapplied to them or Dr. Vieira to explain the problem with our monetary system, let's herd the masses into more feel good events. Even "Joe the Plumber" has been co-opted by the "Fair Tax" people. Instead of focusing on the cancer and the cure, Joe is out there promoting an old non solution. The framers of the Constitution wrote it to ensure there would never be a direct tax against the American people. The fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment gave CON-gress and their henchmen (IRS) the tool to steal the fruits of our labor and our children and grand children to feed the money cartel via their central banks.

Might I respectfully recommend that if you are going to attend a tea party, make it count for something that will bring the truth to those attending and real action. The Committees of Safety is nationwide and growing. We are concentrating on four key areas: (1) sound monetary system and property rights; (2) safety and security of our food supplies; (3) defense of a free state; and (4) vote fraud.


Download the flyer and petition. Hand out the flyer and collect signatures for the petition. Call in Wednesday night at 9:00 pm EST (see here) and become part of the solution. There is a reason for the petitions that will put teeth in these Ten Amendment Resolutions proposed by a large number of states. Yours truly will be doing part of the moderating this Wednesday night after I get off my radio show. Americans must not forget what happened as a result of Katrina. Most of the tragedy could have been prevented, but the people were not prepared and millions still aren't. They're chasing Band Aids instead of getting ready for the future.

As we know the 'honest money bill' in the State of Montana died. Nine members of the committee drove a stake through the heart of the survival of Montana's government and continue to put their citizens at dire risk because of what is still to come. Without an honesty money system in place in each state, you will see these states collapse right along with the dollar and when hyper inflation kicks in (and it will, just like Argentina); the nightmare will be in full swing. The citizens of Montana have a tool to send a gigantic chill to the rest of their state legislature and those in 17 other states: Recall. I covered this on my radio show last week and will cover it again tonight. Eighteen states allow recall; here is the factual information from the National Council of State Legislatures.

While millions of Americans want to throw out the crooks, cowards and criminals in Congress today, you cannot recall members of Congress. Yes, I am aware that years ago the good people of Wisconsin tried to recall counterfeit U.S. Senators Feingold and Kohl. It would not have held up in court. Right now there is a drive in Louisiana to recall U.S. Rep. Joseph Anh Cao. Even if the drive for signatures were to succeed, it would be thrown out in Court because there is NO constitutional provision to recall members of Congress. I highly recommend you read the 'Report for Congress by the Congressional Research Service: Recall of Legislators and Removal of Members of Congress from Office', March 20, 2003. These are the facts as much as we wish it were otherwise. So, you see, these folks in Louisiana who don't have the facts are simply spinning their wheels, wasting a mountain of time and money. Just like the Feingold/Kohl effort which had a $5 million dollar budget.

Time is of the essence. In two days, millions of Americans will try to pay the IRS whatever they have left in their bank account. With the unemployment rate running as high as 13% in some states, this annual grand larceny isn't going to produce the piles of money these thieves in Washington, DC want to fund the continuation of these immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and trillions in social spending. The usurper president has requested a whopping "new" $83.4 BILLION dollars that doesn't exist to fund these putrid "wars" when the people's purse is now overdrawn $11.1 TRILLION dollars. An emailer sent me a tearful note the other day. She said she's self employed as is her husband. After the meager deductions they're allowed, they "owe" more than $8,000 on April 15, 2009. Once they pay that, their savings account will be down to $600.00. Everything they've saved will go up in smoke and she asked me, "Why bother working when we can't, no matter how hard we try, save one penny? Everything we save for the rest of this year, the IRS will steal next April." It will be much worse than she can imagine.

Well, that is the agenda, isn't it? Loot and bankrupt this republic until the people are so desperate they will get down on their knees and beg for mother government to "save them." The goal is world government brought on by an engineered financial crisis. Here is a superb analysis of how things stand today.

However, the worst is coming, mark my words. I said a couple of months ago: A year from now people will be wetting themselves over the tsunami washing them out to sea, drowning in unpayable debt. Do not be fooled by this phony "gain" we saw last week in the stock market. It is the calm before the storm. History tells us this will happen because the numbers don't lie. By next April 15th the "alternative minimum tax" will hit millions of middle class Americans and will simply sink them into poverty. Between now and then, the layoffs will continue, some 32 million Americans are on food stamps and extensions of unemployment insurance (state and federal) adding up to a year or more is now replacing paychecks.

Revenues will continue to drop because of foreclosures. People living in tents or their cars don't take trips to Hawaii or buy anything other than essentials. Commercial real estate is sinking due to vacancies, as in businesses going out of business. On my recent trip to Washington, DC., I saw something I've never seen before along the freeways - dozens of billboards which read: Rent this space for 50% off! Advertising revenues drying up. It's all contracting while these craven crooks in Congress and the usurper president continue to spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS A DAY. If you think even a few thousand "tea parties" will change anything, prepare to be disappointed. These jackals will continue borrowing from our enemies like communist China until one day those enemies demand more than worthless paper as collateral.

The paramilitarization of local law enforcement is beefing up and the target is you and me. Those of us who do know the big picture are right in the cross hairs of the minions of the shadow government who run and control Congress and the White House. Here is the latest proclamation regarding "right wing" extremists. The friction continues to build as dangerous agencies like the Department of Fatherland Security gear up for food riots and "civil" unrest. The purpose of DHS is to continue to squash our God-given rights in favor of "making us secure." What rubbish. Homeland security is OUR responsibility, not this monstrous agency sucking up hundreds of billions of borrowed "dollars."

You can talk about "tax revolts" all you like, but take it from someone who has been in the trenches full time going on 20 years: Survival is now the name of the game and it must be done county by county across this country. Yes, we must continue to pound on Congress for every piece of draconian legislation these craven SOB's are trying to shove down our throats. Every call to defeat bills like H.R. 875 will count. Every call to stop giving 15 - 20 MILLION illegals a free pass even though they are lawbreakers will count. (Watch this SICKENING 3:08 min video) Perhaps Obama will watch it while eating pizza - after all, he flew a chef 830 miles to personally make pizza especially for him. Deport these illegals so Americans can have jobs that rightfully and legally belong to our citizens.

As I wrote in a recent column, NOW is the time to identify candidates for 2010; see my column here. This is critical. No matter how bloodied and bruised we are by November 2010, if we don't have candidates lined up for all these congressional seats, the same traitors will get "voted" back into office.

I hope you'll tune into my radio show and listen to solutions to these problems. How we can and are mobilizing. How to fight effectively instead of being herded into the desired direction by a 'controlled opposition.' Tell your family and friends to listen. As the brilliant Peter Schiff said not too long ago: The government has just stomped on the gas and we're going over the cliff. Don't allow your family to become beggars dressed in rags while these jackals in Washington, DC and your state legislatures pick the last nickel out of your pocket.

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Revenues will continue to drop because of foreclosures. People living in tents or their cars don't take trips to Hawaii or buy anything other than essentials. Commercial real estate is sinking due to vacancies, as in businesses going out of business.