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[This article is not intended as advice, but to stimulate thought and discussion.]

Water…. Is the best answer for the question.  Clean, unflouridated, dechlorinated water does more for your body than anything else.  It aides the detoxification process, the brain cells, the skin, and helps all of your organs function at their optimal.  If you can do nothing else, a water only fast for three days will help your body in dramatic measures.  Doing a three day water only fast every four to six weeks will aide long term benefits.

Diet….Eat as clean as you can, as close to the original source as you can.  Avoid processed foods (most packaged foods), foods with more than five ingredients, foods that ingredients list have sugar in the first three ingredients, and foods that are genetically modified.  My rule of thumb is if God created it and man hasn’t modified it, my body can benefit from it.  (obvious exceptions for toxic things)

I take Juice Plus daily.  It is about thirty organic fruits and vegetables dehydrated and put in capsules.  I have a hard time getting a lot of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet.  I take this as a preventative and to enhance my immune system.  It’s expensive at $75/month, so it’s a sacrifice in many ways.  But it’s cheaper than a doctor visit, and it’s cheaper than a lot of supplements.  [And no, there is not anything else on the market with the same product, though there are knock offs that pretend to be.  I’ve done my research here.]

Omega Oils…. I take these daily.  I read a book years ago by Dr. Barry Sears called Toxic Fat.  He explains that fat (specifically abdominal) is the body’s defense against toxins.  Fat cells enlarge and encapsulate toxins to protect the inner organs.  The American diet is woefully short of omega oils, which aide the removal of these toxins.   I began taking omega oils and experimented a bit with them.  I started with two/day, then three, then four, then five.  It was when I got to five capsules a day, my knees stopped hurting.  I don’t know the connection, I just know it happened.

[Swansons Vitamins have some of the most affordable and yet quality supplements on the market.  I happen to take JuicePlus omegas only because I can get the same impact (gauging by my knees) with two of their capsules versus four otherwise.  Again, they are pricey, but I did the math of two of theirs versus five of the others, and it wasn’t significantly more at that rate.]

Boron and oxygen….I (try to) drink a glass of distilled water every morning with a pinch of Borax in it and a dropper of hydrogen peroxide.  I take my JuicePlus and omegas at the same time.  Borax is pure boron, a mineral the body needs and if found deficient in, the result is crippling arthritis.  Like most other minerals, too much will poison your body.

Here is an outstanding article on Borax/Boron.

Here are some articles on the benefits of Boron:

I’d not recommend anyone try the hydrogen peroxide thing.  There are no less than thousands of warnings against it from just about everyone.  I, however, do it anyway BUT I do it in such low quantities.  I’ve never done the increased drops method, but I’ve heard some amazing testimonies from people who have.  I just stick to one dropper a day in my morning water.

[I do it because I believe the premise is true:  our bodies are oxygen deficient.  The studies I’ve done on the longevity of life pre-flood versus post-flood indicate the oxygen levels on the earth were much richer pre-flood.  Lifespans began decreasing the further down the chronology timeline you get away from the flood.  Hydrogen peroxide in safe, small doses, is able to oxygenate your body at a better level than normal.  Again, I don’t recommend anyone do this.  But here is a fascinating article about one person’s journey.]

This has been the most profound book I’ve read on health and modern health issues in the last ten years.  And while I don’t subscribe to a vegetarian diet, this book (vegetarian aside) has excellent knowledge as well.

Milk thistle…  I also take milk thistle daily, for its ability to cleanse the liver.  I socially drink, and our environment is full of toxins.  The liver is what cleans the blood and removes toxins.  This article expounds on how milk thistle aides liver health.

Ketogenic and carnivore diets…  As far as actual diets, I feel the best on a keto diet.  I have friends on a carnivore diet that have reversed Lupus and vax damage.  Regardless, if I minimize my exposure to processed and genetically modified foods, and if I lower my sugar intake (or completely remove), my body loves me back very well.  I like Dr. Eric Berg’s approach to Keto, yet I tailor it a bit to suit me.  He has a plethora of videos on youtube.

Fasting….  There are so many health and spiritual benefits to fasting, it confounds me that everyone is not doing it.  Full fasts have their place, but it’s not a regular place.  Intermittent fasting has tremendous benefit to the body.  The idea is that digesting food takes a lot of energy, and if you can find spans of time the body is not digesting food, the body is able to heal itself more efficiently.

Examples of intermittent fasting would be finding a window of time you eat, and then you don’t eat in the other window.  So a 16/8 fast would be no food or calories for sixteen hours, then you can eat in that eight hour window.  The idea is to get the eating window smaller, so like 20/4.  (Fast twenty hours, eat over four hours.)  But I’m a huge fan of everyone figuring out what works best for them and their bodies.  Some people like a 18/6 window.  Some people fast a day, eat a day.  It takes some experimenting, but it’s worth it.  After a routine on intermittent fasting, you’re sure to see the benefit.

There’s also OMAD (one meal a day), and that’s intermittent fasting on steroids.  It’s exactly what it sounds like:  you eat once, preferably in the same time window every day so your body gets that 22 hours of reparative work and healing.  There are significant studies that say people on OMAD diets increase their life expectancy (and quality of life) pretty significantly. This is one of my favorite testimonies about it.

Detox…This is imperative for long term health.  Our bodies are under continual assault from just about every angle:  water, food, air, energy fields, etc.  If you’ve read my prior work, you’ll know the flu is your body detoxing.  It’s the culmination of toxic buildup in your body and your body needing to dump these toxins for a health reset.  The coronavirus is another example of this same process.  If we can get ahead of the detoxification of our bodies, we can avoid things like the flu and other viral viruses.  (I’ve had the flu about four times in my whole life.  The last time I had it was 2005.) Think of it like this:  if you’re having flu symptoms, your body is poisoned and needs to release the poison.

