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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
February 16, 2011


W can only hope that mid-term elections served as a wake-up call to Mr. Obama, who seems to insist that America still needs to go the route of becoming a Socialist entity.

America, the Weakling

Once the cornucopia of the world, the richest, prevailing nation in the universe, America now poses as a dimming silhouette of herself, presenting a blundering, ineffective Congress, misguided foreign policies, weakness in military strength, and appearing as no more than a straw man in countering third world countries’ nuclear weapons power. This breaks my heart. If we do not pull ourselves up to full height, our children and grandchildren will only know the real United States by their grandparents and great grandparents’ reminiscing. They will have missed out on the greatest thing once in existence

What has brought us to our knees? We all know many factors have played out and converged to form the perfect storm: A falling nation, but what we don’t know is what the real causes are. What I offer is only my opinion, and my listing of these elements should not be taken as my personal judgment of anyone or anything. It’s just my speculation based on years of research. Keep in mind that our nation, though founded by many Masons, was a Christian nation. This has been turned on its head. See below:

1. The banning of prayer in public schools: “America’s moral decline rapidly accelerated following one event – the U.S. Supreme Court’s removal of prayer from our nation’s schools. On June 25, l962, 39 million students were forbidden to do what they and their predecessors had been doing since the founding of our nation – publicly calling upon the name of the Lord at the beginning of each school day.”[1] Today’s older adults recall opening their school day with the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. It meant something to them: Faith and patriotism. However, 1962 was only the beginning of the Power Elite’s plan to remove God from our lives. Talk to ministers, to people who have given up all hope, to soldiers, doctors, children—all who believe that their cause for existence, for the good things, the blessings, come from God. Having lost that has affected our nation’s cohesiveness and moral foundation. Yes, I do think there should be a separation of church and state, but exceptions must be made. Nothing in life is black and white; there are nuances in all things.

2. The gay agenda. No, I do not hate gays. As an artist and professor, I have friends who are gay. I dislike the sin but love the sinner. nonetheless, I’m not talking about gays as individuals here, but rather as the gay agenda as a whole. Unless you lived locked in room void of light, people and media all your life, you know homosexuality has been around since biblical times. Modern America accepted this, but the divisiveness came when the gay leaders, via the Power’s Elite’s influence, created an agenda to split America apart over what would be presented openly to the public. School curricular materials and textbooks, as well as school personnel (often guidance counselors) feature gay activities as equivalent to traditional behavior: Gay marriages are offered as normal; experimentation with same sex is called “healthy.” Kids become confused and begin to question their natural orientation, and when they try to talk to others about their confusion, most encourage them to try both hetero and homo sex.

3. Islamic propaganda: Along the same lines as #2, schools’ curricula feature Muslim misinformation, teaching that Sharia Law should be a part of the U.S. Constitution, that all Muslims are peaceful and tolerant, when many are radical Muslims who threaten anyone who questions their beliefs, challenges them on religion, or even asks if their intent is to “Islamize” America. Honest Muslims will tell you outright that these groups aim to convert Christians and Jews to Islam. These are a few examples of many instances in which our school curricula has been bastardized.

4. History distorted: Our youth are taught that the history we were given as youngsters was wrong. Instead, they are fed such untruths as: We did not win any wars, it’s wrong to be patriotic and rich and powerful, that Christ was a myth…and on and on.

5. Illegal immigration: I have written about this a lot (see my previous articles), and instead of seeing improvement, I find continued distortion and law breaking. Our government leaders have given foreigners carte blanche to our country, entitling them to social security, welfare, our educational systems, our health care, even our rights and privileges such as voting. Immigrants who take from our nation and don’t pump money back into our economy are breaking the spine of our USA.


6. Mendacity: Take a look at our president and government Cabinet and our Congress critters to see how their dishonesty, their fraud, their lies, their behind-doors-decision-making, their payoffs, their failure to fight for Americans, influences citizens, businesses, big corporations, and our children. This type of corruption is the ruination of our nation. Additionally, it would be a nice switch if the mainstream media actually wrote, spoke, showed the truth about these issues.

7. Obamacare: Of all the decisive actions Mr. Obama has done to us, his health care has sliced right through America like a shovel cuts through snow. He wants 300,000,000+million Americans to pay for 30 million who don’t have or do not want health care, burdening us, our children and grandchildren with a bankrupt nation. How many illegal immigrants are going to get this benefit, as they do with our welfare system, medical system, educational system, legal system, and much more?

Mr. Obama’s bill also calls for government decision-making about people’s treatment, and end-of-life right. This is the most corrupt law Obama—any president—has forced on us. And the Supreme Court refuses to find properly for states wanting to opt out of this Communistic health act. This law defies states’ rights, and forces Americans to pay for something they don’t desire, which is against our Constitution.

8. Diversity: The drive by this administration and previous cabinets for all of us to be politically correct, to not only accept every individual’s beliefs, cultures, and customs, but also to integrate them into our lifestyle, has caused a loss of the American identity. Immigrants of the early 1900s did not want to retain their country’s culture; they wanted to be proud Americans, and thus they willingly and eagerly became “All American,” and taught that to their children.

Other facets that have been woven together to bring down our country, including tracking and spying on us, destroying our morals, and Christian foundation, as well as our patriotism, have played key roles in killing America.

When the media do occasionally get out of their bubble of Obama worship, they may spotlight half-truths, such as higher-ups getting caught cheating the IRS, or stealing from their citizens, having affairs behind closed doors, secretly conniving against us, stumbling over policies and programs, the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, and ignoring terrorist threats. Thus, we look pathetic and fragile to both our enemies and allies, and, hence, we lose respect.

That our government wants us to cater to third world countries, to continue to push the ongoing moral debauchery, and foster lone nuts killing people, send signals to the world that the greatest country in the world is teetering on a societal breakdown. Our president is not worried about our debts, our deficits, or our likely bankruptcy, or the crooked corporations and their million-plus dollar bonuses, shows the world our fiscal irresponsibility.

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And that our president has catered to terrorist figures—even sent our money to some of these groups-and that our president and judiciary had initially intended to allow the 9/11 terrorists a civil hearing (allowing them to look at classified documents in their defense) instead of a military one, should shake any American, and propel them into the fight, and not flight, mode.


The push to destroy America has been and is still clearly on the roll to bring in the New World Order, or one-world government, or global governance. We should never sit down and just accept it. Not only is our future at risk, but so is the future for our children and grandchildren. Let your voice be heard.

Be sure to read the next and final article, VI, on this topic. Coming soon.

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1, The Forerunner. ”Banning Prayer in Public Schools Has Led to American’s Demise,” by Gary Bergel.

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The push to destroy America has been and is still clearly on the roll to bring in the New World Order, or one-world government, or global governance. We should never sit down and just accept it. Not only is our future at risk, but so is the future for our children and grandchildren.