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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 15, 2008

In the 21st century, old paradigms fail us in our new technological age. You’re invited to stop reading and watch a five-minute video on YouTube.

“Did You Know; Shift Happens” Globalization; Information Age

Karl Fisch created the video and Scott McLeod modified it. As you watch the video, take notes. You may find that you want to watch the video a second time to complete your notes.

As with each section of this four-part series, you may jot down the ingredients of your personal plans. Part-1 covers your personal long-range and near-term planning.

As a country, our military posture, guided by political decisions in the U S Congress, shifts from so-called “Imperialistic Attacks” overseas to focus upon the active defense of the 50-states. Nellis Air Force Base, next-door to Las Vegas, Nevada features our best-and-brightest in the first-line fighter aircraft. Here's what the Global Security website teaches us.

Nellis Air Force Base, NV.

"Home of the Fighter Pilot" – is a member of the United States Air Force's Air Combat Command. It is home to the largest and most demanding advanced air combat training in the world. Nellis provides training for composite strike forces, which include every type of aircraft in the U S Air Force inventory. Training is also conducted in conjunction with air and ground units of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps as well as air forces from allied nations.

Nellis Air Force Base grew from a rural, war-time base to the biggest, busiest, and best base in the United States Air Force. Its roots lay in a time of approaching conflagration, in which the United States prepared its defenses against world-wide aggressors. It continues to train air combat warriors to fly, fight, and win in the national interest.

To do that job – these young leaders must know what is happening today, world-wide.

The Nellis training helps our tactical aircraft pilots to prepare for the world situations that might provoke an attack on the United States. A reader alerted me to the existence of a sobering, high-quality video life lesson. Our environment changes at an exponentially increasing rate. In the "good old days," we enjoyed many years to think about changes before they happened. No more!

As you discover--all growth is not helpful, or appropriate. For example, rapid increases in human population in certain areas cannot be accommodated. With this in mind, in Part-1 – I asked you to tell me which nations experience the most population.

Human beings prove predictable creatures with predictable behavior patterns. When our "quality-of-life" becomes less desirable, our attitudes change and we become grouchy. Unrest occurs when people crowd together as food and potable water become scarce, and the onset of natural lethal diseases increases.

Although some may argue, most of the U S electorate senses changes that 'cause concern’;

* More competition for jobs

* Wages stagnant, or reduced

* Personal home foreclosure rates worse than ever

* Public (K-12) schools crowded

* K-12 student performance waning

* Hospitals crowded, sicknesses occur more often

* Highways crowded and deteriorating, grid-lock compounding

* Staples (food, gasoline, and more) much more expensive

* Taxes increasing

* Growing ethnic incompatibilities and antagonisms per 600 student riot in Los Angeles last week between blacks and Mexicans

Our recent population increase set records. At the same time, we lack national strategic (20-year) plans, and national tactical (5-year) plans – a most unfortunate "coincidence." And, the average educational level of our workforce spirals downward. Example: Detroit, MI suffers 76 percent high school drop out/flunk out rate. (Source: Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News) Why?

Can you think of root causes to that horrible academic failure rate?

Notice the immigrant population increases in the USA and worldwide to see results and why.

In this process, prepare a list of the top-ten personal irritations that face you today, but did not exist twenty years ago. As you do that, please jot down your guesstimates regarding cost – to you, to your town, to your state and to your nation.

Note aspects in dollars, time, wellness, personal safety, quality of work-life, quality of home-life, etc.

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We’re connecting the dots as to the loss of quality of life in America and how it affects our daily, weekly and longer term prospects as citizens of this civilization. We must act before we become the next global statistic such as Lebanon, Israel or France.

Part-3: Next week – and will include cause for future hopes.

Final note: I am looking for thinkers, writers and advocates to add to my monthly “Master Mind Think Tank.” In reality, our politicians foment the problems that they campaign to solve. They never solve them; thus we spiral into deeper national chaos. I need new ideas and new creative thinkers to help me bring our most pressing issues onto the front burner: overpopulation in America caused by ceaseless legal and illegal immigration. As you know, the recent PEW report shows immigration adding 100 million people to our country in 30 years. We need to stop it and we need to stop it now. Join me in saving our civilization.

To take action:

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We’re connecting the dots as to the loss of quality of life in America and how it affects our daily, weekly and longer term prospects as citizens of this civilization. We must act before we become the next global statistic such as Lebanon, Israel or France.