By Steven Yates

July 6, 2022

If there is one takeaway we should get from the scripted January 6 Committee hearings, it’s that its members, which include two hardcore Establishment Republicans, want to prevent another Trump presidency — by any means necessary!

The best way to do that would be to open the door to the Justice Department charging Trump with crimes ranging from seditious conspiracy to fraud, based on the official narrative (he tried to “overturn” a “free and fair democratic election”) and testimony at the hearings.

The Committee is forging ahead even though claims that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential SUV are disputed. Other claims of Trump behaving violently (e.g., throwing soiled dishes against the wall on at least one occasion) are also questioned by a New York author who has been in a position to observe the man for decades and describes him as unlikely to engage in such acts. Caren White sensibly asks, if Trump had actually done this, wouldn’t we have heard about it long before now? Wouldn’t claims that he tried to grab the steering wheel of a moving vehicle have made instant headlines when they happened?

In other words, much as I hate to ask, where is the proof that these events really occurred? By the same standards of proof the Establishment has required of those alleging fraud during the early morning hours of November 4, 2020.

We are dealing with people who are not above making crap up. Criminal charges based on the official narrative of an attempted coup to block the “peaceful transition of power” — even if made on the basis of hoked-up “evidence” — would be sufficient to block another Trump run for high office while the case moved forward.

Which is why, if Trump plans to run in 2024, the time to announce his candidacy is now!

True, this would be unprecedented. November midterms are still four months away. But we have an unprecedented situation on our hands, and it’s time to pivot.

I’ve noted — many times — that we are in a war of narratives. Just over two thirds of Republicans either believe the election was stolen outright, or at least think there were enough “irregularities” to warrant investigation. They do not believe “there’s no evidence of fraud.” They think the evidence was memory-holed back in November 2020.

Almost a third of Independents agree.

From that standpoint, the Bidenistas are illegitimate, these hearings are illegitimate, and any prosecution based on them would be illegitimate.

My writing such things won’t stop this runaway locomotive, of course. Nor will any prosecution or labels (“extremist,” “white supremacist,” “fascist,” etc.), or threats,dislodge Trump and his supporters.

It is likely that some among the latter would deem a Trump prosecution as an act of war, as I’ve stated before.

All of which is why I urge sensible people to get out of big cities and even suburban environments if you can! Because we are watching two locomotives on the same tracks on collision course.

When they hit, assuming one side or the other doesn’t back down, things are going to get ugly!

The economic situation is likely to make matters uglier. For even if the Supreme Court has become a bastion of relative sanity—to the point where their conservative members have had to seek protection from leftie “peaceful protesters” outside their homes!—the last 18 months of the Bidenista regime have been catastrophic by any measure!

Everyone with a functioning brain knows this!

I’ve recently had the opportunity to have a few conversations. I’ve observed during these that you don’t have to like Trump personally. No one I know thinks he’s the most likeable guy on the planet. But as was said of Bill Clinton (who was personally very likeable), he got things done!

By all the official measures the Trump economy was roaring! We were on track for energy independence. Gas prices were under $2/gallon. Unemployment among Hispanics and African-Americans had fallen to record lows. The Dow was surpassing previous highs almost daily. Inflation was practically nonexistent. The situation on our Southern border was under control.

And unlike Clinton who had the winds of corporate media at his back, Trump did all this despite the most intense hate blasts ever directed at a president in America.

Had it been an Establishment figure in the White House, the above would have been considered major triumphs!

Trump did not start any new wars, moreover. Bill Clinton could not make that claim. And had Hillary won in 2016, U.S. troops would have been in Syria within a year. Bet on it. Also bet on ISIS still being in business and beheading Americans.

I did say, by all the official measures. We were on our way to economic heavy weather as well as significant political unrest both domestic and foreign. In 2019, both became manifest. But Trump did not control the Federal Reserve. The money printing presses started long before his watch. He did not invent inequality, nor did he invent the systems of financialization developed and honed by GloboCorp, which had begun to work their economic magic of welfare-statism-in-reverse (redistributing wealth upward!) long before his watch.

