By JB Williams

2020 will be written into history as the year the United States Constitutional Republic fell.

Gone as of today is the Following

  • Elections
  • The Supreme Law of the Land
  • The Rule of Law
  • Representation in DC
  • Honor, Decency and Justice
  • The Bill of Rights
  • State’s Rights
  • Individual Liberty
  • Free Speech
  • Inalienable Rights
  • The Republican Party
  • Any government checks and balances
  • Freedom
  • Privacy
  • Self determination
  • Sure, I’ll think of more later…

LAWLESS is the 2020 word of the year, and it will now become the word of the next century in the USA.

On January 6, 2021, a majority of US Congressional Republicans in both chambers certified known unlawful presidential electors for the absolute worst presidential candidate in 244-years of American history…Joe the criminal pervert with late dementia Biden. Every member of Congress knows the 2020 election was the most fraudulent and corrupt election in 244-years, as does every member of the news media.

But, both Democrats and Republicans in power, support fraud and corruption. As a result of the 2020 elections, socialists running the Democrat Party will seize total control of our federal government, both chambers of Congress, the Oval Office, the courts, and every federal agency. Republicans are the walking dead in DC.

For the record, Biden will never be the President of anything more than the handful of democrat-controlled fraud cities he used to execute the leftist coup of the nation. Harris will never be anything more than a total fraud who slept her way to corrupt power. It’s a puppet regime for global communists and nothing more.

The Federal Government is no longer “constitutional,” and it is no longer relevant to most Americans now. A LAWLESS government is no government at all. Our Federal Government is no longer a body of, by or for the People of the United States, period.

Instead, it’s now a body which is entirely destructive of the United States and every legal U.S. Citizen.

All three branches of the Federal government are now “unconstitutional” and entirely destructive of the Republican form of government guaranteed every state and every Citizen in Article IV, Section 4: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government;” – The U.S. Constitution does NOT create or guarantee anyone a “democratic” form of government, and Americans will now learn why, the hard way!

Once it no longer matters who votes, how many times they vote, which foreign countries count our votes or which voting machine company switches our voters, then elections can’t possibly matter either!

Once the Republican Party is nothing more than a wing of the Democratic Socialist Party, that party is totally irrelevant too. They chose it, so be it!

Understand, the unbridled LEFT is coming, fast and hard now. They want the USA locked down for at least another 100-days, not for COVID, which has been a leftist scam the whole time…but to keep people hunkered down in their “safe spaces” while they ram through their global communist agenda in the first hundred days following January 20th.

Everyone will still have the “right” to murder their own children in the womb. But no one will have the “right” to decline the LEFT’S magic “COVID vaccine.” Once they lock everyone down again, you will not be allowed to ever leave your home without your government vaccine card…And this is just the beginning of the horror story Americans have allowed to befall what was once the greatest nation ever known to mankind.

So, where can we find any solutions now?

The previous “LAWLESS” occupants of our White House were Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Biden. For the first two years of that term, democrats controlled both chambers of Congress as well. During those two years, leftists rammed through a laundry list of anti-American policies that paved the way for our $30 Trillion in debt, and the insane far left control of the Federal cesspool we see today.

That triggered efforts by to develop a local solution to federal tyranny in a model state bill titled The Balance of Powers Act. We were able to push some form of the bill into 13 states back then, with 7 states enacting some version of the model. Most people had not “had enough” yet and didn’t really pay much attention.

Others, looked at the model legislation and thought they could improve upon it, rendering their version of the bill “unconstitutional” and dead on arrival in their states due to their changes. If you research and understand what created, you know you can’t change anything in it without making the bill unconstitutional. But you’ll also understand, there’s no need to change anything in it.

Essentially, The Balance of Powers Act is a State level 10th Amendment Bill. Many 10th Amendment adherents claimed, “we already have these powers under the 10th,” which is true. But what the state do not have is a streamlined process by which to swiftly declare a Federal action “unconstitutional,” rendering that action null and void within the state, having no force of law behind it.

No law which is itself, unconstitutional, enjoys the force of law behind it, much less any federal supremacy of law. Hence, the purpose for The Balance of Powers Act. This act creates a streamline rapid response means to declare a federal act “unconstitutional” and thereby, “unlawful” within the state.

Think about how this changes how much a tyrannical federal cabal can force it’s will upon the people of the state, via federal actions.

As for those crying to secede from the union…The only way to secede from the union of states is to withdraw from the compact that makes them a member state of that union, the U.S. Constitution. This effort results in the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the defense and enforcement of it.

As for the death of the Republican Party… Every political party is nothing more or less than the sum of the people in it, and those who control it. As of this moment in history, there is merely a Republican Party in name only. Conservatives have two choices, a) seize control of the Republican Party and remove everyone in it that is a closet democratic socialist, or b) build a new party capable of competing with both the Democrat Party and RINO Party on a national scale.

But before you spend any time deciding between those two bad options, you will first have to figure out how to make elections relevant again. As long as elections aren’t relevant, political parties aren’t relevant either!

I’ll close for now with this…Our country is gone as of this moment, simply because Americans let it be gone. Our government is corrupt and self-destructive because most Americans are too. People on both sides seem to not mind crime, corruption, indecency, cheating and fraud, so long as it get’s them where they want to go. That’s why it exists and how it will continue to exist.

While everyone is focused on what to do about draining the swamp in D.C., no one seems even up to the task of draining the swamp in their own back yard. The LEFT could not have stolen the 2020 elections, had they not stolen Detroit, NYC, LA, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, and all of the cities that made certain that Trump would no longer be your president.

Before we focus on the monumental task of draining the DC swamp, maybe we should immediately turn our focus to draining the swamps in our own back yards. Just a thought!

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