What Frightens You More: Covid-19 Or Tyranny?

Elected officials and the bureaucrats who work in all of the states need to remember the words of the Declaration of Independence: “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men. ” In other words, government works for us. We don’t work for them.  The people hold the power, not the bureaucrats and elected officials. And the people are waking up.

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Bill Gates’ Hand In COVID-19, Part 4

This COVID-19 is not the pandemic that they claim it is. H1N1 had a mortality rate of 39.5%, COVID-19 is around .4%. Influenza has caused more deaths than COVID-19. This is totally a political play and I’ll say it was initiated by the Democrats. I could be wrong, but I’m probably not.

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Please Check Brain Upon Entry

If we were thinking people, with critical thought and judicious analysis, we’d study the patterns of social conditioning of the past few decades. We’d ask why the media is promoting certain things and suppressing others. We’d learn that whatever is being promoted by these oligarchs is a manipulation to influence and control our thoughts to a purposeful outcome.

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‘Casting Down Imaginations’

We are seeing a lot of this lately. In fact, I believe we are nearing the close of time, the last days, and people are choosing now to seal their fate, and pick their eternal destinies. It is a scary thing, but know this: God has never condemned a single soul to hell who did not have ample opportunity to know Him and return to His loving arms.

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“Conservative” GOP Senator Labeled as “Pot Whore” by Critics

The Soros-funded American Bridge organization notes that Democrats only need to win four seats to take back the majority in the Senate and claims that, right now, Democrats are tied or leading in eight. It says, “Mitch McConnell is in danger of losing his seat, and Democrats are surging in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.”

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Reopen America Now!

Unfortunately, fake news media has so successfully filled some conservatives with fear of coronavirus that they accept Democrats repealing our constitutional liberties. Incredibly, they want this unnecessary lock-down which is literally destroying our country to continue.

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Stuck on Stupid

How did we ever reach the point in this nation where seemingly “normal” people wear a mask, pray for the day where they can take a government-mandated injection, willingly go broke, and dutifully close down our houses of prayer?  What caused Americans to be so stupid that they would permit the “experts” the “right” to ruin their lives as they claimed to be saving their lives?

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How Much of Our Country Does China Own?

What, exactly, are colleges and universities supposed to do for us? After all, they cost us hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and there are some 18 million students sitting in their classroom—who have paid handsomely, if not exorbitantly, for the privilege.

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Ruminations of a Baby Boomer: More of Us Understand Realities of Washington DC

First of all, thank you to the hundreds of baby boomers responding to this series.  With SO many boomers responding, it may very well become a book.  The fact remains: we all care about America. We care about what happens to our kids. We care about our culture, language and quality of life.  We care about our choices, and, we damned well will fight for them.

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Now It’s Rack ‘Em, Stack ‘Em ….. and Track ‘Em!

Finally, government has gone way too far and the people are revolting in huge numbers all across America by ignoring un-Constitutional executive orders.  We say, it's way past time to do so.  The protests and revolt should have happened over 100 years ago as government tightened the screws on American freedom.

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The Shadow Cast on Memorial Day 2020

Make NO mistake, these organizations and systems of government are foreign to the American Constitution, American ideals and American principles, including the integrity of the American family and the sanctity of the House of God.

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Complexity of COVID-19, Your Smart Phone and the Importance of 5G

We humans and most animals are essentially electrical, and chemical. Having been a physician, for nearly 40 years, I have witnessed the electrical activity of the human body. If the brain is being studied we do an EEG which stands for electroencephalogram. If we are studying the heart we will be looking at an EKG which stands for electrocardiogram.

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Amerika 2021: A Dystopian Short Story

This story is a work of fiction. All incidents, dialogs and characters are either fictitious or have been used in a fictitious form. They are the product of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Wherever real life historical or public figures appear, the situations, incidents and dialogs concerning these persons is entirely fictional and are not intended to depict actual events or to change the entirely fictional nature of their work.

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This Will Defeat Trump in Nov, Not the Economy

Faithless electors, ballot harvesting and mail in ballots are going to be the ONLY way to keep Trump from a second term.  The Democrat/Communist Party USA is doing everything in their power to cheat We the People in November.

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Americans Must Demand Justice in Obamagate

It is not a “drummed-up criminal investigation” when the evidence shows that the Obama-Biden administration used American intelligence and law enforcement agencies to sabotage the incoming Trump Administration and destroy the career and life of Trump National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn.