Dr. Schulze has a detox regiment that I like to use.  You can check him out here.  His is a little pricey, but I can trust his organic herbs and his system.  I haven’t been to a doctor (two exceptions) in over twenty years.  This is my healthcare expense.  I don’t have any regular doctor appointments, medications, or anything else.  So I reason these are my health care expenses.

I can’t emphasize enough the need for a somewhat regular detox regiment.  Dr. Schulze recommends detoxing at the change of seasons (so four times a year).  He has a gut detox, a liver and a kidney detox.  I don’t do all of those.  If I were to pick the most important one, I’d say gut, hands down.  (He calls it bowel.)  I don’t detox that regularly (via systems, but I do fasts), but I try to eat clean, and I gauge it on my body and any symptoms that may necessitate a detox.

Recently I started a regimen for heavy metal detoxing.  Heavy metals in our system can have a devastating impact on our health.  Heavy metals come from chemicals, air and water pollutants, etc.  They are particularly damaging to the brain and are linked to Alzheimer’s and other diseases.  Here is an article on heavy metal detoxing with food, and an article with a good overview.

Coseva sells a product that has been rated extremely well for heavy metal detox and their website is here.  Speaking of heavy metal detoxing, this is a primary reason I’ve started a regimen, and it is related to covid.

Radiation poisoning…This is an area I wish more attention was given.  The level of radiation our bodies are exposed to is climbing incrementally.  This past year, it has jumped significantly.  Arthur Firstenberg has spent decades researching and presenting the case for electrical pollution.  I can’t recommend his book enough.  Is covid a case of radiation poisoning from 5G?  It’s worth looking into.  Either way, there is ample evidence our bodies are not unaffected by modern technology.

[I’m wrestling through information about iodine and its ability to aide the thyroid against radiation poisoning.  I wonder if iodine is an option for combatting the radiation bombardment our bodies are constantly under?  I’m wondering if it’s an option for treatment and/or a preventative?]

Heavy metals in your blood stream and body act like magnets for radiation and electrical waves.  They heat up and draw those waves, causing greater damage to your body.  It is in our best interest to not attract these waves, and thus heavy metal detoxing is both preventative and wise in this modern age of technology.

Providing covid isn’t a bioweapon being released, and is indeed a viral virus as it was first identified as decades ago (coronavirus), then protecting ourselves from 5G radiation as much as possible is a potential preventative to covid.  Oxygenating our cells is vital in this process.  I’m still hammering out some thoughts on this, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Some beauty remarks…

Skin is the largest organ for humans.  Imagine all the things your skin does, and the filter it is for your body.  Consider soaps and lotions and detergents and clothing and their impact on your body – because they DO have an impact.  I prefer to use oils on my skin instead of commercial lotion.  Look into the various oils and how they benefit our bodies.  My husband and I went to the Dominic Republic a few years ago and toured some local cocoa, coffee and coconut plantations.  It was fascinating how much coconut oil benefits your skin and hair, and how they use it for dozens of things!

The man there told me to put coconut oil on my skin about 30 minutes before going out to tan, then reapply as I’m tanning as needed.  It’s amazing how it helps the skin absorb the good part of the sun rays.

Vegetable oil is about the worst!  Really look into coconut oil, castor oil, and essential oils.  Find someone who knows something about them and start trying some of them out.

I started putting castor oil on my eyelashes (for growth) about a year ago, and it works.  My lashes are thicker and longer than they were before.  I use this one, but there are many to choose from.  Do you know what the amazing benefit I found from it?  The fine wrinkles under my eyes went away with it.  I just use a mascara brush and brush the oil on my lashes when I go to bed three or four nights a week.

Last thoughts….

The medical industry and pharma are the largest grossing industries in America.  They have no reason to promote a healthy lifestyle.  They lose money if their clients get well.  There’s a liberty in learning the provision of our Creator.  There’s a liberty in finding healing in His supernatural provision as well as his natural provision.

My family embarked on a journey two decades ago of trusting God for our health.  We learned how to pray for healing, and how to seek God’s wisdom for our needs.  Once I was struggling with severe heartburn for weeks.  The medical community calls it acid reflux and the pharmaceutical community prescribes these little pills that have terrible side effects, so terrible that they have law suits.  I prayed, seeking God for an answer.  An intercessor and I were praying one day, and at the end, we asked God about my chronic heartburn.  God showed her yogurt.  I began eating yogurt that day and have never had chronic heartburn since.  I’m assuming my probiotics had gotten depleted.

My five year old daughter prayed for a woman with carpal tunnel.  The woman, a pianist, felt fire go through her hands and healing come forth.  She unwrapped her hands, and to my knowledge, she has never had trouble again.  That’s supernatural.  The yogurt was natural.  Either way, God healed.  I have dozens of these testimonies.

There’s a frantic campaign in America to control the narrative over a pandemic with a less than one percent death rate.  The solution we’re being fed is to inject chemicals and altered substances into our veins.  They are aggressively framing this pandemic as a societal health issue, when in fact it is not.  They are aggressively attacking natural and spiritual remedies and wisdom.  Why?  Why are we, as human beings, being channeled into a single narrative with a single “solution”?  Cui bono?  Who profits?

I suppose if they can create a narrative that incites fear on a people group that has been taught to trust their system, they can change the landscape of a nation.  I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle when I send the clarion call that true liberty enables an honest pursuit of truth, and not a packaged “solution” to force fed lies.

“There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.”  [Proverbs 14:12 NASU]  Let me follow the ways of God, for I do not trust the ways of men.

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