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I started out to understand how the judicial system in America has been failing to uphold the Constitutional liberties of Americans.  How have we acquired a “justice” system that releases criminals, and penalizes responsible citizens for non-violent policy conflicts?  Why are the criminal elite who are responsible for gross derelict of duty to a system we are required to abide by, able to break our laws with no consequences?

And I did find out that there is a parallel “justice” system here in America – where the guilty go free and the framed and/or innocent pay dearly.  In short, there is no real justice in America’s system (by the true definition of justice).  We may as well be a banana republic with mob lords.

I did find out that there is indeed a whole other system that has been perfected over the decades, in which they do indeed exchange bonds and trade on American citizens on a black world market, if you will.  The story goes that the issuing of a birth certificate with the new birth child’s name in all capital letters, is a system conducted by the Corporation of the UNITED STATES.  (I touched on this in my prior article.)  And a trust is set up on this black market when the social security number is issued.  The social security number is what is used to trade bonds against this trust based on the amount of money speculated said S.S. number would bring in taxes, fines and penalties.  This is why the judicial system is the catalyst for a ridiculous prison system – it makes the profiteers quite wealthy.

I was contacted by a gentleman with immense knowledge on this topic, who has been walking this road for decades now.  As he shared his story with me, he spoke of the myriad government documents he and his group have obtained through FOIAs and research.  The one that struck me was when he traveled to D.C. to get a certified copy of the U.S. Constitution and was asked, “Which one?”  Yes, indeed, there are two Constitutions for the United States – the organic one, and the corporate one.  Translation:  we are in trouble.

It would seem the real criminals are the bankers, lawyers, judges and politicians.

If you ever find yourself traveling through the middle of Kansas on I-70, take a little detour for the small town of Lucas and visit the Garden of Eden.  You’ll find a modest home with concrete sculptures around it that tell a story.  Here’s an example:

This is just one of many sculptures Civil War veteran S.P. Dinsmoor made in the early 1900s.  This one is called “Labor Crucified”.  Revolutionary Dinsmoor created a public display of what he deemed were the greatest perils to American society in his day.  It’s worth the tour, especially when you know just how prophetic and accurate his assessments were in a day he was considered radical.

What did Dinsmoor see or fear in 1907 that caused him at 64 years of age until his death at 85 to climb ladders with heavy buckets of hand mixed concrete to establish a sculpture that would tell a story of American workers (personified as “labor”) crucified at the hands of sophisticated white collar workers like lawyers, bankers, doctors and preachers?  It may be worth asking even today, over a hundred years later.

But back to this dual system.  Because these fraudulent bankers have honed and perfected a system that lines their coffers and enslaves Americans into our current roles as chattel for the corporation, we have no chance at true justice.  The court system is a broker-dealer for the banking system.  Their one objective is to make as much money off the chattel as possible, through fines, regulations, permits, licensing, taxes and even imprisonment.  (Just read Dinesh D’Souza’s book Stealing America to catch a glimpse of the money racket the prison system really is.)

This attorney tells the story of how he stumbled upon this dual system when the judge refused to uphold Supreme Court rulings pre-1938.  Why?  Because in a 1938 Supreme Court Case, the Court changed the rules from common law to public policy law, to represent the Corporation of the United States, and NOT the Republic of the United States.

As I’ve pondered this dilemma of our slavery to the bankers through our own government, I have sought for a simple solution.  [While I’ve heard the chatter about GESARA/NESARA and a financial reset, I am too ignorant on the details to publicly comment.]  The simplest solution is to remove yourself from the system.  That is the simplest solution.  Knowledge is power.  With the knowledge that you have been enslaved to a system that has redefined you as property of a corporation, at the mercy of the rules of the corporation, you can actually break free from the system.  You can rightfully reclaim your real identity as a sovereign citizen of the United States, and NOT property of the Corporation, and hence, NOT subject to their fines, licensing, laws and punishments.

A Possible Solution

There are five individuals who have taken this to task, and have been working on this for over four years now.   The Treaty of Peace 2020 group has filed their grievances against the U.S. Government and sought reprieve and a reversal of the damages.  They have an “opt-in” part for ANY American who is seeking to remove him/herself from the Corporate slavery system and regain their rightful position as a sovereign citizen.