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Ruminations of a Baby Boomer:  Poisoning Our World 24/7

At this point, those huge companies created 70,000 chemicals being used in the world today 24/7.  They poison the air, ground water, soil, rivers, and ultimately our oceans.  We’re losing over 100 species daily to extinction around the world from those poisons and habitat encroachment

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A Sheriff Speaks To Us All

In truth, the real crisis that we have is with our willingness to allow governors and bureaucrats to close our churches and businesses and sporting events and to show them that because our fear is greater than our commitment to our constitutional rights, they can remove our freedoms one by one (more about that in later articles) and manipulate us.

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Bill Gates’ Hand In COVID-19, Part 3

Remember when I said that Gates wants everyone vaccinated? He doesn’t want anyone that survived the virus without a vaccine.  Those people can’t be tracked because they won’t have the chip that comes along with the vaccine.

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Contact Tracing

What does Pelosi’s progressive brigade offer by contrast? Let’s see now. Love for all races but our own; continual baby murder paid for by the government; guiltless sex with anything that moves; no more marriage; constant fear of everything that breaths, barks, talks and coughs; and government as family.

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Reason to Grieve

And so we entered the “Anger” stage of grief at the loss of our freedoms, and the quickly coming destruction of our great nation. People around the country began to protest, demanding their constitutional rights and freedoms be restored... demanding a redress of grievances.  Patriots rightly argued that it’s only common sense to quarantine the SICK — but not the entire country. Let the rest of us get back to work

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Declassified Susan Rice Email Proves Joe Biden not Only Knew – But Aided in Plotting Against Flynn

As noted, Obama and Biden both knew about and participated in this sham operation against General Flynn.  Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing about Michael Flynn.  Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton who knew nothing about 33,000 missing emails. In a recent interview, Biden stated: “I knew nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn…,”

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Phase Two in the Battle to Reopen America

We the people finally rising up to say this is America and we're not gonna take this crap makes me extremely proud to be an American. Thank God that we have not become a nation of metro-sexual wimps, allowing power-drunk Democrats to behave like our parents.

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Remembering A Life Well Lived – J.D. Pendry

Before you read the beautifully written obituary by JD Pendry’s son, let me tell you about my friendship with him.  Years ago, I came across his WordPress account and loved what he had written.  Short, to the point, and always with a lesson.  Some of his writings made me weep, some made me laugh, and others made me think.

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China, Not Fauci, Is the Enemy

As Americans, we should be united in our hatred and disgust for the Communist Chinese rulers. We should want to make them pay. How? The answer is simple -- by seizing their property in the United States. Much of that is in California.

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Get It Yet? You Have No Rights!

Conservative writers like me, have been telling you this for years now and you were too busy to pay attention. Many of us even launched citizen activist groups to counter the massive global Marxist invasion of the USA that has left every true American citizen an outsider in their own country now.

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Is The President An “Essential” Worker?

During the course of the “covid-19” panic, masses of hot air, typescript, and electrons have been expended on what workers are, or are not, “essential”. On the one hand, in society’s estimation each and every worker in the free-market economy is “essential” in his particular job—otherwise, he would not be employed.

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We Can’t Afford to be Stupid

China has already launched the most ambitiously intrusive and oppressive program of social control ever seen, the “social credit system.” You have to carry your cell phone everywhere so the government can keep track of everything you say and do, everywhere you go.

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Our Dollar is Worthless

The American dollar is not backed by anything tangible.  In other words, the only value the dollar has is what the Government tells you it has.  If I type the number $1200.00 and send it to your bank will they put it in your account as if I had actually given you the money?  Of course not.

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Republicans Don’t Dare Call It Treason

Here we are three years later and Graham, Nunes, and now Barr have not done anything to hold Obama personally responsible. They have failed to provide Trump with the legal basis on which to accuse Obama and others with treasonous conduct.

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A Criminal Disguised As A Governor: Minnesota’s Tim Walz

Representatives throughout the government remain employed, even going so far as to give themselves pay raises through the coronavirus relief bills.  As a matter of fact, while thousands of business are going out of business, Tim Walz continues to enjoy his $127,629.00 compensation.

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The New Normal is Not Normal

I realize this appears to disrespect some Americans who stand resolute and determined to willfully give up their own autonomy to the  government, but that is only because many Americans have not been taught to think American and therefore they find the principles that support their liberties, peace and prosperity odious.

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Trump’s Baptism Scene

In this case, as it turned out, “the best and the brightest” of the Obama regime and the “best and the brightest” of the leftist media were no match for the singular brilliance of President Trump.

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America’s Economy Sabotaged By Totalitarian Dictators

Ivette Lozano is a Dallas doctor who is treating her coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine and the recovery success rate of her patients is 100%.  In the following video she explains how Texas has passed a bill that disallows prescribing hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin without giving a diagnosis to the pharmacist.

