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“Christianity is our foe. If animal rights are to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian Religious tradition.”Peter Singer, founder of Animal Rights.

“Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.”  – David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club

And you thought the Environmental movement was about the environment. Today nothing is as it seems.  How do you control millions of people? You lie to them.  The purpose of the Environmental movement:  MONEY, POWER, CONTROL

Remember Michelle Obama and her famous statement about changing history?  The altering of history enhances dumbing of the people by infusing meaningless values prompted by emotional trigger words rather than facts.  Values not facts are now promoted in school.  Facts are truths which give people the security of knowing where you are like being home with a warm fuzzy feeling you can always count on.  Facts ground you because wherever you are, facts never change and will bring you home.  You can always count on facts to be the same for everyone. People can communicate on facts alone. Facts when known, bind individuals together.  Facts are the fastest way to unite people because they are the same for everyone. People knowing the same fact can organize quickly and come together efficiently.  To conquer people, facts must be destroyed. Once values, which are ever changing opinions, replace facts, individuals become confused and are easily led and often become part of a gang, crowd or mob for security.  This is called identity politics aka division.  People are identified and divided by things over which they have no control like Race or Gender.  By calling division “DIVERSITY”, participants think they are allowed individual opinion when in reality all groups must think the same.

By using identity politics, one group becomes the haves while all in opposition are destroyed economically or by violence.    School programs like: School to Work, NCLB, CCS eliminate facts and indoctrinate value driven emotion by training individuals what to think not HOW TO THINK. Once you conquer someone’s emotion you can control them. The school curricula focus on emotions to control the mind.

Emotion creates a trigger which when used subliminally elicits required responses like flash mobs, demonstrations and other events often used to divide people. America is divided through emotional triggers like:  race, global warming, religion, then back to race. Divided people can easily be conquered as social justice dictates which group will receive favors or grants for believing while other groups are demonized and blamed.  The Haves vs Have Not’s arguing, monopolizes the media, diverting attention from real issues.  The end result is loss of Freedom, Family, God and America.

“We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..” Bill Clinton USA Today–3-11-93, page 2a.  Why Bill, what are you afraid of? Or Nancy  https://thepoliticalinsider.com/nancy-pelosi-its-too-dangerous-to-let-the-american-people-decide-trumps-fate/

The easiest way to change the belief system of American individuals through lies and deception is through Outcome Based Education (OBE) replacing Competency Based Education (Carnegie – 8 Year Study 1933-1981.)  When the outcome is predetermined, no skill, common sense, logic or reason is necessary to complete the task. , All you do is follow someone else’s value to arrive at the required conclusion.  Jeannie Georges in her book Outcome Based Education and Higher Thinking Skills found, the motive and the process are worse than the outcome.  Outcome Based Education requires:

  • Cleanse the Slate – eliminate history
  • Dumb them Down – Omit factual education and replace with values
  • Modify the Behavior – Stimulus response – Skinner Pavlov animal training
  • Confuse Values – no right and wrong, no consequences for actions, gender manipulation
  • Assess , Remediate, Reassess –  make sure they are trained

The New World Order Globalist Mafia (aka Global Mafia) believes dumb people require less resources from their government enabling the Global Mafia to maximize profit for themselves. They dreamed up SUSTAINABILITY and tell the masses, “You must do more for less to save the planet.”  If they don’t want people mobile, they demonize gas and the auto blaming them for any environmental change.  Surprise, the sheeple will comply.  Example; bike paths and walkways that interfere with business. .

OBE education fits the bill.   OBE uses word manipulation. Word manipulation is one of the most favored techniques used to divide people. By using the same word with multiple meanings, groups can not have conversations since both believe in their one definition of the word.   Example, the Global Mafia does not want competition so the Global Mafia indoctrinates Human Capital to believe making a profit is bad because others don’t have the same as you.  The Global Mafia will just have to take some of yours … more taxes, more regulation, nationalize this…to level the playing field and make it “fair” for everyone.  The Global Mafia never shares their stash, only yours.  The Global Mafia believes: What is theirs is theirs and what is yours is also theirs. Profit is bad for you good for them.

Let’s see how word manipulation works with candidates using the constitution. Question: Do you believe in the constitution?

When vetting our potential legislators we often ask – Do you believe the Constitution as the supreme law of the land? 

When the answer is yes, we rejoice, donate and vote.  Those of us who do not understand word manipulation, never ask the second question – Do you believe that the Constitution is living breathing flexible – or bed rock solid, the same for all Americans?  The Global Mafia taught their followers to choose #1.  The Global Mafia includes attorneys who manipulate Constitutional laws into case law to favor special interest lobbyists.  This new law divides and conquers the people as they protect believers and quite non believers.  All the while the populace is tricked into believing they are selecting a constitutional candidate. The constitution to the Right stands for FREEDOM.  To the Left the Constitution means Slavery.  Unless you define the word Constitution before you talk, you will wind up in a fight.

