Curious events indicate (another) Deep State assassination attempt was thwarted.  If events on the main stage seem peculiar, it would be a thrill to see behind the scenes.  The timeline of circumstantial evidence looks a little like this:

Jan 3, 2019:  Pelosi invited President Trump to address Congress for the annual State of the Union address, designating the date for January 29.  President Trump accepted the invitation.

Jan 16:  Pelosi sent a letter to POTUS asking him to postpone his State of the Union Address or to submit it in writing.


  • It’s thirteen days before the SOTU. This implies Pelosi did not anticipate the government shutdown to be resolved in the next almost two weeks?
  • Knowing the nature of President Trump, she most likely anticipates a refusal to this request.
  • She cites “security concerns” because of the partial government shutdown affecting the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security. However, she has not checked with either of those departments.
  • The shutdown is because an agreement for funding the wall for national security on the border has not been arrived at. The irony of citing security issues (for government officials) while ignoring the security issues of Americans is hard to dismiss.

Jan 16, 11:25am:  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen tweeted that both HS and the USSS are “fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union.”  This indicates Pelosi has spoken on behalf of those departments – and is in error.

Jan 16:  21 year old Muslim Hasher Taheb of Cumming, Georgia was arrested and charged for plans to attack the White House with an anti-tank rocket (AT-4), explosive devises, and semi-automatic rifles.  The alleged attack was to occur the next day, Jan 17.

Jan 17:  Pelosi tweaked her rhetoric to now state they should postpone the SOTU because the workers in those departments aren’t getting paid.


  • All of Congress and the Senate are receiving their pay (unless they’ve manually requested not to) during this shutdown, so it seems the better response here is let’s get this resolved now or withhold our pay as well.
  • Democrats vacationed over the holiday (during the shutdown), including Pelosi in Hawaii. Then spent a weekend taking chartered jets to Puerto Rico, lounging on the beach, and attending a play just days before she sent that letter.  (Clearly not that concerned about furloughed employees.)
  • President Trump has in essence been working without pay since his inauguration. He has donated every paycheck since he’s been in office to various departments to better the nation.  President Trump stayed at the White House over the holiday break instead of his usual family holiday in Florida, and even visited trips in the Middle East.

Jan 17:  Pelosi and her group of seven (CODEL) are stopped on the Air Force bus on their way to take a military craft to Afghanistan by a letter from POTUS stopping all tax-payer funding for (unnecessary) travel until the government shutdown is over.  Trump released the letter shortly after two.  Pelosi’s group was to fly out at three.  He cites, “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed.  We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate.”


  • Rampant reports indicate Pelosi’s entire family (and other delegate families) was making this trip as well, to the tune of 93 people. What would Pelosi’s entire family be doing on a trip to a war zone?
  • Pelosi allegedly wanted to select the crew for the C-40 (modified 757 military) plane. Why?
  • Adam Schiff was part of the CODEL. (Along with Rep. Eliot Engel and Rep. Mark Takano.)
  • The plan for this trip was apparently initiated about two weeks prior, which would place it around the Christmas holiday. From Politico, “In Afghanistan, government staffers were not necessarily thrilled about the pending trip, according to a person familiar with the planning process.  ‘A lot of people here were very pissed off about this trip,’ the person told POLITICO.  ‘Foreign Service Officers have been working overtime for two weeks on this trip for no pay, and [Pelosi] was set to arrive on a holiday weekend.  And after the letter she wrote to the White House yesterday it seemed like hypocrisy.’”  We know Pelosi traveled to Hawaii for the Christmas holiday.  I’ve been unable to discover if BO was in Hawaii at the same time, but it’s a usual modus operandi for him.  The CODEL trip was formed and set in motion after this break.
  • Pelosi made a public reply through spokesman Drew Hammill indicating the stop in Brussels was to meet with NATO commanders to “affirm the United States’ ironclad commitment to the NATO alliance.” Interestingly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Brussels Dec. 3-5 to meet with NATO officials.
  • While Pelosi denied that she was traveling to Egypt, I have trouble believing the plane’s itinerary was in error as late as an hour before departure. Interestingly as well, Pompeo was in Egypt himself just ten days earlier on Jan. 10.

Jan 17:  Literally hours later, Melania and Barron made a quiet and unannounced departure for Florida.  This was observed by planefags (civilians who watch flight manifests and logs).

Jan 18:  Pelosi attempted to fly commercially to keep her original itinerary but accused the White House of leaking their commercial flight plans and jeopardizing their “security” – which was adamantly denied by the White House.

Jan 18:  President Trump announced he will be making a “major announcement” Saturday that will be broadcast live from the White House.

Jan 18:  Donna Brazile tweets:  #MadamSpeaker today  #President Pelosi shortly thereafter  #MLKWeekend is underway  Keep Hope Alive!


  • Just what?!?! Is this sedition?  Premeditated assassination?  Why are we calling Pelosi “President” for a near future event?
  • MLK was assassinated. Hope was part of the BO regime mantra.  Is this a cryptic message?

Jan 18:  Pelosi and entourage are spotted at Reagan airport.

Jan 19:  Pelosi releases  a statement in ADVANCE of the President’s speech rejecting his terms.

Jan 19:  POTUS spoke to the nation about his plans for border security and asked for bipartisan cooperation to begin immigration reform, build part of the wall in vulnerable areas, and get the government back to work.

The peculiarities in recent events are hard to ignore.  The shutdown occurred shortly before Christmas.  Speculation is there was a plan made over Christmas holiday to shore up Deep State alliances in key strategic locations.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been at two of those locations in the last four weeks.  Why would this entourage be traveling to a war zone with their families?

Did President Trump quickly send his family to Florida in case the situation wasn’t fully contained?  They flew on the same plane that Pelosi was supposed to be on, which would have been prepped and ready.  This does ask the question if it was a previously prepared trip, there would have been two planes ready – a separate one for FLOTUS.

Interestingly, the six of John F. Kennedy’s Cabinet plus his press secretary were out of the country when he was assassinated.  They were flown to Tokyo (Nov. 1963).  There are eerie strains of conspiracy and plotting.  When the Air Force bus arrived back at the White House after being turned back, it circled the parking lot numerous times.  It was speculated because the passengers didn’t want to face the media.  But could it have been because they were concerned an AT-4 might be launching through walls at any moment and they were supposed to be in the air, or overseas, or anywhere but there?

What are the implications if these circumstances are more than ironic?

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