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By April Bassett
October 22, 2016

The question needs to be answered. Does the mainstream media determine who runs for office and who wins? Is Hillary Clinton the puppet of a huge dark force looming over this country and quite possibly the world? How did it come to this? Well it did not happen overnight and 40 to 50 percent of Americans are still asleep. Wake up America!

Hillary has been given a stage on which to lie, cheat, threaten, and jeopardize the fabric of this country. She uses political capitalism to extort money, secrets, and resources (natural and otherwise) from foreign countries, for example Haiti, as well as our own (remember she handed 20% of of our uranium to Russia). She enables her husband to rape and assault women for decades. Presently, through the diligent work of Project Veritas, (please watch this video) we now discover the Clinton Campaign has colluded with the DNC to disrupt and cause violence at Trump rallies, to start anarchy. It begins at the White House yes, and Hillary is at the heart of it all. An all around liar, crook, Hillary Clinton is “Raping” America, (to see an in depth list of reasons why not to vote for Hillary and all of her atrocities just click on this link).

The alarming part is that possibly 40% of our fellow Americans want her for president. This must be the victim class. The ones Jesus was talking about, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they do”.

We can see the mainstream media favors Hillary Clinton and does not report objectively. They do not question the FBI cover up of Hillary’s email server debacle, Benghazi, and her lies. Mr. Cuomo from CNN has gone so far as to suggest it is illegal for citizens to possess and read the Wikileakes emails. Give me a break.

We also have a number of Americans that do not like the tone of this election and are disgusted with both candidates. These people are closing their ears to all of it and just do not want to vote. This is a huge mistake and that is what the mainstream media wants them to do. The mainstream media wants you to give up, by tormenting everyone with despicable evil, constant distraction until you lay down and just let them “rape” you with their lies about Trump and cover for Hillary. The mainstream media will “rape”, destroy our liberty and this country. Mark by word, it is coming. If you do not vote for Trump, and wind up with Hillary, don’t complain, because you are going to deserve what you get.

These false allegations against Trump cause the hypocrite in all of us to rise up. While we should all stay focused on the “proven to be true atrocities” that Hillary has committed over the past 30 years as well as the new revelations about her latest corrupt actions that appear daily. She continues to “Rape” America with her lies about her lies. This is beyond corruption; there are no words to describe what is happening. It is beyond comprehension.

The mainstream media, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, some hosts on Fox News and all major newspapers, are covering for Hillary daily and refusing to report the news, especially the daily Wikileakes distributed by Julian Assange, and the Project Veritas videos fro James O’Keefe which unveil day after day the collusion between Hillary, the DNC and the mainstream media and much more. Instead the mainstream media tracks down and fabricates lies about Donald Trump. The mainstream media is digging up false accusations of rape and groping by Donald Trump, 3 weeks from election. Really? Sorry, this is not going to fly.

How come the mainstream media doesn’t give Bill Clinton’s victims the time of day? You know who they are, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Sally Miller, etc.

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We an only hope that the election is not rigged. My hat’s off to Trump, for having the “I will keep you in suspense” response, to Chris Wallace’s question about accepting the election results. If the results are close in any state, why we should question those results. Voter fraud is definitely an issue. There are many dead Democrats who will be voting this election.

Lastly, this country is infected. It is time to disinfect. As Sheriff Clarke says “It is time for Americans to rise up against this corruption”. You might have to get your pitchforks ready, folks! Make American Great Again.

Attention Readers: I want to thank you for donating to our “Help Us Grow to Wake Up America” campaign. This is our way to help save our Republic. If you have not made a donation, please click on this link and share it with your friends as well.

I want to personally thank Paul and Yutta Walter for giving me the opportunity to work with such a wonderful organization.

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2016 April Bassett - All Rights Reserved

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April Bassett is a political junkie and patriot who loves running the social media for She is also the campaign manager for the “Help Us Grow to Wake Up America” fundraising campaign on Former VP of Great American Animal Entertainment Co, April now works with start-up companies such as VerteCore Technologies and Rhoda’s Whole Food Recipes. April likes helping new companies with the “ground floor” work it takes to launch a business. April Bassett is the mother of two incredible children and resides in lovely Southern Oregon. Please note, as native of Louisiana born and raised, she will forever be an LSU Tiger Fan. Geaux Tigers and God Bless America.




Hillary has been given a stage on which to lie, cheat, threaten, and jeopardize the fabric of this country.