“Furthermore, I have seen under the sun that in the place of justice there is wickedness and in the place of righteousness there is wickedness.” —Ecclesiastes 3:16 [NASU]

If King Solomon had observed in (circa) 900 B.C. that there was wickedness in the places justice should reign, then to borrow from him, surely there is “nothing new under the sun” – not even here, in America, the land of the “free and brave”.

If we’re going to address the horrors and wickedness of organized pedophilia, child abuse, torture and murder, human trafficking and the long list of ills that accompany these horrors, we’ll have to address the gross perversion of justice that is being done at the highest of echelons.

If we’re going to address that Hollywood is a lair of filthy sexual predators and criminals, and that DC is home to the highest level of child abductions per capita, and that the music industry both breeds and promotes those who participate in the orgy of worst offenses, then we’re going to have to address the elephant in the room.  How are they getting away with it?

Because the average American is not okay with the abduction of our children.  The average American is not okay that children are being abused, raped, tortured, skinned alive, harvested for their organs, blood drained off during rituals of terror to enhance adenochrome, made to commit heinous acts of sexual perversion and murder, used for sacrifices to their unholy god(s), and other evils.  So if the average American realized these activities were going on pervasively, there would be an outcry for justice and a hypervigilance to protect these innocent children

But the controlled media has effectively restructured the crime base as random, and the select cases they cover as isolated.  The media has refused to cover and/or has downplayed the multitudes of arrests of pedophiles and human traffickers that have increased in the last 18+ months.  Journalists who covered the Podesta emails with pedophilia references scattered throughout, who investigated the pizza references, Comet Pizza Ping Pong and James Alefantis and all of the connections, were silenced, threatened with their jobs, and ridiculed.  Why?

Maybe if we dusted off some old resources, or visited some alternative media sites, or did an honest inventory of dead journalists and whistle blowers, we could gain some understanding.  Maybe we could see the problem for what it really is:  the US Government and its investigative, judicial and protective institutions are complicit at the highest levels.  Do you really think those in power want their dirty deeds exposed in the light?  No.  They don’t want to lose power.  They don’t want to lose influence.  They don’t want to lose resources.  And they don’t want to lose face.  There’s a lot riding on this, and they have deep pockets and sub-human consciences.

I’ve studied Revelation for literal decades, and I’ve always been stumped at a particular passage when I read about the fate of Mystery Babylon.  John describes a destruction of Babylon that impacts the world because of the system of commerce that is brought down.  Specifically, Revelation 18:11-13 NASB (emphasis my own):

“And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more —  cargoes of gold and silver and precious stones and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet, and every kind of citron wood and every article of ivory and every article made from very costly wood and bronze and iron and marble, and cinnamon and spice and incense and perfume and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and sheep, and cargoes of horses and chariots and slaves and human lives.”

I used to think, what “slaves and human lives” is he talking about that are being traded as merchandise?  As I researched human trafficking and the selling of organs, the Spirit reminded me of this passage.  The very system of this world that profits from its mercantile is also engaged in selling human lives.  Until we consider the horror of that statement alone, we will not understand what we’re dealing with.  It is not the average citizen that sells human lives.  It is the systems of the world:  CEOs and politicians and Hollywood and entertainment stars and government officials.  Oh sure, they hire thugs to steal the lives, but it is their money and their corrupt practices that have created this “market”.

Paul Bonaccio, victim and survivor of MKUltra programming, child prostitution, and key witness of the Franklin Scandal testified to the horrors of this lucrative “business”.   He participated himself with thugs who literally stole children off the street.  He was forced to violently assault a young boy in a cage who had been kidnapped and watched in horror as the powers over them video-taped the assault and then murdered the young boy.  Later that night, they played the “snuff video” for a group of high profile politicians and businessmen, while they took turns violating him and another young boy.

[The CIA’s MKUltra Program files can be accessed at this website.]

A glaring problem with the Franklin Scandal is it implicated people in DC, all the way up to the Vice President of the United States at that time:  George Bush Sr.  Though Senators and Congressmen hired private investigators to find out the truth of the Franklin Scandal (which initially was investigated for banking crimes and fraud but began to reveal far more heinous crimes), they were stonewalled by the police department, the FBI and eventually judges and juries.   By the time the Grand Jury convened, fifteen people who had been witnesses or investigators had been murdered or otherwise killed in suspicious deaths.  The message was clear:  don’t expose these crimes.  [You can read about the investigation and cover-up here.]

What do you do when these heinous crimes are being committed by the very people we’ve entrusted to lead our police forces, our bureaus of investigation?  What do you do when our law makers and our judges are part of the criminal syndicates?  The very victims of child sex trafficking in the Franklin Scandal were imprisoned!  The criminals went free!  How is that even possible that those who suffered at the hands of base and degenerate criminals were falsely charged with crimes when testifying of the very crimes they had suffered from???  What do you do when there’s such a gross miscarriage of justice and the people in positions to rectify it are the people propitiating the crimes?

The Justice Department, acting through the FBI and US Attorney Office in Omaha actually coordinated the cover-up of the crimes.  The FBI bullied witnesses, suppressed evidence, ran interference, and actually refused to investigate child abuse allegations.

This is not an isolated case!

