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Steven Yates is an independent scholar and author with a doctorate in philosophy. He is the author of the books Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (1994), Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons for the Decline of the American Republic (2011), and the ebook Philosophy Is Not Dead (2014). He is an expatriated American living in Santiago, Chile, with his wife (a chilena) and their two cats, Bo and Princesa. He owns Final Draft Editing Service, which caters to Chilean academics needing editorial oversight with their English (although he accepts U.S. clients as well as clients from elsewhere around the world). He is currently completing his first novel, to be entitled Reality 101, to be published later this year, while continuing with nonfiction projects such as The Fifth Stage of Civilization and others. Dr. Yates occasionally blogs about philosophy and related matters at, and has just joined if you find his writing valuable and important enough to be worth your financial support, please consider visiting the site and making a contribution (free books and possibly more are in the offing). He might also be building his own house soon. Please consider supporting my writing on Buy ebook PHILOSOPHY IS NOT DEAD Buy my book FOUR CARDINAL ERRORS In progress: REALITY 101 (a novel); THE FIFTH STAGE OF CIVILIZATION (Beyond the Postmodern & Into the Future) Check out my blog: LOST GENERATION PHILOSOPHER Does your manuscript need an extra pair of eyes? Click Here

Responsible Freedom Vs Globalist Techno-Feudalism, Part 1

How do we reconcile Florida’s red wave with the absence of one elsewhere? The answer is that Florida doesn’t permit all the voting ways that make it easy to steal. I voted in Florida on a paper ballot that was counted immediately prior to my departing the site, and I was given a confirmation of my counted vote.

By |2022-11-25T23:38:53-05:00November 25th, 2022|

No Red Wave? What’s Next?

Trump, in the meantime, is not helping himself any, with his verbal assaults on DeSantis, especially as the two seem to agree on most essentials. For a while I thought this was being orchestrated by corporate media, but now I am not so sure. Trump comes across as a bully with labels like “Ron DeSanctimonious,” which serve no one’s interests including his.

By |2022-11-15T01:13:54-05:00November 15th, 2022|

We Need to Repudiate Political Violence

If we do not do these things, in the spirit of control over our emotions, countering lies with truth, and engaging others with the love Christ showed for us — and who suffered far worse than any of us ever will — regardless of what they do, then we risk becoming no better than those we oppose.

By |2022-11-03T21:31:47-04:00November 3rd, 2022|

Hope … and Danger!

The more I see and hear from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, for example, the more impressed I am. She understands fully the damage the Bidenistas have done over the past 21 months. A quick rundown

By |2022-10-28T00:26:33-04:00October 28th, 2022|

How Stupid Are Some Americans, Anyway?

Not too long ago, Yahoo!’s news aggregator restored allowing comments on the site. Comment options were ended not long after the start of the plandemic. Their reason illustrates the old saw that for every corporate decision there’s the official reason and the real reason.

By |2022-10-13T00:07:23-04:00October 13th, 2022|

Is the Establishment Trying to Goad Trumpists in De Facto Civil War?

We are, indeed, in a battle for “the soul of America.” I call it the narrative war, and whether it will explode from being a war primarily of words into something much hotter, remains to be seen. I think the Bidenistas may be trying to provoke acts of violence, acts that can and will be used against anyone who takes the bait.

By |2022-09-06T01:01:42-04:00September 6th, 2022|

Is the Narrative War About to Explode?

But let them prove the hypocrisy of A.G. Merrick Garland’s “No one is above the law,” when Trump is publicly accused of doing something Hillary Clinton was able to skate away from. Let the Bidenistas prove their hypocrisy by continuing to protect Hunter Biden and his now-infamous laptop.

By |2022-08-18T23:36:07-04:00August 18th, 2022|

Steve Bannon: Narrative Warrior

Reiterating: Bannon knows that Election 2020 was stolen, that claims of this being a “big lie” based on “conspiracy theories” are themselves baseless, that a narrative of attempting to “overturn the election” has been constructed around January 6, and that although the Establishment got back in power two weeks later, its hold on power is precarious.

