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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 12, 2008

In the “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy and Toto danced into an amazing adventure. The main message often-times remains forgotten:

In our minds…
it is the wizards, behind the curtain,
who control and manipulate "the show."

They do not! However, if you allow the ‘wizards’ to run your show, you leave yourself no choice in the outcome of your life or the life of your civilization.

Formative Questions:

I am writing this column via a muse who I confide in weekly for wisdom and understanding. For those still with me here, please inspect a few questions.

1 - What would you like to achieve in this life; your spiritual desires and goals… your personal desires and goals… and your professional desires and goals. Please take a moment and jot down your mission, your long-range objectives, and your shorter range goals. If you don’t know, what would it be if you knew?

2 - Do you have a plan-versus-actual budget?
Do you budget and track your dollars?
Do you budget and track your time?
Do you combine those budgets with mate, parents, etc?
Do you live beyond your financial or time means?

3 - Do you have a clear picture in your mind regarding your future?
Where will you be, doing what--in the year 2028?
Where will you be, doing what--in the year 2013?

4 - Make some notes here – please stop now and get a firm grip on those two visions and describe them in the present tense, first person singular. That way you may ponder or imagine it as if already achieved, by you.

5 - Do you have a personal plan to achieve the year-2013 vision?

6 - Do you have a personal plan to achieve the year-2028 vision?

7 - List possible sensible obstructions placed upon yourself, and your family, in order to get from here to there, e.g., personal and/or U.S. economic situation, illness or disability, community chaos, etc.

Your reactions to that process?

Are you still with me? Are you in agreement that life tasks you?

In just a few precious moments, you just did a top-layer assessment of your future, to include a time-ordered-sequence of major milestones.

As you playfully "envisioned" – what happened in your mind's-eye?

Realizations that came to me…

1 - Lacking goals and objectives, I spin my wheels.
2 - Lacking a financial plan-vs-actual budget, my life resembles a roller-coaster ride.
3 - Until just now, I did not have a clear, constructive mental picture of my situation in 2013 and 2028.
4 - It is important to crystallize and describe my visions especially describing them in the present tense, first-person singular, a vision of "what is" at two specific moments in the future.
5 - I don't process clear, balanced, affordable plans and understand that I must start my twenty-year plan before creating the five-year plan. It is also clear that "my" plan must be co-authored with my spouse, and my family and friends.
6 - It is important to link my expectations to a time-ordered sequence of logical and achievable steps. Otherwise, my personal risk of failure and disillusionment becomes gigantic.

Positive Planning for a Sensible Future

Would you agree? Planning creates success! That said, we must live this life with our eyes and ears wide open to the things we must negotiate. Denial proves non-constructive, and whining wastes resources.

The satirical group – The Capital Steps – seems to say it best… "More and more I see the warnings of conditions I will have."

Allow me to close with an observation: one small homework assignment for you-- As you constructed your future in your head, did you include a nice 6-bedroom home for you and your spouse and your six or four or two kids?

Your advanced homework assignment

As you plan for your future and that of your family, what accelerates as your greatest future challenge outside your control? Water? Energy? Quality of life? Food shortages? Air pollution?

Investigate the plethora of population prognostications available for your consideration on the internet and discover the boundaries for the answers to these key questions;

Ø What do we see as the population of Spaceship Earth today? What is the population of the top-ten nations today, and what are their carrying-capacity limits? What is your view of that?

Ø What is the quality-of-life today in the USA? Pretty good! India? Pretty bad! China? Even worse! Africa? Much, much worse!

Ø What is the current and long-range population in your state? What or who drives it?

Ø How does all of that weave into your personal year-2028 strategic plan?

Your voice is important to the U S Congress

Imagine if you will, a comparison between your personal vision for 2028 and what you have observed in nations such as China, India, Africa and the USA. Those countries suffer irreversible dilemmas because of their exploding populations.

Notwithstanding, by 2028, the U.S. expects an added 100 million people. How will that fit into your 20 year plan for you and your children?

When was the last time you communicated with your three elected Members of the U S Congress – to discuss the future of the USA?

The next time, please ask each of them for the Executive Summary of the U S Long-Range (2028) Strategic Plan. Refuse to accept patronizing. Does that plan include sensible balance between population goals and infrastructure upgrades? Is there a cost-benefit assessment included, to convince you that the costs are affordable and the benefits are desirable?

What am I addressing? You’ve read hundreds of my columns. The latest, “182,000 Immigrants Imported into the USA Every Month” jolted thousands of people via email reactions. Few realized we add 2.2 to 2.4 million immigrants annually and a total U.S. growth of 3.1 to 3.5 million annually.

In other words, our president and congress don’t have a clue or a strategic plan as to what they will do in the future as to adding 100 million people in 30 years. Similar scenarios transpired in the countries of India, China, most countries in Africa, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Result: Those citizens of those countries endure terrifically degraded, limited lives with no understanding of what we consider “quality of life” as they struggle for their own daily existence. Example: each week you see churches on PBS with “Save the Children” appeals for the starving kids in Africa. For a disturbing fact, the World Health Organization states that 10 million children under 12 starve to death year in and year out. Personal plans or long range hopes leave their citizens gasping, grasping and without a grip on their lives, their families and any type of reasonable existence.

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Write your representatives, but only after you complete the exercises and feel the dearth of legislative strategizing in this country. We can no longer ‘think’ the ‘wizards’ behind the White House door or U.S. Capitol will solve this nation’s immigration crisis—without our active participation. Let’s give and five million members before November elections to mandate change that correlates with your personal plan.

The more extreme our numbers the more extreme our children’s consequences. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 2,

Final note: I am looking for thinkers, writers and advocates to add to my monthly “Master Mind Think Tank.” In reality, our politicians foment the problems that they campaign to solve. They never solve them; thus we spiral into deeper national chaos. I need new ideas and new creative thinkers to help me bring our most pressing issues onto the front burner: overpopulation in America caused by ceaseless legal and illegal immigration. As you know, the recent PEW report shows immigration adding 100 million people to our country in 30 years. We need to stop it and we need to stop it now. Join me in saving our civilization.

To take action:

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When was the last time you communicated with your three elected Members of the U S Congress – to discuss the future of the USA?