[or Pleiadians, Light Workers, a Galactic Federation and a Dog]

I may have a peculiar faith.  I actually believe the words of God.  I believe He is who He says He is, has done what He’s says He has done, and will do what He says He will do.  Faith usually comes easy for me, and I probably actually have the gift of faith.

Over my three decades of walking with God, I developed a personal belief system in Him and in my life in that I believe God takes care of me personally.  I believe God is sovereign.  (There’s a lot in that, but that will suffice for now.)  I have experienced unusual favor in my life, and what I consider supernatural protection.  Abundant testimonies of protection and provision apply here, and they have led me to the conviction that I am kept by God.  Nothing (good or bad) comes to me without His permission.

In late February this year, I had two dreams the same night with what I deemed a warning.  The first found me in a convertible with my best friend with the top down, and parked on a road that had an upper ridge above it.  On the ridge above me was a mountain lion.  The second found me in a restaurant with my best friend, and I had left without my coat.  Several blocks after leaving I realized I had left my coat hanging on the back of my chair.

Both of these dreams were alarming to me because I knew what they meant.  They meant I was uncovered – outside of my protection bubble.  A convertible with the top down (uncovered), with a mountain lion looking down on me is a vulnerable situation.  Coat represents covering, and I had left it.  I began praying to ask God how I was vulnerable, how I was unprotected and uncovered.  The first response I got was that I have been lazy pleading the Blood of Christ over myself, my home and my family daily.  But I had a nagging there was more…

Then on March 21, while on a walk with my small dog, I was attacked from behind by a dog that jumped its fence.  The attack was severe enough that I had punctures and lacerations on three different parts of my body, some that required stitches.  (But they don’t stitch dog bites because of infection.)  Had I not been able to get my pepper spray out of my pocket after the fourth bite, I don’t know how I would have fared.  The dog was aggressive and intentional.

The next month was a process of healing.  I was in physical pain for about a week after, dressing bandages and having trouble sleeping.  I fought anxiety, (I am never anxious), and depression (again, I am never depressed).  Physically I was tired all the time and had trouble sleeping.  The day of the attack, in that same hour in fact, I thought, “The natural parallels the spiritual.  What is going on?”

Sidebar:  I have learned that the natural world frequently parallels the spiritual world.  When something manifests in the natural is usually an indication something has happened in the spiritual realm.  If there is something out of the ordinary, I have learned to ask God what it means.  It would be a full other month before I was to understand what it meant.

Being a truth seeker, I have had to retrain myself to not reject information just because I don’t believe it.  I have had to train myself to keep open the possibility that I may be wrong, misinformed or I may misunderstand.  It is a precarious position to be in when everything you have held strong convictions on is called into question.  Integrity tells me truth is more important than perceived homeostasis.  Perceptions lie – even if unintentionally.  Because of my desire to walk in integrity while pursuing truth, I have trained myself to not initially reject OR accept anything, regardless of my personal convictions, beliefs and experiences.

Over the past six months, and being in the public sphere through social media and the internet, I’ve been exposed to numerous “truthers” – people sincerely searching for truth.  There is a group of these people who sometimes claim to be Christians, who sometimes claim Christ as the Messiah, but who have strange doctrine.  They call themselves Pleiadians, Light Workers, etc.  They speak of other dimensions, other beings, frequencies and vibrations.  These are all things I know to be true.   So I have not discounted them.

Quantum physics has revealed at least twelve dimensions.  The spiritual dimension is another dimension – probably one of the twelve.  Humans interact in four:  height, width, depth and time.  There are other beings, usually unseen by humans.  In the spiritual realm we know them as angels, demons, cherub, “heavenly creatures”, etc.  Some have been identified as “aliens”, and there is a startling amount of evidence of such beings.  Both light and sound can be used for healing (and torture).  Vibrations or frequencies are especially significant in the quantum physics world, and there is a direct correlation to health and frequencies.  (Which is another reason 5G towers are a bad idea.  Look at the impact on human health.  It’s also the reason blue tooth in the ear causes brain tumors.)

These people like to speak like they are the enlightened ones and everyone else is in the dark.  They do have specific truths, yet their application is suspect.  They speak of a “Galactic Federation”, and they interchange words for Christ, acknowledging His existence (most of them, anyway), but calling him an “Ascended Master”.  They promote the Bible as man-made religion and do not deny (a) God – but there are other denials more subtle.

While I would agree the general public is clueless about most of these topics, if you’ve pursued truth for a length of time, these truths will indeed surface.  Multiple national governments have hidden their alliance with “aliens” and their “classified” work with UFOs. DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) exist for the works of this very topic, and the works there are clandestine.

But as time progressed and their voices grew louder with their claims of truth, seeds of doubt were gradually laid that I didn’t recognize as doubt.  I didn’t realize I had tabled points of my convictions, in a suspended state of waiting for more evidence one way or another.  I had left the door open for the possibility of error or misunderstanding on my part.  But I didn’t realize I had left the door unguarded.

Nor did I recognize the seeds of doubt had sprouted into plants of unbelief.  I thought I was solid.  I thought I was square.  I barely recognized my prayer life had quietly subsided as I was waiting for God to act one way or another, to dispel or confirm.  I retorted to the (oh wise one, as social media stroked the ego of this mouthpiece) person who called Christ an “ascended master”, that if Christ was truly just an “ascended master” there was no need for Him to die on the Cross.

