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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 1, 2006

In the early morning light on Memorial Day, on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, Congressman Tom Tancredo, dressed in full leathers beside his Harley Davidson, stood before an armada of motorcycle riders ready to kick off the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride. He attended the rally as the featured speaker along with Denver�s top radio talk show host, Peter Boyles of 630 AM KHOW. Both men had witnessed the invasion of America�s borders on the Arizona border with Mexico.

Tancredo said, �What kind of America our kids inherit depends on what we do today�we cannot afford the massive invasion of an endless line of immigrants illegally crossing our borders�and so, it�s time Americans stand up for their country�I support the Paul Revere Riders on their historic ride through 48 states to warn and educate the American people of the consequences our children face if we fail to secure our borders and regain reasoned immigration.�

The Paul Revere Riders walked up to the podium. They represented the United States of America. Cindy Roddenbury from South Carolina rides a Harley. Rick Chiesa from Pennsylvania rides a Honda Gold Wing, Micha Hardy rides a Harley-Davidson, Don McKee of Florida rides a Gold Wing and Frosty Wooldridge rides a Honda 1100 Shadow.

With Channel 7, 9 and WB 2 News cameras running, a long line of bikes followed the intrepid Paul Revere Riders onto the main highway where they rounded the first capitol of 48 to be circled on their epic journey across America. Before them, 17,000 miles, millions of people, hundreds of print, TV and radio interviews await them.

The riders expect to reach over 100 million people and create a counter critical mass of Americans who will not tolerate Senate Bill 2611 that gives amnesty to over 20 million illegal aliens and opens up double the legal immigration numbers to 2,000,000 annually and offers enough chain migration to bring over 100 million people into the USA from foreign countries in a few short decades. In other words, immigrants would displace Americans out of our own country. It�s as if our U.S. senators had lost their minds�and they did!

For the next 10 weeks, yours truly, one of the Paul Revere Riders will bring America�s landscape and people to you each Thursday. You�re going to touch, smell, see and hear about America�from Americans. You�re going to feel the wind in your face while you hear the pain in your fellow Americans� hearts over the illegal alien invasion of the United States.

Watch for us and join us as we ride across America from sea to shining sea. If you�re driving an18 wheeler, give a friendly honk as you pass by us. If you�re on a motorcycle, ride with us for an hour, day or week. Watch for our progress on as we power our bikes along America�s highways. We�re on a mission much like Paul Revere�s ride to warn the colonists that the �Redcoats are coming� in 1775. Not only are we warning America that illegal aliens are coming, but they are growing dangerously in numbers into the millions and millions. Along the way, every American we meet will be given �Action letters� and websites where they can take action to stop the invasion. Remember, Thomas Jefferson wrote, �We the people�.� Because we cannot count on our president or Congress, we must take the reigns into our sacred responsibility.

We headed north along I-25 until we reached a second rally in Fort Collins. A few weeks before, thousands of Mexican illegal aliens marched in their streets demanding their rights. That�s like bank robbers standing around in a bank for several weeks after their robbery and then, demanding their rights to open up savings accounts with the money they stole. If they could hang around the bank long enough, they figure they can enjoy an amnesty from their crime. At the rally, we told them that the U.S. Constitution doesn�t work that way. Once you break the law, you go to jail. Once you break into our country, you suffer deportation.

One little old lady promoting Defend Colorado Now�s statewide initiative to stop illegals from grabbing services they have no rights to enjoy, said, �Build a wall and deport them all, build a wall and deport them all�let them work for a better life in their own country�I�m sick and tired of paying for their babies with my hard earned money�no to Senator Salazar for serving illegal aliens instead of Colorado citizens.�

We headed north along the great Rocky Mountains with snow-capped peaks west of us. In Cheyenne, we passed colorful four foot tall cowboy boots in the town square signifying that great ranch and horsemen state. At the capitol building, a counter protest group drove a pickup with the American flag flying from the back, but alongside it, a Mexican flag flew with it. That made our blood boil because every soldier from Valley Forge to Vietnam to Iraq did not die for open borders and allowance for illegal invaders that choose anarchy to ent

