Okay, I color commentated the second panel of the Clinton Foundation Case Study, and it was replete with my utter exhaustion and frustration of the circus it was. In my colorful commentating, it occurred to me that maybe people who didn’t follow or watch the hearing may be lost in their understanding by my colorful commentary.  It’s important that we understand what happened here, so I’ve rewritten without the creativity of my first discourse.  If you want to read that one (I like it better), you can read it here.

[To begin, a slight correction:  In my first report of panel one, I misrepresented Mr. Fitton of Judicial Watch as an attorney.  He is not.  He is the President of Judicial Watch, founded in 1994 to advocate and serve as a watchdog to D.C. politics and the laws of the land.]

Without further ado, this is my take on the second panel, in barebones layman’s terms:

Basically, the witnesses, Mr. Doyle and Mr. Moynihan , are forensic investigators who do their own investigations and analysis on companies who violate tax codes and other laws.  If they find probable cause of violations of the law, they submit their findings to the IRS.  If the IRS finds the law has been broken and penalties, fines and back taxes are due, Mr. Doyle and Moynihan get a “bounty hunter” collection fee of 10-30% of the totaled fees collected.

The Congress Representatives on the committee panel, (specifically with the “D” beside their name), were hell-bent on painting the witnesses as “plaintiffs in a lawsuit”.  This is simply not true, never stated, nor inferred.  In fact, Rep. Connolly rushed out of the gate intent on discounting the witnesses by phrases like, “so-called set of allegations” and asserting the witnesses had “conceded they are NOT whistleblowers.  Instead they are would-be plaintiffs in a lawsuit.”  These are flagrant lies I can only assume they are hoping people believe.  (including themselves?)

Mr. Doyle and Mr. Monynihan spent two years going through Clinton Foundation public records they could access.  They went through 990s, returns filed, revenue sources and expenses.  They ran into a problem when they couldn’t reconcile the CF revenue sources with their expenses.  They did a macro review of CF donors and found that less than one-tenth of one percent of donors gave 80% of the CF money.  They looked at consent decrees issued against the CF and reviewed the responses.  They sourced contracts, MOUs, emails and interaction with foreign governments.  They reviewed foreign offices, and they created spreadsheets comparing the data.

They found massive tax fraud.  This is the function of a tax bounty hunter, and it comes under legal definition as “outside whistleblowers” – meaning they didn’t work for the CF, but are on the outside blowing the whistle on illegal activities.  For some reason, the clowns couldn’t understand these terms or functions.

Basically what this two year investigation revealed was the Clinton Foundation committed massive tax fraud, acted as a foreign agent working with foreign governments (including engaging in quid pro quo with foreign entities, aka treason), misrepresented itself to its donors, misused public funds, etc.

(See my colorful commentary for specific wording.)

These witness whistleblowers submitted their probable cause to the IRS on August 11, 2017, and it was denied.  They submitted 1300 pages of documentation in a 48 page claim submission with 95 formal exhibits and 6000 pages of accompanying documentation.  The IRS denied this claim, but gave no reason for its denial.  (if I understood that right)  I want to reemphasize this:  the IRS did not find enough reason in their extensive 6000 page documentation with 95 formal exhibits to conduct even an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  Have you heard about some of the IRS audits they conduct?  And THIS wasn’t important or well-documented enough to warrant investigation??

The IRS then encouraged the witnesses to resubmit their claim via an appeal, which they did with additional evidence.  The evidence they submitted to accompany their appeal were pictures of the FBI loading 757s of confiscated evidence in Little Rock, Arkansas from the Clinton Foundation.  Apparently this got the attention of someone in the IRS and their submission of probable cause is now under review.

There are so many things that came out in this hearing through the witnesses that need looked at and addressed.  Time and space do not permit me here and now.

[Things like the 2010 Uranium One controversy where money was funneled into the CF through Mr. Frank Giustra and hidden from the American people.  Things like Giustra/Uranium One interests gave the CF $31.3M in January 2008.  Other things like Uranium One’s Chairman used his family’s foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35M to the Clinton Foundation, and that Bill Clinton shortly thereafter received a $500,000 speaking fee from Ren. Cap. Org., or that they received $18-50M from the Saudi’s.  Or especially that the Justice Department actively suppressed the investigations.  Or even things like they found the Clinton email server….]

But I’m going to pass over those things for right now and highlight the thing that was exposed and probably bothers me the most.

Apparently the evidence these witnesses gathered was serious enough to warrant passing it on to law agencies like the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Federal US Postal Inspection Service, and various US attorney offices in relevant jurisdictions.  No one saw fit to move on the evidence.

