Over the years we have been reporting on illegal immigration.

We have shown you that Agenda 21/2030 calls for NO Borders.

It requires and demands that the UN be the end all and be all for its One World Governance. All policies must comply with the UN. One just has to look at the actions of Obama and Bush to see where their orders are coming from. They come from unelected boards and regional councils created right out the UN play book. The ultimate goal is to strip America of its wealth and natural resources mainly by the use of “Trade Agreements”, to make the US Constitution subservient to the UN Charter, to eliminate private property in the name of fairness and to divert America’s economy to third world countries in the name of eliminating hunger and poverty.

In the last 70 years since its inception, the UN has been the recipient of Trillions from the US. Yet we still have disease, hunger and poverty in third world countries. No one ever asks WHY? Perhaps if the UN communists and the variety of dictators – the real recipient of the trillions were not stealing their people would have money. How do I know? Again, I will ask – Where are the Billions that Americans donated for the Haitian people due to the earthquake? I know it was given to the Bush / Clinton coalition; but somehow it never got to the Haitian people. It is time to stop the money train like those “just donate $19.95 for starving children in Africa.” commercials. Wonder why after 40 years of donations we see the same commercials over and over? Just look at the salaries and overhead of those organizations. They want your money.

Illegal immigration, refugees, open borders are just code for MONEY, POWER CONTROL. How do I know? They tell us. We just don’t listen, we don’t believe they mean what they say. This is a breakdown of one of the groups bleeding the America people. The International Resettlement Committee, headed by David Miliband, currently paying many religious charities to accept refugees while Americans can not put food on their tables and veterans sleep in tents and cars.

Wait…that David Miliband is not THE David Miliband, failed Labour Party leader in England? Tell me NO, it’s not possible:

It is possible and now David Miliband has a new gig, the Refugee Resettlement Head of the UN. How much does he make for working 37.5 hours a week?

Aside from his bloated salary what did he just say: Resettlement contractor David Miliband admits your anger over Syrian refugees is a threat to “global governance”. Finally the truth.

What does David want? Sustainable developments so people can be managed and controlled. Who will head this Global Governance? Why the UN of course.

David’s, International Rescue Committee (IRC) is really a lobby group that “awards” good officials for doing their bidding. George Soros and John McCain are some of the recipients. IRC also lobbied the Gang of Eight – this includes Marco Rubio. [Link]

Just to make things easier, the IRC has an office in DC.

Why are Americans ignorant of the theft by the UN NGO’s? The Media and School.

The media who refuses to report anything they are not told to report

Worst of all: the schools who now teach the government is the answer. Americans are now taught: Do not resist. Do not question the government. You must comply. You must be PC.

So following Cloward and Piven: In order to destroy capitalism overload the system, Americans sit silent while hundreds of thousands of illegals and refugees who will not assimilate, take their money, resources and freedom.

Or have you stopped being silent? Do you finally realize that if we lose our FREEDOM, Americans will join the rest of the third world in poverty.

Illegal immigration and refugee programs are not about helping anyone. IT IS ABOUT DESTROYING THE WEST. DESTROYING AMERICA. while creating a global regime who will dominate the world. Money, Power, Control

Will you sit and watch or will you learn and act.

Sweden got the message

Switzerland got the message: The military General leader told the people, buy more guns to protect yourself.

The UK, Czech President and French PM all said this is not about refugees, this is an invasion.

What happens in America:

The Regime spends billions restricting Americans while the border is open letting invaders in.

The Regime wants gun control of Americans making protecting yourself harder, while the border is open letting invaders in.

The Regime wants background checks, already ruled as unconstitutional while the borders are open letting invaders in. [Link]

Americans are called terrorists while protecting their land from an unconstitutional BLM while the border remains open letting invaders in.

The Regime focuses on the climate diversion while the borders are open letting invaders in. [Link]

Americans are called terrorists while protecting their land from an unconstitutional BLM who got the land with an unconstitutional Executive Order while the border remains open letting invaders in.

In the end, Americans will pay with their lives, money and country while the border remains open letting invaders in.

What can you do?

Talk to friends and neighbors

Go to town meetings and demand your legislators take a stand.

Meet with your sheriff. Ask: Who will you protect?

Only support a candidate who will CLOSE THE BORDER and protect Americans not the invaders.

Forward this to your family, friends, students, facebook, twitter and YOUR LEGISLATOR and candidates.

Join us: centerforimpeachment.com, cacfl.us

© 2016 Karen Schoen – All Rights Reserved

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