Who is a victim? Are you? Everyone according to the Globalists, aka Left aka Progressives is a victim (except “privileged” whites).   The minute that a new supporter becomes a Globalist, that new supporter is grouped and put into a victim class based on the findings of the Progressive left by your race, religion, gender, intelligence, health, looks, sexual preference, etc. You get the point.  America has hundreds of groups to create categories for separation to be used later to divide and conquer.   The left does not see individuals, only groups of victims.

If you listen to Michael Moore at the women’s March, all women are victims.  It does not matter how you view yourself, to the Globalists, you are a victim. Psychologically if you are told you are a victim often enough, you will act and behave like a victim.

The women’s March was quite telling for most people were complaining about things that didn’t happen, and probably will never happen.  Why were they there?  Most were there because in school, victims learn the PRECAUTIONARY Principal and act accordingly.  What that means is: if I can dream it up, then it might happen so I must restrict everything today in anticipation. This way their intolerable “life” can be turned into their “utopia” forced on everyone. Utopia forced on others. How does that work?

Their new laws are restrictive to the majority.  Kind of undemocratic, don’t you think?   This Precautionary Principal now applies to policy we have.


  1. Our climate policy is not rooted in fact, instead computers are used with algorithms that will predict what will happen in the future under certain circumstances.
  2. NOAA’s catch shares destroyed the fishing industry. Volumes of fish were deleted by computer. If the computer deletes fish, NOAA can claim shortages.
  3. Claiming that the location of a building private, public, charter, home schools will create better students. The only thing that “fixes” education is changing the curricula.

Many causes make no sense, like abortion.  Globalists have decided that a baby doesn’t have life until it is born. Yet if we discover one single cell on Mars then we say we have discovered life.  Therefore by this scientific description, an abortion terminates life. The real question is, ‘Does a woman have the right to terminate life or does an unborn life form have a right to exist?’

“The central project of the liberal welfare state is to build a society based on a high-minded ethic of altruism rather than narrow self-interest. The whole point is to create a new kind of person whose humane commitments are driven by a more cosmopolitan sensibility beyond his parochial attachments to self, family, and clan.” REUTERS/Mark Blinch

What is actually happening is that we are allowing others to modify our behavior and create laws and policies that make no sense, and are often offensive to the majority. Who actually is the victim? Is it the majority now forced to follow laws they do not believe or is it the minority who think they may be oppressed in the future?

What are the women fighting for?  Many were fighting for the right to have an abortion.  Wait a minute, they already have that right. Others were fighting for equality in the work place.  Wait a minute, the statistics show equality in the work place. The Constitution guarantees that ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL.  It doesn’t say, blacks, Jews, Latinos, women.  The laws in America are for ALL.  If children were taught that in school, think of all the associations, club, groups that would no longer be necessary.

What is behind all of this?  Helping victims?  No, sorry its money. Victimhood creates emotions and emotions can be turned into money. The Globalists are all about money.

Victims are created by a common cause. That cause will generate money (donations) from others who feel emotionally connected to that cause.  Thus the group – not individual mentality – is born.  The Globalists do not care about individuals, only causes.

Why do Globalists need the money? That money is used to create and train people who will be future activist and rioters.  Check out this website where you will find the organizations set up to train future activists as well as Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.  Hundreds of millions have been spent and more to follow. Victimhood makes money!

Before we go further, let’s define victim: a person who has been attacked, injured, robbed, or killed by someone else.  In politics, the injury is more mental than physical.  Victims of political action are guided into feeling a certain way, building anger until the anger takes over the personality.  Any other feeling becomes intolerable. To think contrary to the group becomes unbearable and intolerable.  The student learns to hate.  Remember, you have to be taught to hate.

Where does all of this hate come from?   Hate is now taught in school.  You don’t start your life immersed in hatred. You must learn.  One just has to listen to the interviews of the crowds at the “gatherings”. Once you learn hate, intolerance is its evil partner.  Once that happens, your thoughts are easy to control.

The mistake we make is to think that the propaganda applies only in college.  Wrong again. This Data Mining in elementary school makes it easy to instill hate in the young by questions and then reinforce those feeling with the “correct” answers. It then makes it easy for the “computer” to begin to categorize the victims and alter behavior to the desired response in kindergarten.

The student, through careful wording and hidden meanings, can become part of a particular category.  The child will then be “accepted”.  “Being accepted” to a young child is often all they need to mold their future behavior.   The group mentality is then formed based around feelings, not fact.  Individuals take a back seat to the group.  Self- reliance, common sense, individual success are thrown aside in order to create a more perfect group of victims.  A child who thinks “outside the box,” is often kicked out of the box.