Biden killed over 10,000 jobs immediately when he closed the Keystone Pipeline with one signature. Inflation is roaring, not the economy; economists are talking recession again. Gas is averaging around $5/gallon and threatening to go higher. Our Southern border is once again an utter mess, with thousands trying to get across (and some succeeding). Biden’s abrupt pullout from Afghanistan stranded Americans there and left tons of U.S. equipment in Taliban hands. Finally, Putin moved on Ukraine because whatever other factors were involved, the Russian leader could be sure that the doofus in the American White House was too incompetent to lead any opposition against him.

So factually, are we better off or worse off than we were in 2020?

It’s a no-brainer, people!

None of this has mattered, because of how corporate media is protecting this disastrous administration with official narratives, while trying to destroy the legacy of its predecessor.

It is what it is, however, and I cannot emphasize enough what the freedom movement is up against. It starts with realizing that the truth is almost completely opposite what we get from the Establishment and its presstitute corporate media.

“Saving our democracy,” that is, refers to preserving systems that empower globalists who control economies from the top, while placating the masses with bread and circuses. Calls to preserve the “liberal world order” (such as one Bidenista recently issued over paying record-high gas prices) are the same.

And keep in mind that if you reject the Establishment’s narratives, you are ”spreading misinformation,” supporting “the Big Lie” (or “election denialism”), engaging in “right-wing extremism” or “fascism” or promoting “baseless conspiracy theories.”

It’s all upside-down, in other words. If you, your family or your community and associates want to be free of globalist structures and their effects, you’re “illiberal” and “authoritarian.” I’ve written how Viktor Orbán, a Hungarian nationalist who puts his country and its people first, is routinely labeled such. He’s hardly alone.

The possibility of such a figure, with a solid, populous movement able to defend itself with force of arms if necessary behind him, fully entrenched in the American body politic, doubtless scares the crap out of the globalists!

GloboCorp (Establishment) plans have long been to bring down what is left of the American middle class,replacing financial independence earned through work with permanent debt-serfdom, using the inflation the superelites created as a primary tool to pave the way for their Great Reset.

Speaking of which, Klaus Schwab and his cohorts are not hiding!

Six books, additional summaries of such, some available in Spanish translation, are readily available!

This is why any intelligent person buying the line that the Great Reset is a “baseless conspiracy theory” baffles me completely!

Fueled also by the “pandemic” the globalists also created for the purpose of bringing populations under direct control (conceivably minimizing the number of “useless eaters” out here), the Great Reset will introduce central bank digital currency, the use of which will be (1) monitored, and (2) required, as physical cash will slowly disappear.

I’ve personally encountered vendors already refusing cash. While in Florida recently I bought a replacement land phone. “Cash or credit?” I asked. “Debit or credit cards only,” came the curt reply. These companies probably do not know what agenda they are serving. All they know is that spending on credit has been super-streamlined and made über-convenient for both business and customer.

That’s called “nudging.”

The Great Reset is as much about psychology as it is political economy. An obviously intelligent gentleman working in a prominent bookstore in South Florida responded to my query with something like, “so we’re moving toward a world in which a handful of global corporations supply everything because they own everything” while shrugging his shoulders: “Since there’s nothing you can do about it, why should you care?”

My point has been that we are dealing with sociopaths at the top who are obsessed with total power over controlled masses who have been rendered psychologically helpless as well as economically debilitated and miseducated into thinking they live in a democracy.

Very few figures on the world stage have galvanized movements able to slow or even halt the globalist locomotive. Trump has been one of those figures, likeable or not. Can he and his supporters succeed? I don’t know. Can they survive the fallout from the ill-advised January 6 incursion which has been weaponized against them? I don’t know that, either. The largest resources and propaganda machine in human history are all arrayed on the Establishment side, the intent being to keep the Great Power Grab of 2020 (plandemic plus stolen election) in place.

For another Trump presidential run to be legally blocked would be a major triumph for the Establishment!

Trump’s enemies are moving fast! Which is why, if he plans to run again, his being coy about it must end! It’s time, as my late father might have put it, to either do something or get off the pot. If he does not plan to run, it is time to step aside with a decisive statement so someone such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis can step up when the time is right. Assuming he wants the job.


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