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By Andrew C. Wallace
June 4, 2008

The Chain of Command for Treason in Action.

We are Forced to Pay for the Bullets used to Shoot Us.

Decent Americans find it difficult to believe that Presidential Candidates and leaders of Democrat and Republican Parties are part of the “Chain of Command for Treason” with no loyalty to any country or people. The CCT will continue to kill and destroy us like lab rats in their drive for international power and money. Both parties are promising to solve our unemployment, housing, medical care, food, education and other problems in ways that are simply Impossible and would Destroy us. At the same time they are making these promises they are doing the exact opposite by bringing in more workers on visas and refusing to deport illegals who take our jobs, and we must support them with our taxes while they kill and harm us. It is like we are being forced to pay for the bullets they use to shoot us. In 2008 national elections you can only vote for a communist or a fascist led government controlled by the CCT. I defy anyone to study actions, background and associates of the presidential candidates and leaders of both parties to prove me wrong.

You are losing your country and everything of value, possibly your very life, unless you face down your politicians in both parties at federal, state and local levels of government, in person, right now, and Demand that they work for “We the People” rather than for corporate payoffs. You must vote only for those who support “We the People” by signing our statement without changes, regardless of party, rather than the CCT. There is no time for excuses, your lazy cowardice now, or stupid belief in either party, will guarantee you a well deserved and impoverished future of slavery, or death and no one will be left to help you, just like it was in Nazi Germany.

If politicians don’t like the word treason, tough, that is how constitution defines present actions of CCT officials in government and corporations. We challenge the politicians to even try to defend their criminal actions. They have no defense, none, they can only lie, spin and call you names, many may see only the money and be ignorant of the whole truth.

It is very difficult to get people to accept the truth before it is too late when the facts are unknown to them, and frankly, so outrageous as to be unbelievable. Lower wages, loss of millions of jobs, skyrocketing prices, loss of pensions, growing food shortages, increased taxes to subsidize education and benefits for illegals, reduction of all benefits for Americans, and absolute refusal to protect Americans from death, pain and loss at hands of illegals are just a few of the reasons I use the word Treason. Things are so dangerous in Los Angeles and other sanctuary cities that it will take combat troops fighting house to house to take back these cities from the vicious gangs of illegals. Our rapid and increasing decline in standard of living, value of savings, IRAs, 401Ks, pensions, value of the dollar and freedom is caused by the Merciless Treason, Greed and Corruption of Government Officials, Corporations and their Masters in the CCT.

The American people would never tolerate this Treason if they knew the facts, but they do not, because corporate owned media refuses to report the truth in direct contradiction to the purpose for “Freedom of the Press” in our Constitution. Compare today’s reality of the “Great Financial Meltdown” with the daily lies for more than a year of, “No Problem” from our media and government right up to the day of Bear Stearns Failure. On April 21, 2008 all of the media reported on the New Orleans meeting of President Bush with leaders of Mexico and Canada, but refused to tell people that meeting was to again secretly promote consolidation of the three countries. Lou Dobbs of CNN reported the truth. Bye Bye USA by Treason. Contrary to the spin, NAFTA and other trade deals put millions out of work in all the countries involved, but were highly profitable to corporations and politicians (follow the money).

To know the outrageous truth, you must read and understand the broad scope of this Treason as presented here. Simply stated, the CCT continues to reduce us to poverty and slavery by stealing our hard earned resources and the sovereignty of this country that was bought with the blood of American Heroes. Their objective is unlimited profit and power by merging America with Mexico and Canada (North American Union, NAU) and then making us a part of a corporate run (One World Government) with the help of treaties and direction from their well funded, $39 million a year, shadow government known as the Council on Foreign Relations CFR (with support from the Trilateral Commission). As a result of agreements signed by Presidents Bush and Clinton your standard of living is declining every day and your job is in doubt, if you still have one. You should remember watching President Bush, Bush the Elder, President Clinton, Senator Reid, Representative Pelosi and all leading Presidential Candidates confirm their intentions on TV to continue supporting Amnesty, open borders and corporations who hire illegals and foreign workers on H-1B Visas rather than Americans and move more jobs overseas.

