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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 2, 2006

As we start off the New Year, I�m heartened at the millions of readers that have answered writers� calls to action concerning the greatest threat ever to our nation. Many times in the past 20 years, I felt like a dog barking into the wind in the middle of the night on some lonely island. This national legal and illegal immigration crisis, no matter how dire, seems to have eluded most Americans� radar screens. They�ve been too busy with family, kids, schools and working.

We thought our presidents and Congress represented our best interests. As we now know, that isn�t the case! The past five or six presidents along with their Congresses duped us and undermined our country. Senator Teddy Kennedy, the biggest buffoon in the Senate, initiated the destruction of America with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act. It�s been downhill ever since. He�s turned the most successful society in the history of humanity into a growing national nightmare from which our civilization may not survive.

Finally, in the late 90s, a great statesman, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo began his lonely vigil with late night speaking in the House chambers. Few listened while Clinton carried on his peccadilloes and the current administration carries on a fabricated, but deadly war.

It�s fantastic as millions of readers connect the dots as to America�s fate. We must change that �destiny� by our collective actions. What you�re about to read is from the pen of John Martin, an American citizen. By reading his words, you�ll connect more dots and then, share them with others. The important aspect of this two part series stems from a growing �counter critical mass� of American citizens taking action on behalf of their country.

John Martin writes:

In recent months, mass immigration--both legal and illegal--has been one of America's most hotly debated topics. Almost everywhere people are growing more and more frightened about everything from job losses to chronic overcrowding and new pandemics of once-conquered diseases.

A few members of Congress are speaking out about illegal aliens and are offering "solutions"--from tightening up security at the border to the "Real ID" scam that was railroaded through the Senate on a 100-0 vote. As expected, Congress has not demonstrated any backbone on proposing any solutions that would really work--only programs that impose more on America's citizens than have any value on stemming the alien tsunami.

The first thing to look at is our historic immigration quotas. For decades, we enjoyed a limit of about 170,000 new immigrants per year. Not only that, but the majority of these come from Western Europe--people whose cultures were most compatible with our own.

But the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, sponsored by the notorious duo, Lyndon Johnson and Ted Kennedy, turned our responsible immigration policy upside down. First the numbers went way up. Worse still, quotas were imposed to limit European immigrants while much more liberal allowances were granted to poor, third world countries. Today, 2.3 million immigrants come in (1.3 million legal and 1.0 million illegal)--the vast majority of them from poor countries and with cultures that are contrary to those of most Americans. (Time Magazine states that 3.0 million illegals gain entry annually.)

This incompatibility has built up resentment from many people as they see their neighborhoods and lifestyles overwhelmed by impoverished, overcrowded, noisy, crime-prone masses. Here are a few facts:

* Each year, the world's population jumps by 80 million. * America's population surges 3.3 million per year--almost all from third-world immigrants and their offspring. * By 2050, if current trends continue, America's population will approach HALF A BILLION. * California alone adds 600,000 annually. * By 2030, California will be saddled with 55 million crowded people. * An endless line is always waiting to enter America. Since the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, over 60 million have come here. And there are always more waiting with no end in sight. * The number of foreign-born in America has tripled since 1970. * The average Mexican immigrant in his lifetime consumes $55,200 more in services than he pays in taxes. * Legal and illegal immigrants sent $56 billion of our dollars abroad last year (2004)--$15 billion to Mexico, $25 billion to South America, and $16 billion to Asia. The drug cartels took another $100 billion. * Unlike America, Mexico has immigration laws that are very strict. It is pro-sovereignty and anti-bilingual. Illegals are quickly deported and receive no benefits.

The greatest causes for concern, of course, are Mexico and Latin America. These are by far our primary producers of excessive humanity. Various sources estimate that anywhere from 1.5 to two million aliens now come across the Mexican border every year. And just since 1975, counting their offspring, some 50 million are already here.

Numerous states, especially California, are suffering from urban sprawl, gridlock, escalating home prices, crime, and massive drains on social services. Many third-world newcomers don't understand American civilization or even speak English. Some carry virulent, drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis, leprosy, polio, AIDS, and other deadly diseases. Some have religious convictions that most Americans would consider abhorrent--the "duty" of revenge, for example.

Many have grown up in criminal environments where street gangs, theft, vandalism, looting, violence, bribery, and other anti-social behavior are the accepted norm. For example, living and traveling in Mexico City today is dangerous and terrifying. People--especially foreigners--are subject to assaults, car-jackings, robbery--even rape, murder, and kidnapping. There were 1200 kidnappings in 2003 alone. Policemen won't help. Many are on the take--they make their livings that way. (This is known as Third World Momentum.)

And they are importing new forms of crime over here. A 60 Minutes TV program recently illustrated how a group of Hispanics (mostly women) cleaned out an Old Navy outlet. They pretended to be customers, but instead they were repeatedly going in, stuffing large, foil-lined bags with high value clothing, and taking it out to their truck outside. Meanwhile, accomplices used their bodies and clothing to shield the thieves from the security cameras. In one day, they had lifted thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. (This was noted in my December 30, 2005 column.)

A devastating and unfortunate societal process is that populations in the poorest nations and continents continue to have more children than they can properly feed, cloth and educate. As their populations are already destitute and overcrowded, such a path only leads to more misery. For Latin Americans, it is due partly to their Roman Catholic religion. But unlike non-Hispanic North American Roman Catholics--most of whom practice some reasonable family planning--the Latinos from farther south opt for large families--the bigger the better. As a result, Mexico is expected to double its population--already bursting at 100 million--in the next 50 years.