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Fraudulent Facade For A Worldwide Filching

President Trump may be committing political suicide by employing Doctors Fauci and Birx as his spokespersons since Fauci is closely allied with the Gates Foundation and Birx has strong ties with the Obama Administration and also the Gates Foundation, and Gates is engaged in an intense behind-the-scenes struggle with Trump over who gets to dominate the virus fighting narrative.

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PA Gov. Wolf’s Hillary “Deplorables” Moment

Americans protesting the actions of politicians who have been abusing their power for months.  Americans protesting the destruction of their lives while all those governors live in mansions, three hot meals a day, big salaries and get their hair cuts should be ashamed of themselves?  Those Americans fighting for their existence and their God-given right to freedom and going to work should be ashamed?

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Obama’s Inner Circle Requested ‘Unmasking’ of General Flynn

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell on Wednesday sent top Republican senators a list of former senior Obama administration officials who might have been involved in efforts that “unmasked” former national security adviser Michael Flynn — including former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Bill Gates’ Hand In COVID-19, Part 2

We all know that vaccines are intended to protect people from disease saving lives in the process. Bill Gates intends to use vaccines for the opposite. He wants to use vaccines for human depopulation. He believes that we have to eliminate 350,000 people a day!

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No Room For Love

Love is learned in the family. The organic or natural family begins with a father and a mother. No other arrangement is designed to work for children. They must have a father and mother who are stable for a lifetime. We all need and want that.

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Lockdown Lamentations

You can protect yourself from any virus including this one through commonsense cleanliness (e.g., frequent handwashing), not touching objects in public that have been touched by others (e.g., handrails), and building up your immune system with sound nutrition, exercise, at least some sunlight, and sufficient sleep.

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Pelosi, Schiff and Her Thugs Refuse to Investigate the Wuhan Virus – Just Blame Trump

After three years of trying to nail President Donald Trump on bogus charges during two failed attempts at impeachment, the Democratic Party -- especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her inner-circle of liars, leakers and thugs -- as well the dishonest news media are seeking to turn an international disaster into a political sledgehammer to use against Trump in the upcoming 2020 presidential election

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Making Heroes Out of Dope Dealers and Stoners

The new “Heroes” bill offered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the latest version of the Green New Deal. It makes “heroes” out of dope dealers, with the “green” being marijuana and money. The $3 trillion bill, considered DOA (Dead on Arrival) in the Senate, is an example of the power of Big Marijuana, which owes its very existence to billionaire George Soros...

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Deep State Judge Denies Relief To Lt. General Flynn

Judge Sullivan belongs to the Deep State globalist cabal.  He is doing the bidding of those who wish to destroy truth, justice, and the American way.  Yes, that’s it, I’m not making this up.  This Clinton appointee hates a man who gave his life to his country and who loves America.

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Ruminations of a Baby Boomer: Endless War in My Lifetime

Do you think we can continue on this warring path? How will we avoid financial collapse at $25 trillion in debt? Is it worth it as our cities rot and ghettoes proliferate? Have you visited Baltimore? How about Chicago? Isn’t there something wrong with spending $750 billion annually for war, when we’ve got 7 out of 10 Black children born out of wedlock and living with single mothers on welfare?

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When Do We Get Our Freedoms Back?

Well, at least now we’ve all had a little taste of socialism. How do you like it? And remember that months before anyone heard any mention of COVID-19, assorted Democrats were campaigning to let convicted felons out of prison. And abolish the police, while we’re at it. The virus gave them an excuse to spring thousands of jailbirds.

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Trump is Not Weakening

Folks, you need to understand once and for all that Democrats and fake news media are sick with hatred for all things wholesome and good and hatred for America. Without hesitation, they will destroy you and America for power to control every aspect of our lives. The treasonous wacko Democratic party must be defeated at the ballot box in November.

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It Took A Virus Lockdown To Make Us Appreciate Freedom

Tens of millions of Americans can't pay their mortgages, rent, or utility bills and are struggling to keep food on the table.  Suddenly, they come to the conclusion that their freedoms are being taken away by government. Again, where have they been for the last 100 plus years?

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The Dirty Wars Behind Obamagate

What happened to Flynn was truly an amazing diversion since Obama’s CIA director Brennan should never have received a security clearance. As CIA director, Brennan told a congressional forum that even voting communist, as he once did, was not a bar to employment at the agency. Brennan had voted for a Moscow-line Communist Party.

