America has a troubling history. While it has some very notable achievements, it has suffered some serious internal wounds. People within its leadership ranks have compromised its integrity, instilled destructive programs, and reformatted its foundation blocks so much that we have a significant population that is actually entrenched in unhealthy thoughts, attitudes and actions.

The mouthpiece for getting information out, the mainstream media, has partnered with those intent on changing America.  The public school systems, where generations are indoctrinated for thirteen years of their formative years, further endorse these intentions.  This has created a chasm of ignorance in significant proportions of people who are genuinely ignorant of how to stimulate and maintain a healthy independent nation, culturally, socially, and politically.  They have been so entrenched in these ways of thinking, that these attitudes permeate their identity to where they seriously cannot see the error in their ways.

This is a loose interpretation for where we find ourselves with a Trump administration.

America’s generations that have been fed lies and deceptions that have affected social, cultural, political and personal thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, cannot understand the abrupt pulling up of the brakes on this downward decline the current President has done.  It’s like a spoiled child that has grown accustomed to crying or throwing fits to get his way, but goes to visit the strict relative that sees the damage done and responds to the child in a way to bring change.  The child fights it.  The child misunderstands it, misperceives it, and distrusts it.

Let’s look at the current escalation in Syria.  I’m going to highlight dates so we can try to keep track of the chronology:

On March 14, 2018 the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavron made this public statement:

According to our sources, new provocations are being prepared in Syria with the use of chemical weapons. There will be stagings, including in Eastern Ghouta. The attention of the international community will be attracted, using as always a tragic aspect, on the sufferings of civilians, innocent victims.  This will be used as a pretext for the coalition to use force, especially against the Syrian capital.”

[Articles referencing this can be found here and here, including additional references of counter attacks.]

On Thursday, March 29, Trump announced during a speech in Ohio a “soon” departure out of Syria, causing many in the Pentagon to scramble to cover his statement with conditions and criteria.

On Tuesday, April 3, Trump announced in a press conference with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that he wanted to pull U.S. troops out of Syria and bring them home to concentrate on America.

Four days later, on Saturday, April 7, an unimagined (yet foretold) tragedy unfolded in Douma, with reports that Assad had chemically attacked his own people (in a rebel controlled area nonetheless).

In the midnight hour April 7/8, Q posted cryptically, specifically:  “Auth B19-2.  Sparrow Red.”

There is plenty of evidence the “gas attack” of April 7, 2018 in Douma, Syria was fake.  Read here to see about the discovery of the filming area.  Read here to see evidence the “attack” was staged.  Read here to see pictures of Hassan, one of the child actors in the recent “attack” (paid in rice, dates and cookies).  Read at this Veteran’s publication to learn about various evidences gathered linking the chemicals in Syria to America, UK, Germany and Israel.  Look at this report in a hospital in Douma denying any intake of chemically injured patients.  Watch this twelve minute video interview with another hospital in Douma by Pearson Sharp of OANN (One America News Network) also denying any chemical attacks and stating outright it was a fraud.  And here’s another twelve minute video with Pearson reporting live from Damascus with a very different perspective than the headline news.

Just peruse the videos on this page to see the contradicting evidence that keeps piling up.  Carla Ortiz takes fifteen minutes to walk you through several ISIS buildings in Aleppo and their direct connection to the White Helmets, clearly indicting the White Helmets of their loyalty to ISIS and NOT the Syrian people.  And here is a fascinating interview with a Syrian Christian about how Syrians in Syria really view their President Assad.

The reports of those in the trenches are very different than those coming from headline news.  Russia’s denial and own investigation found links to the U.K. and the disreputable White Helmets.

However, within hours of the alleged chemical attack, Israel led airstrikes against Syria, preventing international organizations from entering the region to do their own investigations (and perhaps destroying evidence?)

On April 9 Q posted the following in an effort to help Patriots understand the process the Administration was going through:

Syria. Hold until CONF. MIL assets on the ground locked out of GZ. ISRAEL strike harmed ability to prove events. Clown report must be verified. Troop unwind to STILL occur.

This communication was letting Patriots know in regards to Syria, the White House was in a holding pattern until certain things could be confirmed.  The U.S. military assets on the ground in Syria were locked out (of the gas zone).  Israel’s air strikes did indeed damage the evidence and the ability to get confirmation of accused events.  The “clown report” is his reference to the CIA, and the assumption here is report of a “gas attack” was an orchestrated report by the CIA.  (Think staged, false flag.)  He then assures us that the troops are still going to be sent back home.  That plan hasn’t changed.