When I had suffered the attack and began seeking God for what parallel it represented in the spiritual, I looked at the symbols.  Walking represents forward movement, advancement and progress.  That was stopped.  Dogs (if they are not your personal pet) symbolize unbelievers, religious hypocrites, and the apostate (to name a few).  The right side of my body was damaged from the attack, and right symbolizes the place of your authority and power.  The parts of my body that I still bear the scars from symbolized these things:  1) my strength, authority and/or responsibility, 2) my mind and truth, and 3) intimacy and relationship.

The Lord showed me my advancement and progression had been abruptly stopped because of attacks from unbelievers, religious hypocrites and apostates – which had significantly (and temporarily) damaged my place of authority and power.  [Which explained to me how my usual favor and protection was compromised, and reiterated the dream of warning a month prior.]  The damage was to my strength and authority (in the spirit realm especially); it assailed my mind and TRUTH; and affected my intimacy and relationship with God.

Because I failed to guard the door I left open to filter truths, seeds of doubt grew into unbelief that I didn’t initially recognize.  This place of vulnerability caused damage in my faith and my intimacy with God, weakened my spirit and authority in the spirit, and affected my place of truth in my mind.  It was way more damaging than I realized.

It wasn’t until I was speaking with a lovely young woman, and our conversation led me to tell her about some very specific places God has intervened in my life for my protection and well-being, that I realized the unbelief I had been harboring.   Today my body is healed, with significant scars on the places of damage.  I call them my scars of unbelief, and they serve as reminders to guard the door to truths.

I am once again able to settle into a place of strength and authority, with full confidence my protection is secure.  I have rejected the unbelief that masqueraded in the promise of “deeper truths” than the God of Creation, the God of the Bible, and Christ as Messiah.

What these light workers and “Pleiadians” fail to recognize, is God is a personal god.  He is personally involved in His children’s lives.  Alliance with aliens is simply alliance with demons.  Looking to your “light workers” for your guidance will ultimately lead to your demise.

God’s Word was given for our instruction and protection.  Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 11:3-5*,

But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.  For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you bear this beautifully.

[*And yes, this is from the New American Standard Updated version.  Please don’t write to tell me I should only read and quote from the KJV.  I address that here.]

No, this “ascended master” Jesus is “another Jesus”.  This is not the gospel.  This is perversion.

Scripture is also clear about aligning with “light workers”:

Col 2:18-19 [NASU]

Let no one keep defrauding you of your prize by delighting in self-abasement and the worship of the angels, taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind, and not holding fast to the head, from whom the entire body, being supplied and held together by the joints and ligaments, grows with a growth which is from God.

Angels, aka “light workers” are here to carry out the will of God.  Worship, adoration, exaltation of an angel as one’s guidance is clearly a perversion of their role, and causes disjointedness.  Christ is the Head, and from the Head we’re to get our guidance.

In fact, this “man-made Bible” that instructs us in this “man-made” religion is very clear on the order of angels:

Hebrews 2:5 [NASU]

 For He did not subject to angels the world to come, concerning which we are speaking.

If you go on to read the context of that thought, you will see the earth is in subjection to man.  (and quotes Psalm 8)

Pleiadians and “Light Workers” like to talk about how these light guides are here to save the earth.  (and they reference some great “Galactic Federation”)  They are ignorant that Christ came to save humanity; and humanity is responsible for the earth.  Humans – through Christ – is the order for change on this earth.

This people group likes to talk about the earth ascending.  This is a bizarre teaching.  They explain that humanity’s consciousness is ascending, and thus the earth.  This “ascension”, they claim, is to a superior earth.  Because a lot of these people sincerely believe they are Christians, I thought maybe they just replaced or exchanged terminology but the concepts were the same?  No.  There is a deception in this as well.

I understand the need or desire to separate your terminology from the old church terminology.   The church and its traditions and false teachings have left a bad taste in a significant population of western society.  There’s a need to break away from some of that.  But this isn’t that.  This is a perversion of truths that causes deception.

I’m all for truth.  I have established my life on the pursuit of truth.  I’ve been disheartened, disillusioned, infuriated and a host of other difficult and uncomfortable emotions as I’ve learned certain truths.  The Bible will most likely never cease to be a source of misunderstanding, misapplications, misappropriations and division until time runs out.  However, when you know God personally, have a relationship with Him, and adhere to His Sovereignty, the higher and deeper truths are personified in your life.

Precisely because I’ve had the miraculous, the unexplainable and supernatural occur in my life through a relationship with my Creator and my Savior, I am able to say Christ indeed is the way, the truth and the life.  Doubts and unbelief have no ground (other than what I give them) in the light of a life that is abandoned to God and has seen and tasted His Presence working in that life.

And while there is truth in other beings in other dimensions, “light workers”, sound and light vibrations and frequencies altering matter – there is no truth separate from the Source.

*Shout out to my “mom”, Marilyn, who reminded me to seek what the spiritual implications were when I was attacked, and to Sensei Jade, a reader in Idaho, who was a voice of reason, reassurance and direction in this time.  God bless you both mightily!

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