Out of the Mouth of a Bernie Babe

Every socialist policy created by Democrats for votes dismisses, demeans and outright ignores the fundamental, natural, God-given rights of American citizens under our Constitutional Republic.  They ignore free choice and replace it with government mandates, government control and a crushing tax load on the American people.

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FBI Study on ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorism Released

An FBI study of lone offender terrorist attacks in the U.S. takes an unprecedented look at the backgrounds, behavioral characteristics, and circumstances surrounding 52 attacks since 1972, as well as the singular perpetrators and the bystanders who often see clues but rarely act on them.

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Coup Plotters Risk War With Russia

For their part, the coup plotters know that a war with Russia will cost many lives and damage the U.S. and world economies. It is a cynical and dangerous ploy that is unfolding before our eyes. But they are prepared to risk war with Russia for the chance to deny Trump a second term.

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Brennan And Clapper’s Secret Surveillance System

Invented lies and corrupt actions of high officials who have abused the power of their positions for political gain must be exposed and punished.  They have sought to subvert our rules of law and undermine the Republic.  They have damaged and are still damaging the institutions of American government, all the while squandering the nation’s trust.

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Next Impeachment Star Witness: Sgt. Schultz

Yovanovitch no doubt wished she could go back to her current cushy job as a Senior State Department Fellow at Georgetown University’s Study of Diplomacy. Despite the endless fawning from every Demorat on that committee for Yovanovitch’s stellar career, it appears there might be more to her image.

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Islam Is Not Compatible With Civilized Society

When looking at the principles of islam there is no one that is sane that can state that this ideology, I cannot call it a religion, is in any way compatible with any civilized society.  They have never assimilated into any society that they have migrated to.

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While We Sleep

Friends, it is time to awaken from the slumbers that American materialism has utilized to mesmerize the body of Christ. We are not serving our heavenly Father by showing up for a weekly meeting with other believers, dropping a few dollars in an offering plate, or saying bedtime prayers with our children.

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Count Your Blessings

We have so much to be thankful for.  Yes, the world around us may be dark and growing darker every day.  We may very well be at the closing end of days here on this earth, and we may be precariously perched on the precipice of the Great Tribulation, when the wrath of God is unleashed on all those who hate Him.

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Why Trump is Black Voters’ Clear Choice in 2020

Unlike the Democratic party, the Republican party does not treat me like a poor inferior child in need of constant government intervention. Folks, the bottom line is America is the greatest land of opportunity on the plant for all who choose to go for their dreams! This inspiring truth is as repulsive to Democrats as showing Dracula the cross.

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Article 5 of the US Constitution: What “Convention of States Project” (COS) Isn’t Telling You

But today, various well-funded factions are lobbying State Legislators to ask Congress to call an Article V convention. One faction, the “Convention of States Project” (COS), claims to be for limited government and is marketing the convention to appeal to conservatives. COS claims (falsely) that our Framers told us to amend the Constitution when the federal government violates the Constitution.

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Congressional Republicans Should Think Twice Before Turning On Donald Trump

Democrats and minions of the Deep Establishment have been colluding since November of 2016 trying to reverse the outcome of that election. For a long while, it was Russia-gate. That failed miserably, at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. Now it’s Ukraine-gate. House Democrats and their corporate media presstitutes are in overdrive. Their favorite polls have responded.

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Lessons Not Learned From WW2

Wow. What’s that? Well, you have scads of followers on social media: people who look up to you, and take you for some kind of oracle. If you tell them something’s cool, they’ll think it’s cool (maybe “think” is the wrong word here; but let it stand). They watch you on TV and breathlessly await your next utterance.

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Do You Have a Plan For Your Family When Things Get Worse?

Take your eyes off of the government for a minute.  Do YOU have a plan?  Do you have a network of people with whom you can hunker down if things turn dark?  Do you expect the government to come flying in and rescue you or are you making plans with friends and neighbors to coalesce around a community plan?

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Confessions Of A Litter Picker-Upper: Trashing Our Planet Home

Since I’ve bicycled across America 15 times and across six continents in the past 44 years, I witnessed the land being trashed at 12 miles per hour.  Farmers toss their tractors, combines and farm equipment into fields to rot and rust for the next 10 million years.  I’ve seen motor homes and trailers abandoned all over the USA.