By |2022-07-29T00:17:50-04:00July 29th, 2022|

The Intellectual Suicide of Academia and Corporate Media

This should not be rocket science, but this is where we are in 2022, when a national senator is no longer allowed to say that only women can get pregnant without getting “schooled” for it (interesting word, that!), and when intellectually suicidal law professors deny biological reality in order to use “inclusive language.”

By |2022-07-16T00:46:44-04:00July 16th, 2022|

If Trump Plans to Run in 2024, Time to Announce His Candidacy Is Now!

By all the official measures the Trump economy was roaring! We were on track for energy independence. Gas prices were under $2/gallon. Unemployment among Hispanics and African-Americans had fallen to record lows. The Dow was surpassing previous highs almost daily. Inflation was practically nonexistent. The situation on our Southern border was under control.

By |2022-07-06T01:24:25-04:00July 6th, 2022|

Roe v Wade May Be Gone, but the Death Culture Remains. This Is Why

A different article tried to draw an analogy between the unborn baby and a famous but unconscious violinist, to whom a woman who had been kidnapped was hooked up so that their blood-streams were shared. She was to be forced to continue sharing her blood to keep the unconscious violinist alive for nine months.

By |2022-07-02T01:14:49-04:00July 2nd, 2022|

Will the January 6 Committee Fuel Civil War in America?

It will be a civil war by any other name, and as many have argued persuasively, because of the lack of clear geographical divides — red states contain many blue enclaves and blue states contain red enclaves — such a war will be magnitudes messier than the war fought from 1860 to 1865 which conventionally goes by that name.

By |2022-06-28T00:30:49-04:00June 28th, 2022|

Rewriting History

Having to fight a criminal indictment which could be dragged out well into the next election season would prevent Trump from being a candidate in 2024! This, I submit, is the committee’s real goal. That Trump might run away with the GOP nomination and conceivably win a second term in the Electoral College scares the globalist ruling class to death!

By |2022-06-18T00:43:53-04:00June 18th, 2022|

Inflation: Prelude to Globalist Central Bank Digital Currency?

Inflation is roaring. This is common knowledge. Inflation is not just roaring in the U.S., where gas prices have soared to well over $4.60/gallon and are averaging over $5/gallon in several states. It is roaring worldwide. Both food and gas prices having risen in Chile where we live. I encounter similar stories from elsewhere.

By |2022-06-07T00:12:32-04:00June 7th, 2022|

Mass Shootings: Manifesting the Nihilism of the West?

I’d planned an article on Peyton Gendron, the shooter who killed ten people in a Buffalo and injured three others in a Buffalo, N.Y. supermarket on May 14. Then I woke up this morning — it is May 25 as I write this — to learn that Salvador Ramos, also 18, shot and killed 21 in a Texas elementary school, 19 of them children.

By |2022-05-30T23:25:43-04:00May 30th, 2022|

The Narrative and Culture Wars Just Got Hotter

As if in counterpoint, the Bidenistas announced their real, live Ministry of Truth. They don’t call it that, of course. They call it the Disinformation Governance Board, and it will operate through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I don’t think there is much doubt about what this outfit will do, despite the aura of mystery some have tried to create around it.

By |2022-05-10T01:41:12-04:00May 10th, 2022|

Back to Basics: Freedom? Or Serfdom? The Choice Is Yours

Those for whom freedom is a core value need to start standing up and saying so, loudly, and in sufficient numbers to make a difference (my writing these articles is definitely not good enough). That means rediscovering, or perhaps discovering for the first time, freedom’s preconditions: responsibility and sufficient real education to take care of oneself, and the character to deal consistently with others honestly and with empathy.

