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Karen Schoen originally from New York currently resides in the Florida panhandle, a former teacher, dean and business owner who became an activist and devotes her time speaking to groups throughout the United States educating Americans to the communist United Nations takeover of America called UN Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development Sustainable America, Resilient cities, Smart Growth, New Urbanism etc. Should you need a speaker on any agenda 21 issue, contact Karen. Karen has a Bachelors Degree in Education, minor in History and a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies and post graduate credits from the New School of Social Research where she was trained in psychological manipulation now applied in schools. Putting the pieces together and connecting the dots is her specialty. Karen is one of the founders of the AgEnders (Americans ending Agenda 21) writes for blogs, newsletters,,,, and Karen co-hosts her radio show, “American Freedom Watch Radio,” on and has numerous videos on, and youtube, and she is often a guest on other radio and TV shows. Karen heads the team of AgEnders dedicated to educating Americans about Agenda 21. Karen hosts The AgEnders webinars series designed to expose the truth, by providing education and conversation and action against UN Agenda 21. UN Agenda 21 calls for the inventory and control of every aspect of human activity while indoctrination into global governance. The Elite are using environmental issues to control the population, destroy American exceptionalism, individual rights, private intellectual and real property family values, religious values and nationalism. School programs like IB and Common Core are designed to transform Americans into accepting collectivism and social justice. Karen has testified in front of the Florida Legislature on many occasions, is a Director of Panhandle Patriots, a founder of the AgEnders, (Americans ending Agenda 21) , Co- chair of the Florida Assessment Committee on Education and Director of the Save America Foundation. Email:

Help Wanted, “Candidate Must Carry a Firearm and be Willing to Use Deadly Force”

Globalist believe that humans are nothing more than animals and should be corralled into cities where they will be easier to control. Electricity, energy, food, healthcare  mobility, housing, employment, education will be controlled by the government. They do not care about the damage they do to the people, because the people are the enemy.

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How Do You Manage America’s Decline?

We must be able to name the enemy. Don't view them as Americans they are not. Don't try to make sense of anything they do or say. They are only trying to confuse you. Look to see what they are doing like passing bills late at night to take away our rights.

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American Deceit

Being an American comes with a JOB. The Founders intended it that way! Being an AMERICAN comes with RESPONSIBILITY. If taught properly in school, students would know the way their government works, understand the Rule of Law, and realize the law does not change for different GROUPS of people. All GROUPS have the same rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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Is America a Republic, or as RINOs and Dems call it, A Democracy?

The goal of the Marxist Left is to keep the American people in a constant state of fear. Once you dumb people down in school and people don’t learn how to think, use common sense, logic, and reason they become easy prey for the cowardly Globalist, Communist, Fascists, RINOs, called the Marxist Democrat Party. They are freedom’s enemy.

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Who is Making Your Choices?

I learned how important messaging is.  How you can take a group of people and motivate them into totally ignoring their own will and vote with the group. The one controlling communication has the power. If you can isolate people, make them afraid, they will give up almost anything to make the pain go away.

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Public Private Partnerships = The Death of Free Markets

Have you wondered why so many companies were so quick to go WOKE and destroy America?  Could it be that as companies became GLOBAL, America became irrelevant?  Global Corporate CEO's and VP's took money, tax rebates, grants, subsidies etc.  from the American Taxpayer and many purchased multiple residents all over the world.

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Rosh Hashanah – Time to Remember Tradition

As we learned in history the road to freedom is never easy or fair.  But we are blessed.  We live in America and Americans will not give up their freedom with ease.  This week I will pray.  I will pray not only for myself and my family but for America.  I know we are strong and I know now is the time to face the uncertainty together.

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We are Many, They are Few, OK let’s act like it

Have you been to a school board meeting recently? Have you checked what texts and supplemental materials are being used? It is hard for people to represent you if you are silent. Yes we need to constantly call them out but actions speak louder than words.

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American Education is Training for Dogs, Not Students

There is a reason why Collier Co. Schools are failing and graduating students who are only 34% college-ready. Focusing on emotion, not facts, does not prepare an individual for worldwide competition. Focusing on emotion does not enable a child to learn to read, write and do math which is the purpose of education.

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They Came For Our Kids and We Did Nothing

Americans must stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Do you think that just because your governor writes an executive order, people will comply? Do you think that just because you believe in America, Family, and God, everyone else does? Do you think that just because President Reagan took down the wall, that communism would just disappear? Think again, because Communists never sleep.

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Christianity and Judaism is Our Foe – Word Manipulation is Control

Those who know history remember from the decline of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic that Communists learned quickly a funding source must be integrated into their communist plan or globalism can not succeed because the people who have given everything up, can no longer fund the give away projects promoted by the Left.

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The Elite Hidden Goal: Depopulation

America will not be saved if we the silent majority do not find our voice and courage. We must act. We must recognize that the goal of progressive school programs are designed to pervert and destroy. Remember in order to transform, you must destroy first. The globalist/communists have a target. America’s youth.

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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies, I’m Gullible

Let us never underestimate the Ends Justifies the Means communist crowd. They will stop at nothing to win. Like bull dozers they destroy anything and anyone in their path.  They don’t care who they hurt, use, abuse as long as they win. They are part of an OUTCOME BASED SOCIETY. What exactly does that mean? They know where they want to wind up and will stop at nothing to get there.

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New Liberal Insanity: Math Is Now Racist

I got up this morning and discovered that math, my favorite subject in school, the course I taught for 20+ years is now racist. Yes folks, the one subject that is the constant, the absolute, the universal language throughout the world is determined to be the root of all evil and promotes racism.

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To Save the Planet We Must Eat the Babies?

Recently I traveled to central Florida to speak about the condition of education in Florida. We discussed what can be done to help support Gov Ron Desantis and Commissioner Corcoran in their mission to rid Florida of Common Core and its various identities.

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The High Cost of Cheap Tomatoes

Basically, each illegal alien is costing the American public about $20-25,000 a year. Do you think you could use an extra $20,000 a year?  Our Veterans? Our students? Our roads? Or do you prefer cheap tomatoes!

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Schools: A Beacon of Hate

Let me first say that my prayers and thoughts for healing are sent to all families who have lost family members due to a horrific killing. Losing a family member unexpectedly is something we should never have to experience. It is a sad time in America

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Communism Can’t Happen In America, Or Can It?

Socialists have learned that they don’t need guns or a revolution just the right words and policies in order to create a non violent revolution.  This revolution which has been going on for about 100 years is now out in the forefront. These communists are legally using our own rules and laws and yes even the constitution.

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America’s Last Stand

The 2020 election is not about Trump or the chosen Democrat. It is about America. It is all about controlling the world. America is in the way with its foolish idea that people can rule themselves.

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Divided We Fail

Rep Eric Swalwell just said that “Women is not in the Constitution.” Obviously Swalwell has no idea and probably never read the US Constitution or he would have noticed that the word MAN was missing as well.

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America in Chains – Is America Worth Saving?

Are you aware of the Communist goals that were read into the Congressional Record as a reminder of the horrors of communism. Obviously our legislators never read them. In 1963, Rep Herlong (D) read the 45 goals of communism into the Congressional Record.

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The Enemy Within

This is easily accomplished because communists have replaced morality and G-d with the religion of the Environment. Under sustainability – aka Green New Deal – non believers can be coerced into believing in the religion of environment. According to the new millennium and the modern ecological crisis has created a need for environmentally based religion and spirituality called Ecospirituality -Now taught in school.

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