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Various outlets of internet media have been spending some time on the allegations that bonds are taken out in the name of American citizens via their social security numbers and invested in various markets.  This is being done unbeknown to the actual citizen.  Allegedly a significant amount of money (in the millions) is availed through your social security number. Also allegedly, if one has the know-how, they can pay off their own mortgage and personal property debts through these bonds.

To understand this, visit the definition of “trafficking”.  I know there’s a current awakening to human, sex and slave trafficking, and that’s what our minds will first think of.  But “trafficking” simply means, “the exploitative movement of people across borders.”  So what this means is American citizens are being trafficked by their government for the purpose of exploiting their identity for financial gain.  Every. American. Citizen.  You.  Me.  Your child. Your neighbor.

The What

Bonds are created on American citizens when their birth certificates are registered.  When their SSN is issued, the citizens are trafficked.  Unlike human trafficking for the sex and slave industries, according to the experts, this trafficking of American citizens is done via paperwork, and it’s all linked to your SSN.  They say it’s set up through the banking and insurance systems.  These systems identify points in the marketplace where bonds can be created.

For example when the US wants to increase its money supply, what does it do?  It sells bonds, as does most every other nation around the world.  And, the story goes, when nations sell bonds some of them are being purchased by social security income.  Apparently securities and QSub numbers are assigned in this system, and the system is activated anytime there’s interaction in the system.  (banking, insurance, government… think:  every time a loan is applied for, a person enrolls in public school, applies for a driver’s license, transactions along this line)

Think of the dark web.  Most of the average citizen population doesn’t operate or conduct affairs on the dark web.  This is like that, only in the financial realm.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the money being exchanged in this bond system is used to create the funding for worldwide human trafficking.  We are being used to generate funds for truly nefarious agendas.

This is above my pay grade.  My mind struggles with understanding the financial world and its concepts, so I am in no way endorsing this or projecting any sort of expertise on this topic.  But if this be true, better equipped minds than my own can elucidate on it better than I.  This video is a good starting point.  It presents additional websites and links in the author’s comments under the video.  Another resource is here.  Some additional digs are here, here and here.

The How

I don’t want to talk about Social Security numbers and them being used to buy bonds for the government in this article, but it is what led me to dig in and understand if such a thing were true, HOW could it be true?

This won’t be news to many of you, but the way it can be true is because of the corporation status of the United States.  That America has been incorporated is the HOW.  When the USA was converted to USA, Inc., its citizens became its property, so to speak.  The social security number its citizens are assigned give legal right for this corporation to apply numerical value to its citizens, and then to act in the interests of (no, not the citizens) the corporation.

The corporation status of America is what makes us, American citizens, no longer free and sovereign citizens, but property (or collateral) of the corporation.

Marilyn Barnewall wrote an excellent article in 2015 explaining this [here].  Make sure you also read part two.  Additionally, there are numerous other individuals over the decades who have been trumpeting this.  An internet search should produce dozens.  Two mind-altering sites I strongly recommend are the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz, and the Everyday Concerned Citizen.  [Just keep in mind the language will be foreign to ears conditioned to the present system.  These people are operating outside the matrix and speak as those outside of the matrix.]

In part two of Marilyn’s article, I learned so much about “colorable money” that I didn’t know.  When we allowed traitorous disgraceful wicked men to subvert our Constitution and enact a banking system that enslaved us, incorporating federal, state and local governments was one of the unfortunate results.  Pandora’s Box was opened and we have been reaping its reward ever since.

For simplicity, research these data points:

I have been dismayed, to put it mildly, at recent events in our judicial system.  Comey was found to be in violation of his duties and our Department of Justice declined to press charges.  And then we found out the Court is upholding their “deal” to protect the accomplices of Jeffrey Epstein.  Is there no justice in America?  I have grieved the state of our “justice” system for years and years now.  But revisiting Marilyn’s article helped me understand (maybe), a little of what is going on – particularly this part:

Remember the controversy about Lerner’s appearance before the Senate Committee before which she testified? “She can’t make a statement pronouncing her innocence and then declare her Fifth Amendment rights to avoid answering questions about her possible guilt! That’s against the law!” That’s what every constitutional law expert said… and had she been functioning under the Constitution, they would have been correct.

