• Everything is connected
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Nothing is random
  • Everything is planned

Lies, Lies and more Lies. The Democratic Party is unraveling before our eyes.  How can anyone trust anything they say?  Why all the lies?  These stories have been created so you will not pay attention. The name of the game is: Deflect.  If Russian conspiracies, victimhood, violence and hatred are the new normal, actual accomplishments do not have to be mentioned.  Besides all GOP changes are evil. No debate.

My head hurts, How did this happen?

Let’s connect a few dots.

Lying is a behavior now acceptable by communists/Globalists throughout  government and business. We watched Obama and the entire administration lie and nothing was done. No consequences.  What a great message to tell our kids, future elected officials and government employees?  You have to be taught to lie.

Remember Bill Ayers the terrorist. Go do a search.  You will not find derogatory information. Instead you will find Bill justifying his actions. Lying while condoning violence.  Today Bill is a college professor and contributor to the new American history texts.  If your next guess is that the texts subliminally condone violence, you would be correct.  Former communist dictators, thugs are the new heroes.  In the last phase of communism, the communists/globalists reveal themselves.  They bring all phases together to gain control.  Attacks on all American walks of life must be created, chaos must follow for out of the chaos the people will call for them to make the hurt go away. The people will be willing to give their power to the government.  Using this technique we got the Patriot Act, the NDAA and our K-16 schools teach victimhood and hate. You have to be taught to be a victim and how to express your hate.

Education is not about learning. It is about training all people to think the same.  People who thing the same are easier to control.  People who think the same require less resources from their government. Lenin said those less educated require less resources…  Those that think differently, “Kill Them”. Actually ,let ISIS do the killing, blood on their hands.”  Just trace any dictator.  They are all the same.   They kill millions of people to make sure those left, comply.  You have to be taught to accept violence.

This past weekend, I listened to an Oldies station with songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s.   Do you realize how many songs would be banned from the radio today due to PC?  I listened to songs of love and even some with messages about government evil.  No songs of hate like today.  Why did I bring that up?  Look at the ages if the Dem leadership.  They were suckered in with promises of love and were taught how to hate.

How did they get a nation to accept Lies, Victimhood, Hatred and Violence?

By controlling K-16 education and influencing vulnerable students through music, and media.  The communists/globalists of today learned from their past leaders.  But if all of this influencing is contrary to American values, how did those leaders get here?  Look up Operation Paperclip, a  program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, educators and technicians (many of whom were formerly registered members of the Nazi Party and some of whom had leadership roles in the Nazi Party), including Wernher von Braun‘s rocket team, were recruited and brought to the United States for government employment from post-Nazi Germany https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip.  They were brought to America by a joint intelligence team (of idiots) FBI, CIA etc.

A communist who is a scientist, engineer, educator IS STILL A COMMUNIST.  What did the lack of intelligence taskforce think would happen?  Oh they didn’t think.   What do communists do? LIE, create Victims, Promote Violence and Hatred in order to recruit more communists/globalists. Their program is the opposite of American exceptionalism.They train others to believe  anyone who does not carry the same viewpoint is EVIL.  They use a variety of psychological manipulative techniques to “capture “ their audience. But first they had to “get the teachers in line.”  Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Vladimir Lenin

In the 1960’s college students were coerced into teaching.  The teaching profession was the draft exempt job created to avoid the Vietnam War. Gramschi, Skinner were the authors of educational policy Dewey used to create “Modern Education.”  Unsuspecting college students were forced to participate in experimental learning concepts based on the psychological manipulation Dewey loved.  These techniques were taught in the New School of Social Research, in Greenwich Village, NYC. to potential teachers.  I attended that school.  All of these programs have failed and the unsuspecting students suffered as the purpose of education was changed from reading, writing, arithmetic to feel good social programs rooted in the Freudian, socialist, Marxist mentors of Dewey.   I was one of these students who later became a teacher. I refused to follow the curricula.  When I started teaching America was in the top 10 in the world.  Today we range from 27-38th.  Great job for the communist/globalist educators.

The constant lying is a perfect example of Psychological Projection, one of Freud’s favorites.  Fraud loved and promoted blame shifting.  Hillary has this down like a master.  In order to be a good liar, you have to have inside knowledge of the deed, the steps involved.  That is why Dems can run around yelling Russian Collusion.  They were involved in Russian collusion so they know what to expect. You project your trait on your opponent and build a case against them because you know how it works.  Another example might be spousal abuse.  Too often projected as the abuser yells, you make me do this to you….  (special thank you to historian and author , William Federer for this reminder.)

The Hegelian Dialectic, use to pass the Patriot Act and NDAA uses for violence calling for surveillance; after all the ends justify the means. A crisis must be created so people will scream for the solution. The government can come in with more control. Often the control is not the answer; it is just for control.

Cognitive Dissonance confuses the individual as they seek order trying to make sense of their beliefs.  Example: How did all of these globalists/ Hollywood elites  make money?  Through some form of capitalism.  Then why do they scream that capitalism is evil?

