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Try to find the time to listen to this interview of whistle blower Nate Cain. Nate was a FBI contractor during the 2016 election season. His specialty is cyber security, which gave him top secret clearance. He heard whispered conversations about some FBI files that were incriminating, to put it mildly. The phrase that was whispered in hushed tones was that this “could bring the government down”. The whispered conversations told the story of documents and files that showed treasonous and criminal activity by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, as well as other government officials and accomplices.

Having the security clearance, he took a look. What he found astounded him. But there was an ongoing investigation led by James Comey (the seventh director of the FBI), so he assumed there was no need to do anything.  If he could see the evidence, then obviously the head of the FBI and their investigative team could see it, he reasoned, and he left it alone.

He was shocked when Comey exonerated Hillary some time later.  The evidence was quite contradictory.  It bothered his conscience that justice was not to be found.

To be clear, the evidentiary documents he personally witnessed were the same documents being used for this major investigation.  They included four main areas of criminal activity:  money laundering, securities and exchange fraud, public corruption, and terrorism financing.  They included Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation, as well as multiple other countries involvement.

After Comey’s exoneration of Hillary, he was sickened at the corruption and cover up in the highest levels of the FBI.  He learned that the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) were stonewalling Representative Nunes’ investigations.

So he downloaded the files on a thumb drive.  Under the whistleblower protective acts he could do that legally.  His security clearance enabled the access.  The information needed to be given to the House Intelligence Permanent Committee (HIPC) and/or the Senate Intelligence Committee (SISC), but he did not feel he could trust the avenues available to him. (Adam Schiff is the chair of the HIPC.)  His gut was right, and he found out later the CIA was surveilling the HIPC and SISC specifically for whistle blower information.

Before I go on, think about that for a minute.  The highest intelligence department of the United States of America was spying on its elected officials to circumvent truth being exposed (via whistle blowers).  How dirty, how corrupt, and how absolutely treasonous is that?  This is so disturbing I feel like I should leave a significant break in the paragraphs just to pause over that disgusting revelation.

Nate ended up getting an attorney to help him navigate the legal channels for these documents.  Nate wanted to be an anonymous whistleblower (the law allows that), and he was given the code name MC Pota.  Only his attorney and maybe a couple other people knew it was him.

They eventually got the documents (over 400 pages) to U.S. Attorney Michael Horowitz, who was able to pass them onto U.S. Attorney General (at the time) Jeff Sessions.  Sessions reviewed the materials and sent them back for processing unredacted.

Interestingly, the House and Senate refused to take the leaked documents, so Horowitz himself delivered them, which ensured they were entered in as evidence through the proper channels. (They would find out later that the Senate never even looked at the documents, but they sat in a drawer.)

While Nate’s story started in 2016, pre-election, he was not able to get the documents to Nunes until August 2018.  If people are wondering why justice seems to not be occurring, this is an excellent situation to study to understand the politics and corruption occurring in our highest offices of the land that are obstructing justice.

At 21:33 into the interview, the interviewer (I’m assuming it’s Scott Kesterson of Bards of War) summarizes what we’ve heard so far like this:

“…A complete and total weaponization of the intelligence and law enforcement and parts of the DOJ to secure an illegal government and to prevent any of that from ever leaking out.”

Nate affirmed that is an accurate assessment.  Now stop a minute and think about that.  The very institutions that are supposed to be protecting America’s interests have been taken over by entities not loyal to America, its laws, or its foundation.  They have been plotting to usurp our legal government, and to cover up their plot.

Those we have entrusted to enforce our laws to protect justice are actively working against us.

And they don’t care who they take out to attain their objectives.  They don’t care what laws they break, what lives they destroy, or the collateral damage they cause.  And they most certainly don’t care about the Constitution of the United States or the principles it embodies.

On November 14, 2018, Nate Cain was raided by the FBI at his home.  They issued a search warrant of his property based on “stolen government property”.  Nate explained how the thumb drive he used was unserialized, and therefore they would have no knowledge of it.  They had clearly gotten their “information” elsewhere.  Moreover, Nate was “protected” by the whistle blower laws which allow an employee to remove government documents for the purpose of whistle blowing.  So Nate had not broken any laws, and the search warrant was not legal.