By |2022-04-29T01:16:59-04:00April 29th, 2022|

Starting Over (and Finding Hope)

Conservatives need a grand vision, and it has to be something more than make America great again. It can’t be Utopian, because conservatives are by nature non-Utopian. It can draw on great documents such as the Declaration of Independence and Federalist 51, among others. It must appeal to what is best in us, and thus attract the interest of the remnant.

By |2022-04-12T00:14:43-04:00April 12th, 2022|

Our Lying Corporate Media II: Demonizing Putin

Needless to say this went unreported in Western media, as Putin goes on to note. Zelenskyy has been portrayed as a saint, and his government depicted as under siege. This last might be true, but for entirely different reasons than are reported.

By |2022-03-27T00:19:06-04:00March 27th, 2022|

Thoughts on Russia, Ukraine and Our Lying Corporate Media

My money is on something like this. He goes on to observe how the Internet is now so integrated into economic activity in advanced nation at every level, that if it went down for just two weeks the result would be an unprecedented shock wave that took down markets and disrupted supply chains everywhere. Rolling blackouts would likely ensue and air travel would cease...

By |2022-03-14T01:57:43-04:00March 14th, 2022|

In Defense of Hungary’s Viktor Orbán

Orbán leads the country’s conservative Fidesz Party. He has unabashedly stood up for Christianity and defended strong families—establishing policies that incentivize parents to have children. He has stood against unlimited immigration and open borders. He actually had built an electrified fence along the country’s border with Serbia to keep illegals out.

By |2022-02-11T00:29:05-05:00February 10th, 2022|

The Covid Narrative Is Collapsing, but We’re Not Out of the Woods!

As for governments, gradually over the past several months one nation after another has seen mass protests: Australia, New Zealand, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, others. Countries such as Denmark are following the U.K. and ending restrictions. Regime Media is trying as hard as it can to ignore all this.

By |2022-02-05T00:25:56-05:00February 5th, 2022|

Steven Yates: Who Am I? and What Do I Stand For?

I become a Christian at a summer retreat between ninth and tenth grade, and joined a group of peers who met and studied Scripture twice a week. In the early ‘70s, no one questioned this. We even had a teacher-moderator whose job wasn’t endangered by her direct and open involvement with us. There was far more tolerance then than exists today.

By |2022-01-28T00:07:58-05:00January 28th, 2022|

Israeli Scientist Blows Down the Covid House of Cards

As I wrote to Tom thanking him for the letter and asking if I could use it, if this doesn’t blow down the covid-19(84) house of cards, then nothing will — short of an actual civilian die-off that will be literally impossible to hide as life insurance companies find themselves overwhelmed with claims and in danger of going under financially.

By |2022-01-19T00:15:47-05:00January 19th, 2022|

2022: A Look Ahead

I think it likely that Republicans will retake one or both houses of Congress when November gets here, if only because the party out of power in the Executive branch usually wins big in off years. That might stymie the Bidenistas, but then what? November is still eleven months away, though, and they can do a lot of irreversible damage in the meantime.

By |2022-01-14T00:39:36-05:00January 14th, 2022|

The Real Matrix—Resurrected!

I have no review of the new Matrix movie, Matrix 4: Resurrection, or whatever it’s called. I’ve yet to see it. Everything I’ve read about it from folks I trust who have seen it suggests steering clear, that it’s a celluloid train wreck trying to cash in on the successes of its predecessors, and that I’d be wasting my time.

By |2021-12-31T01:29:47-05:00December 31st, 2021|

2021 — The Year In Review

When a nation such as Austria makes an experimental and unwanted medical procedure legally mandatory, protestors should fill the streets of every major city! Especially as the same mandates are being contemplated in Germany, Italy, Greece, and elsewhere, all places which have already instituted vaccine passports.

By |2021-12-21T02:42:08-05:00December 21st, 2021|

Charlottesville: Lessons in Leftist Sadism and Media Dishonesty

No one thinks it possible to extract $26 million from these Enemies of the Woke America. But Kaplan’s sadistic effort might make it impossible for them to ever again pursue normal lives— in the U.S., anyway. Another purpose of lawfare is to create an ambience of intimidation and fear-based self-censorship to silence future political dissent.