When the state courts of West Virginia, (including the State Supreme Court) failed to act upon the papers served, the process moved to the federal level.  Papers were served to all offices of the U.S. Government, who failed to act as well.  The claimant(s) addressed 573 points of contention of actions the U.S. Government has taken that are not constitutional.  They then asked the U.S. Government to address these actions and either prove their Constitutionality or offer remedy and redress for the grievances.  The U.S. Government failed to act, and they appealed to the tribunal Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army.  The claimants were then able to enter arbitration.  Their arbitration was awarded in August, just two months ago.

Arbitration for grievances is a legal option for addressing matters of the law the government fails to address.  There is an Arbitration Act that validates its legality, which (Guam-tipping) Hank Johnson introduced legislation to the 116th Congress to repeal.  It has not been repealed, and thus that makes Arbitration legally binding.  In fact, Justice Kavanaugh just last year ruled on the SCOTUS that arbitration is a matter of contract and cannot be overwritten by the government.

The arbitrator found the U.S. Government neglectful of its duties and the claimant(s) in right standing, and has proposed a contract to remedy and redress grievances, including but not limited to:

– an opt-in process for the beneficiaries designed to be simple and rapid.
– unconditional release and setting at Liberty of the beneficiaries.
–  Beneficiaries, are as defined in the bill, all Americans that opt-in and includes their immediate family (minors).  For married couples, both adults need to opt-in which then includes their children.
–  Any case past or present is void.
–  Beneficiaries are to receive immediate and unconditional indemnification.
–  Beneficiaries are to receive immediate and unconditional immunity.
– immediate issuance of necessary documentation of the indemnification and the immunity for the beneficiary.
–  return of all property and assets.
–  All records and systems of records, other than the provided Diplomatic status, are to be expunged and destroyed.
–  A land patent will be issued, titled in fee simple absolute and possession (the highest form obtainable).  It allows you to leave it to your heirs and under a land patent it is free and clear from government obstruction.  It must be issued from the Land Patent Office, not from the Bureau of Land Management.
–  An accounting and return of any and all accounts, of any nature, shape, cause, form, format and kind held or managed by any entity and emanating from the beneficiary.


In layman’s terms, this contract would award all who are beneficiaries of it indemnification and immunity from the policy laws of the Corporation.  It would return any unlawful taxes paid (I understand it to go back ten years, but I can’t say for sure), and the return of any property and assets seized by the Corporation.  Any past or present cases against the beneficiaries from this unlawful government will be voided.

You can read about this Treaty here.

You can watch a 24-minute video breaking down the legal process here.

You can download the PDF file for opting-in as a beneficiary claimant here.

The deadline for opting in is December 25, 2019.  The correct forms need to be BOTH scanned/emailed AND mailed via USPS and in the possession of Phillip Hudok by or before December 25.  (which is a holiday, so I’d make sure it was done a week before)  The Congressional bill for settlement commences January 7, 2020.

A Permanent Solution:

Reclaim your birthright.  There’s a process for doing that.  You have to learn the language of the courts and establish your God-given birthright NOT the government’s claim on you.

Educate yourself.  Understand the appalling truths about our government and the powers that have destroyed and stolen from its citizens.  Read Fruit from a Poisonous Tree by Melvin Stamper to bring you up to speed.  Go to these websites and start learning:  freedomriver or freedom-school or civil-liberties or catch the links on this Reddit thread  or this one.  Find someone who has removed him/herself from the system, who doesn’t pay income tax, who isn’t required to register their personal property, who doesn’t participate in licenses for his/her liberties – and learn from them.  Most states have a Jural Society that teaches these things with real people who have liberated themselves from the system and live in the liberties our organic Constitution through our Bill of Rights granted us.

Recognize and understand the trade-off.  If you don’t pay into Social Security you will not receive it.  This is a benefit of your slavery (after they’ve traded hundreds of thousands of dollars off of it).  However, if you have paid into it, you can still receive it.  You will be trading corporate policy law for common law.  Learn the differences; they are profound.

