By Karen Schoen

Immigration: Biden’s Invitation

Have you seen the caravan of new democrats on their way to Amerika? They said they are coming because Biden invited them. Remember as you go into lockdown and must wear masks that this caravan has NOT been tested. Remember that once they are legal they can bring their families so 12,000 is really 48,000.  48000 you will be responsible to feed, clothe, school and provide welfare.  Buyers remorse anyone.  So when you friends and family are upset by higher prices just say BLAME BIDEN.

Illegal immigration, open borders, no more fencing and welfare will be touted by Biden as a success but that is a lie. I was so glad to see Steven Miller call out Jen Sacki for lying about how walls don’t work.  That is what we must do. We must vote with our wallets. Support those that support us. Call your legislators. Tell them, these people are communists.

Is America worth saving? If not you, who? If not now, when?

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What Biden’s Immigration Policies Would Do To America

America’s adversaries can’t wait for this massive betrayal.

Kindly forward this e-mail to your senators and congressional representatives and to as many folks as you can and then ask that those to whom you send this forward it along to everyone they can- I am attempting to create a “Bucket Brigade of Truth!

Pastor Rick Stevens:

More Censorship and hatred.  What do we do? Where do we go from here?


The only thing these people understand is money. Stop allowing yourself to be censored.  STOP USING YOUTUBE, Google, FB, Progressive.

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