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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 2, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, America�s immigration policy is a recipe for national disaster. What John Martin wrote in the first part is what we�ve all been experiencing with greater fear for the past 10 years. This thing is quickening beyond solving. It�s quickened to the point of violence in France and Australia. Sweden, Norway, Britain, Holland, Belgium and Germany shudder within their societies from the immigration onslaught. Multiculturalism fails on all fronts. It creates deadly consequences.

Do we sit by as our politicians �self-inject� us with an unending line of Third World immigrants both legal and illegal? No, we don�t. Yes, we have compassion and we help them in their own countries, but they must solve their problems in their cultures. It�s not our responsibility to solve their problems by importing unending numbers of them into our country. It�s like injecting our nation with a cultural and population bomb. Once our civilization dies, we can�t help anyone.

Thousands of radio talk show hosts spoke up in 2005. George Putnam in CA, Peter Boyles in Denver, Laurie Roth, Bob Grant of NYC, George Noorey, Alex Merklinger and George Ann Hughes of New Mexico and countless others spoke up. Lou Dobbs of CNN stood at the forefront. Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox formed the Minute Man Project. It�s spreading. Arizona voters passed Proposition 200 to take away benefits to illegals that didn�t merit them anyway. Colorado pushed its own initiative based on Arizona�s. Tancredo led passage of HR 4437 which reforms immigration. Who knows what will happen to it in the Senate. Beyond that, it gets down to states rights and local level action. We must impact everything at the local level.

John Martin explains what we must do as he writes:

America's elected Congressional leaders have sworn to uphold the Constitution and to protect our country. But they are throwing it away for an imagined short-term political gain. The U.S. Congress and Senate, along with "Dubya" and Vicente Fox, have teamed up together to impose the greatest act of American genocide since the Conquistadores. Why are our "leaders" in Congress and the White House selling us down the river? Where are their morals and common sense? How can they be so incredibly stupid? What can they even gain for themselves? If they destroy America, where will THEIR families find a safe place to live?

Americans can't expect to find refuge by retreating to other countries. Every other civilized nation on this planet has far stricter immigration laws than ours. And as they observe how reckless we are in admitting this wave of illegals, they are tightening their limits on Americans settling into their countries. Even sparsely populated Australia has severely limited American immigration.

As we plummet down into this political black hole, can we correct our course before we reach the event horizon--or have we already passed it? Is it too late for a real solution? Maybe, and maybe not! But the sooner we correct our policies, the better our odds become. It's time to act NOW!

FIRST: STOP the anchor baby scam immediately. NO automatic citizenship by birth from any alien, immigrant, or visitor--legal or illegal. BOTH mother and father must show proof of citizenship before any child is given citizenship.

SECOND: NO amnesty or citizenship to illegals, ever--no matter how long they've been here, or how many legal family members they have here. No government benefits. No reclaimed taxes. No drivers' licenses. No voter registration.

THIRD: NO free or reduced cost education, health care, food, social security benefits, student visas, or anything else to any non-citizen--legal or illegal. Better yet, restore independence to all Americans by abolishing all government entitlement programs for everybody.

FOURTH: REPEAL the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. Bring our legal immigration quota back down to 100,000 total per year--no more. Severely limit impoverished and third world immigrants and those with unreasonably large families. Abolish all preference for family members.

FIFTH: NO shortcuts on becoming a citizen (for legal aliens). The full five year naturalization shall apply to everybody.

SIXTH: REPEAL all "Special Order 40's" nationwide--the insane laws that prohibit law enforcement from arresting illegals--even when observed committing felonies. No more sanctuary policies for any city.

SEVENTH: REFUSE immigrants who can't speak and write fluent English. Abolish all government programs in any languages other than English.

EIGHTH: STOP industrial and business incentives and grants for foreigners. Stop foreign land purchases. Limit leases to foreigners to no more than 10 years.

NINTH: STOP the foreign aid giveaways--all forms of aid--both economic and military. Stop importing refugees. End entangling alliances and all forms of meddling into the affairs and wars of other nations. We must quit trying to build empires and manipulate other governments. This is why so much of the world hates us--just like the South hated the North during and after the War of Northern Aggression. Instead, we should adopt a live and let live policy and become a neutral country like Switzerland.

If these procedures are applied to immigration, border security will be much easier. If the gravy train of government benefits is cut off, many of the incentives for illegals to come will be gone. Sure, some will come to work, and they will probably work for lower wages and send some of their money back to Mexico (or wherever). But the drain on the economy will be greatly diminished. As illegal aliens, they could not legally draw government benefits. Their children would not be a drain on the public schools. Their women couldn't give birth to children here and have them automatically become citizens. They couldn't make huge profits smuggling drugs. They could not legally vote or run for public office, and thus corrupt our government. They would have to carry their own weight or head back to their homelands.

John Martin�s word ring true. He�s telling it at the gut level. I�ll bet he�s expressing exactly what you�re thinking and feeling. He�s not afraid to say it like it is. That�s what it takes to save our country from this alien invasion. I�ve said it dozens of ways in my columns. Conviction without action is worthless. In this great new year of 2006, I am asking you to get involved in every state in our Union. You know I promote and have asked you to fax pre-written letters weekly. About a million people have joined. Let�s give Roy Beck five million passionate Americans. Tell your mom, dad, grand parents, friends, neighbors and local bartender and hairdresser about and invite them to become members.

Join immigration web sites in your state. Stand up, speak out, call out, write up, join up and never give up. We�re going to win back our country, however, it�s going to take every single one of us taking action at every level across America. In the year 2006, we take back America for Americans.

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America's elected Congressional leaders have sworn to uphold the Constitution and to protect our country. But they are throwing it away for an imagined short-term political gain.