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One Day You May Have To Pick Up A Sword

Come on folks!  The handwriting is on the wall.  The tealeaves have all been read.  There is no way to peacefully and amicably heal the irreconcilable differences between the left and the right and the liberal and the conservative.  We are hopelessly divided...

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Happy Veterans Month, Here is to Patriotism

God Bless every American soldier, veteran, and citizen who exercises this Patriotism. As President Trump reflected, “Each warrior who fights for our Nation, along with their families, has earned our eternal gratitude, and I ask that all Americans thank and support them.”

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Trump Vs. Schiff, Soros and Socialism

In leading the effort to impeach and remove Trump from office, Schiff is focusing on Trump’s alleged improper call to Ukraine’s president about investigating corruption charges against potential rival Joe Biden’s son. Trump had also wanted to know if Ukraine had a role in devising the phony “Trump Dossier” used to justify surveillance of the president and his aides.

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The State of Today’s Church is Very Dark Spiritually

“What has happened to America? What sort of “inheritance” are we leaving to our children and grandchildren? As I’ve said before, “As go the pulpits, so goes the nation.” Even so-called “good” Bible-believing, Bible-preaching pastors and churches avoid all this like the plague.

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New Liberal Insanity: Math Is Now Racist

I got up this morning and discovered that math, my favorite subject in school, the course I taught for 20+ years is now racist. Yes folks, the one subject that is the constant, the absolute, the universal language throughout the world is determined to be the root of all evil and promotes racism.

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America: YOU Are Keeping Drug Cartels in Business

The fate of this nation rests on those primaries because if worthless, corrupt incumbents are not defeated we end up with the same options as we have for the past 50 years: Hold your nose and vote for the incumbent with an R next to his or her name because the only other choice is a Democrat socialist communist on the ticket.

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Great And Marvelous Things

Over the years I have come to realize that God is always at work around us, but we often fail to see Him at work. Perhaps we are too busy to notice, too caught up in our daily routines, too involved in managing our lives for what we believe are important purposes.

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Harvesting Baby Organs, Part 3

We have allowed it to happen. By ‘we’ I’m speaking of the church. God will hold the sinner to task for their actions, but He will hold the church accountable for stand aside and letting the heathens run the world.

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Leaving the Matrix

Simply put, the system America operates in is corrupt.  To borrow from a Josh Garrel’s song, we’ve been “born into a system constructed for failure.”  We are slaves to a corporate entity run by thieves and criminals of both sophisticated and carnal natures.  The U.S. Constitution has been hijacked for the purposes of greed, control and idolatry.

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National Day of Action Strategies

The possible actions that can be taken to blunt the immigration invasion are limited only by one's imagination. However, a National Day of Action with focused demonstrations in coordination with all the other possible activist  activities related to E-Verify will significantly raise the visibility of the issue and foster increased attention to other possible modalities that can be utilized for true immigration reform.

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Rot at the Top: The Epstein Affair

If Epstein was murdered, the question becomes what did he know and when did he know it. At the CFR he would have had the opportunity to learn some deep dark secrets about foreign policy matters and the military-intelligence establishment. ABC newswoman Amy Robach said in the video uncovered by Project Veritas,

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Great Britain Is Nice But It Represents A Host Of Warnings

For the first few days we stayed at Treloyhan Manor in Cornwall, a pleasant community of some of the nicest and most hospitable people anywhere.  I must admit that watching BBC News was more boring and just as politically biased as the dragon media helping the democrats trying to ruin the United States.

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The March of Lunacy

And out on Long Island, a high school football coach has been suspended—for winning. It seems the government in Nassau County has a rule against your football team winning by more than 42 points, and has set up a special panel to “investigate” and punish such mischief. No job is too trivial, too small, or too inane for government to thrust itself into.

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We May Never Get Another Chance to Save America

Perhaps it is old age, or maybe it is just crankiness, but I find that the older I get the less I care about what others think about me.  Oh, I want others to like me.  I want to be invited to all the right gatherings.  But I have reached the point in my life where I would rather speak the truth and be hated than speak a lie just to be loved.

