What do Orlando, San Bernardino, Charlotte, Sandy Hook, Ft Hood – all have in common? If you said, “ The cry for gun control.” You would be correct. If you said, “They are all in Gun-Free Zones.” You would be correct. Will any of the gun control measures in Congress stop future terrorist attacks? Hell NO!!! But the measures WILL increase the danger for average Americans. Why are legislators doing this? In order for the victors to steal the spoils (your stuff) – you must be disarmed. In order for the government to control YOU, you must be disarmed. In order for YOU and your family to be forced into slavery, YOU must be disarmed!

The History Channel did a great series on Barbarians and Ancient Rome. What is the first thing a victor does?

They disarm the losers, plunder their stuff and make them slaves. Could this be why history is no longer taught in school? Could it be we would discover their strategy as they continue the same procedure over an over: Just as in Ancient times FEAR is used to create the crisis so people will scream for controls, The government then can use massive regulations to suppress opposition and control the people. Patriot Act anyone?

This is the playbook followed by all gun control advocates. You must learn history. If we allow gun control, WE ALL LOSE. Remember, gun control advocates like Hillary are willing to have Americans killed…if it means you will lose your gun rights! Life has little or no meaning to them. Just listen to them scream for gun control, then ask, “would this Bill have made a difference in the Attack?” The answer is always the same, “NO”. Gun control advocates want our silence and will go after Free Speech. They want our stuff and will go after our guns. They are already doing it. We need Amendment 2 to protect Amendment 1.

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On September 25, 2013, John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Treaty, which was NOT RATIFIED by the SENATE as per the Constitution. This administration follows its own laws, POTUS has his PEN and PHONE while political correctness silences dissent. America has a Congress that takes aim at Americans, not terrorists. Make no mistake, Ryan and Congress can stop any unconstitutional Executive Order, but they will not. Instead, they take aim at Trump and Americans. Time to vote ALL of the traitors in congress aka legislators – OUT.

The UN Treaty and the media propaganda always claim, “In the interest of national security…, In the interest of public safety…, For the common good.” BS, it is for their OWN good. They cannot control America unless we SURRENDER our guns and SUBMIT. According to this UN Treaty, only the government can have guns.

In Executive Order 13603, by declaring an emergency, Obama’s “civilian army as strong as the US Military” can come on your property and take whatever he wants: YOUR food, YOUR guns, YOUR property. FEMA is being used and trained to become Obama’s civilian military. Where is Congress? Bohener, Ryan and Congress think: this is great! WE will keep our jobs. No wonder they hate Trump. They are fearful of their jobs. Will you be a boss and say, “You’re Fired?” Or do you think when all you have left for protection are pots and pans, (read about the Warsaw Ghetto in WWII) – the government will save you? Will your sheriff or police protect you? How does that work when law enforcement shows up AFTER the crime was committed? or perhaps in the future will they say, “just following orders m’am,” as UN troops plunder your stuff and terrorize your family?

This is an election year, ask the right questions and remember every elected official IS SILENT against this administration, as our rights and freedom quickly erode. Time to say YOU’RE FIRED!

Remember this Congress insinuated to Obama: “You’re Black so we will not impeach you because we will be called Racists.” “You can use your Pen and Phone and go out on a spending spree. We will fund all of your social programs otherwise we will be called out for shutting down the government.” Where are the leaders? Oh I see them now, they are running to those pesty Town Halls. Must be an election year, I guess they need votes.

“Not to worry folks”, FEMA will say, “We just want to flag the people on the No-fly list.” Really, who decides whom is on that list? How many of us are on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) terror list? I am proudly #1 on the Florida list but now will FEMA determine that I can not protect myself? How many were targeted by the IRS? Are we to give up our guns, “For the PUBLIC Good.” while waiting to be shot by a terrorist? What comes after guns?”

