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M. Smallback is a researcher, writer and speaker from the Midwest. Titles from her experience box include teaching, homeschooling, lectures, drama team directing, but predominantly educating in various forms. She has spent two decades and more researching a variety of topics, writing on them, speaking on them, and teaching about them. Her primary focuses are: following God; overcoming adversity, trauma and crisis for breakthrough in personal lives; the return of Christ; and hidden truths of American politics behind the propaganda of the American media. Website: www.eternalissues.com E-Mail: M.Smallback@cox.net

Fascist, And Other Redefined Words

Being a writer, words matter. Words convey ideas, and if the word choice changes, the meaning can change. I strive to find the precise words I need to convey my ideas. I try to leave no room for ambiguity on what I'm saying. Ambiguity fosters misunderstanding and misinterpretation - a whole other set of problems. It is two different things to disagree and to misunderstand.

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Merry Christmas!  A look at Some traditions

This is what we celebrate!  That God thought the salvation of the world should be brought in by the birth of a baby is the greatest story ever told!  That we spend weeks getting ready to commemorate and celebrate this occasion is only fitting!  May you and those you love reflect on the birth of Christ, and may you encounter the power of Christ’s advent message. Merry Christmas!

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Health is Either Derived  or Hindered from Conflict

I was standing in my kitchen lamenting a failing friendship, pondering how it got to the point it was and what should be done at this point.  I was tired of broken relationships, and my life up until that point had a series of bitter disappointments in relationships.  As I considered options in this situation, I heard the Spirit say, “But is it healthy?”

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Leaving the Matrix

Simply put, the system America operates in is corrupt.  To borrow from a Josh Garrel’s song, we’ve been “born into a system constructed for failure.”  We are slaves to a corporate entity run by thieves and criminals of both sophisticated and carnal natures.  The U.S. Constitution has been hijacked for the purposes of greed, control and idolatry.

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If the Average American Only Knew

I can’t help but wonder if the average American knew how many innocent people have been sacrificed at the altar of drug and human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and fabricated wars, at the hands of American agencies would they wake up?  Would they forcibly remove the wicked rulers in high places?

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Systems and Constructs

Last article I referenced the notion that our judicial system has been hijacked by another system and has been operating under a different set of rules than one would expect with the U.S. Constitution.

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Is Justice Waiting for Jurisdiction?

He explains that our “justice” system is running under different rules than we understand.  He further explains that each court “transaction” facilitates more bond and money movement.  If you think it’s difficult for the average American citizen to obtain justice or fair trials, it’s because the court system has been redesigned for brokering deals for the banking system.

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Fool Me Once…

As a believer, my first loyalty is to God.  Everything else is secondary, including patriotism.  We have to stop worshipping the person that seems to be fighting for us, and we have to stop blindly worshipping the product of our adulation.  There’s a dangerous risk of being deceived if we don’t weigh our judgments with discernment and wisdom.

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The Asexual Revolution And The Wrap-Up Of Earth

If you’re older than thirty, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not see the drastic changes in society and cultural norms for sexuality, marriage and the family. They have changed dramatically here in America, and relatively quickly.

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The Case For Abortion Is Answered In Job

The burden of those unwanted children born in a ghastly untimely manner would take its toll on other people.  Other people would have to raise them.  Other people would have to clean up someone else’s mess.  Other people would fail these children and create even more obstacles for these children to overcome or be obliterated over.

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Dark To Light – By Way Of True Detective

For whatever reason, a percentage of the population just isn’t going to sit down and read books, testimonies, or even court transcripts of real events like the Franklin Scandal, Epstein Island, or even the NXIVM case – even though these are real cases that involve real people and corruption all the way to the highest office in the land.

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The Scars Of Unbelief

I may have a peculiar faith.  I actually believe the words of God.  I believe He is who He says He is, has done what He’s says He has done, and will do what He says He will do.  Faith usually comes easy for me, and I probably actually have the gift of faith

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