The late Frank Mayo observed that the greatest ambition of a typical Mexican peasant woman was to have as many children as she could. What an ambition--to perpetuate and exacerbate her family's grinding poverty!

Pope John Paul II may have aggravated this mindset. During his numerous visits to Latin America for more than 20 years, he had repeatedly condemned all forms of birth control--the one and only solution that can lift these desperate nations out of their poverty. We can only hope the current Pope will, instead, vigorously promote some common sense family planning.

Today, while other parts of the world have begun to restrain their population growth, chronically overpopulated Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia are still multiplying exponentially. Poor families who cannot adequately support even one child frequently pop out 10 or 15, condemning each succeeding generation deeper into poverty.

Exporting this problem is futile. Even at current emigration rates, their population growth far exceeds the millions that cross into the United States. These third world countries have but two choices--one rational and one fatal: Either immediately adopt strict birth control methods, or let nature take care of the population with pandemics and wars.

Although mass emigration does them little good, mass immigration of this feral humanity into the United States is a guaranteed catastrophe. It will destroy us just as surely as a cancer destroys its victim. If the current immigration trend continues, America's population will double from 2005 to 2065. We are already far beyond our optimum population and are approaching our maximum sustainable limit right now. If it becomes much bigger, our life quality will plummet down to third world levels. Much of America will resemble Mexico City with its miles of hillsides crammed with shacks and homeless people as far as the eye can see. This runaway loss of our lebensraum will eradicate our hope to retain any form of civilized society.

Writer Frosty Wooldridge ( said, "Immigration is the most formidable weapon of mass destruction threatening America today."

And to add insult to injury, the American taxpayers are being forced to finance their own destruction. Aliens, both legal and illegal, as well as others who have been given citizenship, are consuming vast amounts of welfare, child support, food stamps, EBT cards, and other public goods and services. They are sending their multitudes of children to the public schools, and they are overwhelming and bankrupting numerous local hospitals.

According to Dr. Madeleine Cosman, "At least 300,000 to 350,000 "anchor babies" (babies born in this country to illegal aliens) annually become citizens in California." Stockton taxpayers shelled out $215 million for the births of 74,987 in 1994. The San Joaquin General Maternity Ward gave birth to another 2300 in 2003--70 percent from illegals. When they grow to school age, they each cost $7000 above and beyond what their parents pay in taxes. Today, California is $38 billion in debt.

The danger signs are obvious. Once considered a great place to live as recently as 1980, people are now calling it "Mexifornia." By 1998, nearly half of the children born there were Latin American. The latest statistics show that over a third of its population is Latino--mostly Mexican--the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. By the year 2028, it is expected to be over half. As a result, social services are being strained far beyond their limits while taxes to finance them are being pushed to intolerable levels.

Neighborhoods in California are being consumed. Hispanic street gangs are proliferating. Drug crimes are rampant. Shoplifting, burglaries, looting, fornication, vandalism, rape, and murder by Hispanics are all on the rise.

Mexicans are buying up large numbers of homes, even homes in nice neighborhoods. As many as 30 or more Mexicans pool their money, buy or rent a house, and all of them live in it together--like packed sardines. They repeatedly invite dozens of their friends and extended family relatives to their huge, noisy parties. Their cars occupy every single on-street parking space.

The alien plague is not limited to the west. "Anchor babies" born in Georgia cost $13 million for 5,133 in 2000, $23 million for 9,528 in 2001, and $27 million for 11,188 in 2002. The health care for just these 25,849 cost the state taxpayers $42 million every year. And in 2002, their illegal parents ran up another $63 million for 64,000 doctor visits. In Cobb County, the Hispanic population has skyrocketed in just over a decade. In 2003, they numbered 60,445--one tenth of the county's population--up more than six times from the 9403 in 1990. Complaints of housing violations and noisy parties by Hispanics in the county now average one per day.

So what is the solution to the immigrant nightmare? For starters, nearly everything Congress has done--and state and local governments as well--has either been useless, or worse than useless. At least a couple of times Congress has come up with a "reform" of some sort--stiffer border enforcement, etc. But both times, this "reform" also gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

This amnesty was about the most dangerous thing anybody could do. Since they were suddenly made legal, they can not only work legally and draw some public benefits--they can draw additional public benefits (like social security) and have no worries about being prosecuted or deported. And finally, when these later become citizens, they can legally vote and run for public offices.

We not only face an overpopulation crisis; we face an outright overthrow of our government. Once they reach a numerical majority, they can out-vote the American minority. Their candidates can then twist the state and local laws to suit themselves--laws that benefit themselves at the expense of others, and at the same time deplete the tax base and impoverish everybody.

They're not calling California "Mexifornia" for nothing. Numerous news reports verify that the Mexicans want to reclaim the entire southwest United States as their own state of "Aztlan." With their runaway birthrate, they are well on their way.

La Voz de Aztlan ( predicts when California will fall: Mario Obledo--former California Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and current Mexican American Legal Defense Fund founder said, "California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn't like it should leave. Every constitutional office in California is going to be held by Hispanics in the next 20 years."

Later, as their population continues exploding and they achieve majorities in other states, they can take those over. Later, they could elect enough U.S. Congressmen and Senators to corrupt the federal government. Eventually, they might even manage to re-write the U.S. Constitution. American freedom as we know it will become extinct. We will be serfs in a destitute, overcrowded, disease-ridden, crime-ridden, uncivilized, third-world cesspool. Click below for part 2.

Part II: What Americans need to do

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We thought our presidents and Congress represented our best interests. As we now know, that isn�t the case! The past five or six presidents along with their Congresses duped us and undermined our country.