We are seeing the Federal nationalization of our National Guard, municipal, local and state police, and the distribution of military equipment throughout America by FEMA and DHS. All the while distribution of firearms and assault weapons flow freely to terrorists in Libya, Mexico, Syria, etc. Compliments of the Iran Deal, many countries like Cuba are getting arms from Iran.

As America’s kindergartners are suspended for toy guns, poptart guns, or mentioning guns, ISIS kindergartners are being trained how to use AK’s and assault weapons. Who wins that war?

As the world arms-up or is armed by American tax dollars and our borders are open, Americans are supposed to lie down and give up their guns? I DON’T THINK SO. Why am I to give up my gun when this administration lets criminals out of jail, releases terrorists from Gitmo and allows cartels to take root in America. Someone please ask Hillary. All you Trump haters, are you giving up your guns to Hillary? She can’t wait.

Just months after Department of Homeland Security advisers claimed “the threat from right-wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is now suggesting his department should be in charge of implementing gun control. What is wrong with that picture? Will Loretta Lynch now suggest everyone “LOVE right-wing extremists?” Will my name be removed from SPLC terror watch list?

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Remember the UN Globalist Goal: Money, Power, Control

Gun Control Advocates NEED a CRISIS to create a problem only they can solve. Then they get to restrict your rights. The border is open. They don’t care. Squashing another attack will enable more restrictions. No security system will work if the doors and windows are left open.

It is CRITICAL for terrorists to be on American Soil to fit the Agenda. It is important for terrorism to thrive on American soil – to implement the Agenda, which is full gun elimination. We all know Hillary is a liar. Can’t you see her congress. They will say, “sure Hillary whatever you want after all we can’t impeach you or we will be accused of being chauvinists. We can’t have a war with women. What will the media say?” As a result:

1. POTUS can write gun restricting EO’s, Hear Democrats scream – so their constituents think they are working. Dems had the full House and Senate from 2008-2010 and did nothing about guns. Now they “sit in.” for window dressing.
2. Americans must be divided and marginalized so they are easier to control.
3. Bad America is the dialogue while propaganda and political correctness are used to suppress the truth. Instead we hear that the shooter is a crazy, a mental case with a host of syndromes to follow, a lone wolf (no such thing and they should be call lone cowards. Wolf gives them honor a coward does not.) We must feel sympathy for the poor confused shooter. All terrorists need is love!!!! Using that theory Loretta, you must LOVE the right wingers.
4. Creation of more gun- free zones giving terrorists better targets.
5. Promoting victimhood, hatred, Evil America and Islam (as the one true religion) are taught in American Schools resulting in citizens becoming victims hating America.
6. “Legitimize SPLC” by this rogue administration and a Department of (In) Justice. who cites terror is, “organization via the internet,” one can bet this new “alliance” will have tremendous influence over the FCC to “curb” and “control” more internet content by censorship and infringing on freedom of speech. This “collusion” against conservative America, Christians, patriots, veterans and other groups is blatant, unapologetic, intentional, and set to “force” subjugation.

The Obama administration clearly brushes off Islam and Muslims as terror threats instead they designate 72 groups of individuals as potential “domestic terrorists” while scrubbing all mention of Islam and Muslims.

In fact, Obama and his stooge administration are so confident in their designation of these groups as terrorists, they are joining hands with the United Nations to “allow international police agencies to help program how American cities respond to terrorism.” Despite its unconstitutional nature, Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are all but cheering to enforce tyranny, despotism and eradication of individual God-given constitutionally guaranteed rights of groups and individuals designated as “domestic terrorists.” They will use any means necessary to justify the end — the destruction of America. All the while, Congress continues in its complicity of these travesties sucking on their thumb as they wait for their “bottle” from Obama.

Will you go to town and county meeting to demand your rights be protected by the people you elect? Will you help educate your legislators? Do you recognize that love him or hate him Donald Trump is the only one who will protect American’s rights? Hillary is part of the administration that create ISIS. Do you think she will change anything? Today there is more of us than them. But that is only today.

If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN? We will not comply, will you?

© 2016 Karen Schoen – All Rights Reserved

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