“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”Henry Kissinger

The European election show that the citizens of the world are just about over unlimited migration and a one world government. They want the sovereignty of their respective countries.  The elite are trying to ignore the wishes of their citizens.  Now we have a world whereby the elite have declared war on its citizens.  Time to have another anti-establishment revolution?

The 2020 election is not about Trump or the chosen Democrat.  It is about America. It is all about controlling the world. America is in the way with its foolish idea that people can rule themselves.

Those who choose Trump are looking at this election to be a game changer. This election is about you deciding to be a free person in a free country, having control, of your life and making America, a sovereign nation with all citizens having equality under the law. In other words “Making America Great Again.” It’s that simple.

Those who choose the Democrat will become just another acceptor of a mediocre existence in a new world order with a one world government and a one world religion. Where regardless of your effort, everyone gets the same.  A free America will be eroded into non-existence.

Will the Catholics follow their POPE?

Under the Democrat, your sustainable controlled frugal living conditions (designed to  control your lifestyle in order to “save the planet”), has laws dictated by an unelected United Nations. For in a world without borders, you have no country. You have leaders who will better themselves at your expense.  Their plan has many names but it is the same plan: Agenda 21/2013, Sustainability, Smart Growth, The New Green Deal, The Paris Climate agreement.  All have one goal in mind: To control all HUMAN’s consumption, distribution, production of all goods and services. The UN plans are unattainable and will not solve anything because just like the Steele Dossier, these plans are lies. The are designed to transfer wealth to third world dictators who sell their countries natural resources. Read their own words: Christine Figuerese Climate change scare tool to destroy capitalism

GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!

Regardless of Trumps shortcomings, like not being politically correct or saying stupid things when he was a private citizen, they pale in comparison to the liar, thief, murder committed by the Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s.

Just to remind you here are a few of the Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s acts that the media is hiding but not to worry I will report…

  1. Hillary/Obama lied and weaponized the bureaucratic agencies to cover up their immoral actions! Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Holder in contempt, Billions to radical Iran, Uranium One, Closing oil drilling, Rules of engagement killing our soldiers, Common Core, Obamacare and the destruction of the American economy. No one ever asked Obama what does ”Fundamentally Transform America” mean!
  2. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s want open borders, illegals, and terrorist to come into the U.S., for cheap labor depressing American wages and give them automatic citizenship so they can vote! American entitlements are for Americans!
  3. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s put illegals, and refugees before the American people. They give refugees housing, food, education, medical, and jobs, at the expense of the American people many of whom live in cars and tents) all designed to get Democrat votes while destroying our economy at the tax payers expense.
  4. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s sold America, it’s constitution, and it’s technology, its people to foreign countries for favors. In addition they have sold land like dirty Harry Reid’s Nevada land deal, and American resources like uranium which are not theirs to sell!
  5. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s all use pay to play!! You want something done, just donate to the criminals running for office. They will forget their constituents for lobby money.
  6. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s appoint judges to the Supreme Court, and federal courts that do not rule by and protect the U.S. Constitution first. They are more interested in changing laws for their favored group of the month in order to divide Americans. Divided we fail.
  7. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s promote violence with groups that have connections to George Soros, and the powerful elite like: Black Lives Matters, Muslim Brotherhood, the radical La Raza group, etc. while making fun of minorities behind their backs as the demonize Christians and Jews. .
  8. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s promote Globalism, socialism, and One World Order government with all power to the unelected United Nations. They keep the people ignorant by calling to “end world hunger, educate all, end poverty”. They use the climate hoax to control the people. No one ever asked Bush and Clinton where is the money for the Haitian people?
  9. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s have done little or nothing in 30 years, to protect our veterans and their families. Instead Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s favor illegals as they become the new voting block)!
  10. Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s destroy our religious liberties given to us by God while forcing us to pay for late term abortions aka murder!

We have heard the lies.  They are now being exposed. Just listen to the Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s project their dirty deeds onto Trump and his supporters.   How can anyone require truth from their child, employer or religious leader when our Congressional leaders lie, are corrupt, steal, and murderer? What role models.

Trump’s has finally appointed an AG who is giving us hope. Hope that the lies and corruption, malfeasance, and abuse of power will finally be exposed. Will you talk about that and continue to carry the message? Will you help expose the treason, and corruption in our government that brings America down to a third world country. He has opened the eyes of millions, and he will not abandon them and the sovereignty of the United States of America! Trump has one message for all Americans. Make America Great Again.  His actions match his words. How refreshing.

Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s  have 2 messages:

  • For the Public – we will be stronger together, we care about the middle class, down tax the rich, medicare for all
  • For their donors – I will keep borders open and you will get your cheap labor. Don’t worry about tax the rich, we will make it up in other ways.

Is America Worth Saving?

The 2020 election is the end game. Their goal is the destruction of America. One just has to look at Europe to see how that is going and what we can expect. The massive migration of Muslims has destroyed European culture. Because of that many Europeans are minorities in their own country. It that your choice for America?

America is on the road to decline but we still have a short window before we hit the iceberg. If MUST CHANGE THE SCHOOL CURRICULA. If we don’t t doesn’t matter what Trump does for in 6 years there will be enough America haters graduating from school to keep the Democrats, Deep State and RINO’s in power for a long time. We may not be able to get rid of all the illegals but as long as they are in American schools they should be learning of the wonders of America. If we do that, we foil their plan. Instead of breeding more ignorant socialists, we can create more American independent thinkers. What’s in your school?

As we get closer to Nov 2020, the media will get more vicious. There will be more Trump/America trash. Will you help and take out the trash? It is up to you.

The future of America is with We the People. This election calls for a leader, a fighter for America not a scout leader. Will you help carry the message? Which America will you choose? Without America, there is no free world.

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