By |2021-12-10T00:16:32-05:00December 10th, 2021|

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted. A Battle Was Won. But Not the War

What was clear from videos available back in August 2020 was that Kyle used deadly force to defend himself from violent thugs who were attacking him physically, one (Anthony Huber) having already hit him over the head with a skateboard. He had no choice. The survivor, Gaige Grosskreutz, admitted under cross that he had his own gun pointed at Kyle’s head when Kyle shot him in the arm.

By |2021-11-24T00:09:36-05:00November 24th, 2021|

Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? – New Book Could Shatter the Narrative

Dr. Fleming’s answer is an unequivocal Yes, we are looking at a dual bioweapon, because that’s where all the documentable evidence points. There is the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which was man made; then there are the experimental mRNA injections being foisted on populations, sometimes against their will.

By |2021-11-17T01:53:30-05:00November 17th, 2021|

We Are in a World War. It Is a Fifth Generation War

With draconian policies going well beyond sensible public health measures having been imposed all over the world, no thinking person can believe the responses to COVID-19 are about public health, any more than any thinking person still believes the virus came from a bat.

By |2021-11-06T01:33:41-04:00November 6th, 2021|

“Piercing the Veils”: Revisited

These folks discover the foundations of Constitutionalism and perhaps political philosophy generally. They reach into our Western heritage and learn the significance of, e.g., the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights. They may read John Locke and Edmund Burke as well as Washington and Madison and Jefferson.

By |2021-10-23T02:30:33-04:00October 23rd, 2021|

The Memory Hole Is As Deep As the Swamp Is Wide

He would have had to go outside the Asylum, of course, bringing in more outsiders— probably peasants the Asylum’s movers and shakers had never heard of before. They wouldn’t be in the Big Club with Harvard or Yale law degrees. Trump’s efforts would then have been fought even harder.

By |2021-10-05T00:09:21-04:00October 5th, 2021|

The Evidence Is In! COVID-19(84) Jabs Really Are Very Dangerous!

The vaccine isn’t supposed to work, it’s supposed to make things worse. And it has! It’s increased the susceptibility of millions of people to severe illness and death. That’s what it’s done. It’s a stealth weapon in an entirely new kind of war; a war aimed at restructuring the global order and establishing absolute social control.

By |2021-09-20T02:08:35-04:00September 20th, 2021|

More Thoughts on the Impending Break-Up of the U.S.

Last week (as I write this morning), “Joe Biden” *pulled a trigger likely to aggravate divisions over the experimental mRNA vaccines. He blatantly violated the U.S. Constitution — as if that matters these days! — by signing an executive order commanding employers with 100 or more workers to get them jabbed,or tested every week with a test known to be invalid and scheduled to be discontinued at the end of the year.

By |2021-09-18T00:23:05-04:00September 18th, 2021|

The Break-Up of the U.S. Is Inevitable. Here Is What You Can Do

The U.S. is going to break up in the near future, possibly within our lifetimes. I don’t think it’s stoppable at this point. The only issue is: will you prepare, or leave things to chance? You cannot save what is no longer “your” country. But you might be able to save yourself and your loved ones working with small and autonomous communities of like-minded others.

By |2021-09-06T02:12:39-04:00September 6th, 2021|

A Few Words for the Hyper-Conspiratorial and Devotees of The Science

What we must do is encourage critical thinking skills—outside schools and an academia that dropped this ball decades ago. Dominant — well-moneyed! — institutions have become barriers to knowledge, rational thought, and communication, instead of conduits of truthful information, learning, and understanding. This may be the real crisis of these Twilight Zone times we’ve entered.

By |2021-08-28T01:59:14-04:00August 28th, 2021|

Did GloboCorp Assassinate 3 National Presidents to Further the COVID Narrative & Import Vaccines?

