Hope For America From CPAC

My wife Mary and I are having a wonderful time at CPAC, Wednesday Feb 26-29th, reconnecting with patriots and Tea Partiers we have not seen in years. We are promoting the release of the Trump Train 2020 song music video. We ask each of you to host Watch Parties when the music video goes live on YouTube. Here is the commercial promoting the music video release...

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Could You Live Under United Nations Control?

Why the attack upon private property? Because the right to property ownership is the key to everything relative to liberty.  The United States Declaration of Independence gives all Americans three unalienable rights, Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (or Property).

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Chinese Reds Set a Trap for Trump

President Trump is in a difficult situation. If he were to disclose circumstantial evidence that the coronavirus virus is a Chinese bioweapon, there would be calls for retaliation against the Communist regime. Such a declaration could lead to more fear, the threat of war, and perhaps a global economic collapse. As it is, the virus is causing a market meltdown. He does not want to contribute to a panic and further collapse.

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Tax Cut Gains and Losses, Health Care Costs and the Tidal Wave Exodus From High Tax States

Communist Bernie Sanders and his Democratic socialist comrades love progressive taxation, and they support the Affordable Care Act as a first, but insufficient, step toward full national health care.  Like all socialists, their political theory is derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned

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Victimizing Whistle Blowers and Stripping Americans of Their Rights

I don’t care what your political affiliation is.  I don’t care what you think about the President of the United States, whether you like him or not.  This is bigger than petty party pickers.  This is the fabric of the United States of America under siege by its own government entities.  The institutions of our government that are supposed to be doing one thing are doing another.

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The Rabidly Blue Avant Garde Reds Are Taking Over

The tsunami of leftist lunacy includes new bills in the legislature that will remove citizenship requirements to obtain a drivers' license (House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 643). All an illegal alien has to do is show up at the local vehicle registration office.

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Open Your Mouth and Speak While You Still Can

Folks, America is the “Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.”  When we stop being brave we will no longer be free.  Don’t let the Left put words in your mouth.  If your words are not free then your thoughts are not free.

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The News You Won’t Believe

A group of parents are suing the Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District over its “gender policy”—under which the schools are to “help” children “transition” to another sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

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Our Corrupt Main Stream Media in America

The First Amendment remains the most powerful tool in the United States Constitution.  It secures and ensures our freedom of expression. It assures us of being educated by the media.  It empowers each of us to discover for ourselves the knowledge we need to make good decisions for ourselves, our families and our country.

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Fight the Coronavirus by Defunding the United Nations

The WHO failed to respond quickly and properly to the epidemic. Perhaps, as a matter of social justice, the WHO headquarters ought to be relocated to the coronavirus epicenter of Wuhan City, China. Let’s see if that gets them moving more quickly to save their jobs.

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Where Else Can It Lead But Civil War?

It is our belief that either civil war or revolution is inevitable due to irreconcilable differences between two diabolically opposed ideologies, even though we sincerely hope otherwise.  Nevertheless, the wise ones will arm up and stock up in preparation of what is to come.

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Christianity and Judaism is Our Foe – Word Manipulation is Control

Those who know history remember from the decline of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic that Communists learned quickly a funding source must be integrated into their communist plan or globalism can not succeed because the people who have given everything up, can no longer fund the give away projects promoted by the Left.

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Soft Jihad in America

It is past time that we confront Islam’s advancement in America. But we still must try. We need to remove this scourge of humanity from this land, move away from an exclusionary, primitive, and tribal mentality to a vision of all humanity being one, with justice and liberty for all.

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Born Damned?

Before we continue, I want to make one very important point perfectly clear!  Yes, because Adam made the "choice" to sin (break God's law), he condemned all mankind to death.  But Jesus Christ, the only sinless man, God incarnate, fully paid our death penalty for us!

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The Wisconsin Christian NewsPaper Story

We have more readership than ever before, and God has brought to us some of the best writers in the entire country.  We provide information, education and inspiration that you cannot find anywhere else.  And we are not “politically correct.”  We deal with the REAL, hard issues that the mainstream press — and most of the churches today — do not want to touch.  And we tell the TRUTH, that so many hunger for.

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The Perils of Prophecy, Part 2

People after the flood lived over 120 years of age. This is not talking about the lifespan of a man.  This is talking about how long God is willing to basically put up with the waywardness of humanity.

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Those Wonderful Little Blessings We Forget About

Picking up that little book about dogs, God gently nudged me to remember all the blessings, big and small, that He has given so freely because He loves us.  Thank and praise Him even in times of trouble and sorrow, for He is with us always, and He really loves His kids.