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What Happens When We Lose Our Core Identity in America

Once you lose your core identity as a country; your country cannot survive.  And, you can’t get your successful ethos back. A country like India lurches into each day as a mass of overpopulated, illiterate, unhealthy, conflicted citizens who don’t know their identity, what culture or where they stand.

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Gun Grabbers: Trick & Lure – “Trump Wants To Make A Deal”

Recently, I received in the mail a letter from a gun advocate group stating that Trump is getting bad advice and says he wants to “make a deal” with gun grabbers. It would do well for this president to remember the promises that he has made concerning the right to bear arms which is found in the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights...

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The 5-Year Ultimatum

Americans have witnessed the slow, insidious, systematic destruction of almost every American value of individual liberty enshrined in the U. S. Constitution, by those who subscribe to the Progressive, socialist, liberal, left, or Democratic Party ideology.

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What is American Law?

As we define the source of American Law, we can understand why the Ten Commandments were placed in our courthouses and schools. They serve as a memorial and reminder of the foundation of our laws. Failing to uphold the foundational Laws of the Creator is to say that liberty no longer matters.

By |2019-11-06T01:42:57-05:00November 6th, 2019|

Young Adults Fed Up With SJW And LGBTQ Tyranny

Hollywood's laser-focus on promoting SJW has created a huge void for quality entertainment. We have a golden opportunity to fill that void. Perhaps, this is why well-crafted Christian movies are doing so well at the box office.

By |2019-11-05T02:47:31-05:00November 5th, 2019|

America’s Democrats Bow to Chinese and Soviet Marxism

There is no doubt that social media is censoring everything conservative, and everything that pertains to our once proud Judeo-Christian heritage.  Christianity was long ago tossed from our government schools; it’s not allowed in much of anything anymore. Society is purposefully devoid of God.  Marxist doctrine is atheistic and hates the Creator. Voluntary Christian prayers are not allowed in schools, but mandatory Islamic prayers are okay.

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How to Deep Six the Deep State

But Trump has decided, in more cases than not, to challenge the power of the Deep State. He has gone against their advice in many ways, including his decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria. That irritated the Obama holdovers in the CIA because their Marxist Kurdish soldiers in Syria, deployed for a time against ISIS, were left alone to face the Turkish Armed Forces.

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Our Unethical, Duplicitous, Corrupt Congressional Critters

We, the American people, pay our House and Senate members huge salaries to make our country work.  Starting pay runs $174,000.00 for a bartender voted into the House of Representatives with virtually no qualifications, whatsoever.  We pay an anti-American Somalian refugee voted into the House, with no qualifications, a whopping $174,000.00 to disparage our country

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Christianity Not LGBTQity

American liberty has nothing to do with the freedom to sin.  American liberty is political.  We are not governed by a monarch who holds power by virtue of their blood.  We are governed by elected public servants who swear their oath on the Holy Bible of Christianity.  They swear allegiance to Christianity, not LGBTQity.

By |2019-11-03T21:50:37-05:00November 3rd, 2019|

You Are Not Alone

These are the true remnant believers in Christ, and yes, they live all over the country — all over the world.  And I have no doubt that I could call on any one of them for ANYTHING and they would always be there for me; and I for them.  THAT is true brotherly love.  What a joy when you find such intimacy, together in Christ.

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Harvesting Baby Organs, Part 2

People don’t think about what is happening here.  They say that a fetus is not a human.  If it isn’t, then what is it?  If it is a human when it’s born, then it is a human when it’s conceived.  It can be nothing else.  We have laws that protect an eagle that is still in the egg because an eagle laid the egg, therefore it has to be an eagle.

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Nationals Elites vs Astros Americans

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on Fox and Friends wearing a Washington National's baseball cap in honor of them winning the World Series. Kellyanne excitedly said, “Since president Trump came to office the Capitals, the hockey team, the Mystics and the Nationals have won their first championships.”

By |2019-11-02T03:04:12-05:00November 2nd, 2019|

The Real Confrontation

Daily demonstrations continue, some involving over a million people. There continue to be disruptions. Fires continue to be started and acts of vandalism continue to be aimed at corporate-owned markets and public facilities. These have done millions of dollars worth of damage. A Metro station had to be closed again a couple of days ago.