A Mexican named Marcus Sanchez, who became a legal U.S. citizen, protested the Paul Revere Ride by showing Old Glory alongside his Mexican flag. Sanchez said, �We are what America is becoming and we are America�s future.�

�Not if we can stop it,� I said. �It�s amazing that he was pretending to be an American while he supported lawlessness and anarchy of fellow Mexicans entering illegally into our country. We don�t want to become like Mexico which is a corrupt, failed government, and society with people fleeing their homeland. If they want a better life, they need to stay in their own country and clean up their own house. We don�t need millions of Mexico�s poor to become our new poverty class. We have enough of our own problems in America without multiplying them by massive, unending immigration.�

Next day, we rode north into rolling, treeless hills as pretty as a golf course spread across magnificent Wyoming. We passed through Jackalope which showed a jackrabbit with antlers sticking out of his ears. We throttled through Chugwater, population 244, elevation 5,288. Folks stepped up with friendly smiles, handshakes and �Thank you� everywhere we stopped. They waved and honked as they passed us along the highway. We couldn�t help feeling that America is a family that speaks the same language, which is English, loves the same culture, and cares about the future of our children. One lady saw our T-shirts that read, �Stop Illegal Immigration: Ask Me How�. On the back is the Paul Revere Ride logo. She said, �I like you folks already.�

Wispy horse-tail clouds danced in the blue sky above us while darker clouds created vapor columns in the mountains. Farther north on the horizon, rain threatened, but remained in the mountains off to our side. We raced through green valleys framed by crystal rivers--with fly fisherman elegantly flipping their flies into the curling waters swirling around them. The scene reminded me of a profound movie �A River Runs Through It.�

Miles down the road, we headed into Big Sky Montana on our way toward Billings. Instead of the Rocky Mountains standing off to our left, we entered them. Rugged snow-capped peaks swallowed us into their mysterious beauty. We entered the land of the famous mountain man Jim Bridger. Our eyes saw what he saw. The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone remained after Lewis and Clark passed this way 200 years ago. I felt their spirits seep into my being. They rode horses, paddled canoes and built America with the sweat of their brows.

At the end of a glorious day, I roared down the highway wondering what Paul Revere might have been thinking during his famous ride. Was he afraid for his country that had not yet been born? Did he carry passionate resolve to warn the colonists of the advancing British? Did he feel despair? Was he tired? What if he had given up? No, he spurred his horse toward destiny by warning his fellow Americans. He rode into that black night with a mission that birthed a nation. He was also the leader of the Boston Tea Party. He galloped as a man of action.

Today, the United States stands a critical crossroads�as deadly and dangerous as the Civil War. Our country is being divided and destroyed by illegal alien migrants and by the people we elected into office. Our own president washes into incompetence and deadly, indolent mediocrity.

As Paul Revere rode with bravery, the 21st Century Paul Revere Riders throttle their iron steeds from sea to shining sea. We�re inspired by his true grit, integrity and heart. He embodied America. We won�t let his ride be in vain. We warn Americans so they can become armed with knowledge, tools to change history and become empowered. Good night and God�s speed!

We�re talking to truckers, RV drivers, bikers and just plain folks across the nation. We�re giving everyone we meet an action sheet showing them �how� to take action. We intend to bring 1,000,000 Americans to to become the most effective armada of faxers and phone callers in history. is the easiest, fastest way to make impact on your senators and House members. We demand HR 4437 be passed and we refuse to be scammed by Senate Bill 2611 that would avalanche America into a nightmare of sheer numbers of people who came to America illegally and do not respect our laws, language or society.

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A Mexican named Marcus Sanchez, who became a legal U.S. citizen, protested the Paul Revere Ride by showing Old Glory alongside his Mexican flag. Sanchez said, �We are what America is becoming and we are America�s future.