In fact, the witnesses submitted their documentation to the Department of Justice April 14, 18 and 29, then again May 29 with no reply.  They FedExed the data again on October 10, (and it was received Oct. 12).  Then on November 30 (two weeks before the hearing), the DOJ office called and asked for the data AGAIN.  The DOJ asked the witnesses to RESUBMIT what they had sent them three times prior.

Where did the evidence go those other times???  Did the DOJ lose it?  Or did they “lose” it?  These are important questions that need answered if we’re at all interested in truth and justice.  The financial investigators have spent three years researching and compiling their findings of extreme corruption with national implications and the governmental agencies responsible for acting have refused to process it.

Dear American citizens, we have a problem!  We have a committee established to investigate non-profit organizations that refuses to look at evidence, that tries to paint the evidence as insignificant and illegitimate (“so-called allegations”), and that tries to deflect to deemed adversarial organizations.  Worse, we have “justice departments” and appointed law enforcers who refuse to enforce the laws on favored persons.

Some of these foreign agent acts were literal acts of treason!  If you and I were even remotely guilty of a small fraction of this, we would have already been executed for treason, or at the least, locked up for the rest of our lives.

I love these witnesses.  They are sharp and fierce and unintimidated.  They saw through the antics of the mockery in this panel, and flatly refused to play the game.  (All while being accused of playing a game!)

I need you to understand how this went down.  This panel was (allegedly) investigating non-profit organizations to see if there was corruption.  Someone invited Mr. Doyle and Mr. Monyihan to this hearing to answer questions about their own investigation.  There was no benefit to Mr. Doyle and Mr. Monyihan to attend this hearing.  They had no interest in speaking to Congressional Representatives.  They answered the invitation as a courtesy, and in the interests of disclosure of truth.

As the hearing got underway and more and more evidence exposed corruption at the grossest levels, some well-meaning congressmen/women on the panel urged the witnesses to provide the panel with their 6000 pages of evidence.  They declined.

Please, please, please get this!  It served true justice no good for them to expose their evidence in this manner.  Why?  Because it was evidence that was vital for justice.  If it was mishandled in any way, the evidence would be thrown out on technicalities.  They knew this, sought legal counsel, and were advised to NOT give it to Congress!  Simply put, Congress cannot be trusted and those in legal authority know this!  Not because it was “Congress”, but because of the potential for mishandling.

Apparently no one in Congress understands this about itself.  The Congressmen/women began chastising the witnesses for withholding evidence.  They touted things like Congress “needs” the whistle blowers information to “do the proper oversight” that they’re “responsible” for.  Really???  You’ve had YEARS to obtain evidence!  Why haven’t you before now????

When a Congressman tried to pressure Mr. Monyihan into coughing up their evidence, he wisely reminded him that they don’t need Congress; that the committee invited them, not the other way around.  This didn’t go over well, as the witnesses were warned to not “get cute” and that these ever-so-wise Congress knew “there’s a game going on here.”

Thank God above that the witnesses were not bullied or intimidated in the slightest.  As Chairman Meadows moved in for the final swing to enforce their demands, Mr. Monyihan responded with the truth that every American citizen who has been paying attention knows:  Congress is impotent to do anything.

I will finish by quoting my colorful commentary, because I like the way it’s worded better.  But just know this:  while there are a few well-meaning politicians in D.C., the representatives as a whole are completely unwilling to conduct matters in the public’s interest with justice.  They are corrupt and they cover up corruption.  The system is broken and being run by criminals.

At this point in the hearing the head clown pulled out the super biggest inflatable hammer and he’s mad!  He’s red in the face and his voice has risen to clear frustrated levels.  He reprimands these investigators as sharing all of this evidence with all of these people, but they are unwilling to share it (in its entirety) with Congress – the hammer is dropped on their heads.  And then the coup de gras comes from the witnesses, (and you can watch it yourself at 2:38), “Are you going to prosecute the Clintons?  Are you going to bring an action against the Clintons that would yield us economic consortium?”  The hammer had no effect on this non-circus-participator!  Because those who in live in reality already know that those in the circus are impotent at enforcing the laws.  It doesn’t happen.  It won’t happen.

The head clown is furious and chides this non-participator in circus antics to not “get cute with me!”  The clown accuses him of that which the circus is actually guilty, not being about the rule of law and justice.  If ever the pot has called the kettle black, this is that time. 

Mr. Moynihan responds with the succinct truth, of which we’d all do well to pay attention to:  “That’s why we presented to law enforcement agencies which you’re not.”

With that the circus wrapped up. 

But let the audience be aware and know without shadow of doubt:  the circus is just a circus.  They are unable or unwilling or uninterested or un-whatever in actually upholding the laws of our land and executing justice.  When you’re not a participant in the circus, it’s really clear to see. 

And that, ladies and gentleman, is probably why the crimes of circus employees will probably never see the gavel of justice.

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