Part One –  ‘The How’

Once one arrives at the conclusion that conspiracies exist and are indeed true, at least to an extent, a whole new realm of thought opens.  As one reader asked me some time ago, “how far down the rabbit hole have you gone?”  It is indeed a rabbit hole.  Conspiracy investigators never run out of leads to follow.  One investigation and study leads to another.  Before long, you are able to pick up patterns and connect players, even across decades.  The difficulty lies in application.  What do you do with the conclusions you have obtained by the evidence you have scrutinized?

Some people never make it past their normalcy bias.  They just can’t get through their heads and into their understanding that things as they appear are not necessarily the way they are. In fact, they rarely are.  This is the Matrix syndrome.  When first looking at evidence of conspiracy or deceit, the red and blue pill are put before you.  Take the blue pill and you get to forget everything you just read, saw or heard and go back to your normal, calculated life.  Take the red pill, and well, nothing is the same again.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  Nothing is the same again.  It’s unpredictable, unnerving, and unstable.  Not a lot of people have the capacity to operate here day in and day out.

It’s like this in the western church, too.  When you begin to look past the narrative, the traditions and teachings of the western church, and actually search out the Scriptures yourself, you begin to see glaring contradictions between what is being promoted in the institution and what you are learning.  Once in a church we were attending, the pastor spoke in his sermon of unpleasant events in life and he said, “God is not the author of calamity.”  He then proceeded to preach about bad things being from the devil and God only gives good things.  I leaned over to my husband and said, “What do you do with Isaiah 45:7 then?”  (“I [God] form light and create darkness, cause well-being and create calamity.  I am the Lord who does all these.”)  The premise of his entire sermon was faulty, which creates a shaky foundation to build on, one that will eventually fail.  My husband encouraged me to address it with the pastor and I said no thanks.  (This is how I get blackballed by church authorities every time.)  So he did.  And he did it in humility and in love and in a personal, private conversation.  When my husband brought up the actual scripture reference the pastor actually said, “Are you correcting me?”  — and a few other words.  The pastor then made it clear that he was not to be corrected by laity, that he was above reproof.  (And this is a mild example of what I’m talking about in the western church.)   We are then forced to choose whether we’re going to go along with the status quo and traditional teachings and thoughts of the time (whether it be in our faith or in our nation), or if we’re going to follow what we’re learning is truth.

No this whole truth seeking thing will make your life uncomfortable, and at times isolated.  Whether you’re searching for truths in your belief system, your faith, current events, whatever, there will be seasons you will be standing alone.  And it will be lonely.  The only reason legitimate counter-stories have been dubbed “conspiracy theories” is because of the deception the conspirators are operating under.  If they were being forthright about their activities they would be arrested.  So they have to be deceptive because they have a deception to pull off.  Why do you think Benghazi, the fast and furious gun running operation, the deleted emails, etc. all seem to disappear with no major convictions?  Who’s protecting these people?  How is justice not served in the highest ranks of our government?  How is Hillary Clinton not in jail?  If the 9/11 conspiracy is true, do you really think GW Bush and Dick Cheney are going to admit they conspired with others to destroy the WTC to start a war and to hogtie the Constitution?  Wouldn’t that impede the agenda of world dominion (through controlling the resources in the Middle East) and American castration?  No, these are not honest people we are dealing with.

Somewhere between the pursuit of truth and the dawning realization of it, a wrestling match occurs in your inner man.  What do you do with it?  What does it mean in the scope of the big picture?  How am I supposed to live now?  There are plenty of dead bodies to indict the conspirators – journalists, whistle blowers, friends, honest researchers, bean counters, conscientious citizens, you name it.  There’s a wake of dead bodies behind and in every conspiracy.  This has to cross the mind of nearly everyone who has researched thoroughly.  The penalty for exposure can be fatal.    And yet it doesn’t seem right to do nothing…

If you don’t know where to start, start here:

First, look at the evidence as thoroughly as possible. Evaluate it honestly.  Try to get multiple viewpoints to the evidence, and try to corroborate as much as you can.  Learn to identify the hype and move past it.  Take as much emotion out of it as possible, in fact, take all the emotion out of it.  Some “conspiracies” are promoted by highly charged emotional people who see something in everything.  This is not helpful.  Keep your objective in front of you all the time:  truth.  You only want the truth.  You don’t care if you like it, hate it, agree or disagree with it, those things do not matter.  Only the truth matters.

