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By Andrew C. Wallace
June 4, 2008

Statement by a Patriot of any political party, with the required Knowledge, Dedication and Courage to Serve only the People and Constitution of this Great Country in Congress.

My name is ___________________, and I am proud to say that I am a patriotic American. You have my solemn oath, that I will serve and protect our Constitution and the sovereignty of the American people against unconstitutional or contrary actions of government officials. I will take no orders, or anything of value from party leaders, special interests, or the “Chain of Command for Treason” CCT, consisting of wealthy elites, and their tax free foundations, which control both political parties, the media, and the corporations that rule our government.

I will not support any government action or legislation that does not have as it’s primary purpose the support and protection of individual Americans and the United States Constitution and no others.. Sacrificing Americans for corporate profits is treason. Our government, under the control of the “Chain of Command for Treason” has done everything possible to destroy America and its people.

It is common knowledge, to everyone who does not rely on the media for information, that criminals in all branches and levels of government have usurped the majority, if not all of our constitutional rights and liberties in exchange for worldwide corporate power and money.

Many think that most of the American people who want to maintain our great Republic and the sovereignty of the people by holding government authorities to the rule of law are seriously deluded, and in a state of denial because they believe our country is already finished and unsalvageable.

I refuse to accept this terrible contention that our country exists in name only, even though a preponderance of evidence supports this seemingly accurate conclusion, It is my strong conviction that by the grace of God - which we do not deserve - we can take back our government in 2008 by electing true patriots to congress. The alternative is too terrible to contemplate, but based on facts, is absolutely predictable, unlimited bloodshed and total destruction. Read the Declaration of Independence and history of the French Revolution. I repudiate, and refuse to accept, or conform to Socialist Control by Political Correctness.

I am enraged by the devastating loss of life suffered at the hands of criminal aliens, the reduced living standard of our people induced by the intrusion into the labor market of the non-citizens who pour across our borders and the devastating impact upon the American people and our society because of the treasonous greed of corporate and government officials. For many years our citizens have cried out for help, and begged our government to protect their very lives and been ignored and sacrificed. For years this government, and officials of both political parties have continued encroachment upon our liberties, and plundered our constitution while ignoring will of the people.

This usurpation of the rights of a free and sovereign people, by those in their service, is treason of the highest level. Federal and state law enforcement officers, such as agents Ramos and Compean, who tried to fulfill their obligation to protect American citizens from alien law-breakers have been framed and jailed by the covert plotting of authorities of both the Mexican and U.S. governments. This treason was to intimidate law enforcement officers and encourage foreign nationals to circumvent the laws of our nation for the profit of corporations, while denying the American people their rights under the constitution to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Federal authorities continue to prosecute citizens for exercising their God given rights as in the case of David Olofson. The elites and their socialist dupes have been trying for many years to take away our God-given rights, as affirmed by the constitution, to keep and bear arms in order to protect ourselves and to discourage government tyranny, the likes of which we are witnessing today.

Government prosecutors are using their power and authority -under the cover of absolute immunity - to deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights by ensnaring them with violations of unconstitutional laws and then denying them due process. We must reduce the absolute immunity granted to judges and prosecutors to no more than that granted to law enforcement officers.

Too many of our government officials act as though they are already an integral part of a Nazi Fascist and Corporate Socialist State. There can be no justice or freedom when prosecutors, judges and officials of both political parties - in all three branches and all levels of government and even unto presidents - support the destruction of America and the death and suffering of Americans to satisfy their own greed and power.

Judges refuse to instruct jurors, or allow others to tell them, that they have an absolute power superior to that of the judge or anyone to decide guilt or innocence and the application and fairness of the law at issue.

The power of Jury Nullification is our ultimate protection under the constitution against government tyranny, such as exists today. Judges refuse to advise juries of the authority they possess and the power of Jury Nullification, and in fact deliberately conceal this information so as to maintain the power that they have usurped from the people. Our activist judges ignore the constitution and too often their decisions are based upon individual discretion, preference, and outright caprice. Prosecutors and judges act in concert to make defense attorneys subservient to the court rather than to defendants.

I do not contend that all judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys are corrupt; however I am saying that none are honorable who refuse to speak out or strive to reform the system. Most poor Americans - and an increasing number of middle income citizens - realistically believe that they are deprived of a justice equal to that of the wealthy and the powerful. This reality can only end badly if not reformed quickly.

If we do not defeat these traitors in the Chain of Command for Treason we will lose what little remains of our Republic and we will die homeless, hungry and in pain as slaves in a One World Order ruled by the corporate elites. Visualize, if you will, the chaos and suffering that will ensue when Social Security, Medicare, Pensions, IRAs, 401Ks, Savings, Veteran's benefits and other entitlements no longer exist, and the dollar has been deliberately destroyed by the actions of the leaders of both political parties. Bottom line, elites will own and control the world and the people will be slaves with nothing but their destitution, memories and hatred of the traitors who rule.

Both political parties are part of the “Chain of Command for Treason” and it is their demonstrated and publically proclaimed intent to continue stealing every resource we have until we are only destitute low wage slaves with no rights or benefits. Americans have already lost 50% of their financial assets during this administration alone which has gone into pockets of the Chain of Command for Treason.