By |2019-11-02T02:52:04-05:00November 2nd, 2019|

Watching Our Words–Caution!

This is to weaken people (which makes them easier to manipulate)...weakening families which is the real strength of our country and the church (what they have managed to do with the church is sickening) and our country itself which puts it on the auction block for the Communist Democrats to squabble over.

By |2019-11-01T03:32:14-05:00November 1st, 2019|

October 1962: How Close to the Brink?

On several occasions, President Kennedy had asked the intelligence community for an evaluation of the Soviet military buildup in Cuba, but apparently no official within the government, probably with the exception of John McCone, had anticipated the Russian move.

By |2019-11-01T03:06:27-05:00November 1st, 2019|

If the Average American Only Knew

I can’t help but wonder if the average American knew how many innocent people have been sacrificed at the altar of drug and human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and fabricated wars, at the hands of American agencies would they wake up?  Would they forcibly remove the wicked rulers in high places?

By |2019-11-01T01:53:30-05:00November 1st, 2019|

You Guessed It, Its Getting Worse

Seattle’s public schools, and the unionized communists who “teach” there, have proposed to bring in “Social Justice Math”. That’s math “infused” with leftist blather. “If Johnny has two apples but his great-great-grandfather fought for the South in the Civil War, how many apples should Johnny be *allowed* to have?”

By |2019-10-31T05:02:08-05:00October 31st, 2019|

Importing Middle East Terrorism

Obama bureaucrats in the CIA are still stinging over President Trump’s dramatic decision to both withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria and take down the leader of ISIS.

By |2019-10-31T04:43:25-05:00October 31st, 2019|

NewsWithViews Exclusive: Dem. Prez Wannabe Kamala Harris Connected to Deep State and Clinton Organized Crime

Although many Americans are aware that Harris' climb up the political ladder allegedly began the "old fashion way:" on a motel bed with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who remains a powerful political figure in California. There are other stories about Sen. Harris such as her propensity for exaggerating her past and her self-congratulating description of her education and her legal training.

By |2019-10-30T03:07:03-05:00October 30th, 2019|

You Can Hide From Government But Not For Long

However, the days of the silent majority being silent, must be over.  Once we realize that, if the silent majority suddenly united as one in defiance of more laws and more of our money and our children's money being stolen by the government, at the point of a gun, (just try not paying your taxes) to buy off banks, businesses and irresponsible individuals, we could turn America around in months.

By |2019-10-30T02:47:02-05:00October 30th, 2019|

Why Are We Still in Syria, Mr. President?

Last week President Donald Trump made the unequivocal statement that the United States was pulling its troops out of Syria. “Bring soldiers home,” he said. “Let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand.”

By |2019-10-30T01:16:37-05:00October 30th, 2019|

A View From The Street: What Are We Willing To Allow And For How Long?

A very smart lady I know, awakened me to this TRUTH way back in 1997...she produced an incredibly astute video tape, that has worn out due to YEARS of repeated viewings, citing the insidious evil within our midst, devouring our national treasure: our Citizens' hard earned incomes, their blood, sweat and human toil. Amazing woman! It set my feet on a journey of discovery and knowledge to which I am now an insatiable captive.

By |2019-10-29T02:34:07-05:00October 29th, 2019|

The Times That Try Men’s Souls

The President doesn’t speak the language of the chattering classes.  Condescending intellectualism using lots of uhs and ums or let me be clears.  He talks in language not familiar to them or the Washington ruling classes.  It’s plain language rather than political double talk.  Common. It’s how we talk out here in Washington’s would be serfdom.

By |2019-10-29T02:09:14-05:00October 29th, 2019|

The Revolutionary And Anti-Constitutional 1941 Lend Lease Act

FDR’s ideology of building a democratic world via Lend Lease is coming to an end through Donald Trump.  For nearly 80 years, America has sent taxpayer dollars and our soldiers to foreign lands. Trump promised to get us out of this nation-building business and he’s doing it.  The globalist elite of both parties are enraged.

By |2019-10-29T02:18:04-05:00October 29th, 2019|

The Leftist Cabal’s Most Outrageous Crime Yet

Democrats through controlling the narrative, or more properly, verbacide – have convinced many a person of deep and serious untruths.  School indoctrination has convinced many “educated” people of truths that are no truths at all.