Know that it’s a shell game.  If there’s truth in a conspiracy, and if the conspirators are high stakes (think CIA, government agents, Hollywood or DC elites, people with seemingly endless resources), they will counter-inject conspiracy websites and “informants” to misinform.  These people are called disinformants or “gatekeepers”.  They will present their evidence and a certain percentage of it will be true, and then they will weave in lies and carefully constructed alternative plot twists or deliberate false evidence.  The purpose is to discredit the truth.  If I told you a story about what happened last weekend at a party, but I put in a couple fictitious details and/or players, when you found out later that those were lies, you would most likely discount the whole story, and you would make a mental note to not believe me carte blanche again.  This is how “conspiracy theories” get shrugged or laughed off a lot of the time.  The conspiracy may in fact be true, but some of the “evidence” depicted is faulty so the whole conspiracy is discounted.

Beware of red herrings.  A red herring is a misleading clue, something that’s introduced or allowed to be known, but its purpose is to divert attention from the real evidence or people involved.  Many conspiracies employ individuals for this that are shills, or they entrap people as a patsy.  Know the difference.  One is used purposefully and willingly (shill), and the other is framed (patsy).  Regardless, the concept is a fall guy for the deed so the real perpetrators go unnoticed.  For instance, Stephen Paddock was either a shill or a patsy, but he clearly wasn’t the killer.  (Again, look at the evidence, not at the emotions.)  The broken out windows and the “crime scene” was a red herring.  You have to learn to look at the evidence and disregard the narrative.  Notice how Jesus Campos’ role in Vegas kept changing, along with his whereabouts.  Notice Stephen Paddock’s brother has now been arrested.  Pay attention and ask good questions.  Pornography and drugs can easily be planted; false evidence can be provided without too much trouble if you run the corrupt investigation.  This is an easy way to get people who are hindering the narrative out of the way.  Pay attention.

Watch how people react emotionally instead of logically.  People want to believe the official story; they want to trust the authorities, so they easily believe what is full of contradictions.  Where is the body of Stephen Paddock?  Who identified it?  How do we know he was the body in the room?  Why do the “leaked” photos from the crime scene show a man that’s supposed to be Paddock, but is without Paddock’s tattoo on his neck?  If you’re emotionally invested, if you need to believe a story so you have something to direct your anger or grief at, you’ll miss these inconsistencies.  You will want to believe what appeases your emotions.  You have to leave emotion out of it.

[Which reminds me, don’t believe the official story if it comes from the media and government authorities first.  Just don’t.  After you look at the evidence of a few key conspiracies, you’ll understand why that should be rule number one.]

Also, look at the people they move out of the way.  That’s usually a smoking gun.  The Clintons seriously have a wake of body bags behind them.  One or two may be coincidental, but last time I checked the count was around 200.  That’s not a coincidence.  Now look at the people that are dead.  What was their connection and who were they connected to?  What knowledge did they have that was a threat?  How did they die?  How many of their deaths were ruled “suicide”?  The nutrition doctors and natural healing community have this plague as well.  Literally hundreds of people have died untimely and mysterious deaths when they released information against BigPharma, vaccines, or real truth about cancer and how it is healed.