On April 13 Q posted to the Patriots:  Trust POTUS.  Sparrow Red.  Missiles only.  Intel good.

And then in the wee hours of Saturday, April 14 Syrian time, the U.S. under Trump’s leadership, unleashed a calculated strike causing simultaneous praise and criticism.  The strike hit a scientific compound in Barzeh, outside of Damascus (the Barzeh Research and Development Center), the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site, and a military base, Dumayr Air Base.  These targets were selected supposedly because they housed chemical weapons and the equipment for making chemical weapons.

Ironically, or strategically, the missile strike came mere hours before the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was scheduled to visit Damascus for their investigation.

Russia (rightfully) denounced the strike, citing U.N. Security Council violations.  Notice that Russia’s resolution to stop aggression in Syria (what’s wrong about THAT???) was voted down 8-4 with 4 abstentions.

At the conclusion of the strike Trump announced “Mission Accomplished”, echoing (or was it mocking?) George W. Bush’s controversial declaration of an “end” to the Iraq conflict in 2003.

On April 17, 2018, four days after the strike, The National Interest reported that two B-1 Lancer bombers launched nineteen missiles at the Barzeh Research and Development Center.   Hmmm…. Now that’s interesting.  Didn’t Q post about authorizing two B1 bombers on April 7, the same day the “chemical attack” happened?

Now, a week after the strike, headlines have moved on to other stories.  After looking for updates on mainstream media, CNN, NBC and ABC had nothing on it, FOX had two articles after scrolling down to “World”, and CBS had one article mainlined.  Pretty much it seems American media has moved on.

But what do we make of it?  Was there a real chemical attack in rebel-controlled Douma?  If so, was it really Assad’s doing?  Shouldn’t these questions be asked and answered before a “counter-strike” is carried out?  What was the three-nation (US, UK, France) objective in the strike?  Do these things matter?

Let’s look at some other clues we can factor in…

A picture has surfaced of John McCain meeting with Syrian rebels in the border town of Bab Al Salam (along the Turkey border).  In the picture he’s posing with a big smile alongside Abu Mosa, an ISIS Press Officer; Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Head of ISIS and reportedly actually Mossad agent Simon Elliot; Muahmmad Noor, a Syrian terrorist; and Mouaz Moustafa of the Syrian Emergency Task Force.  The picture was taken May 27, 2013, (during the BO administration).

Clearly America is not interested in taking down ISIS.

The picture is taken at a building with a sign over it that reads, “The New Syria Hospitality and Reception Hall.”  It’s almost like they’re foreseeing a “new Syria”, with maybe a new Syrian government…

It would appear that America’s interests in Syria are not to defeat ISIS, but to overthrow the Syrian government and replace it with whom?  Someone friendlier to the interests of whom?

Then we have US Army General Wesley Clark’s testimony that as far back as 1991 a plan to destabilize the Middle East was in the works.  He tells of how ten days after 9/11/01 the plan to overthrow seven Middle Eastern countries in five years was laid out.  You can pick your version of his videoed interview at this link.  He tells how the report came down from the Secretary of Defense office that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran were to be taken down with a five year plan.  So since 2011 (and before) the US Government has been planning the overthrow of seven sovereign nations in the Middle East.  (We should be tried for war crimes.)

Clearly American politicians are involved in this plot.  McCain’s “non profit” Operation Smile program that is set up for helping children with cleft palates and cleft lips get needed surgeries is allegedly just a front for smuggling supplies to insurgents in these regions.

Syria’s Golan Heights is a hotly contested region which Israel occupies in violation of the Geneva Conventions.  Israel has granted oil drilling rights to Afek Oil and Gas and Genie Oil.  The Board of Genie Oil includes :

  • Efrain Eitam, Head of Genie oil and an Israeli military commander
  • Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX News
  • Dick Cheney, Vice-President under GWBush
  • Lord Jacob Rothschild, elite banker and world wealth owner
  • James Woolsey, former CIA director and co-founder of Energy Security Council
  • Lawrence Summers, Secretary of Treasury under Clinton, and Director of National Economic Council
  • Mary Landieu, helped pass US-Israel Energy Cooperation Bill for the Senate Committee on Energy and National Resources
  • Bill Richardson, Energy Secretary under Clinton

Perhaps we can draw more clues from this article:

While the Afek ilk set their sights on Golan Heights oil and natural gas, Turkey, the U.S., Russia, Daesh, and a spate of others have been fighting over Syria’s geostrategic location for major oil pipelines under the cover of religious and civil strife.