By |2019-10-28T02:42:43-05:00October 28th, 2019|

None Is So Blind As He Who Will Not See

Perhaps a few words from the past will shake some of the dust out of people's brain cavities long enough to think about the words below. And for those who think communism and fascism are dead, I'm sorry to inform you that they are alive and well, they're just being sold under a different name with "new and improved" packaging.

By |2019-10-28T02:22:13-05:00October 28th, 2019|

Marine Gunnery Sergeant on Trial For Jesus

It has become so bad that almost nobody is taking time to listen to them anymore. Americans who vote for them are simply voting their covetous view of the world. They don’t take time to think about what these “leaders” are promoting. They just believe that they will give them a new cellphone, more food stamps or a paycheck without work.

By |2019-10-27T02:49:15-05:00October 27th, 2019|

Democrat Congressman’s Final Double-Cross On Death Bed

Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings who was House Oversight Committee Chairman, died last Thursday (10/16), but not before he could commit one last double-cross from his hospital bed side. That was his nature. During his years in Congress, there were allegations that he abused his power to enrich his wife and her business.

By |2019-10-27T02:04:41-05:00October 27th, 2019|

Harvesting Baby Organs

This is a subject that I never thought we would have to deal with in America. Our society has devolved so far and has allowed the vilest and disgusting practices to proliferate.  Our so-called medical field has become anything but what medical doctors are supposed to practice which is saving lives.

By |2019-10-27T01:51:37-05:00October 27th, 2019|

To Save the Planet We Must Eat the Babies?

Recently I traveled to central Florida to speak about the condition of education in Florida. We discussed what can be done to help support Gov Ron Desantis and Commissioner Corcoran in their mission to rid Florida of Common Core and its various identities.

By |2019-10-26T02:35:09-05:00October 26th, 2019|

If Troops are Needed in Syria, Then Congress Should Act

Our Founding Fathers made it very difficult for Americans to be sent to war. They had witnessed centuries of tyranny strengthening itself in countries where kings and parliaments used their own people as pawns and slaves in self-serving wars for more power and self-aggrandizements.

By |2019-10-26T01:27:29-05:00October 26th, 2019|

The Deep State Wants Trump Impeached Over Syria

Trump has been firm, and his supporters in the American heartland have strongly applauded his stance. “I campaigned on the fact that I was going to bring our soldiers home and bring them home as quickly as possible,” Trump said. “I held off this fight for almost 3 years, but it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars.”

By |2019-10-25T02:52:33-05:00October 25th, 2019|

The Worse Situations Become More Leftists Keep Preach Tolerance

Today during the first quarter of the twenty first century, we constantly hear the clarion call from legions of political and religious leftists for more tolerance.  Tolerate grown adults having sex with children, tolerate our borders being overrun by illegal border crossers, tolerate illegal border crossers costing United States taxpayers well over $ billion dollars annually.

By |2019-10-25T02:39:55-05:00October 25th, 2019|

Does Our Ruling Class Despise Us?

In Britain local police have launched an “anti-hate” campaign that depicts white people as “haters” and declares, as it were, open season on them. Victims of hate [barf bag, please] are exhorted to report any and all “hateful behavior” to police—“even if it isn’t a crime”, and don’t worry about proving your complaint because “you don’t even need evidence.”

By |2019-10-24T02:36:56-05:00October 24th, 2019|

Stop Appeasing And Sleeping With The enemy

Abortion. Same-sex marriage. Child trafficking. Educational indoctrination. Government corruption. God’s people could end them all within a year if they had the faith to do it. Silence is not only consent and deafening its also cowardly. Wake up. Stand up. Speak up. Surrender and capitulation to sin is an affront to Christ.

By |2019-10-24T02:25:06-05:00October 24th, 2019|

Hillary Clinton––The Human Spittoon

Writer’s note: I wrote the following article last year, but it now appears that Hillary’s mental condition and pathological desperation have devolved. Just this week, she accused the leftist presidential candidate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)––a combat veteran and Major in the Hawaii Army National Guard––of being a  “Russian asset”  groomed to ensure President Trump’s reelection.