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Rush Limbaugh, Trump and the Tea Party Family

We held our noses to rally behind Mitt Romney for president. We were devastated when Mitt Romney wimped out, refusing to forcefully challenge Obama's rhetoric during their second debate. In essence, Romney gifted Obama an undeserved second term. We felt betrayed.

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Wall Street and the Bolshevik Bernie Revolution

Antony Sutton wrote about this kind of relationship in his classic 1974 book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, documenting a link between certain financial and banking interests and the Bolshevik cause. This year, the target is America, and Bloomberg is apparently counting on backing from China

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Warning! Shipwreck Ahead

Ah! But what if they mean to sink the ship *on purpose*? Because they want to build their own, according to their own peculiar vision of what a ship should be; but before they can do that, they have to get rid of the ship that they took over. They’ve got their places reserved in the lifeboats, don’t they?

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What Kind of America are We leaving to Our kids?

The greatest threat to America has always been from within. While we focused on the enemies from without, (can you say cold war) subversion below the radar screen was eating away at the foundations of the nation like the termites in an oak tree.

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There’s a Patience in the Wild: Dogged, Tireless, Persistent

A couple of years ago, I led a group of  60 to 70-year old’s across America on a coast-to- coast of the Northern Tier. We started on the Pacific Ocean at Astoria, Oregon to the Atlantic Ocean of Bar Harbor, Maine.  It stretched across 13 states and 4,200 miles of rugged mountains, the vastness of the northern Great Plains, the beauty of the five Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, and the serendipity of the Catskill Mountain chain.

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Judicial Watch Reports: Trump Aiding and Abetting Terror Tied Muslim Charity Organizations in America

On January 20, 2020, I received a post from the well-respected and credible outlet “Judicial Watch,” which reported on another act of treason concerning the administration of Donald Trump (Matthew 7:16 - Article 3, Section 3, US Constitution). It’s headline and content reads: U.S. Funding of Islamist “Charity” Groups Triples Under Trump

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Is Mayor Pete a Dangerous Security Risk?

Limbaugh has a knack for saying things that tens of millions of Americans think. This has nothing to do with one’s “sexual orientation.” Most people are tired of the homosexual agenda being forced on America.

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Coronavirus, the Economy and What to Do

Headlines over the Coronavirus continue to dominate only second to the political rot and grandstanding by Democrats, massive flatulence from the Hollywood crowd and this past week, yet another Russia hoax major player, Andrew McCable, walks while Gen. Michael Flynn and Roger Stone continue to suffer

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Jussie Smollett Should Not be Rewarded for His Crime

Folks, why are progressives never held accountable for promoting racial hate, hatred for achievers, hatred for Christians, hatred for straight white men, hatred for successful blacks who do not vote Democrat and hatred for police. Progressives are not even held accountable for promoting and implementing violence

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The Fear Factor

The days of hard working white men, being able to provide for their families is vanishing. Job opportunities for white men have decreased as corporations and universities plow open a large pathway for "minorities". Even many white women are sucked into the anti-male rhetoric as efforts are created to protect them from "male masculinity".

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The Revolution Will Be Subsidized by Bloomberg

His campaign is a prime example of how Cultural Marxism distorts our understanding of what’s happening politically. We are constantly told he is a “centrist” or “moderate.” These are lies. Loudon documents how all of the Democratic presidential candidates are security risks based on various degrees of Marxist associations and loony left skeletons in their closets.

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The Perils of Prophecy

I’m not going to spend time on preterism (past), historicism (present), idealism (timeless), and futurism (future)theories because they exhaust me.  I’m just going to tell you what I believe (right now) and why, and leave the categories for someone else. Also, I don’t have time here to explain why I don’t believe some things, so for now I’m just going to explain what I do believe and why.

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The FBI’s False Prosecution and Railroading of Roger Stone

Stone was the last victim of Mueller’s witch hunt. He was railroaded in a vindictive, politically motivated prosecution by a biased Judge and a stacked jury. He now faces years in prison. He and his family have been bankrupted, they’ve lost their home, their savings, their insurance and Stone’s ability to make a living.

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That Crazy Party

Something has moved Democrats to cast off the mask of sanity and flash us all their naked totalitarianism. Is it delusion? Desperation? Or do they think they know something that we don’t know—something that tells them they can get away with it? I take them at their word. They are crazy, and they need to be utterly defeated in November.

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We Can Win This Fight

I have spent the last six days doing interviews with Leftist radio hosts who sole desire is to make Christianity and Bible believing Christians look like fools.  Their assault has been unrelenting.

