Ms. Smallback

I don’t know what you have to do right now to get to that place of resolution, but I strongly encourage every patriotic American that understands what’s on the line right now to get there.  Turn off the media and learn to evaluate current events from a point of research and study, instead of spoon fed propaganda.

President Trump won the 2020 election and will be inaugurated January 20, 2021 just as he should be.

Everything between now and then will be uncomfortable (and maybe even scary) if you’re basing your understanding on the lies the media is peddling.

Nothing that has occurred from November 3 presently should have caught the Trump administration, and/or patriots who have been following the intel, and/or authentic Christians by surprise.  President Trump has been plain about what he foresaw coming, intel has corroborated it in no less than a dozen ways, and God has been warning His people of the coming days through various mouthpieces.

Yes, there is extensive voter fraud, and yes it is primarily in the swing states.  But yes, the Trump administration has already handled it.  What we have going on now is the parts playing out.

Exactly how this is going to play out, I don’t know.  I know there are rumors of watermarks on ballots that will make the counterfeits easy to distinguish.  I’ve also heard this is untrue.  I’ve heard of a block chain system that can secure the election.  [The blockchain patent owned by USPS can be found here.]  The Department of Homeland Security requested/required the states to have secure ballots by or before the 2020 election, so if that was complied with, there will be a recourse for fraudulent ballots.

The most plausible explanation I’ve heard to date has to do with the machines used for counting.  It relates back to the “Hammer” program which spawned the “Scorecard” program.  Lt. General Thomas McInerney, retired USAF, explains it in part here.  An excellent breakdown of the program can be read here.  Basically it’s the CIA’s weapon for interfering in foreign elections and overturning foreign governments, being used against us here in America.

Sidney Powell, the named future FBI Director, has announced they have evidence such was used.  She was on Fox News with Lou Dobbs (alongside Tom Fitton), and you can watch that interview here.  (at least until they censor it)

Speaking of videos, until this video gets censored, this is the one that explains how the election fraud and voter fraud is happening.  It’s an excellent discourse on the details that an average American may not know or understand.  If you watch it, you’ll discover (at the 41:30 mark) that 57,000 votes were altered in one state alone during early voting.  They found that ten blocks of Westminster St. in Highland Park had every single vote purged and then later partially reloaded changed.  (I believe this was in Dallas.)

At the 42 minute mark of that same video, he explains what ghost voters (people using other people’s residence), phantom voters (voter who checks in as one person but shows up as someone else), and purged and tampered votes are (votes that are posted and later purged or changed).

It was a little disconcerting to learn that in Houston alone, they discovered 250,000 early votes were altered on October 14.  They audited the county records to discover this.  That’s a quarter of a million votes changed in one city alone!

Around the 45:30 mark, he brought up the Michigan fiasco.  There was a “bogus file upload” in the Michigan polls that caused a surge of Biden votes – but nobody else.  They (officials in Michigan) have asserted it was a glitch in software.  The truth is it was a programmed glitch from the Scorecard program.

No, this election cannot be called until every legal vote is counted correctly and every fraudulent vote, voter, and election fraudster is arrested and tried for crimes.  We’ll see what the authentic election results are then, and then the true winner can be declared.

President Trump and his administration have been wisely preparing for the 2020 elections.  They instated the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in November 2018.  The U.S. Government, under President Trump’s leadership, deemed elections a national security issue and set itself to prepare to defend the U.S. elections from foreign (and domestic) interference.  CISA operates as a standalone department, but under the Department of Homeland Security.

Do you know who one of the greatest threats to justice for an honest election system in America is?  Establishment Republicans.  Establishment Republicans have emboldened this crazed criminal behavior from decades of apathy and inaction to their crimes.

The dark players, the Black Hats, the Deep State, or whatever you want to call them, the enemies of the Republic of the United States have pushed through their agendas and their criminality because establishment Republicans are in bed with them or bought out by them.  It’s time to clean house in a thousand ways.

So no, Joe Biden has not won the 2020 election.  This is far from over, and it’s not because we’re sore losers.  It’s because we represent the Constitutional Republic of the United States and we understand that criminality and injustice are destroying our nation.  So we will not kow-tow to the bullying and criminal tactics of a people group intent on destroying our Republic.

And one more thing….

If you’re a believer, you have had the advantage of knowing this outcome before it happened.

Amos 3:7 (NASU)  “Surely the LordGod does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”

The voice of the Lord has been going out across our land, and He has not been silent in regards to the state of our nation.  Multiple voices in various venues have spoken of these days and even days to come.  We just have to learn how to discern them.

Moreover, God is faithful to speak to us Himself.  He speaks to His people in dreams and visions, through His (logos – written) Word and His (rhema – spoken) Word, and through other people, nature, and our circumstances.  If ever His people needed to learn how to hear Him, this would be an excellent time.

I am reminded of Pastor Coverstone’s dream of Kamala Harris driving the mule-driven wagon with Joe Biden atop the mule.  The wagon was loaded with dynamite, and she was intently whipping both mules and Biden to push them ahead.  Off to the side, President Trump was being held by Hillary Clinton with a knife to his throat.  As the scene progressed, President Trump grabbed the necklace she was wearing and used it to force her off balance for a release.  This part has intrigued me because of the symbolism.  The necklace was the SS lightning bolts of the Nazi regime.

The SS lightning bolts originate from the Armanen Runes and directly connect with occultism.  While the Nazis declared it meant “victory, victory”, the sig rune actually symbolizes the sun and power.  I thought this was an interesting symbol to be tied around Hillary’s neck, and in the dream, President Trump used this very symbol against Hillary to break free from her grasp.  I think this has implications I haven’t grasped yet.

Regardless, the dream ends with defeat for Hillary, Biden and Harris.  President Trump is God’s selection for America, and as He decrees, so it is.  As Isaiah 14:24-27 admonish us:  God’s plans will not be annulled.

Mario Murillo, Kim Clement, Mark Taylor, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, etc. have all prophesied a second term for President Trump.  The voices have gone out, are still going out.  Pastor Coverstone’s dreams and plenty of just everyday Christians with their own dreams, they have all pointed to President Trump’s re-election.

Another of Pastor Coverstone’s dreams, the one with the data lines, seems to be playing out before our eyes.  The data lines surged and converged to Philadelphia, where they exploded under the Liberty Bell, sending it flying in the air.  While in the air, it split in two and landed on the ground in two pieces, rocking.  Philadelphia is the site of one of the greatest concentrations of election fraud.  They’ve announced Pennsylvania for Biden, after barring Republican poll watchers from their counting process.

After Philadelphia, the data lines surged almost singly to Washington D.C. where they exploded at the halls of Congress, splitting the building.  The smoke that rose from it spelled out “DISCOVERY” and the people gathered around ran in terror from that word.  That is exactly where we are headed in the coming days.  Discovery is a legal term for evidence brought forth, and deeds of darkness flee in terror of their deeds coming to light.  And in the rotunda of the Capitol (in that dream), a casket with a sign denoting the “democratic presidential candidate” was lying in state with a calendar dated December 17.

Christians, we just need to believe God and agree with Him.  It doesn’t matter what the corrupt media says.  It doesn’t even matter what government officials say.  What matters is what God decrees.  What God decrees will not be annulled by any work of man, however hard man may try.

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