Recognize that anytime your name is in all CAPS you are in the capacity of property of the corporation.  When you go into a court with the yellow-fringed flag, you are operating under Admiralty law, and not Constitutional law.  That’s why someone was recently told by a judge, “The Constitution does not apply in my court.”

Recognize that your social security number is your slave bond number for the Federal Reserve.  Other people are making (and losing) money off of bonds made by other people on your chattel identifying number.  If that’s freedom to you, this article is irrelevant.

Whatever you do, DON’T ask the government how to be emancipated from the corporation!

Compliance or non-compliance?

I first started hearing about these concepts about twenty-five years ago.  There’s a lot of misunderstanding, misinformation and deliberate disinformation about this topic.  There’s a lot of fear involved.  Masters don’t want their slaves to proclaim their freedom.  So the governmental masters have deceitfully woven traps and constraints into the emancipation platforms.  Find sources that are honest and can lead you correctly.

Our family has had one foot in the corporate system, and half of one in the sovereign land.  We rejected getting a marriage license, rejected getting birth certificates for our children, rejected half of the vaccines, and have been quietly rebellious in smaller ways along the way.  But we’re ready to be fully emancipated.  We’re ready to stop being slaves to the bankers, slaves to the corporation, slaves to the system.  We’ll opt-in as beneficiaries to the Treaty of Peace 2020, and we’ll also start the process to reclaim our birthright by rejecting the State-issued property identifier.

There is a reason on the Hudok website for the Peace Treaty that they instruct you to “Do your homework first”.  A little bit of knowledge is dangerous.  Most of us have just enough knowledge to stir us up, but not enough to stand on.  There are indeed dual justice systems in America:  one for the corporate chattel, and one for sovereign citizens.  Most people think they’re in one category when they’re really in the other.

My last article I attempted to lay a foundation of parallel constructs or systems.  This is the easiest way I can help people grasp the duality.  In the Kingdom of Christ, we’re liberated from sin, disease, curses and estrangement from God.  But how many Christians do you know are actually living such a liberated life?  The truth is if we don’t apply the remedy, it’s not automatically applied to us.  My husband likes to tell the story of Peter in Acts 12 when he was in prison and how the chains were removed and the prison doors were opened, but Peter still had the choice to walk out.

I can be a Christian and still operate in the system of the world, as opposed to the kingdom of Christ.  When I do that, the principles of the world and its laws apply to me, even though the kingdom of Christ’s principles and laws are the superior and higher principles and laws.  If I want to apply the benefit and protection of Christ’s kingdom, I have to appropriate it.  I have had to learn how to break the bondage of the world’s systems.  I have had to learn how to reclaim my mind, my spirit and my body from the bondage of the inferior system.  I apply what I know are the higher laws, and I am liberated.  I have countless examples in my own life.  I will never go back to the inferior system of the world.  I have tasted the freedom that comes in Christ and it is superior!

In the same way, I can be an American and operate in the bondage system of the corporation.  OR I can learn the superior system and apply its laws and principles, and liberate myself from the inferior system.

When we are confronted with the painful reality that our government has sold us and our children to the highest bidder, we should recognize we have been trafficked.  We have been enslaved to a system we didn’t volunteer for.  There is a way to be emancipated from our slavery, but we have to choose it.  We have to walk it out.

Can America’s government be reclaimed for the Republic?

Yes, if we have leaders willing to break their allegiance with the bankers.  If our government will abolish the Federal Reserve and return us to Constitutional parameters based on gold or silver backed coinage.  (see Article I of the Constitution)  When President Lincoln and President Kennedy attempted to shut down the Federal Reserve and issue our own money, they were assassinated.  This is what we’re up against with the Deep State and multi-generational fraud and corruptions.

Please, oh please, read this article to see how it has been attempted and successful in the past and could very well be in the present.  In closing I will include an excerpt from the referenced article.

The solution for dealing with private debt-creating bankers is simple. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop any sovereign government from issuing through its treasury its own interest-free money based on nothing more than the wealth and integrity of the nation. This is the big secret that the City of London would rather keep to itself. If this simple fact were to become mainstream then people everywhere would simply walk away and the entire banking system would completely collapse.

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