“Isn’t it wonderful for governments that its citizens no longer think.” – Adolph Hitler

Imagine going to a golf game.  Before the game starts the announcer says,” Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today we will toss a coin to determine the winner of the game.”  Coin is tossed, then we hear,  “The winner of today’s game will be Tiger Woods.” How would you feel? Would you want to stay? Would the golfers want to play? Or would you feel cheated and get up and leave.  That is what happens when you know the outcome in advance. This is America today.  The outcome is known and planned in advance.  That is why the narrative can never be changed. ,i.e. Kavanaugh, Russia, man made global warning and racist Trump to name a few.

It is impossible for them to stop the blame game.

Socialism demands that the outcome of plans and policies are determined in advance. The narrative must fit the outcome. Why you ask?  Because it is easier to control billions of people when you have determined where they will wind up. Then anyone off the plantation will be isolated, demonized, re-educated then put back in society or eliminated. The master goal of socialism is to own and control all means of creation, distribution, consumption, and production.  They must regulate all aspects of human activity.  They use fairness to distract.  Step out of line and you are a racist, misogynist, white supremacist, etc, any term they can think of to separate people into groups by making one group victims and the other group the oppressor.

How do they intend to implement this plan? 

First they must reduce the population.  7Billion people are just too many so they create talking points like:  The world will run out of food, water, resources.  Babies are not babies in the womb and deserve to be aborted. They look the other way at mass killings, immigrant crime and color on color crime advocating for criminals while demonizing law enforcement.  They advocate for drugs and crime to mess with the mind.  Suicide is promoted as the means to an end.    Socialists/Communists/Globalists intend to change the face and values of America by demanding open borders. Make no mistake. Open borders to them means more votes and more minorities to control and make victims.   They also change the names of their groups and programs often so you will not think they are all the same. In this article I call them Socialists/Communists/Globalists and they all have the same goals.  They are in the Deep State and both political parties.

Let’s look at the progress of the Globalist 6 E’s:  Energy, Equity, Environment, Economy, Education and Entertainment. What do the Socialists/Communists/Globalists believe?

They believe any opposition is racist, bigoted, evil and must be eliminated at all costs and they don’t care how or by whom. Throughout the years the Socialists/Communists/Globalists have joined with the Islamists as they have the same goal – DESTROY ALL WESTERN CULTURE.

Energy is the life blood of every country. Exploring the Energy sector we find oil and coal originally were dirty jobs and caused a lot of pollution.  The original unconstitutional EPA, mandated that the industry clean itself.  They did and today coal and oil are clean, emitting little or no pollution.  By mingling pollution and climate change they were able to show the masses how industry was dirty and contributed to climate change.   America produces more and emits less than any other country.  Not good enough because the businesses were still free of government ownership. That is the key, Government ownership.  Socialists/Communists/Globalists systematically demonize businesses in the private sector so they can bankrupt the business, take it over and redistribute wealth to themselves, their supporters and foreign allies.  Obama set out to bankrupt oil and coal by over regulating, withholding leases and allowing the Gulf oil spill to last for 83 days.    Americans watched as rigs and their jobs went 15 miles south to drill in Mexican waters. Socialists/Communists/Globalists want America dependent on our enemies.  If enemies supply our energy, energy can be controlled by the government. Then the government can control the growth and make sure America does not exceed its place in the world. Can’t have America grow or Socialists/Communists/Globalists will claim its not equal.  They are really afraid that others will want what America has. “Educated people require more from their government.”

Equity is your ownership of you, your property and business.  This is the total American Dream where you control your life. You are not jealous of others. You are concerned with making yourself strong.  Your family relationships are strong, your belief in morality is strong and your belief in yourself and your responsibility to others is strong.  You are self reliant and are determined to be the best you can be.  You will make yourself strong so you can turn around and help others. That is America. Life is good.

This is unacceptable to Socialists/Communists/Globalists.  You must be part of the herd – your new family.  You must demonize G-d and life.  The only thoughts you can have are those you are told to have. You can’t own anything for that would be unfair.  You can never speak out and oppose any of their talking points.  Everything they say must be true.  There is no reality unless it is determined by the Socialists/Communists/Globalists in charge.  Your truth is what you are told to believe that day. You must do more for less so you can pay for those who do nothing. Everything you have is supplied by the government, you must be eternally grateful.  You own nothing.  Do as I say, not as I do.    You must be happy in your 700 sq ft walk up dwelling without air conditioning while riding your bike to work in 100 degree weather as a sudden thunderstorm appears. Life sucks. If a person can only think of one thought at a time, why would you want it to be bad?   Communist China has already implemented this by giving each citizen a Social Credit card. You lose credits if you oppose any policy. This card is tied to travel. No credits, no travel.

The Environment was hijacked by Socialists/Communists/Globalists as a means of control.  Scientists were paid to come up with the outcome the Socialists/Communists/Globalists desired so blame for climate change can be laid at the feet of humanity. Fact:  Man has a miniscule affect if at all on climate. CO2, a gas which is .03% of the atmosphere does not affect climate.  The computer models rarely show the affect of the sun and clouds – evaporation.  Lack of a science education allows scientists, IPCC, NOAA and think tanks to lie, even report they lied and the ignorant masses bobble, yes masser.  Not to worry, MSM will help too. MSM will create a crisis to divert attention to any finding contradictory to the narrative.  It is impossible that a gas CO2, emitted after the atmosphere warms can also cause warming. A result of something can not be a cause of something unless you were using outcome based theories. The outcome states evil CO2 must be stopped or we will destroy the planet.

