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What will it take to produce a thinking America again?  How long will lies and fanciful theater produce the think tank for the public narrative?  We’ve replaced the movie [loosely] “based on actual events” for the non-fiction book, and no one reads anymore, so they never figure out the movie isn’t accurate.

I’m shooting from the hip here, so take this as an editorial if you will.  American events play out like a script over and over and no one seems the wiser for it.  You don’t have to be prophetic or psychic to project the script, you just have to mildly pay attention.

George Floyd was the victim of police brutality?  Yes of course he was.  We’ve all seen the video, and there is no reason for anyone to put their knee on a handcuffed and restrained man’s neck.  Now this is where we miss it.  Every.Time.  What are the rest of the details???

It doesn’t matter!  Because the mainstream media and the activists have commandeered the narrative.  They have done precisely what you do to a non-thinking populace:  they have played on fear and every other negative emotion that can be applied.  Enough said.  Damage is done.

No one is asking why Derek Chauvin’s house is still standing, untouched and unarmed, while the city of Minneapolis is lying in ruins.  No one is asking why Chauvin’s neighbors didn’t even know he was a cop – thought he was a realtor.  No one is asking why MN cop car 830 made the arrest, but cop car 320 across the street engaged in the violent takedown, while the first two cops walked across the street.  No one is asking where Floyd got the “counterfeit” bill or if it could be connected to the counterfeit bills seized at the Minnesota border in January, originating from CHINA.  No one is asking about Floyd and Chauvin both working at the same night club for years, or that they’re both into porn.

In fact, no one is asking why the mayor ordered the fully armed Third Precinct of Minneapolis to abandon to rioters.  Isn’t it the job of a police force to keep the order?   Is there some reason a fully armed and trained police militia cannot defend its building?

And no one is asking how vandalizing, looting and burning are going to resolve racial injustices.

Even funnier, no one is saying a thing about SOCIAL DISTANCING and these massive riots with people shoulder to shoulder!  Which narrative are we supposed to be paying attention to here???  Who’s going to call out the (alleged) covid outbreaks from these riots across Democratic-led cities?

No, this is precisely the intended outcome.  Covid-19 was not the crisis the puppet masters intended it to be, and it would not have the desired outcome on elections still five months away.  The narrative had to change, and what better than inciting more race wars?  That play never gets old!

Pay attention to the riot-ridden cities.  They will be democratically-run cities, with democratic demographics.  This is so predictable it’s not even fun anymore.  There’s no satisfaction in watching  brainwashed zombies doing the bidding of their puppet masters to their own demise.  All the buildings that were looted and burned?  They’ll be replaced with insurance money.  All the lives destroyed?  Let’s be honest, no one will know their names.  They are useful idiots who answered the call of negative emotions and/or a Soros paycheck.

Watch the high dollar puppets like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick pick up their cues and stir the race wars. They’ll jump on their soap boxes and shake angry fists at the injustices, while inciting their minions to fan the flames of hate.  (Martin Luther King Jr. would be grieved to the core.)

Idol worshippers will jump on these bandwagons with nary a thought! They’ll jump to the occasion to honor their idol’s irrational demands, never thinking twice, because, well, these people don’t think.  They just dutifully oblige their gods.

But please, oh please, don’t miss the role of the media in this.  They are the ring leaders.  Don’t think for a minute that the CNN reporters being arrested wasn’t scripted, or that burning the CNN headquarters in Atlanta wasn’t scripted.  It was so predictable I laughed out loud.  They need you to see them as victims, without a hint of being accomplices.  What better way to do that than set up images of their suffering, while they were just trying to report the news?

And don’t ignore the CIA’s role in using the media.  We’ve all heard that CIA Director William Casey said in a closed door meeting in 1981 that, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  [Of course the CIA denies this.]

Martyred German journalist Udo Ulfotte reported in his book [Presstitutes – Embedded in the Pay of the CIA] on page 36:

“’You can get a journalist for less than a good whore, for a few hundred dollars a month.’  These are the words of a CIA agent, as quoted by the Washington Post editor Philip Graham.  The agent was referring to the willingness and the price journalists would accept to spread CIA propaganda reports in their articles.”

Read this two minute article to get a simple overview of this problem.  It’s well documented that our mainstream media are owned by six corporations who are ruled by the same three percent of the people who want to rule the world.  If you think they’re just forking over six figure incomes to talking heads to report truth, well, refer to my first paragraph.  They have an agenda, and they are intent on accomplishing it with every tool they can buy.

As Udo reported in the same book quoted above,

“In democracy’s shadows, information is molded by the invisible hand of an opinion cartel.  In the background:  There are elite organizations with close ties to intelligence agencies.  They are active among the think tanks and ‘charitable’ foundations.  You can only be accepted into this exclusive society, a fifth column of the powerful, through personal recommendations.  You can’t purchase a ticket to get inside.  They have amassed so much wealth, they don’t need to charge entrance fees.”

Apparently the state sponsored propaganda machines of media and government paid state education have succeeded wildly.  We live in an American society where critical thinking is an endangered species of thought.  Just like the baby who opens its mouth to the parent’s airplane spoonful of food, we are willing to open our brains every time the talking heads make their sounds, and swallow it whole without analytical thought process.

There are so many holes in the covid narrative, so many contenders that the powers that be have attempted to silence.  Yet the sheeple parade on in their masks (of ignorance and compliance), believing who their masters tell them are “experts” without doing their own judicious inquiry into facts and data points.

Hey America, race wars have been incited every election year for the last three election cycles.  Have you noticed the pattern yet?  The global puppet masters have a pretty obvious playbook if you’ve been paying attention, it’s really simple.  It always revolves around division and fear.  The solution is always for the government to do your thinking.

  • Fear: a virus
  • Division: those who will wear a mask, those who won’t/those who will get a mandatory vaccine, those who won’t/those who will let the government take away their Constitutional liberties; those who won’t/those who are “essential”, those who “aren’t” (those who can earn a paycheck/those who can’t), etc.
  • Solution: government control   [mandatory lock downs, face mask wearing, social distancing, mandatory vaccines, allowing big businesses to continue while shutting down others, etc.]

When that doesn’t work, recirculate with a new topic.  Let’s try race wars! (again)  Repeat ad nauseam.

If we were thinking people, with critical thought and judicious analysis, we’d study the patterns of social conditioning of the past few decades.  We’d ask why the media is promoting certain things and suppressing others.  We’d learn that whatever is being promoted by these oligarchs is a manipulation to influence and control our thoughts to a purposeful outcome.  We’d project what that outcome is and we’d be able to see their objectives.  We’d compare their narrative with all the elements of the scenarios, with all the variables of truth, and not the hand-selected bits they feed us.

And if we’d get wise, we’d see through their antics and reject their playbook.

Or we won’t and we’ll reap the consequences.

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