Almost ten years ago, I found myself standing in an obscure place.  A series of adventures had led me to Osawatomie, Kansas.  I had traveled through the tiny farming community, up through a park and landed at a museum which was really the cabin John Brown lived in with his (half) sister and her family.  It was the sight of the famous burning and attacks.

I stood in what would have been the main room of the small cabin, looking at relics on the wall and around me, when I heard the voice of the Lord.  There were no other visitors just yet, and there really wasn’t much to look at.  It was the cabin John Brown lived in when he got the message that Missourians were trying to rig the elections and make Kansas a slave state.  He packed up his guns and his sons and moved to where he felt he could make the most difference in a nation he was convicted should abolish slavery.  Nothing else mattered to John Brown than to remove the scourge of slavery from the land.

Like most holy moments, we don’t know that’s what they’re going to be until they’re there.  A silent reverence filled the room as I stood in front of the mantle.  When the Lord spoke, I quickly turned around and scanned the room, so clear was His voice:  “Where are my John Browns today?”  In that moment I felt the heart of the Lord for John Brown, and it felt like an officer’s fierce respect and trust in his lead soldier.

I had to reevaluate my opinion of John Brown at the time.  My opinion had been mixed, and it led me to a study of John Brown, and a pursuit of the heart of God.  Whatever John Brown was or wasn’t, he had the love and admiration of my God.  This began an ongoing conversation with the Lord, one that changed my theology in part.  I questioned the Lord about the eleven Missourians pretty much murdered in cold blood by John Brown and his men.  He was silent.  Some time later I was reading and as I read King Solomon’s words, “There’s a time to kill, and a time to heal” the Lord spoke, “Now do you understand John Brown?”

I have not made this up.  This flew counter to my theology at the time.  I had to lay myself before the Lord and admit His ways and thoughts superseded my own.  I embarked on a journey to learn about this John Brown.  My favorite book was David S. Reynolds’ John Brown Abolitionist.  I handwrote a quote from it and penned it on the wall in my study from page 99:  “In a time of immoral laws, patriotism looks like treason.” 

Rumor has it that an Alliance to stop the treasonous works of the nefarious Deep State [aka: the New World Order (NWO), the Cabal, the Illuminati, the shadow government, the list goes on and on…] has all out launched an attack to bring them down.  The attack is named “The Storm” and I bring your attention to October 5, when the White House had top military commanders on site and Donald Trump declared, “You guys know what this represents?  Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” 

Rumors prevail about a marine helicopter landing at Langley CIA headquarters mid-November, as well.  It would seem the CIA is refusing to follow White House orders to stop operatives initiated by Obama, and may indeed be acting rogue.  Of course none of this is reported mainstream, and confidential sources remain anonymous, so we’re left to guess.

President Trump declared January “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.”  Mark my words, this was an act of war against the Deep State, whose key players engage in the horrific practice of abducting (and borrowing) children for their wicked acts.  There are targets on people’s backs and we finally have an alliance of patriots ready to bring these people down.

Other rumors speak of thousands of sealed indictments; GPS monitoring anklets on people like Huma, Hillary, McCain, etc.; whispers that Soros has been detained (from Atlanta — remember the Atlanta airport shut down?) and is being interrogated at Camp David; military tribunals at Gitmo Bay for lead players, etc.  Whether these rumors contain any truth or not, it seems there is an orchestrated team and plan for combating what those who are awake understand is the greatest enemy of our time:  the shadow government.

Now more than ever is the time to rally the troops, muster your courage, shake out of slumber, and wipe the sleep out of your eyes.  Ladies and gentlemen, it appears we have a delta force on the ground, seals in the water, green berets in the trenches, and rangers at the controls.  It appears we have a valid resistance.  It’s time to wake up the sleeping and resurrect the half-dead.  It’s time to rally the true patriots around the resistance.

I am always just a little surprised when I get emails from people who actually read my articles and other NewsWithViews articles and still maintain their (blind) loyalty and (undue) praise for the current system.  I can’t help but wonder where they’ve been for the last two decades?  One man spent pages singing Clinton praises.  I can’t do anything with that.  As the saying goes, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Pizzagate/Pedogate has not gone away; it just went underground for a bit.  There are still relentless real journalists hammering its diabolical truths and paying for it personally, sometimes with their lives.  It is one of the most heinous organized crimes of American history, and the public at large is ignorant and willfully ignorant of it.  Former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer “reveals that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite pedophile/sex-trafficking ring have been arrested since Trump took office, amid a total blackout by the mainstream media.”  You can read about that by clicking the link above.

Trump and those unnamed of the Alliance have a plan and are working it to bring down the stranglehold of the NWO on America.  It involves going after the criminal activities of Soros, Clintons, Podestas, Obama, Rothschilds, etc. in shrewd manner.  They have attacked their criminal sex crimes through Hollywood and DC, are exposing their wicked child sex trafficking rings, and are making ever so wise alliances with foreign governments and players with a common goal.  If you’re watching the mainstream media, you will never comprehend the real war that is going on.  By and large the details remain under wraps while in the planning for 1) strategy and 2) protection, but we’re starting to see the unraveling in plain sight.  We should be encouraged.

Those American patriots who understand true liberty and real righteousness will understand why this is a critical hour, though the battle will likely take years.  Now is the time for the grassroots patriots to organize and implement strategic efforts at educating and awakening those half dead, spiritually asleep, or who have just checked out from all the decades of demise.  It’s expedient we support the efforts of the Alliance, and participate in ways that further its progress.

Trump has been painted as an idiot by the media, Hollywood, and most of the DC useful idiots.  He doesn’t show his hand while he’s making the deal, but just like the booming economy we’re experiencing, we feel the effects of his actions later.  The controlled puppet media has been silent on the horrendous pedophilia crimes of the elite, the arrests and rings that are being caught, and the deaths of the honest journalists who have been exposing.  That only means these things are a threat to the Establishment.  It also means significant ground is being recovered.

One day, the curtain may be pulled back to expose the real villains, people who have been lauded as heroes and leaders, and an ignorant population may gasp in horror at the diabolical crimes carried out before us as we stroked the egos of the villains.  But more than likely, it will be a small remnant of real patriots, much like the Founding Fathers, who will procure the liberty of all Americans and the safety of our nation from the tentacles of the wicked, while the ignorant sat on the sidelines and criticized their valiant deeds of courage.

When John Brown was hung because of Harper’s Ferry, the general public thought the “bad guy” had been brought down.  His resolve was deemed too radical, too undiplomatic.  But history proves he was one of a handful willing to lay down his life and reputation for what he knew to be right, and history has proved he was right in his convictions.  We can argue for eternity whether his methods were “right” or not, but it is a moot point for the principle it drives.

The media in John Brown’s day painted a picture of him of lunacy and instability.  Gratefully, if you know the God of the Bible, you can free yourself from the criticism of man in order to operate out of the conviction of the moral right.  It matters not how the skeptics record your life; it matters how your Creator does.

As Job said, “I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.”  There reaches a point where we pass from what we’ve been told into what we encounter, and it changes everything.  If you’re just now starting that process, don’t give up.  Press in until you are so uncomfortable you either crack under the pressure and return to your comfort, or your illusions are shattered and you embrace the truth.  The truth is so much better.

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