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Steven Yates is an independent scholar and author with a doctorate in philosophy. He is the author of the books Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (1994), Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons for the Decline of the American Republic (2011), and the ebook Philosophy Is Not Dead (2014). He is an expatriated American living in Santiago, Chile, with his wife (a chilena) and their two cats, Bo and Princesa. He owns Final Draft Editing Service, which caters to Chilean academics needing editorial oversight with their English (although he accepts U.S. clients as well as clients from elsewhere around the world). He is currently completing his first novel, to be entitled Reality 101, to be published later this year, while continuing with nonfiction projects such as The Fifth Stage of Civilization and others. Dr. Yates occasionally blogs about philosophy and related matters at https://lostgenerationphilosopher.wordpress.com, and has just joined Patreon.com: if you find his writing valuable and important enough to be worth your financial support, please consider visiting the site and making a contribution (free books and possibly more are in the offing). He might also be building his own house soon. Please consider supporting my writing on Patreon.com Buy ebook PHILOSOPHY IS NOT DEAD Buy my book FOUR CARDINAL ERRORS In progress: REALITY 101 (a novel); THE FIFTH STAGE OF CIVILIZATION (Beyond the Postmodern & Into the Future) Check out my blog: LOST GENERATION PHILOSOPHER Does your manuscript need an extra pair of eyes? Click Here

The Storms That Are Coming

Gun sales in the U.S. are at all-time highs. There are people who will not give up their firearms without a fight. Some are Veterans with experience equal to and even surpassing that of anyone the federal government can send after them. (How do I know this? Personal correspondence.)

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Conversation With a Foreign Cabbie

We’d come to another stoplight, and he looked over me as if to ask, Are you that much of a dolt? “Of course it was made,” he said. “If not there, then in your country and brought to China and released in Wuhan. I don’t know that, but COVID provides a cover for everything they’re doing. The disease isn’t that big of a deal. A bad flu.

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The “Virus” of Revolutionism

Historically, what results from revolutions is always tyranny, since the old “irrational” order must be purged. Everything that would threaten the new order must be gotten rid of. This means all independent thought and writing must be crushed. Those unwilling to get with the program may be guillotined as in France

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In America 2020, Truth is Being “Canceled”

A resistance of private sheepdogs is necessary because federal, state, and local governments have effectively dropped the ball, out of fear of being called racists, or white supremacists (most of those in elected office are, of course, sheep).

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12 Unpleasant Truths, Part 2

Third: the U.S. Treasury Dept. / Federal Reserve axis is addicted to printing money. The level of money printing we are seeing now is utterly unprecedented, and will eventually cause a dollar collapse. This will enable the globalists to transition to a global digital currency and eliminate cash transactions.

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12 Unpleasant Truths, Part 1

Regarding health care, the matter is really quite simple. People—corporate elites as well as masses—respond to incentives. In a materialist society and for moneyed interests, profit is the strongest incentive. Consumer spending generates profits. Saving does not. Hence the manufacture of incentives to spend (and the means), and penalties visited upon savers: inflation, low interest rates, etc., destroying the value of savings.

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Lockdown Lamentations

You can protect yourself from any virus including this one through commonsense cleanliness (e.g., frequent handwashing), not touching objects in public that have been touched by others (e.g., handrails), and building up your immune system with sound nutrition, exercise, at least some sunlight, and sufficient sleep.

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What We Ought to Learn From the Coronavirus

Today, America has millions of people whose service sector jobs fail to pay living wages, and whose standard of living has dropped. They are up to their eyeballs in debt. Most could not come up with $500 in an emergency situation without borrowing. Those working cannot afford decent health care because their wages have stagnated relative to a rising cost of living

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End of a Decade: What’s Happened? What Have We Learned? What’s Next?

Then let’s fight to end the foreign wars that destroy peoples’ homelands and send them fleeing, while lining corporate-state pockets! Let’s also end the economic domination that also destroys what gives people’s lives meaning, impoverishes them until strip mining their resources and removing the profits from their countries breeds revolt.

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Congressional Republicans Should Think Twice Before Turning On Donald Trump

Democrats and minions of the Deep Establishment have been colluding since November of 2016 trying to reverse the outcome of that election. For a long while, it was Russia-gate. That failed miserably, at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. Now it’s Ukraine-gate. House Democrats and their corporate media presstitutes are in overdrive. Their favorite polls have responded.

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The Real Confrontation

Daily demonstrations continue, some involving over a million people. There continue to be disruptions. Fires continue to be started and acts of vandalism continue to be aimed at corporate-owned markets and public facilities. These have done millions of dollars worth of damage. A Metro station had to be closed again a couple of days ago.

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How Far We’ve Fallen….

The other day I found myself perusing Federalist Papers 51 and 10. James Madison penned both. An entire course in political philosophy could be built around the core passage in Federalist 51. The problem: something every civilization where freedom is valued must face: how do its people, or their leaders, or both, design and maintain institutions limiting those in their midst who are drawn to power.

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The Greatest Enemy of Freedom in America Is Big Tech

Our civilization has now reached the point technologically where a public-private distinction is increasingly meaningless. We are moving towards a Big Tech driven economic culture in which everyone will be expected, as a condition of running a business or just living a normal life, to be connected to online platforms all the time.

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“Conspiracy Theory” – The Third Most Weaponized Phrase in Corporate Media

Epstein, whose status as a known pedophile had been known for over 10 years, is arrested (July 6) and, denied bail, ends up in Metropolitan Correctional Center. Many folks predicted that he’d be "suicided" because he'd become a threat to wealthy and powerful elites, some of whom are pedophiles. He could therefore not allowed to be brought to trial.

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Of Moon Landings, Rabbit Trails And Approaching Epistemic Oblivion

The above person told me about a YouTube video where the late Stanley Kubrick supposedly admits to having filmed the moon landings. If it was still there. The video was supposedly of an interview conducted three days before Kubrick died in his sleep of a heart attack, just after the end of filming his disturbing Eyes Wide Shut.

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Cycles And Stages Of Civilization

In the articles linked to above, I took note of Sir John Bagot Glubb’s theory of the lifecycles of civilizations. Glubb’s ideas, as a few readers pointed out, are not perfect. In retrospect, he plays fast and loose with the lifespans of empires, some of which lasted much longer than the 200-plus years he allows.

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