These politicians support Corporations and tax free foundations with no loyalty to America, and to hell with what 75% of Americans want or need. Corporations with help of politicians ( the CCT ),moved three fourths of our manufacturing to other countries costing us millions of manufacturing jobs and four to seven times as many service jobs using NAFTA and other trade deals so Corporations could profit from both cheap wages and selling often dangerous products back to us. When it was not possible to export our jobs they exploited millions of illegals by giving them our jobs and forcing Americans to subsidize them with taxes which increased their profits even more. Millions of lower paid employees were also brought in with visas to replace our most educated workers. Some greedy unions, churches and bishops even support illegals to increase their memberships.

The Privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and the CCT have been systematically stealing assets of the American people for decades using unconstitutional power, to the point that our government is bankrupt and our benefits and assets stolen. Our traitors in government now propose giving total control of our economy to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned by the financial elites, and directly responsible for our booms and busts, allowing them to better steal our assets and freedom.

This treason has also been greatly advanced by “Political Correctness” PC, which is a most powerful propaganda tool used to control people in support of socialist and CCT objectives. The academic community, as a working example of socialism has promulgated political correctness which has then been supported by the “naïve uninformed Feel Goods” and the corporate media. Political Correctness has given government the cover to ignore Constitutional Dictates and Reality to sacrifice American lives and welfare to:

1.) Give benefits and citizenship at birth to children of illegals contrary
to the Fourteenth Amendment.
2.) Protect invaders by refusing to use deadly force at the borders to protect the lives and well being of Americans as required by our Constitution.
3.) Refuse to deport illegals to protect Americans from death and poverty. Deportation, regardless of cost would save us billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Foreign born workers cost taxpayers 346 Billion dollars a year which is more than the government’s annual Fiscal Deficit.

Presidents Hoover and Eisenhower deported illegals and we must do the same.

This year may be our last best chance to use the “Rule of Law” to take back control of government by understanding facts and Demanding, Face to Face, that individual politicians of both parties agree to our prepared statement outlining facts and actions to be taken. No part of this statement is subject to negotiation or change, it contains only those Patriotic elements required to retain our Republic, and favors neither Democrat nor Republican politics. If politicians refuse to sign and comply without reservations or spin after you have presented the facts, you must have the courage to call them Traitors to their faces, politely, and defeat them, regardless of party by exposing their failure to sign the statement containing specifics in support of our Constitution and Country. No politician can long survive who publically refuses to accept key elements required to support “We the People” and our “Republic” rather than corporations.

Our objective is to peacefully take back our country using remaining constitutional rights before we lose them completely. If we lose our sovereignty, then lessons from history and dictates from our “Declaration of Independence” would predict a pyrrhic victory for “We the People” after a protracted bloodbath like the French Revolution, for many of the same reasons, or in plain English, if we don’t defeat them now many Americans will die and our country will be in ruins, but traitors in the CCT would all be dead. I would not mourn the death of these ruthless traitors, but I strongly object to the call for “Lock and Load” as long as we have sovereignty and they have not come for our weapons.

The logic then is dreadfully simple, the longer we have freedom, the more people will learn the truth and oppose them, so the CCT must quickly exercise their existing plans to take our sovereignty or lose everything, but then Americans would fight, and they would all die. This is a classic “Catch Twenty Two.”

When we take back our government by electing patriots sworn to serve “We the People” rather than the CCT, we will Fire, Impeach and Prosecute those in the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government at all levels who refused to obey our Constitution and Laws. Judges at any level who take actions not based on our Constitution, or limit our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms as a deterrent to government tyranny as it now exists, will be impeached. We will also prosecute traitors not in government. This Treason by the CCT has resulted in either the Murder, Killing, Rape, Robbery, or Molestation of Millions of Americans by illegals and the impoverishment of additional millions by the CCT. Those who are guilty of treason for profit and power, or attempting usurpation of our sovereignty with a coup d’etat for a union with Mexico and Canada leading to a Despotic “One World Government” will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We will also institute a Constitutional Currency, end the Private Federal Reserve Bank and confiscate the Trillions of dollars stolen from the American people. We will stop all immigration, both legal and illegal for at least ten years and require visas for all visitors. Right now, it is impossible to get one Traitor in government to prosecute another Traitor. Leaders of BOTH political parties are part of the CCT and take orders from the same people. The CCT will support either a fascist or Communist dictatorship because they will control it.

While it is true that Leaders of BOTH parties have camouflaged, but identical objectives and take orders from the same people in the “Chain of Command for Treason” CCT, there are still politicians of BOTH parties who are, or could be Patriots.