By |2019-10-24T01:41:07-05:00October 24th, 2019|

George Washington Warned of The Party Spirit: Democrats vs. Republicans is A Political Language Devised to Divide The American People

George Washington said, in his 1796 Farewell Address, that political parties “are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

By |2019-10-23T02:21:29-05:00October 23rd, 2019|

Environmentalists Have Every American In A Chokehold

People will believe anything if it is told to them often enough. Hitler knew that and used it to get the entire German population believing that they were the chosen race and superior to all other races and therefore they must conquer the rest of the world by force and become rulers of the world.

By |2019-10-23T02:29:47-05:00October 23rd, 2019|

Deep State Hate For Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Trying to fulfill his campaign promise of getting American soldiers out of illegal and undeclared wars, President Trump encounters opposition from Democrats and Republicans in Congress. This is a body which passed the NATO Support Act (H.R. 676) by a vote of 357 to 22 in January but has now condemned President Trump for standing by NATO member Turkey.

By |2019-10-23T01:24:05-05:00October 23rd, 2019|

Freedom at Stake – America’s Ignorance Pandemic

Generations of Americans neither know our history nor world history. They’ve learned a revisionist history. A false, fraudulent history. A history that judges people of another time using the norms of today. A history that puts some classes of people on trial for ancient atrocities. A history that does not permit anyone to live in the present.

By |2019-10-22T02:58:00-05:00October 22nd, 2019|

Anti-Trump Media Bias Evident At Fox Network

The news is no longer about investigative reporting.  It’s about protecting some folks and destroying others and shoving a socialist agenda down the collective throats of Americans.  Wonder what happened to our country?  Thomas Paine made it clear when he said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”  Too many Americans have abdicated that duty.

By |2019-10-23T00:46:39-05:00October 22nd, 2019|

Democrats Want Trump Dead – And You

Not one corrupt politician in the Democratic/Communist Party USA has stepped forward to hold a press conference and say, enough is enough. Stop all this talk of physically harming or killing the president of the United States. While we might strongly disagree on issues, this must stop. This isn’t who we are and it’s wrong. Not one.

By |2019-10-21T02:21:39-05:00October 21st, 2019|

Investigate Obama’s CIA For Syria Fiasco

Rather than bash President Trump over Syria or attack long-time NATO ally Turkey, the Congress ought to open investigations into the activities of the Deep State under Obama. The inquiry would and should examine CIA support under pro-communist CIA Director John Brennan for the PKK/YPG. That investigation would take real guts. Let’s see if Senator Lindsey Graham has the courage to launch it.

By |2019-10-21T01:30:39-05:00October 21st, 2019|

Are You ‘Fed Up’ Yet?

The wrath of God is coming to those who harm little children and use them for unspeakable, filthy purposes.  DO NOT BELIEVE the lies that this is all about teaching “diversity” or “love.”  It’s about adult perverts getting the “legal right” to sexually abuse kids with impunity.  And just like the “homosexual marriage” thing, we never thought it would come to this.

By |2019-10-20T02:39:29-05:00October 20th, 2019|

Can America be Saved to the Uttermost

America has a long tradition of days of prayer. Imagine if we really meant it. Imagine if our days of prayer weren’t just political theatre. What would things be like if we’d maintained the respect for Jesus Christ that carried us through the nineteenth century, and brought us into the twentieth.

By |2019-10-20T02:19:27-05:00October 20th, 2019|

With Joy We Lay Them At His Feet

Our joy is Jesus Christ and that will become clearer the longer we walk in humble obedience to Him and most certainly when we see Him face to face in eternity. Whatever our reward might be for a life lived for His glory here on earth, it pales in comparison to the glory and majesty that is our God.

By |2019-10-20T01:37:55-05:00October 20th, 2019|

The Impeachment That Wasn’t

I believe that they have gone too far already. I’ve seen many Democrats state that this is not the right way to proceed. It is all one-sided and secret.  Without a full vote, they cannot impeach. It is a show for their base which is decreasing on a daily basis because of their actions. Trump is playing them like a fiddle, and they can’t even see it.

By |2019-10-20T01:04:28-05:00October 20th, 2019|