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” Lenin

Example: Why are scientists telling us that CO2 must be phased out when plants (our food) needs CO2 to thrive? Aren’t we killing our food supply? Could it be because one goal is depopulation.  Why depopulation? We are told because we don’t have enough food to feed all of the people.  Wait a minute, does this make sense?  It only does if you want millions dead so you will have less to control.

Group Think keeps dissenters in line. They were trained in Kindergarten that the government knows best, don’t speak out or be different.

How can you get millions of people to follow you?  You lie to them. This technique is called Deconstruction. This is a play with words and meanings so meanings can be shifted to suit the group.  The Negative becomes the Positive so it can be neutralized.  The terrorist act becomes workplace violence.  Eventually violence become acceptable until the people lay down their arms for peace.

Today we are in a battle for America. Fortunately Americans are beginning to see that being an American (the largest group of free people in the world, takes prescient over all other groups. United we WIN. The communist/globalist have thrown everything they have in this last and most destructive phase. Human life has no meaning the only thing that counts is Money, Power, Control. They need violence, division and controlled communication to continue their agenda. There is only one acceptable outcome. They must be in control. Trillions are at stake.

Where does acceptance of lying become acceptable?

Common Core type education is called for in Agenda 21, Chapter 25.

This Federal mandate promotes one size fits all training now called education to benefit the businesses favored by government. The focus is on training to work whereby students are tracked early on and selected for certain favored government/corporate jobs in the future. This Outcome Based Education (aka Mastery Learning) breeds lying.  The answer is known in the beginning so the method and procedure is often tainted – made up – lies so that the answer will come out as pre-described. Scientists paid to produce man made global warming data manipulate the data so the outcome will be as the government decides.  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/feb/5/climate-change-whistleblower-alleges-noaa-manipula/ Political correctness stifles any discourse.

Facts are no longer relevant.  So if we have been teaching our kids to lie in school, why are we surprised they grow up to be liars?  You have to be taught to lie.
If we immerse them in victimhood, why are surprised that they feel they are victims?  When they learn anti-American, anti family, and anti God dribble, focused on the opposition (Whites) as evil, you can predict the outcome.

Students learn to be Global Citizens.  What is a Global citizen? A world citizen with allegiance to no nation only to a government/business who is in charge of the region in which they live. This unaccountable NGO’s will regulate Americans with more lies.   We had a taste of this type of economy under Obama.

Where do the lies come from?   Although the idea of CCS is bad, the real problem is the content of the materials the students read. Do you ever check what your family reads? Too many of us do not pay attention. Therefore the content of many school materials are unnoticed although they are written by EU socialists with a Muslim Bias.  I personally believe that the Muslims own shares of many textbook companies. Below are a few of lies that are instilled in your children at their government school:

  • Communism is held in the most favorable light while the true history of communism is ignored.
  • Capitalism is touted as selfish while the facts and history are ignored.
  • Children learn in clusters and are only as good as their group while individualism is shunned.
  • Cursive is out – eliminates individualism and the ability to read many of our founding documents.
  • American history is taught from 1865 – the reconstruction or progressive era.
  • The National Data base collects about 400 data fields of an intrusive data base has no cost attached in order to determine what future your child will have..

CCS is an unconstitutional, unproved fad that will benefit the providers (Gates, Bush, Kipp, Broad, Pearson) as businesses no longer needing to “train” their workers since the responsibility of worker training is shifted from the business to “We the Taxpayer”. Wealth redistribution at its finest.

CCS is consensus not fact (truth) based, so where do kids learn facts?

They don’t. Instead students are taught values of communists, progressives and extreme environmentalists and we are surprised that they grow up become legislators and lie.

As bad as lying is, the acceptance of lies is worse. Policy is made surrounding lies.  The oops created as these policies collapse is extremely expensive.

To make matters worse, Common Core Standards (CCS) uses outcome-based education and the Skinner/Pavlov stimulus-response method of indoctrination.  This method takes away the individual’s ability to think as the responses are largely emotional.  Stimulating only the emotional part of the brain eliminates the person’s ability to use logic, reason and cognitive thinking in problem solving.  Therefore, the person is forced to rely on choices provided by the government which we now know are lies.  The government nudges the person into the acceptable response creating a society of bobble heads only capable of saying, “yes master”. These “choices” become subliminal messages that the media uses to promote ideas and issues while eliciting desired responses from the people.

As the silent majority follows directions by not talking about opposing issues and being politically correct, we continue to perpetuate the lies.

Now is the time, it is up to,  “We The People.”  Call Congress relentlessly.  If we want to get rid of this corrupt America hating regime, Call, Call, Call your Representatives and call the administration. Go to your school board meetings. Demand to see what the kids read.  Run for office and support others; NOT THE PARTIES. Spend your money on businesses that support your values. POST your findings.

If we do not keep up the pressure, we are doomed to be governed by our inferiors.  Talk to others. NEVER stop spreading the truth.

Will you stand up? Will you stop accepting the lies? I will not comply. Will you?

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