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Terror-Tied CAIR Attacking Minnesota Church Clergy

Instead of this priest standing up in defense of what he said, which was true, he capitulated, tucked tail and ran in the direction of failing to protect the flock while giving entrance to the wolves (Psalm 78:9-10; John 10:12). Why did he apologize?

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The Deliberate Christianity of Our Founders

In order to marginalize Christianity and the impact that it had on founding and governmental structure of America, my detractors will often assert, “Christianity was just a part of the times but it had no real critical relevance to the founding fathers and their struggle for independence.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome Explodes After Impeachment Acquittal

The smirking smug face of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was escorted from the White House Friday, two days after President Donald Trump was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial. Vindman violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice by defying the Commander in Chief, and after he heard the call, he talked to a CIA officer. Was that Eric Ciaramella?

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Saying No to Black History Month

Most American blacks do not realize that many original civil rights black freedom fighters who stood beside Dr Martin Luther King Jr sold their souls to the dark-side after Dr King died. They joined the white Democrat/progressive movement, metaphorically receiving 30 pieces of silver. The agenda of the dark-side is anti-Christianity and anti-American.

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Democrats Proud of Their Agenda

Comrade Bernie Sanders who doesn’t know anything other than to shout at people. An angry, hateful socialist promoting a form of government that historically has failed on a grand scale.  Venezuela Has Become a Starvation State- Actual Existing Socialism.

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Changing America’s Culture to Everybody Else’s Culture

The questions I ask you as an American citizen, do you want to see your country changed from law and order to open borders?   Do you want criminal aliens to enjoy a return after deportation? Do you want to see ICE disemboweled? Do you want or will we survive our country changing from English to 100 different languages?

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Trump’s Refusal to Shake Pelosi’s Hand Is a Lie

There was a time when the Democrat Party had class, when my cousin JFK was president is one example, plus there was a national pride in America. That was before the Communists slowly worked their way into the leadership of our country and seem to have the intent of taking our country down.

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America’s Politics Can’t Seem To Stop Self-Destructing

Our Constitution means nothing to Democrats and is not supported enough by the Republicans.  Ben Franklin was asked what type of government was decided on and his response was “A republic if you can keep it.” If we don’t follow the platform we were given and was the most successful ever devised by man, then we will only be a footnote in history.

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Coronavirus, Political Correctness, and 20/20 Vision

The time for Political Correctness and non-offensive, ear-tickling sermons has long since past.  The time for willful apathy is over.  If you are a true follower of Almighty God, the Holy Spirit MUST be prodding you in your soul to OBEY the words of Jesus and enlist among His Holy army of saints in this spiritual battle for the hearts, minds and souls of mankind... we MUST be working now, while there’s still time.

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Conservative To The Core

Being conservative is not always popular. When I called for slowing down to think about costs at our local Belmont County Farm Bureau meetings, I found the friendliness changed a little. I was never again placed on the ballot for Farm Bureau director.

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The Enemies of Our President, Part 3

The first deception is that it isn’t about you, Mr. President!  The prevailing mindset regarding all the Democratic obstruction is because of the fact that they lost the 2016 election and they’re still obsessed with destroying you along with your millions of supporters.

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The Major Takeaway From the State of the Union

My major takeaway from the State of the Union is Trump must be reelected. If not, every single one of his unprecedented victories for We the People will be reversed. Clearly, Democrats believe whatever Trump does good for America undermines their mission to control every aspect of our lives and remove America from her rightfully place as leader of the free world.

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Mueller Anti-Trump Snitch Is Convicted Pedophile Indicted for Millions in Illegal Donations To Hillary Campaign

The pornography charge requires Nader to serve a 10-year minimum prison sentence. The prosecution team agreed as part of Nader’s bargain to recommend a 10-year sentence when Nader is sentenced in April 2020. However, the presiding judge is allowed to impose a significantly longer sentence if she chooses based on the severity of the treatment of the children by Nader.

By |2020-02-07T03:14:21-05:00February 7th, 2020|

The Magnificent State of The Union Address

Willard “the rat” Mitt Romney was the only Republican who voted against acquittal for the unethical impeachment of this great President. Although President Trump was innocent of anything improper, Romney hates him despite the fact that Donald Trump supported him both when he ran for President and for the Senate.

By |2020-02-07T02:51:27-05:00February 7th, 2020|

A Reluctant Look At Black History Month

Ever since I learned about Black History Month when I was in elementary school, I often wondered to myself, why don’t they include the great achievements of black Americans in the general American story? I also felt it would have been more intelligent to force the mainstream inclusion of positive black American historical figures into the American fabric of history.