If you are unsure of your legislator, Google: Aspen Institute and your legislator’s name.  The Aspen Institute is a Global Mafia think tank supported and funded by the Islamists and Global Mafia, including Soros, Gates, Saudis, American Taxpayer and the usual suspects.  Our legislators go to the Aspen Institute to be trained into globalization – the elimination of America. Would you be surprised to learn Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Debbie Wasserman Shultz are graduates? As a result of this training, there is no right and left, no Democrats or Republicans.  All progressives are in the same Global Mafia and filter through the RNC and DNC.  Democrats are taught to have no responsibility, love big government and let government handle every aspect of their lives. The Global Mafia can then own everything while leaving crumbs for the common folk.  This type of government is communism.  Republicans who learn Fabian economics based on maximizing debt and public private partnerships are fascists.  Together they are members of the Global Mafia Club/Progressives in both the RNC and DNC sitting in Congress and the administration.  Just listen to those who want open borders and the demise of America.  “In orders to save the planet, we must destroy capitalism,”  Maurice Strong, UN Environmental Programme.   Maurice made his money in OIL while he demonized oil.  No competition is allowed in a communist society.

Those who know history remember from the decline of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic that Communists learned quickly a funding source must be integrated into their communist plan or globalism can not succeed because the people who have given everything up, can no longer fund the give away projects promoted by the Left.  Wall Street joined with the Government on a crash course to “relieve” the American middle class of all equity.  The 2008 crash was designed to take the money, businesses through regulations and land through foreclosure, of the middle class in order to complete a wipe out using the manipulated word of “fairness.” Blocks were bought by Hedge Funds for pennies on the dollar.  They threw the owners out instead of making a deal.  The stimulus money Obama gave to the banks would have paid every mortgage in the US. Instead the Hedge Funds tore down and rebuilt SINGLE FAMILY HOMES into multi-use buildings with work on the first few floors while you live upstairs.  No car necessary to go to work. These complexes aka sustainable developments were empty for a long time until illegal immigration.. Homeless Americans live on the streets and in cars while illegals get a handout and an apartment.  Yet no one can figure out why our cities declined. Drugs and “mental illness” are the result of these criminal policies not the cause.  Follow the money.

People who rely on the government for handouts or freebies suffer from lack of confidence and lack of pride.  Word manipulation trains them to be satisfied, mediocre people with nothing to be proud of.  Rather than elevate the people to ownership, the Global Mafia tells them that pride is evil.  Proud people will rise up when something is worth protecting. When you have nothing to protect, there is nothing to be proud of. Schools now run by the Global Mafia indoctrinate pride is bad, Human Capital having massive debt is fine.  They never say that people with massive debt will never be able to own anything (the true goal of the Global Mafia). The same people who brought us the failed NCLB and Common Core are now promoting a Work Force Program.  Training IS NOT education.

Americans talking and acting together are the worst thing that can happen to The Global Mafia.  Why?  Simple: There are more of us than them.  The Global Mafia is very small. The Global Mafia is afraid of our large numbers and what will happen once we find out their game plan. Therefore, to beat anything, it is imperative that we communicate and become individuals not just members of a group. It is imperative we choose real people for office not those selected by the Global Mafia in the Democratic and Republican party. Ask the second question.

Then the biggest challenge:  We must stop talking to each other (preaching to the choir) and start working with the low information voters.

Why? They are unhappy and lack leadership.  70-80% are unhappy and don’t know what to do.

How? You must become a caring American individual and interact.  The simplest solution is always the best solution…

Solution for Action:

Goal:  Communication with low information voters.

Method: Let’s use their strategy.  Never let a crisis go to waste.

Find a crisis.  Pick something simple, non political like …

We have a crisis in America.  Americans are not being taught cursive writing in school. Talk about anything education Not Political.

Why is cursive important?

  1. Cursive helps eye hand coordination in young children and reinforces left brain/right brain connections.
  2. Your signature can never be duplicated. It is yours alone. To the Global Mafia People, the collective, are only bodies to work, not people able to make choices. They do not need a signature, individualism doesn’t count.  Print, make an X, no pride necessary.
  3. Most old historical documents, American, religious and family are in cursive. Imagine how the Constitution and Bill of Rights will change when no one can read it.

“People who can not read are slaves forever.” Fredrick Douglass, slave who became an advisor to Pres Lincoln (R).

Action: Can your group or you, individually, go to a local group or church and offer to teach cursive.  Together you can make a plan to bring cursive back to school by going to school board meetings. Doing things together bring respect and trust and will break barriers used to stereotype a group. Imagine the great conversations you all can have when you begin to talk and gain trust and respect.   You will break the racist barrier. You will find you have a lot in common.

This simple task will bring people together on an individual level. Individuals can gain trust of each other and will actually begin conversations.  Imagine if the last cursive activity was to read the original constitution.  While reading you get a chance to explain its value. When people learn liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, they will step up with pride and protect America.  Only unity will make that happen.  United we stand, divided we fail.

I will not comply. Will you?

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