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By: Devvy
September 10, 2009
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As Americans awaken from good times, indifference and apathy, they are looking for leadership. Citizen activism and "grassroots" is alien to so many. Some find it intimidating and scary, but know in their hearts that we are in serious trouble and everyone must stand up and fight. On September 8, 2009, I sent out an email which Jeff Rense posted to his web site. It's short, so I'll reproduce it here:

Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck

Fox's $50 million dollar man.
Rupert Murdoch is a zealot for one world government. Murdoch is Beck's boss.
Formerly CNN's mouth piece.

I have actually received death threats from loony birds telling me to "lay off" Glenn. "He's the best thing America has going for us." This stems from questions I asked in my column: Thomas Paine video: falsehoods and propaganda

These are three very short video clips. Right out of Beck's own mouth: "It took me about a year to hate the 9/11 families."
Yes, he said that and wants them to shut up.
Glenn Beck: "I hate 9/11 victims families for asking questions"

A few severe cuss words here... I wish people wouldn't do it, but they do:
From Judge Andrew Napolitano. 3:20 seconds.
Listen to Beck's take on the same issue

Yesterday, a lady sent me email about my article titled, 'Why I hate Glenn Beck.' Huh? Do you see the word hate above? I've never expressed that emotion regarding Glenn Beck. Immediately following the post on Rense, my mail box filled up with vulgar, vicious messages damning me to the "bowels of Hell." Sigh. The same thing happened when my column, Thomas Paine video: Falsehoods and Propaganda was posted. What I did in that column was ask questions. Apparently, that is not acceptable if you're asking them about Glenn Beck or one of his guests.

A person, regardless of party affiliation or profession, should not be pummeled for asking legitimate questions. One blogger said the short clips above didn't really reflect Beck's position on the Patriot Act (the Napolitano one). Watch it and then watch this more current one (Sept 8, 2009). Beck states he now has a problem with the Patriot Act and how reaching it has become. (He's surprised?) Beck also says that planting chips in people's bodies and tracking children with satellites is fine with him, as long as it doesn't get out of control. Like the Patriot Act, do ya think, Glenn? I find this to be extremely foolish for someone who claims to stand for freedom and liberty.

Glenn Beck rails against all this government spending. Yet, in the Napolitano video, he firmly states he supported those illegal bailouts and that, probably, more money is needed.

Yes, Beck did say he hates a small number of the 9/11 families. How cruel. He ranted about them whining, when we should turn our attention to New Orleans and the survivors of Katrina. He has ridiculed anyone asking legitimate questions about 9/11 - which includes families and survivors. If anyone has the right to question the findings of the phony 9/11 Commission, it is the aforementioned. The same applies to his ridiculing of Americans, including active duty military and veterans, who have every right to question Obama/Soetoro's constitutional eligibility. It is our duty to question the legitimacy of a president.

I do have a problem with Glenn Beck. You see the danger in all this is that Beck has a huge audience. They listen to him. They trust him. But, what about some of the ideas or "solutions" he pushes which are actually non-solutions? Beck has pushed the dangerous taxing scheme called a "flat" tax. His support of this tool of the banksters tells anyone who has studied taxation and the Federal Reserve Banking System, that Beck has no knowledge of either. Many of us have attempted to get him to understand how these systems work so he can articulately explain to his audience the cure, not more treatments. We're still waiting. Beck has improved on his knowledge of inflation and spending, but not the constitutional issue of the central bank.

Ask Glenn Beck why he supports the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission? Anyone who blows off these organizations as nothing more than harmless think tanks is dangerously uninformed.

On many occasions, Glenn Beck called those who supported Congressman Ron Paul for president undeserved names like domestic terrorists. He used Ron Paul's "money bomb" day to link American patriots with Britain's Guy Fawkes, and violent revolution. Beck treated Dr. Paul shabbily and with unabashed rudeness. Why could he not extend courtesy to a candidate and their supporters even if he disagrees with them? It was vicious and he makes no apologies.


One man lambasted me with, "Lay off Beck, Kidd. You've been pushing too hard in the wrong places and now you're tampering with the mother lode. Just who do you think you are anyway? You won't pay taxes. You hate the government. And now you hate liberty too? What is it--is the world your apple?

"Glenn Beck is a patriot nonpareil. In his own words, he says he's no longer the dirt bag he once was since going off the sauce and discovering the true nature of the forces that control us. That's saying alot. So, what about you? What do you know? What's in it for you besides Devvy Kidd?"

While Glenn Beck was drowning himself in booze for so many years, tens of thousands of people like me were trying to get Americans to pay attention. Get out of the football stadiums, out of the bars, turn off the boob tube and see what's right in front of your face. We have given up the fun times over the decades. Some have given up their freedom. Not because they broke the law, but because our government became lawless decades ago. There isn't an ounce of truth the emailer alleges above, but I am the convenient target. I know why and after 20 years, I expect it.

Timing, perception and need

At the age of 12, I became a 'book worm.' I read voraciously books by Frank G. Slaughter, Frank Yerby, Taylor Caldwell and so many others. Millions and millions of Taylor's books have been sold. I have read all of them. Magnificent is the only word I can use to describe her books; The Captains and the Kings, Great Lion of God, Dynasty of Death, Dear and Glorious Physician, and so many others. Caldwell wrote of the world conspiracy in her books - many I read long before I ever 'woke up.' She wove the truth into her books of fiction, many based on history. She did this to try to awaken Americans to what was right in front of their face. The same as Dr. Edwin Vieira did in his incredible book, a work of fiction, CrashMakers.