Why?  Money, Power, Control 

Money – trillions to be made from a Carbon tax scheme and other schemes eliminating competition of independent companies.  With regulation the right donors can be put in new businesses that support the climate change hoax. Remember Solindra?  $500 million tax payer dollars to Obama’s friends is now bankrupt.

Control – get the environmental fanatics to push more regulations to put more private businesses out of business.  Eliminate home, car ownership by making them too expensive. Plastic straws, light bulbs, aerosol cans, cars, etc all used to change behavior and will affect nothing.  BUT once you comply you are owned.

Power – Blind compliance of the herd message regardless of truth is demanded.  They must get the people to turn on each other, hate each other, not have relationships, and turn in those committing infractions against the predetermined truth.  Blind obedience is called for. Relationships are out as they might cause a conversation which could lead to opposition.  Therefore, have a relationship with a bot or on line, no face to face.  What a great way to depopulate!


How do you get millions of people to follow you – You lie to them.

By using Fabian Socialism, the legislators believed that you could use culture rather than revolution to slowly infiltrate socialism and destroy capitalism. They practiced Keynesian economics whereby the Government controls everything. The one with the greatest debt wins.

Copying that approach, let’s look at the student loan debt.  Obama eliminated Sallie Mae, the private lender for college loans. Once the government guaranteed loans, colleges raised tuition.  Who cares, the government will pay.  The Socialists/Communists/Globalists message will be carried throughout K-16.  Who cares the debt is $1.52 trillion. The government (We the People) now owns the debt.

“You can keep your doctor.” was the slogan used by Obama to take over the healthcare industry representing 17.8% of the American economy. This debt is now owned by We the People.

How do you promote and maintain the lie? – Education and Entertainment.

Education – K-16 = Cradle to grave indoctrination

Common Core is Outcome Based Education aka Mastery Learning.

The goal is to dumb the world with American stupidity as the lead. Promote evil America, confuse subject matter so students no longer enjoy learning. We the people are paying for this K-College communist education. And we are silent. We the people are dumb!

By demonizing America the students believe that America is evil. Look at what the brightest read.

What is the goal of Common Core or Outcome Based Education?  Under communism or common core, your child will have no choices.  A computer program with algorithms (programs) will pick up your child’s key strokes, key words, key answers and determine what vocation your child is best suited for. I can’t tell you how many youngsters I taught who change their career every time I taught them something new. I changed careers several times but THAT DOOR IS CLOSING FAST.

ESEA (Elementary Secondary Education Act) was reauthorized by the Obama administration. This forces Common Core on every state requesting federal money.  Will your state be strong enough to say NO?  The model for Common Core is soviet communist education. Milton Eisenhower, Ike’s brother was a communist and an advisor to 5 presidents.  Ike created the unconstitutional Dept of Health, Education and Welfare.  Did he use a communist model? Also, think: If Common Core is mandated in order to get Fed funding, that what is the difference where a child learns?  Choice is a diversion. It’s the curricula, stupid!

Entertainment – the agenda of Hollywood and MSM is to normalize the message.  By repeating the lie over and over, it will be assumed as true.  Ignorant graduates will just carry on the message with compassion.  Look at the SQUAD.  They are a perfect example of a communist education.  They are relentless, they will never quit because Americans are evil, racists destroying their quest for utopia. Imagine if these legislators were educated in the truth.   Today you can not watch a series, sports, movie without getting the same message. Americans are white supremacist, and racist.  America is a country founded on evil and should not exist.  White men are the worst offenders.  You can not watch a show any more without getting the women are superior, message.  Look at Hollywood’s depiction of the evolution of the family.  We went from “Father Know Best”, to “All in the Family” to “Married with Children”.  MSM showed Americans that dysfunctional families are the new normal.

Any time you disagree, you are a racist.  End of conversation.  But remember Socialists/Communists/Globalists use this tactic when they have no message. Calling someone a racist while retaining victim status is worth big bucks as donations will flow.

“Everything is connected. Everything has been planned. There are no coincidences.  Everything is a lie.” Karen Schoen

The machine running the government/world is huge. Their focus is Money, Power, Control.  The mechanism to control people is SCHOOL.   The conditioning is in school, the reinforcement is the media, the tools are technology.   I suggest Building the Machine on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjxBClx01jc

When the constitution, freedom, liberty and America are not taught, they are not remembered.  This is the third generation of ignorant Americans. Students are taught communism. Why are we surprised they are now communists?  Fixing the constitution is not the answer. There is nothing wrong with the constitution. Getting the liberals out of school is the only answer.  Just think of America’s future as it is controlled by millions of “SQUAD” members. What will America look like?

Is America worth saving?

Will you:

Stop being part of the Silent Majority. Talk up.
Demand America be taught in school, get rid of the liberal agenda in public schools.
Vet candidates.
Exercise the 9th and 10 Amendment
Stop taking grants, actually the states should stop paying the feds.
Boycott – movies of liberals, or soda which contains CO2.
Run for Office.

Send this article to 5 others and ask them to do the same.

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