Next, educate.  Kindred hearts and minds are drawn to each other.  Find other truth seekers.  Start there, exchange notes and build resources.  Start with people you know and love.  Some will receive, others won’t.  Don’t spend a lot of time on any one person unless that person is serious, NOT curious.  Learn to know the difference.  Don’t throw out critical thinking adversaries just because they don’t agree or see it yet.  If they’re critical and truth-seeking, they will get there.  The truth has a funny way of rising to the top.  Just keep feeding information or resources and let them search it out.  This is just like sharing the gospel:  some will, some won’t, some will later, some will receive it now but forsake it later.  Some have ears to hear but most don’t.  Just do your part and try not to inflame anyone in the process.

Never tell everything you know.  It does no one any good to have information spoon fed to them.  Give people enough to realize there’s another story, and let them be responsible for their own knowledge.  Convictions that come from persuasion are weak and lost under pressure.  Let people seek truth and build their own convictions.

Remember it’s a process.  Most of us were raised in the system and have a normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance issues.  Sometimes it takes consistent, repetitive revelations before thinking changes, other times it can be instant like a light bulb going on.  For me it was investigating 9/11.  I investigated it as a believer in the official story, out to correct all these false accusations.  At some point I couldn’t disregard the evidence without being dishonest.  Did I want to believe it?  No.  I was a staunch patriot with all too blind eyes, but I reasoned they were loyal eyes.  Unfortunately, loyalty to an incorrect belief is treason to truth.  They can’t both be right.  So allow the process to work in you and others.  If the objective is truth, and if it’s an honest pursuit of the truth, leaving biases and personal desires aside, the truth can be found.

When you find resources that you trust, keep this in mind:  We’re all wrong sometimes.  There are a few go-to people (researchers, informants, etc.) I’ve leaned on in the past that have had wrong information.  That doesn’t mean they can’t still be trusted.  Learn how to discern from human mistakes and deliberate deception.  You don’t have to throw out somebody’s work just because they’re wrong on a couple issues.  But do stay away from ones you can identify as gatekeepers or disinformants.  Emotional researchers have trouble discerning gatekeepers from genuine resources.  Research logically (not emotionally) and pray for discernment.

There’s a guy that really blew the whistle on some key government conspiracies back in the 70s.  The more I read of his work, the more fantastical it got.  I stopped reading him for awhile because I felt he had gotten off track, and I prayed about it.  I am quite certain the Lord showed me that he started off right, but some of his informants were feeding him wrong information so as to make him look like a nut and discredit him.  I felt I could still trust his research, as long as I could confirm it with other sources.  I just need to use a lot of discernment with his work.

There was another man, a self-professed “Christian” who still does talk shows and has a website.  He has a decent sized following and sounds right, but my gut told me to check him.  I made sure to confirm as much as I could that he presented, and I found that a huge percentage of his information was unverifiable.  He opined alongside his assertions, and one of his opinions was woefully short-sighted.  I penned him a kind email questioning him on this and explaining a different viewpoint, to which he replied a scathing rebuke to me and made all sorts of vile accusations about me.  He did not know me; we had never exchanged before.  This was telling; this was the man’s fruit.  There was nothing of the Spirit of God in his reply.  All credibility was lost.  So yes, do test the spirits, especially in a professed believer.

Sit on what you learn.  Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.  Turn the matter over in your mind, bounce it off people you can trust who have good judgment.  Pray about it, and ask the Lord for His eyes and His heart.  He has been very good to direct my paths in research and to lead me to confirmations or warn me of deceptions or traps.  Give the investigation time to process and develop before you arrive at conclusions.  Sometimes new information changes everything; sometimes it confirms; sometimes it challenges.  Be willing to be wrong, and be quick to correct your mistakes.  If you haven’t confirmed something, don’t present it as fact.

Finally, remember truth is the objective.  The rest is just details.  Make sure you don’t get emotionally invested and lose your objectivity.  Seek truth.  Seek truth.  Seek truth.  Then be bold when you get it.

Proverbs 28:5 [NASU]

Evil men do not understand justice, But those who seek the Lord understand all things.

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