By Karen Schoen

One of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming of the workers and the disarming of the bourgeoisie (the middle class). A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie. —Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Let me first say that my prayers and thoughts for healing are sent to all families who have lost family members due to a horrific killing. Losing a family member unexpectedly is something we should never have to experience. It is a sad time in America.

Hate speech, racism, anger, are all emotional traits that must be learned. Yes that is right, Hate is an emotion that must be LEARNED.  You have to be taught to hate. Did you ever meet a baby right out of the womb who said I am a racist?  Were their first words, “I hate Jews, Christians, Blacks, Muslims, conservatives, environmentalists, etc.” I don’t think so.  Why is picking up a gun or knife and killing people done by some almost without thought? Because somewhere in their lives, they were taught to hate. Now they are acting out what they have been taught.  Mental illness for the most part has nothing to do with their actions. It is their programming. The biggest question is where is the programming coming from?

As a result of the latest mass murders, all the talking heads were spewing the same recycled trash. Blame Trump, the NRA, the gun, gun type, background checks, or magazine, when in reality none of which would have done anything to stop this despicable action.  It was already set in the queue. Again we were told they killed people because: they hate, they have a mental illness, they are angry, the Presidents words, lack of family, lack of morality or they were bullied. These are symptoms but without knowing and attacking the cause nothing will change.

Over the past few years I have been writing on the damage the government schools have done to our children.  As we know that almost half of the students who graduate can not read, write or do simple math. But what does that have to do with guns?

The school curricula is now filled with hate, disrespect for life, for self and others.  Did this rhetoric lead white Americans to express more prejudiced views of African Americans or Hispanics, whether through the normalization of prejudice or other mechanisms?

The other day Tucker Carlson stated that white supremacy is a hoax. Technically he is right. For the most part America was on the road to assimilation UNTIL… until students in school read

  • about how awful America is
  • that their parents are stupid fools or evil
  • the American experiment was nothing more than a slavery train for the rich
  • American laws were designed for the rich to plunder the poor.
  • the kids learn there is no God
  • the truth is what you believe at that moment and no one has the right to invade your truth.
  • unborn life is nothing just a mass.

You are constantly told you are nothing special.  You are only good when you are part of a group and believe that any opposing thoughts and actions are EVIL.

In a recent study, the authors were surprised by their own conclusions which stated, “Our findings contradict both hypotheses, as we primarily found declining prejudice and racial resentment, and certainly no increases.” Hopkins wrote: “Measuring prejudice is notoriously difficult, but we were able to draw on a panel survey, which has posed questions about political issues to the same group of people 13 times since late 2007. Our panel asked the respondents — a representative sample of about 500 white Americans — to rate different racial groups’ work ethic and trustworthiness repeatedly. …

“On average, anti-black prejudice dropped sharply among whites, from … just before the 2016 election to … two years later. … That marked the lowest level of anti-black prejudice since we first conducted this study in late 2008. Prejudice against Hispanics also dropped. … In both instances, declines were larger among Democrats, but they appeared among Republicans, too.” [Link]

Hate is an emotion which requires a lot of energy to reinforce. Once multi ethnic marriages were accepted Americans began to choose friends, business associates and acquaintances based on similar interests and abilities not ethnicity.  MLK’s speech began to take root as people judged others by merit not skin color. After 9/11 Americans started coming together.

This unity is out of the question for communists.  They can not allow relationships to dominate. After all what if people talk to each other? They might come up with better answers; they might actually find solutions.  How can communists lie if people talk? So school programs and devices put an end to communication and relationships. What do these school programs offer students? Did it improve their reading, writing and math ability? There are hundreds of school programs that have nothing to do with learning. These programs are designed to play on emotions. Here is a timeline for the destruction of American education.

In America, protection of family was a high priority for men. Communists knew that this bond must be broken. War, Sex, Drugs, lack of Jobs and promotion of a poor self image would fill the bill. America’s men could be accused without evidence and called toxic, white supremacist, white nationalist or just plain evil. A strong masculine image was out and an effeminate image was touted as the “new man”.  LGBTQ was pushed on Americans as though it was the majority when in reality less than 3% of population participates. But once you put these thoughts in vulnerable children the numbers will increase. This is just another idea to control population.  Rather than teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and real biology, they focus on gender.  Sorry but there are only 2.  A feeling of a way you want to practice your life is not the same as actual physical changes.

Biologically you are male or female. Using fancy made up words to describe how you feel at that moment is not a physical change. The communists play with your emotions so a new group can be formed for them to make into victims.  In reality, the LGBTQ community is fighting for rights they already have.   If they were taught history, they would find they are part of “All men are …and We the people…”  The Discrimination Laws already apply to them. It is easier to affect an emotional response than a factual one. So indoctrinate our children is the goal.

In America the feeling was, no one really cares what you do in the comfort of your home. Just don’t push it on the rest of us.  Sadly this attitude led to the majority not paying attention as these programs slid into schools. Now the minority has forced these programs on the majority. Wait a minute what happened to majority rules. I thought America was a democracy like they tell us over and over. Silly me.

What then is actually learned in school?

  • Anything goes
  • There are no consequences or accountability for your actions
  • No meaning to life, family is a burden, there are no heroes, no role models
  • No responsibility, do what you feel at the moment, you are G-d
  • Everyone is the same, no merit, no creativity, no ingenuity
  • No love, no affection, no closeness of another human or family
  • No skills– therefore you can’t reason or analyze your way out of a situation,
  • No trade, no work ethic – no thought is put into work as everything is acceptable.
  • Independent thought is unacceptable as you are told what to think.
  • No American history explaining the meaning of America and why America is exceptional.
  • No basis for comparison as all opposition is squashed.
  • HATE for America and its Judeo-Christian values

You learn you are alone. You have little or no support system as you lack real communication skills.  No one is there to bounce ideas off of; no one to share a memory, an idea, a life. But wait, you do have your hand held device and Alexa who never answers you back.  Not to worry, your sex bot will take care of you without question. With a sex bot you are always right.

No matter how much the communists push the individual down, suppress the individual, individuals still have urges. Urges to be different, to stand out, to make an impression, get notoriety will pop up continually.  That is the problem.  You can ignore them the best you can but the urges become overpowering.

When the trigger actions and trigger words are realized simultaneously we have a perfect storm.  There is no stopping the individual from acting. The individual is not crazy, just programmed that when the moon is in the seventh house and the stars align, they MUST act. Guns, knives, cars, bikes, bombs doesn’t matter, they are driven and must stop that urge. Once this process begins, since human contact is out, there is no sounding board. No one saying stop, this is a bad idea.  There is no hand held device that will stop them. The lust to dominate the narrative is overpowering. You just learned that anything opposing you is evil and evil must be exterminated. YOU become the exterminator.  You are good and you are ridding the earth of this evil blight.

[Read:Corruption & Racism in Los Angeles City Schoolsby Rabbi Nachum Shifren]

Will ridding the schools of this communist programming be the answer?  Eventually but remember it has taken over 100 years to get this programming in the schools. Getting it out will not be easy. Are you up to the fight?

Is America Worth Saving?

I believe YES.  But no one said it will be easy. They are very powerful (Jeb Bush, Bill Gates to name a few) pushing this narrative even though it fails the kids. They don’t care as long as they have power, money and can control the masses.

Will you review the materials your child reads?
Will you correct the errors?
Will you homeschool?
Will you bring these programs to light at your school board and demand they get removed?
Will you alert your legislator to return America to our schools?
Will you run for office?
If not you, then who? If not now then when?

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