When she made her statement, she was wearing her corporate hat. When she declared her rights under the Constitution, she was wearing her constitutional hat. It is the best possible example I can give you about why they need to maintain their rights under BOTH the Constitution and the Corporations for which they work. The Constitution gives them protections from personal liability they would not otherwise have.

For example, why does the U.S. Internal Revenue Service need a DUNs number – unless it is incorporated? Looking at the above list of departments within the U.S. Government, does it give you any insight to how “they” get away with the VA scandal, Fast and Furious guns across the border, Benghazi, the IRS discrimination against conservative groups applying for tax exempt status? Relative to the law, corporations are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (or the Law of the Seas – sometimes called Maritime Law). They have no obligation to protect anyone’s Constitutional rights when functioning under their corporate hats – and they keep the Constitutional hat available in case they get caught and need to declare their Constitutional rights to certain protections – like Lois Lerner’s use of the Fifth Amendment when she testified before Congress. Perhaps that explains the smirk on her face during that proceeding?

Now I’m not a lawyer, but I wish someone with expertise would answer these questions of how politicians can be committing crimes and not be accountable?  Is it a matter of being tried under corporate law instead of Constitutional law?  Could this be why even now justice is elusive?  When I consider the statistics of sealed indictments across the United States….

…are we dealing with more than just timing?  Is there an effort to get the necessary changes put in place to enable jurisdiction of our Constitution instead of the Corporation?  So that we don’t have more circus acts like the Lois Lerner hearing, the HRC Benghazi and email hearings, etc.?

John Singleton, in the youtube video linked in the seventh paragraph, explains it like this:

Think of our court system – and I’m talking about your small claims court, your criminal courts in your counties, your state’s – think of those as broker dealers for laundered and counterfeit securities for the banking system.  Your judge is a broker dealer for the banking system.  He’s not a judge.

He explains that our “justice” system is running under different rules than we understand.  He further explains that each court “transaction” facilitates more bond and money movement.  If you think it’s difficult for the average American citizen to obtain justice or fair trials, it’s because the court system has been redesigned for brokering deals for the banking system.  Singleton explains it in more detail in the video.  And jail is big money for this system; enormous amounts of money change hands with jail sentences.

Singleton said, “These criminals are not going to get prosecuted in the United States Court System – fed, state, it doesn’t matter – but they can be prosecuted under international law.”  Which tells us arresting and trying these criminals right now will not bring the justice the crimes warrant.  They need to be put under the jurisdiction of the Constitution, not the Corporation.

My question and assertion is this:  Because we’re in such a corrupt judicial system that is brokering deals for a “dark web” financial system, is it possible the two years of sealed indictments, the continual delays of arrests of clear crimes in DC, Hollywood, in big business, etc. is because President Trump and the White Hats (those NOT in the dark web system) are working to change the judicial system from corporate status back to Constitutional?  Otherwise, won’t we be dealing with the exact same miscarriage of true justice we’ve been experiencing for decades now?

Now I know not everyone is on the Q bandwagon, and that’s okay.  But for some of us straining to understand the real events behind the curtain, Q has shed light in some of the darkest places.  Consider this post of his, almost two years old now:

Now revisit the beginning paragraphs of this paper with these questions from Q in mind.  If indeed the United States Corporation has allotted its stifling corporate rules and laws upon its property (its citizens), this post makes a lot of sense.  Who does audit where the money actually goes???  Who does actually receive the money???  No one serving the Corporation seems to be accountable to the Constitution or its citizens.

Now catch this next statement:  “The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.”

We are both the collateral and the depositors for the very system that is enslaving us.  No wonder Q asked, “feel sick yet?”

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