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Power to the People

On Monday, the big news was that the tax cuts being proposed by the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss were being somewhat scaled back because they might “favor the rich.” This is a Marxist line of attack. Yet, Stephen K. Bannon was on his “Real America’s Voice” show trashing Truss for proposing tax cuts in the first place.

By |October 5th, 2022|

Equality vs. Equity

All tyrannical governments around the world have promised their citizens “equity,” not equality…and all have provided their citizens an equal depth of poverty, causing those governments to become ever more brutal to the people they keep under boot. Americans hypnotized by the “equity” scam, are being bribed and used for evil.

By |October 4th, 2022|

The Stasi Actions of the Politicized DOJ

Next up, we’ll study the Stasi control of our health care which was once ranked among the world’s healthiest populations in 1984.  But in 2021, a study by the Commonwealth Fund ranked America’s health care system dead last among industrialized nations, with the highest infant mortality and lowest life expectancy.

By |October 4th, 2022|

America in Name Only

America has all along been the jewel in the crown—the sought-after prize of the psychopathic elites. She’s now imprisoned along with the January 6th patriots rotting in that filthy D.C. jail. It isn’t hard to read the writing on the wall to figure out what happens if we do nothing. The wild card is what happens as we endeavor to take our country back, bit by bit.

By |October 4th, 2022|

Now that we’ve tried the GREATER EVIL (again)

The whole world knows that Biden and Harris were chosen by the global communist cabal simply because they are both expendable useful idiots easily controlled by their puppet masters, and easily disposed of when they are no longer useful. Both are total simpletons who made their way to the top lying, cheating, sleeping, and stealing their way there.

By |October 3rd, 2022|

GOP’s Commitment to America:  Another Gingrich PR Stunt?

Now it’s poltroon hot shot Kevin McCarthy leading the faithful with more “well thought out” words and the same old recycled plan that has done nothing.  A Nation’s that safe.  That is what the military and constitutional militia (Second Amendment) are all about.  Congress does NOT have any authority to run rough shod over city police departments.

By |October 3rd, 2022|

Autumn Gold Backpack Adventure into Mt. Holy Cross

In late September, changes arrive in the High Country of the Rocky Mountains.  A whisper of cool winds rustles through the trees. The mountain creeks run low over their rocky beds as the snowfields diminish from their summer melt.  Forever green pines cover the mountains like a silent blanket.

By |October 3rd, 2022|

Unexpected Opportunities

Several years ago, my wife and I were flying home from a vacation in Florida. Because advanced seat assignments were not available, we could not sit together. She ended up in a seat near the back of the plane, while I was able to get an aisle seat next to a middle-aged wife and her husband close to the middle of the plane.

By |October 2nd, 2022|

Democrats Pushing For Right To Cheat In 2022, Part 2

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Our Founders lived their lives by the principles of God and gave us the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We have let it go down the road to destruction. We can stop it but we need God’s help to do so.

By |October 2nd, 2022|

Danger And Courage

Cruel and unthinking people are giving you the opportunity to accomplish now what you failed to do before. The situations that once made you upset, guilty and afraid will become the very things to give you happiness and well-being from now on.

By |October 1st, 2022|

Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count??

If we vote in person, on election day, we can get our country back. If we give in and give up, we will have lost our precious freedoms for generations to come. Venezuela is a perfect case at point.

By |October 1st, 2022|

On-Going Plot to Reduce the Global Population

And it will get worse. So, we need to prepare for whatever comes, and the only way I know that we can do it is to grow stronger in our faith and dependance upon God to see us through all the travails that are forthcoming.

By |September 30th, 2022|

DANGER: Article V Convention Legislation filed in Congress: They Want a New Constitution

If Congress calls an Article V convention, you can be sure that a new Constitution will be imposed on us. The convention of 1787 was called “for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation”.  But the convention proposed a new Constitution which had a new mode of ratification and which created a new form of government.

By |September 30th, 2022|

How to Lose Winnable Elections

In terms of our current predicament, a key plank of the Communist Manifesto was “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.” That means, for our purposes, the Federal Reserve, now exposed as a failure by The Economist and other mouthpieces of the establishment.

By |September 30th, 2022|

If I Had Elon Musk’s $250 Billion Bank Account

Over 60 years ago, in the infancy of television, from 1955 to 1960, a wealthy benefactor gave away $1,000.000.00 to lucky recipients. During the program, the benefactor tracked their lives, their choices, and their outcomes.

By |September 29th, 2022|

The Kind of Imbeciles Who Rule the World

Spain’s Minister of Equality (good night, nurse!) raised a few eyebrows recently when she declared that “children have the right to know that they can love and have sexual relations with anyone they want”. This ought to give you an idea of the kind of people who are governing the world’s nations, these days.

By |September 29th, 2022|

Government That Doesn’t Comply With the Constitution is Illegitimate

To the best of my ability, I have been very careful to be certain that everything I say in this article is truthful and verifiable in accordance with the law. If the FBI should come for me, it will be just another bogus example of the politicized FBI acting under  “Color of Law” with no lawful jurisdiction or authority.

By |September 29th, 2022|

The Revelation of the Method

There are many things going on in this country that cannot be explained by politics alone: women violently defending their “right” to kill their babies, sexual deviants indoctrinating school children, the total loss of respect for human life, the push to destroy the family as a social unit, the frontal assault on...

By |September 28th, 2022|

Will you do your part to help wake up America?

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