At around the 23 minute mark of the interview, Nate tells of how the Daily Caller requested the justification for the raid on Nate Cain’s home.  The U.S. attorney refused to answer, citing potential harm to an ongoing investigation.  The Daily Caller then came back and asked, “Was the judge who signed the search warrant notified Mr. Cain was a whistle blower?” Suddenly a second federal judge (a Clinton appointee) stepped in and sealed the answer, blocking it from anyone to know.

Do you realize what that does?  It removes exculpatory evidence. [Exculpatory evidence is evidence that is favorable for the defendant.]

This is what the FBI and Judges have done to General Flynn.  They have held back exculpatory evidence.  This is what a corrupt “justice” system does.  This is what crime lords pay to have done.  These are the people who have been strategically placed in key positions throughout America’s judicial and law enforcement institutions.

Nate goes on to tell of the FBI raid of his home and the questioning session he encountered there.  I pray that every American listens to this interview and learns.  He expounds on the corrupt methods of a weaponized institution that stalked, harassed and intimidated him and people he knows.  He described their methods as “Stasi-like”.  He said their methods reminded him of communist takeovers, and that they “deployed communist tactics”.

Nate cautions all Americans that anytime law enforcement talks to you, anything you say can and will be used against you.  Law enforcement in today’s United States of America operates on the assumption of guilt instead of innocence.  The system has been flipped and we are now a police state.  It’s not supposed to be that way, by the intentions of our Founding Fathers, but it has become that way because of the takeover of our institutions.

Nate found out the hard way that law enforcement is not required to read you your Miranda Rights unless they are actually arresting you.  So anytime law enforcement of any kind (FBI, CIA, police, etc.) detains you to question you, you are not obligated to speak and if you do, they can use anything you say against you.  Nate said every American should learn these two statements, commit them to memory, and use them if detained or questioned by any law enforcement:

  • “I wish to remain silent.”
  • “I want to talk to my lawyer.”

In Nate’s case, (and his is not the exception), the FBI grossly breeched their standards and protocols.

After Nate’s house was raided, the FBI terrorized his family for months.  They “investigated” Nate’s neighbors, friends, parents of his children’s friends, etc.  They interrogated one of his neighbors for over SIX HOURS.  They suggested to his neighbors, acquaintances, friends and family that he was a militant.  They planted seeds of doubt by suggesting he was a criminal.  They asked questions like “have you ever observed Mr. Cain being inappropriate with his daughter?”  They told them he had a lot of guns and suggested he could be violent.  None of these are even true, let alone relevant to the “investigation”.  These are communist and Stasi techniques, not American.

The FBI accessed Nate’s social media (Facebook) account(s), without telling him.  (Facebook wasn’t allowed to tell him until the “investigation” was closed a year later.)  They took the information they accessed from his social media and his email to compile lists of people to interrogate.  They surveilled his friends’ and neighbors’ emails!  These are Nazi Germany tactics!  These are communist USSR tactics!  Here!  In America!

Make sure you take in the 43 minute mark where Nate says:

“They tried to ostracize me from my own community.  They tried to destroy my family.  I spent multiple nights waking up every hour, at twelve, at one, at two, at three..getting on my knees and praying, begging the Lord to protect me and feeling completely vulnerable and feeling betrayed by my own country.  I had done this thing that was extremely scary to do and what I believed was the right thing to do, and I was treated like a terrorist, treated like an anti-government extremist.  Now mind you, I have never been charged with anything to this day.  I still have my security clearance; it’s never been suspended, not even a flag.  Because I didn’t do anything wrong, yet these people destroyed my life.  I ended up in debt – all of my credit cards racked up and in debt to my eyeballs – all of my savings.  That doesn’t even compare to what has happened, not even close, to what happened to Flynn.  This is what they do.  They force you into a position to where you can’t even afford to keep fighting them anymore.  If we as Americans don’t have the right to question our government then we really are in a police state.”

I don’t care what your political affiliation is.  I don’t care what you think about the President of the United States, whether you like him or not.  This is bigger than petty party pickers.  This is the fabric of the United States of America under siege by its own government entities.  The institutions of our government that are supposed to be doing one thing are doing another.  Americans are being singled out and destroyed, and this isn’t even an isolated case!  Our injustice system has been infiltrated and taken over by people who are using it to weaponize our very institutions against us.

If ever the citizens of America needed to unite to overthrow the corruption of its institutions and demand accountability and consequences for the usurpers of our liberty, I can’t think of a more timely situation than right now.

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