What I fear is that once full FDA approval comes (and it will come), we’ll see an onslaught of vaccine passports, mandates, and restrictions: whatever it takes, until those who refuse are unable to leave their homes. Or are even rounded up and put in camps, because come to think of it, in the present environment of combined corporate and governmental encirclement everywhere you turn, there is nothing sacrosanct about your home!

By |2021-08-17T00:56:36-04:00August 17th, 2021|

Is This Year One? Part 2

GloboCorp might have preferred us peasants to believe we are “free” because we can vote and consume, that we live in “democracies,” that the “rule of law” is in effect, etc., etc., all while its corporate-backed trade dealers spent the past three decades destroying the U.S. manufacturing base to raise corporate profit margins, Big Food and Big Pharma pumped us full of...

By |2021-08-02T03:27:32-04:00August 2nd, 2021|

Is This Year One? Part 1

The cause of the plandemic appears to have been released in Wuhan right around the time of Event 201, held October 18, 2019 at Johns Hopkins University sponsored by GloboCorp’s Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. It appears designed to infect humans and spread rapidly, but is lethal mainly to certain populations of useless eaters — the elderly...

By |2021-08-02T03:39:45-04:00July 30th, 2021|

Collapsing Narratives, Converging Catastrophes

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, has been quoted several times as saying he believes Trump will be reinstated as president later this year (he mentioned August). I’m very doubtful of this, if for no other reason that, realistically, at this point it would take military action, and I don’t think our “woke” military would do it.

By |2021-06-26T01:47:11-04:00June 26th, 2021|

The Worsening War Against White People

Let’s just say it. White people (especially conservatives and Christians) are at war with the cult of Woke. They did not start this war. Most seem unaware of it. But they’d better wake up and realize they are in a war that has already killed dozens of white men and women whose fates will not make headlines in a controlled corporate media very much on the Woke cult’s side.

By |2021-04-23T02:06:27-04:00April 23rd, 2021|

Where Do We Go From Here? GloboCorp and Collapse, Part 6

As with the Second Coming of Christ, we have no timetable for GloboCorp’s collapse. And we can be sure, GloboCorp has learned from past errors. It will shore itself up for as long as it can. Moreover, never before will there have been a Leviathan the size of GloboCorp. Its tentacles are everywhere...

By |2021-04-02T03:14:15-04:00April 2nd, 2021|

Where Do We Go From Here? From Tyranny to Collapse, Part 5

What does GloboCorp want? Control, through fear and technocracy. If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s how easily those with the know-how can create and use fear. One of the best means of inducing fear is mass media repeating ghastly images or sequences over and over incessantly.

By |2021-03-23T01:46:08-04:00March 23rd, 2021|

Where Do We Go From Here? Part 4: Prepping For Tyranny

Increasingly, we live in a world where those fascinated with power and an urge to remake the world in their image of Utopia feel free to do as they please. They don’t bother to hide it. Those who seek liberty must learn to do the same thing, when and where they can. But they would do well to separate as quietly as possible, at least for now.

By |2021-02-27T02:00:03-05:00February 27th, 2021|

Where Do We Go From Here? Part 3

Accepting what we cannot change and acting accordingly is the only rational strategy. I am not introducing it as a permanent condition, and it does not mean doing nothing. It is not “giving up.” It is going back to basics — of thought and planning, building skills and resilience for a future with no guarantees except failure and freedom’s possible extinction if we continue playing the games we’ve played up till now.

By |2021-02-13T01:56:28-05:00February 13th, 2021|

Where Do We Go From Here? Part 2

Herbert Marcuse, the most influential Frankfurt School philosopher, invoked race in place of class. Feminists followed with gender-bending. They retained Marxian group-derived consciousness, and identity politics was born. This explains the cultural left’s complete indifference to America’s working class — too white, too male, and too heterosexual.