I guarantee you that this effort is designed to defeat the CCT right now, with the people and resources available to us, unless the CCT quickly usurps our sovereignty using existing plans, in which case “We the People” would win a costly pyrrhic victory after a protracted bloodbath and much destruction.

Our rapid daily reduction in standard of living, freedom, personal and economic security caused by the CCT is a reality recognized by all but the brain dead.

Millions of Americans have already lost their pensions and jobs. If we don’t elect officials who work for “We the People” rather than Corporations, you will lose your Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Benefits and most entitlements in the not too distant future. This would result in extreme hardship forcing seniors to move in with their already hard pressed children and grandchildren. Millions of seniors would die without the benefits they had earned. Government has given our Social Security to illegals. Millions of veterans have already been denied earned VA medical care, and millions more are forced to pay co-pays which the administration again proposes to increase by 87% plus a fee of $750 a year. If government will deprive the military they need, what concern will they have for average citizens? At the same time we are suffering our government is spending one trillion dollars to bail out corporations and 346 billion dollars to subsidize illegals for benefit of corporations. These actions have caused the price of everything you need to live to rapidly increase out of your reach because it put value of the dollar into free fall. The dollar declined 50% during this administration, along with value of your IRA, 401k, Savings , pensions and most financial assets making it impossible for average Americans of any age to cope for very long. This is frightening news, but it is the well supported truth, with no evidence to contradict it. No one can give you the exact timing of events.

The CCT has proven their ruthlessness with the blood of innocent Americans on their hands, so we can expect deadly retribution for their loss of unlimited power and trillions of dollars when we defeat them. My prayer is that we will have defeated the traitors before they retaliate so we can report victory to those who passed before and sacrificed everything to secure our Republic. I could not face our Heroes and report that we lost the Republic, much less that we did nothing.


The opposition has no defense to the charges made in this paper and the “Statement” to be signed by congressional politicians. For those who desire additional information in great detail I highly recommend articles by the following writers who have been sources of information and inspiration for this work, but are not responsible for it. This is but a small sampling of writers opposed to the CCT. Unless otherwise indicated their writing can be accessed at Alan Stang, Berit Kjos, Betty Freaf, Burt Prelutsky, Chuck Baldwin, Chip McLean, Cliff Kincaid, Dan Howard, Darren Weeks, David Stoddard, Dave Daubenmire, Deanna Spingola, Debra Rae, Dennis Cuddy, Devvy Kidd, Edwin Vieira Frosty Wooldridge, Greg Evensen, Geoff Metcalf, Jerome Corsi, Jim kouri, Jim Schwiesow, Joan Veon, Joe Kress, John Longenecker, John Slagle, Jon Ryter, Larry Becraft, Lauri Roth, Larry Pratt, Lynn Stuter, Mary Starrett, Michael Cutler, Nancy Levant, Niki Raapana, Patrick Briley, Patrick Johnston, Patrick Wood, W.R. Marshall and Tom Deweese. Neal Ross, Richard Cook, Daneen Peterson, and Marilyn Barnwell.


We suggest that you talk to the highest ranking staff members in the local offices of Congressional politicians in both parties to make an appointment to see the politicians in person. While doing this give them a copy to read of Statement by a Patriot of any political party, with the required Knowledge, Dedication and Courage to Serve only the People and Constitution of this Great Country in Congress.

After your meeting with the politician, please return a signed and witnessed original of this statement, or a witnessed rejection of this statement with details (Everyone should initial each page) by US Mail to: The Heartland USA, Attention Jackie, P.O. Box 9516, Surprise, AZ, 85374

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I can guarantee you that few politicians will want to sign this statement because it requires real courage, but they know they need your support and will sign it if you really work at it. Most Americans support this information and they know it, so it is good politics if they sign it, if not, it can be used against them. Be assured that you now know more about this subject than 99% of the politicians and the public, so you will have to educate them. Any politician who refuses to sign is as dumb as a box of rocks, or is already bought and paid for by the CCT. You may click here to determine exactly who has purchased them and for how much. Results of meetings with politicians will be posted at Good luck. For part three click below.

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.











The Great Financial Meltdown as evidenced by Failure of the gigantic Bear Stearns financial empire would have caused “Immediate Economic Collapse Nationwide” if the Private Federal Reserve had not guaranteed their obligations which protected other financial corporations from losses caused by their own greed.