Young students can suffer the trauma of being separated from their family beliefs.  How often have you heard, “Old people don’t know anything. Don’t trust people over 30. You parents aren’t as smart as the teacher.  School is your new family.”?

Through early indoctrination using the victim model, victims become the new cash cow of the Globalists. The cause creates control over the individual. Many individuals grouping together gives POWER to the group pushing the cause. Emotion of the cause creates the desire to help. Help comes in the form of donations. What a cycle.

Victims suffer because they are black. They suffer because they are women. They suffer because they are LGBT or anything that the tears people apart, changing what is “normal” separating them from the rest of the population.  At any given time victims can be called upon to act/mobilize with their fellow victims.  All are always victimized by: the whites, by their employers, the 1%, by the Christians, by the Jews, by the Constitution.  In essence you are a victim and therefore you need the government to help.  Just hop aboard the Globalist train, where you will find hoards of victims.

In order to get you into survival mode and not victim mode, I have a question. With all the money we have spent “on causes”, Why do we still have victims?  I’ve been hearing the same mantra since the sixties. Nothing has changed. Billions have been spent to eliminate that behavior.  Yet, nothing has changed.  All of that money has been spent.    Could it be the goal is not to change anything?  The real goal is to generate money.

Once you are part of that victim group with a cause (truth and facts be damned!) the media, Hollywood, teachers, lawyers, judges and professors stir the emotions. The propaganda slants the “news” to fit the narrative. The group believes that the majority feels the same. Yet statistics often show that the real victims of the cause are usually less than 3% of the population.  Why are new laws being made to support less than 3% of the population when ALL Americans are to be protected.  Aren’t the 3% part of ALL. Sighting a cause forces the 97% to adhere to the new laws. Why?  CONTROL.  Another goal of the Globalist Puppeteer is CONTROL. What drives these Globalists? MONEY, POWER, CONTROL

Look at the results of this new victim culture in America:

  1. 9/11 Americans became victims
  2. In the name of security, the Patriot Act was passed.  The Act created the NSA with power and authority to survey every American citizen and store the data in a huge facility in Utah.
  3. In the name of safety, the NDAA was signed giving the President the power to spy on Americans without warrants under certain circumstances.  (Do you think anyone pays attention to the circumstances?)  A President can just order the stored data to be delivered without a warrant.
  4. Obama EO 12333 allowed all intelligence agencies to share warrant less data without warrants.
  5. Do you feel more safe?  Is giving up your privacy worth being spied on for “national security” sake?  Don’t you feel like Nanny is watching you?

The Globalists usually create the atmosphere for victimization.

Hillary and Obama had women working for them a who were paid less than men in the same job. Hollywood is notorious for paying their women less than men. Yet they screamed loudest for equality in the work place.  Where was the outrage?

Now you know the process to control you, what can you do?  I am just one – will my voice be heard?  The good news is, “WE the People,” are a lot smarter then we are given credit for.  The past election proved that we have the numbers. The question is, will we do our part? What is our part?

The concept of America is that individuals will become the best they can be.  School is designed to provide the skills to be used by students, enabling them to make informed decisions in their future.  Once skills are learned, these individuals can work together and create the exceptionalism that drives America.  Today school no longer teaches those skills. You can’t be a victim and become the best, unless you consider that you will be the best victim.

Being successful requires self reliance, common sense, ability to think for yourself outside the box.  School was to assist you with the as the ability to check your emotions, deal with facts and think before you act. Since those skills are no longer taught in school it becomes our responsibility to reverse the irresponsible curricula. Students who are not taught about American exceptionalism, freedom and liberty, will not fight for American exceptionalism, freedom and liberty. We see the results of that failed education in America’s snowflake population.

The Globalists won this round.  In order to change America into a culture of Victims they have taken over the schools.  In order to “take back” anything, we have to look at where the cancer grows.  It grows in school. It is the curricula of victimhood that has created generations of victims incapable of thinking for themselves. So as POTUS gives education back to the states and local communities, will you participate and put together a new American, success curricula?  Will you go to school board meeting and monitor texts for truth, not values?  America is at a unique time in history. Once again the People are engaged.  Let’s channel our energy to a challenge that is in our control, the local schools.

America’s future is in our hands. If you can volunteer to help America’s children, contact me.

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