Most Americans are unaware of these facts because their news comes almost totally from a corporate owned media that refuses to report anything, which does not support the greed, corruption and treason of their corporate owners. It is difficult to understand, but media employees are Liberals, their superiors are Marxist Socialists and they work for corporate Fascists.

Our founding fathers knew that corporate and business enterprises have no loyalty to any country. NAFTA and other trade agreements were designed to enhance the profits of international corporations by exploiting the citizens of all the countries subject to the treaty. This is a simple fact that anyone can see. International Corporations regardless of headquarter locations are the inherent enemies of the people in all countries unless they are very closely regulated, which they are not.

China produced dangerous products that were exactly as specified and ordered by their corporate customers; the blame lies with the corporations and our government.

Long established Economic laws, along with our Constitution dictate that it is in our best interest to promote American production by taxing all imported products to ensure that American products remain competitive with imports. This tax could replace the income tax as it did until 1913 as it would put the money into our government treasury rather than into pockets of international corporations while increasing wages and employment of Americans. The present application and expectations for free trade are a fairy tale and a criminal enterprise designed to delude the people while corporations rob them of everything of value. Commerce between nations has been going on for thousands of years and there is nothing new that requires all of the wealth and power be taken by a few as is now being done. The only proper course is to establish trade policies that benefit Only the American people and not corporations or other interests.

People should realize that we financed our government quite well without an income tax until 1913 when the Income Tax, Private Federal Reserve, and Tax Free Foundations became law allowing for the destruction of our country that is now taking place.

Also, when those in congress vote against English as our only language, support replacing American workers with foreign born workers, allow unconstitutional birth citizenship for children of illegals, give our Social Security to illegals, spend 346 billion dollars of taxpayer money every year on illegals to subsidize corporate slave labor, and repeatedly try to give illegals amnesty, then I know for certain that anyone in congress who supports these actions is a damn Traitor.

We cannot rely on the criminals in government to prosecute their criminal associates in the “Chain of Command for Treason.” Our only hope is to elect those to Congress who are aware of what is taking place and who have the courage to fight for their constituents and this nation by initiating and supporting proper legislation. Those in Congress must demonstrate an eagerness to impeach and convict those officials in all three branches of government who are in violation of the Constitution and Laws of the Republic. We cannot support further immigration at this time, either legal or illegal. If the next President, of either party, does not use the necessary force to stop all immigration within 60 days of possession of the office and start a mass deportation of illegal aliens and prosecute those who employee illegals, I will actively pursue impeachment and conviction of the President.

Combat troops will be required to liberate sanctuary cities, arrest criminal officials, deport illegals and protect our borders. Corruption of public officials, judges and prosecutors, especially in sanctuary areas is so pervasive that martial law and military courts will be required. Political Correctness is an insidious form of propaganda warfare promulgated by socialist faculty in colleges to undermine our values and cannot exist when brutal reality is required to protect the American people. Either the government does what is right, or at some point the American people in anger and frustration will do it, but with a lot of collateral damage.

Our Founding Fathers were concerned that a large standing army could be used by traitors in government to usurp sovereignty of the people. Based on their actions, our traitors in government are indeed planning to use the military and police to enslave us, but in this they are wrong, because our military and police are dedicated to the constitution and know an unlawful order when they see it. Remember the Nuremberg Trials.

This is a wakeup call to teachers in universities and public education, trust fund babies, college students and graduates, bishops and ministers of some churches, many government employees, wealthy elites and others who have never known what it means to really struggle or be deprived of the good life to which they think they are entitled. Their personal circumstances and education gave them a view of the world that never existed. Their ignorance of the real world has allowed them to become fellow travelers and dupes of the Chain of Command for Treason.

I fully expect the “Chain of Command for Treason” to do everything possible to discredit and destroy me and other likeminded Patriots, of both parties, who have the courage to fight them. Remember the enemies of our country have billions of dollars, own the media and control our government. They have demonstrated that nothing is so reprehensible that they will not do it. Their proven depravity has no limits; they are swimming in the blood of innocent Americans. I know that some politicians have taken orders from corporate criminals and accepted their money out of fear and greed, but I do not forgive them. You must know that these traitors in the CCT have allowed millions of Americans to be either Murdered, Killed, Raped, Robbed or Molested by illegals exploited for cheap slave labor by corporations.

I don’t consider myself a hero, I don’t want to die, or to be framed, or have my reputation trashed, but I am a patriot, and I will be damned if I will go to my reward and tell the heroes who fought for this great country that I did not do everything that I could to defend this nation in honor of their ultimate sacrifice. My only protection is that the traitors will be made to understand that any retaliation by them will result in resistance at another level, and their total destruction, a real “Catch 22.”

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You must elect people who UNDERSTAND the statements set forth in this document and who have the COURAGE to fight for your best interests. If my opponent does not know or accept the facts, and will not fight for you, then you must support me. If my opponent has signed this statement also, then you must chose the one who you believe will best represent you, regardless of party affiliation. This has nothing to do with politics or parties and everything to do with patriotism and survival of our Republic.

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.











The Great Financial Meltdown as evidenced by Failure of the gigantic Bear Stearns financial empire would have caused “Immediate Economic Collapse Nationwide” if the Private Federal Reserve had not guaranteed their obligations which protected other financial corporations from losses caused by their own greed.