By |2021-01-23T02:33:47-05:00January 23rd, 2021|

Where Do We Go From Here? Part 1

Prepare yourself to get into the right mindset. What I mean cannot be explained except in a full article, but you have to prepare to separate yourself psychologically, politically-economically, and spiritually, from the larger society as it lurches leftward. Get right with God. Abandon secularism, which did much to get us into this mess. You’re part of the way to where you need to be already if you’ve read this far.

By |2021-01-17T02:39:55-05:00January 17th, 2021|

Can an Entire Society Be Gaslighted?

In a nutshell, it is the process of manipulating a person through mind games of various sorts to gain power over them by making their question their perception of reality and eventually their sanity. Gaslighting can be used by bullies, abusers, and cult leaders. The term originated with the 1944 film Gaslight, in which a man does this to his wife.

By |2021-01-09T15:36:02-05:00January 6th, 2021|

Truth Has Been Canceled – It Will Take Freedom With It

Today fear is the prevalent control factor. Fear of getting sick. Fear of unemployment and being financially devastated. Fear of being shamed on social media. Fear of being called a racist (if you are white). Fear is effective. It results in paralysis and looking to the authorities for rescue. Sometimes, of course, fear is justified. Other times, not. The point is, fomenting it has proven to be a very efficient control mechanism.

By |2020-12-09T01:59:16-05:00December 9th, 2020|

If the Cultural Leftists and Their Media Think they Won, Then Why are They So Concerned and Uneasy?

Facts no longer matter if they interfere with official narratives and agendas. Thus the largest narrative war I think I’ve ever seen has unfolded, between those using the above demon words and phrases, and those who insist that documentation of how voting-machine technology was used to commit fraud is clear and factual, and backed with evidence that corporate media and Big Tech are censoring just as fast as they can

By |2020-11-21T02:21:59-05:00November 21st, 2020|

The Storms That Are Coming

Gun sales in the U.S. are at all-time highs. There are people who will not give up their firearms without a fight. Some are Veterans with experience equal to and even surpassing that of anyone the federal government can send after them. (How do I know this? Personal correspondence.)

By |2020-10-17T02:56:36-04:00October 17th, 2020|

Conversation With a Foreign Cabbie

We’d come to another stoplight, and he looked over me as if to ask, Are you that much of a dolt? “Of course it was made,” he said. “If not there, then in your country and brought to China and released in Wuhan. I don’t know that, but COVID provides a cover for everything they’re doing. The disease isn’t that big of a deal. A bad flu.

By |2020-09-18T03:08:45-04:00September 18th, 2020|

The “Virus” of Revolutionism

Historically, what results from revolutions is always tyranny, since the old “irrational” order must be purged. Everything that would threaten the new order must be gotten rid of. This means all independent thought and writing must be crushed. Those unwilling to get with the program may be guillotined as in France

By |2020-08-28T02:40:04-04:00August 28th, 2020|

In America 2020, Truth is Being “Canceled”

A resistance of private sheepdogs is necessary because federal, state, and local governments have effectively dropped the ball, out of fear of being called racists, or white supremacists (most of those in elected office are, of course, sheep).

By |2020-07-10T02:06:35-04:00July 10th, 2020|

12 Unpleasant Truths, Part 2

Third: the U.S. Treasury Dept. / Federal Reserve axis is addicted to printing money. The level of money printing we are seeing now is utterly unprecedented, and will eventually cause a dollar collapse. This will enable the globalists to transition to a global digital currency and eliminate cash transactions.

By |2020-06-12T00:17:32-04:00June 11th, 2020|

12 Unpleasant Truths, Part 1

Regarding health care, the matter is really quite simple. People—corporate elites as well as masses—respond to incentives. In a materialist society and for moneyed interests, profit is the strongest incentive. Consumer spending generates profits. Saving does not. Hence the manufacture of incentives to spend (and the means), and penalties visited upon savers: inflation, low interest rates, etc., destroying the value of savings.