“[W]e may want to look beyond the convenient explanations of religion and ideology and focus on the more complex rationales of history and oil, which mostly point the finger of blame for terrorism back at the champions of militarism, imperialism and petroleum here on our own shores,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., intoned in an April editorial for Ecowatch.

As Kennedy astutely noted, U.S. interventionism in the Middle East, and particularly Syria, has  little to do with fighting terrorism and far more to do with the region’s rich petroleum reserves  — as in the case of Genie’s magnates. And such insistent international meddling at the behest of corporate oil interests so destabilized the entire region, it led to the formation of Daesh (ISIS) and similar radical groups.

It makes you wonder who the good guys are?  Or are there any good guys?  A little over a year ago, Putin said, “95% of the world’s terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA.”  In this article, it goes on to say,

When questioned by a top aide as to whether the 95% figure was accurate, Putin sighed heavily and fixed the assembled group with his trademark stare before explaining that in regards to how the world is run, all is not how it seems.

Putin affirms that the CIA is a rogue element of the Deep State, and “an expression of the will of world oligarchy and their vision for a New World Order.”

He claims that CIA exists today as part of America – but it is certainly not American. “The CIA does not work on behalf of the American people or act in their interests.”

[It’s unfortunate we have to go to foreign leaders and media to get informed news.  There have been Americans trying to report this for decades, but with all the propaganda conditioning, not enough people are really able or willing to receive these truths.]

Now let’s reconsider the targets of this very specific missile attack:

The Barzah Research & Development Center, run by Amr Armanzi, is part of the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSCR).  The Armanzi family has provable ties to British intelligence MI5.  The SSCR is responsible for developing and stockpiling chemical weapons.  While Amr Armanzi is under  international sanctions for his role in chemical weapon manufacturing, etc., his brother and adult sons have been granted British citizenship and hold key roles in investment banking in the UK.

Don’t these things seem a little odd?  Our ally, the UK, is enabling a family responsible for chemical weapons manufacturing liberties and banking positions.  I don’t have time to get into this, but briefly reflect on the Russian spy poisoning in the UK a month or so ago.  The UK flat out accused Russia of the poisoning, called upon international repercussions, refused Russia the legal ten days for investigation, and withheld their alleged intel.  When it later came out that the poison could not be linked to Russia, there has been no recanting.  Ask yourself why the American media and why the UK need Russia to be the “bad guy”, the enemy we must have?  Just look at the headlines.  Someone desperately needs Russia to be the enemy.

Now when you take into account that the missile targets had been emptied out a few days before the attack, according to various reports including this one, Paul Antonopolous, The Spectator Index and Al Arabiya English’s Twitter account, and that the Syrian airbase that was hit was moved to a Russian base just days before the attack, it’s almost like there was a coordinated effort to move Syrians out of the way.  Why?  Because the intel they were waiting to confirm was connected to Iranian weapons factories being aided (and probably funded) by rogue CIA operations in place for years, probably decades.  (Which might also explain why Russia did not use their S-400 to defend “Syrian” targets…)*

So the actual targets were ISIS and Deep State.

Think about it.  While Russia and Syria have come out verbally assailing America’s actions, there have been no retaliations.  Have you seen Pearson Sharp’s video report of the Syrians celebrating in the streets the morning after the attack?  Why would they be celebrating?

If this is inaccurate (and it may be in detail, but I mean if the theme is off), we’ll know (should’ve known by now) by Russia’s reaction.  We’ll know if troops aren’t brought home within the year.  We should be able to gauge by McCain’s reaction who probably got caught with his pants down.  This is what he was calling for all along, remember?  Yet McCain’s voiced response was affirmation for Trump’s attack, followed by his “advice” of continued long-term strategy in the region.  He even went so far as to warn Trump that “this is not the end”.  Why would that be, John?

While the old adage “All is not fair in love and war” rings true, it especially rings true here.  Either it was a staged false flag chemical attack to provoke the US and its allies to punish Assad, and we used the provocation to bring our own damage to Deep State resources, or we took the bait and furthered the war in Syria.  Either Trump and his administration is using the Deep State’s own ploys against them to bring them down, or they’ve made a catastrophic mistake and are just like all the criminal administrations that have gone before.

* [Much credit to NeonRevolt for intel and breakdown revelations.]

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