In her book, Ceremony of the Innocent, Caldwell superbly with her gift of words, insight and knowledge, told a story about love, marriage and tragedy. But, the major theme of the book is how the American people have been dragged into foreign wars, sending their best to die for the international banking cartels and world elites. She writes of the traitorous Council on Foreign Relations using a difference name for that organization. There is nothing about the grand plans for one world government she doesn't cover in that one book and she does it so eloquently. Taylor Caldwell truly is one of the greatest writers of all time. What does that have to do with anything? If you read that book, you will recognize America today, including the role of the media.


Glenn Beck left the Communist News Network (CNN) in October 2008. All hell had already broken loose with the bank bail outs. Americans were enraged their public servants, the outlaws in Congress, were thumbing their noses at them and voted for all those illegal "loans" and buy outs Beck supports. Along comes an affable, likable man who, to his absolute credit, kicked the bottle. Unlike some, I do not begrudge Beck his salary or anyone else who works and is rewarded for their labor. In any event, Beck signs his contract and goes on the air, January 19, 2009. One day before the usurper is sworn into office. The perfect addition to the FAUX line up and right at the point in our history when Americans are looking for a hero to lead them from confusion to clarity. Someone who feels as they do.


A fresh new face on a network owned by porn king and one world government advocate, Rupert Murdoch. Glenn Beck begins hammering on all that is wrong. Just like huge numbers of us have for decades. Few listened. Beck and his staff have done a very good job with their research on the issues he will cover and fail completely on the issues he won't touch: September 11, 2001 and Obama/Soetoro's citizenship fraud, just to name two. He has been stirring the pot and rallying these newly awakened Americans for months.


Yes, it is wonderful that people are waking up and getting mad. The big shindig is out in Washington, DC, this Saturday. Beck will be a master of ceremonies of sorts in the coverage. The perception is now firmly in place. Here's a man for the people! Mr. Beck goes to Washington! However, as I have written as well as others like Tom DeWeese, going to tea parties or rallies will not stop the agenda being forced down our throats.


America needs a hero. A knight in shining armor to look up to when "we're down." You see, the disappointments have been great and the American people are hurting. When Beck says we are living in the most perilous times since the war for independence, he speaks truthfully. He's saying all the things desperate Americans want to hear. Well, as a matter of fact, so have millions of us for years. Americans refused to listen. Of course, none of us had a coveted slot on a major TV news network. (No I don't want one, thank you.) It's what Beck doesn't say that I have a problem with, and if people don't know or understand the big picture, Beck is the man!

Need is a strong emotion. When someone questions a Glenn Beck, they (like yours truly) become the instant object of scorn and anger. The upset person transfers their frustration and anger away with comments like, "What's in it for you besides Devvy Kidd?" How dare you criticize this champion of the people! We need Glenn Beck! These emotionally charged Americans direct their rage and ugly words at me, discounting the legitimate questions. I am hated because of what I write. Because I truly do understand the human condition: Don't tarnish my hero because I placed my trust in that person. I need to believe he/she is what I thought and who are you to say any different?

Those who take blindly what Beck has to say do not take kindly to anyone who wonders why Glenn Beck doesn't touch the solutions on some critical issues. Oh, but he does! Don't you watch his show? Yes, but I know the bigger picture and you don't. I want you to know what I have learned over 20 years, but you don't want to hear. It scares you, so you attack.

One woman wrote how much she hates me because "Glenn Beck is as American as apple pie." That woman needs the reassurance of a skillful talker telling her we can "take back our country" just by doing a few things. You will hate me because I will tell you, it is not possible until you accept you have been lied to all your adult life. That those you trusted sold you out a long time ago for money and power. That we are beyond "throw the bums out." As I said in my last column, if you don't know who your enemy is, you cannot beat them. If you don't know how the game is played, the game will play you.

This is why I gave up my career and paychecks to write several thousand articles and columns, run for Congress, make hundreds of speeches and more than 2500 appearances on radio shows. Oh, by the way, no pay. I sold 2,000,000 copies of my booklets (Why A Bankrupt America (1992) and Blind Loyalty (1996.) I asked a donation of $.35 cents (then $.50 cents when printing costs went up). I never paid myself any royalties. I wrote those booklets to educate and tell people what is here right now.

I know how powerful are the elites who rule us and intend to bring down the iron fist. Most Americans are afraid of the future and what has happened over the past 14 months. Some are terrified, with good reason. Yet, still, they really don't understand how ruthless are those who own Congress and the White House. I do, and I fear for my country for what I know is coming. I fully understand what controlled opposition means and anyone who doesn't think cable networks are controlled media, they are in denial. Hate me. Get mad at me, but don't turn away from the truth. Don't be an innocent, led to the slaughter with your eyes glued shut.

You know, it's a funny thing. Back in 1991, when I first became aware of the plans well underway for a one world government, I didn't send nasty letters to those who were writing about it. I didn't write letters full of profanity and wishing for the demise of authors (no email back then) who wrote fully documented books exposing the agenda. I gave up my career and methodically began researching and learning. Yes, there was anger and rage, but it was not directed towards the messenger.

When I said I don't trust Glenn Beck, I have given you reasons why from my knowledge and experience. Perhaps he will at some future time have an epiphany and bring guests onto his show that will ram home the severity of the problems we face, i.e., Dr. Edwin Vieira, Tommy Cryer, Tom DeWeese, G. Edward Griffin, Michael Minns, William J. Olson and so many others. Get rid of stale sellouts like Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and other neutralizers.

Glenn Beck will continue with his nightly show, bringing out good information on the issues he wants to cover. But, it is up to you and me to reach out to our fellow Americans who are tea party participants, fans of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and other popular hosts with the documented truth and constitutional solutions. What America needs is an army of fully informed freedom fighters who will direct their energy towards solutions instead of more band aids.


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