By |2020-06-08T02:49:31-04:00June 8th, 2020|

Lockdown Lamentations

You can protect yourself from any virus including this one through commonsense cleanliness (e.g., frequent handwashing), not touching objects in public that have been touched by others (e.g., handrails), and building up your immune system with sound nutrition, exercise, at least some sunlight, and sufficient sleep.

By |2020-05-16T03:10:35-04:00May 16th, 2020|

What We Ought to Learn From the Coronavirus

Today, America has millions of people whose service sector jobs fail to pay living wages, and whose standard of living has dropped. They are up to their eyeballs in debt. Most could not come up with $500 in an emergency situation without borrowing. Those working cannot afford decent health care because their wages have stagnated relative to a rising cost of living

By |2020-03-21T02:54:31-04:00March 21st, 2020|

End of a Decade: What’s Happened? What Have We Learned? What’s Next?

Then let’s fight to end the foreign wars that destroy peoples’ homelands and send them fleeing, while lining corporate-state pockets! Let’s also end the economic domination that also destroys what gives people’s lives meaning, impoverishes them until strip mining their resources and removing the profits from their countries breeds revolt.

By |2019-12-31T02:23:39-05:00December 31st, 2019|

Congressional Republicans Should Think Twice Before Turning On Donald Trump

Democrats and minions of the Deep Establishment have been colluding since November of 2016 trying to reverse the outcome of that election. For a long while, it was Russia-gate. That failed miserably, at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. Now it’s Ukraine-gate. House Democrats and their corporate media presstitutes are in overdrive. Their favorite polls have responded.

By |2019-11-15T01:47:35-05:00November 15th, 2019|

The Real Confrontation

Daily demonstrations continue, some involving over a million people. There continue to be disruptions. Fires continue to be started and acts of vandalism continue to be aimed at corporate-owned markets and public facilities. These have done millions of dollars worth of damage. A Metro station had to be closed again a couple of days ago.

By |2019-11-02T02:52:04-04:00November 2nd, 2019|

How Far We’ve Fallen….

The other day I found myself perusing Federalist Papers 51 and 10. James Madison penned both. An entire course in political philosophy could be built around the core passage in Federalist 51. The problem: something every civilization where freedom is valued must face: how do its people, or their leaders, or both, design and maintain institutions limiting those in their midst who are drawn to power.

By |2019-10-07T02:59:04-04:00October 7th, 2019|

The Greatest Enemy of Freedom in America Is Big Tech

Our civilization has now reached the point technologically where a public-private distinction is increasingly meaningless. We are moving towards a Big Tech driven economic culture in which everyone will be expected, as a condition of running a business or just living a normal life, to be connected to online platforms all the time.

By |2019-09-07T02:29:46-04:00September 7th, 2019|

“Conspiracy Theory” – The Third Most Weaponized Phrase in Corporate Media

Epstein, whose status as a known pedophile had been known for over 10 years, is arrested (July 6) and, denied bail, ends up in Metropolitan Correctional Center. Many folks predicted that he’d be "suicided" because he'd become a threat to wealthy and powerful elites, some of whom are pedophiles. He could therefore not allowed to be brought to trial.

By |2019-08-16T01:53:16-04:00August 16th, 2019|

Of Moon Landings, Rabbit Trails And Approaching Epistemic Oblivion

The above person told me about a YouTube video where the late Stanley Kubrick supposedly admits to having filmed the moon landings. If it was still there. The video was supposedly of an interview conducted three days before Kubrick died in his sleep of a heart attack, just after the end of filming his disturbing Eyes Wide Shut.

By |2019-07-19T02:02:42-04:00July 19th, 2019|

Cycles And Stages Of Civilization

In the articles linked to above, I took note of Sir John Bagot Glubb’s theory of the lifecycles of civilizations. Glubb’s ideas, as a few readers pointed out, are not perfect. In retrospect, he plays fast and loose with the lifespans of empires, some of which lasted much longer than the 200-plus years he allows.

By |2019-06-27T01:34:13-04:00June 27th, 2019|
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