1996 Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon  H. LaRouche Jr. was arrested on trumped up charges (the powers that be have to have their selected candidates after all).  It would appear LaRouche was in Kissinger’s cross-hairs and needed to be “eliminated” from political life, even authorizing (or contracting?) the U.S. Communist Party (how is that even a thing in America??) to kill him outright.  Read attorney and legislator John DeCamp’s findings on the case:

“On December 16, 1988, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and six co-defendants were convicted on one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, eleven counts of mail fraud, in the alleged amount of $294,000 in unrepaid loans; LaRouche was convicted on one additional charge, of attempting to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. LaRouche was then 66 years old; it was obvious that the very harsh sentence of 15 years he was given, meant that the Justice Department intended for him to die in jail. In 1991, I first had a chance to examine a small portion of the six volumes of evidence his attorneys filed with the court, proving his innocence. I must say, notwithstanding all that I had already been through on the Franklin case, I was shocked-no, “stunned” is a better word-by what I read. I remember saying to colleagues at the time, “Oh, my God, if they can do this to LaRouche, who is a well-known, if controversial, political figure, in this blatant way, there is no one in the country that they won’t simply frame up.”

“The U.S. Justice Department had not a shadow of “evidence” to convict LaRouche, nor any of his associates, one of whom, Michael Billington, was sent to jail in Virginia for 77 years! In fact, the evidence showed-in the government’s own documents released under the Freedom of Information Act-as LaRouche’s attorneys contended, that “The U.S. government knew at all relevant times, from 1979 to the present day, that Lyndon LaRouche and his co-defendants were innocent of the false charges for which they were convicted.” The only crimes committed in the “LaRouche case” were the massive illegalities of the U.S. Department of Justice in their zeal to remove LaRouche from the political life of this country.”[1]

Apparently if you have the money, are in the right position, and have friends in the right powerful places, setting up trafficking rings, prostitution rings and human trafficking rings isn’t that hard.  DeCamp’s book quoted above explained how during the Contra days of the late eighties, friends of the Bush’s helped connect a number of people for child trafficking rings from South America.  (See page 178-181 of the above quoted book.)  Apparently they could procure children from South America through Guatemala (considered a gateway to the continent), to exploit for their pedophile rings.[2]

The 2010 movie “Whistleblower” told the real story of Nebraska cop, Kathryn Bolkovac, who took a peace-keeping position with the U.N. in war-torn Bosnia.  She uncovered a lucrative human trafficking ring where young women were tricked and abducted, and then forced into horrific prostitution.  The local police, the contractors, and the U.N. not only covered for this, but also participated in it, as it was a lucrative money maker.  (Worse was the destruction of the lives of countless young women.)  When Bolkovac tried to turn in the crimes, she lost her job and the guilty walked free.

There are equally damning reports of U.N. workers in impoverished countries like Haiti and other nations that abuse the local children and exploit them into trafficked positions.  Because of “law”, U.N. workers can’t be arrested, tried or convicted.  They are merely let off the job if the allegations become too public.

Mark Minnie, who exposed the cover-up of the South African pedophile ring that implicated their highest government officials was found dead two weeks ago of a gunshot wound to the head  [source].

BBC news corresponded Liz MacKean spent considerable time and resources to expose pedophile rings in Britian, with the shocking exposure of Jimmy Saville, a serial child molester and rapist (and incidentally a “famous” television and radio personality).   BBC refused to run her story, to which she resigned in protest, so important was the exposure.  The BBC finally ran the story a year after Saville’s death, when no (earthly) justice could be attained and levied.

Again, these are not isolated cases.  If the Pennsylvania Grand Jury indictment of 301 priests in six dioceses – this is just in ONE portion of ONE state – for child sexual abuse and other horrors is any indicator, we have rampant abuses going on in a variety of places across our land, from churches, to schools, to government, etc.  Can we really be too protective as parents?  Can we really be too defensive as people?

And I haven’t really addressed the complicity of the media!  The Franklin Scandal was covered up by the Department of Justice, the FBI, the police, and even the MEDIA.  The primary news outlet for the state is the World-Herald, which ran stories of propaganda and cover up all along.  They refused to cite credible evidence, report on witnesses or the subsequent murders or “accidents” of key investigators and witnesses.  They ran smear campaigns against attorneys, senators and legislators working to bring justice.  They deliberately misled a public to the pied piper’s tune of “nothing to see here”.  THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT TODAY’S MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOES.  Follow the money.  It is truly that simple.

If we rightly understand that these atrocious evils have been covered up for decades, maybe we’ll understand how the evil has grown – instead of waging war for its elimination.  But when we reach that understanding, the horror that the institutions that were supposed to bring protection and justice are instead furthering criminal activity, it is almost too much for the normal mind to comprehend.  Is there anyone safe?  Is there any safe place?

How do we combat an evil so prevalent that it has commandeered the systems of justice put in place for a safe community?  Where do we turn when we can’t trust our police?  Our justice system?  Our investigative agencies?  What does a society do when evil is orchestrated by elite individuals and protected by the very systems designed to bring justice.

Surely we can echo the ancient prophet’s words of Isaiah 59:14-15a NASB:

Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the street, and uprightness cannot enter.  Yes, truth is lacking; and he who turns aside from evil makes himself a prey.

If we have the moral courage and inward fortitude to demand truth and justice in a day and in a nation where such is corrupted, we must speak now.  We must act now.  The atrocities being committed on a wide-spread level will only increase, encouraged by the liberty given it and the protection given it.

Every person in this nation who can understand evil is walking among us and our leaders have failed us, must do a personal inventory and determine the thing(s) each of us CAN and SHOULD do to turn back the evil, expose the evil, and bring justice back to the fabric of our nation.  We must demand the criminals at the highest levels who continue to cover up crimes be brought to justice, even if they may be our favorite Hollywood actors, the best musicians, our token politicians, our local judges and law enforcement.  Even if it means they all have to be put in jail and we need to start over.

Let’s see if President Trump’s statement can be enforced for the good of our nation, for the well-being of our children, for the justice of thousands of victims:

I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good. I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.

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1- The Franklin Cover-up by former Green Beret John DeCamp pp. 295-296  [The Franklin Cover-Up Amazon]

2- Ibid

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