By |2020-02-07T02:10:21-05:00February 7th, 2020|

A Cornucopia of Tyranny

Want to freak yourself out? Just imagine Hillary Clinton in the White House instead of Donald Trump, and Chuck (“Who’s that invisible person sitting in my chair?”) Schumer as senate majority leader. If Far Left Crazy is this crazy when they’re out of power, think what they would do if they were in.

By |2020-02-06T02:57:59-05:00February 6th, 2020|

Let’s Sue The NFL

Sometimes I don’t know why I waste the energy, but I am on a 24/7 march to wake up Christian America. It is the greatest challenge of my life. I really don’t care what others think or say, but I immensely care about what people do. God created me with a competitive spirit and I used it most of my life in athletic endeavors.

By |2020-02-06T02:01:39-05:00February 6th, 2020|

Acquitted: A Farcical Chapter in Liberal Baloney

Instead of impeaching and harassing our president, Congress needs to stop all immigration. Congress needs to enforce existing laws against hiring, transporting and housing border violators. It needs to stop the 300,000 ‘anchor babies’ becoming birthright citizens illegally, annually.

By |2020-02-06T01:45:16-05:00February 6th, 2020|

A Letter From the American Forefathers: We Warned You!

Let me ask you another sincere question? Do you really believe that if the people really knew the US Constitution that they would allow corrupt politicians to continuously spew out their corruptions as well as evade responsibility when it comes to holding them to the consequence of their scandals

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USMCA – Americans Sold Down The River ….. Again!

Once the Democrats got a hold of it in the U. S. House, they added a whole bunch of their favorite labor, socialist, environmental and one-world policies, turning it into a North American Union Trade Socialist and Environmental Agreement where national sovereignty and American law took a back seat to their world government agenda.

By |2020-02-05T02:33:03-05:00February 5th, 2020|

The Senate Duty in Impeachment Trials

We would do well to heed the words of Declaration author Thomas Jefferson, “Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.”

By |2020-02-05T02:01:48-05:00February 5th, 2020|

The Undeclared War

The primary function of any government is to protect and perpetuate the nation-state and culture that placed it in power.  In their failure to fulfill this fundamental and primary duty, our powers that be cannot morally dictate that specific rules of engagement be honored in this struggle.

By |2020-02-04T03:24:23-05:00February 4th, 2020|

The Prosperity Gospel Is No Gospel At All

In the second verse, God promises that if we will follow Him, He will provide for us.  Again, said provision is according to God, not us.  The heart will lie, telling us we have to have this and that.  Except that we do not.

By |2020-02-04T03:06:26-05:00February 4th, 2020|

Has Impeachment Trial Provided a Golden Opportunity?

Going back to the non-bombshell Bolton book leak. Willard Mittens Romney somehow was allegedly elected to the Senate by the people of Utah. Romney is a cry-baby so jealous of Donald Trump he reeks green with envy. Mittens loved Trump when he endorsed him for the Senate.

By |2020-02-03T01:44:47-05:00February 3rd, 2020|

Your Responses From:  Devolving Western Civilization

In the past ten years since that commentary, the borders remain as wide open as Maxine Waters’ mouth, immigration added 35 million more people to the USA, net gain, and, not a single person in Congress has succeeded in stopping the endless flow of legal and illegal immigrants.

By |2020-02-03T00:46:06-05:00February 3rd, 2020|

The Illusions of the Left

I think that what we are seeing in Ukraine is just a tip of the iceberg concerning the corruption that is being exposed by Trump.  It is obvious that it went all the way to Obama because he authorized the illegal spying on Trump.  If we don’t stop the corruption the left will do everything they can to take back power.

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‘As Long as We Both Shall Live’

Marriage is meant to be one of God’s greatest blessings in this life.  A husband and wife, together as one, with Christ at the center of their union, and a home filled with children... and eventually grandchildren, brought up and raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

By |2020-02-02T00:58:55-05:00February 2nd, 2020|

California’s Democrat Run Nightmare Spreading Nationally

If Bloomberg or any of his fellow wacko Democrats are elected president, America will immediately fall backwards, resuming the economic, cultural and world-leadership decline of the Obama years. An endless list of new perversions will be forced upon us; all who oppose will be shamed, destroyed and thrown into jail.

By |2020-02-01T02:26:25-05:00February 1st, 2020|

Book Review: Edward Snowden – “Permanent Record”

In 2013, twenty-nine year old Edward Joseph Snowden shocked the world when he broke with the American intelligence establishment and revealed that the US Government was secretly pursuing the means to collect information on every single telephone call, text message and email the world's population was sending.

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