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High Noon: Governors and Mayors vs Sheriffs and We the People

Most of the country has already heard the story of Shelly Luther who owns a beauty salon in Dallas, TX. She reopened her business because her employees were going without food just to feed their children.  Another Hussein Obama appointed Democrat judge jailed her.  The Texas Supreme Court ordered her released.  Our governor then modified his earlier order

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Vindicated! DOJ Exonerates Lt. General Michael T. Flynn

Three-star General Michael Flynn never lied to anyone, not VP Pence and certainly not the FBI.  The FBI and Department of Justice misused their authority to try to entrap Flynn during an investigation that was utterly without factual merit or legal justification.  The special counsel pursued Flynn relentlessly, even though he had done nothing wrong.

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Silence and Action Are True Wisdom’s Best Reply

As this world turns, each of us faces extraordinary challenges, ordeals, emotional pain, trauma, loss of loved ones and disappointments during our lives.  It goes with the territory of living.  Even at this point with a virus raging around the planet, we need to hold on to “hope.”

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Coronavirus Not Accidental-Created for Revenge

There have been many plagues throughout history. It is difficult to imagine that this pandemic, like others, simply manifested out of nowhere. It did not, because it could not. This particular one, the Coronavirus, originated in a lab in Wuhan, China and this writer believes the creation and release of this virus was retaliatory against America since our president out negotiated them in a change of the trade deal.

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Bill Gates’ Hand In COVID-19

The first thing I need to do is lay a little groundwork on where Bill Gates stand on vaccines and population control.  Bill Gates is well known as the co-founder of Microsoft.  Not many are aware of his work in the vaccine field.

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Their Secret is Out

It seems the natives are getting restless.  Over the past week or so, we’ve seen citizen patriots rally for their freedom in multiple states here in the US.  It began in Columbus, Ohio at the Statehouse there on April 13th — one month, to the day, after President Trump declared a national state of emergency regarding the coronavirus.

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Separate Government from Church

On day one as Governor of Maine I would separate the state government from the Church. I would close the state’s education and welfare departments. I would put Maine’s government out of the business of “caring” for people. Government would no longer be the arbiter and guarantor of everything. Government is not God.

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Defeating Nazis But Helping the New Nazis

Cut through the social media censorship and demand that the politicians name the enemy and propose a strategy for victory over that enemy. The life you save may be your own. Don’t go to your grave without doing everything possible to avoid the Chinese digging America’s grave. It’s time to act.

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Betrayal and the Programming Behind Covid 19 – A UK Perspective

You see the battle between fact and fiction, reality and lies, in relation to Covid 19, are currently coexisting in a parallel world right now.   However, I sense storm clouds are gathering; and the stoic British pride of working together during a national crisis may just be about to turn a bit nasty if certain ‘other’ truths should ever get openly reported.

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Rebuilding Babylon

In Genesis, Chapter 11, we read about the descendants of Noah, who were living in the area known as Babylon.  After surviving the destruction of the earth and the great flood, perhaps it was just “human nature” that they would become prideful.  They considered themselves the “survivors” of something more horiffic the world had ever seen.

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Mark of the Beast – 666; the Man and His Number – Revealed

One of the world’s richest men, a computer software developer and founder of Microsoft Corporation, a man who has openly stated that he wants to reduce the world’s population, is the man with patent number 666. Bill Gates is not the Antimessiah (Antichrist), but he is a man and his patent number is 666.

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I’m Not Scared Anymore

I have to confess that a few weeks ago I was scared. Very scared. Not of the coronavirus, which most likely will prove to be just as lethal, or even much less lethal than the flu virus that, coming from Asia, hits us almost every year. No. What I was scared of was the people President Trump appointed to protect us from the virus, particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci

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The Counsel of the Ungodly

If America is to ever be restored the righteous must return to places of authority. Honor must be honored. What kind of church will emerge on the other side remains to be seen. If the blind lead the blind they both end up in a ditch...

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A Few Random Thoughts

Communism in general, and Chinese communism in particular, must be destroyed. Communism is an evil relic of the worst of the Twentieth Century, responsible for more suffering and wretchedness than any other form of government devised by fallen man—not to mention tens of millions of untimely deaths.

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A Letters To The Editor of Time Magazine

Do you write letters to the editors of Time, or your local newspaper, or to your local television stations?  The best things you can do to make this Constitutional Republic work: stay involved. Speak up. Write up. Stand up. Vote, make noise, say something, write something and be a standup American citizen.

By |2020-05-07T01:52:10-04:00May 7th, 2020|

How Do You Stop A Government That’s Gone Rogue?

The institutions of government have been turned against the people and their individual, God-given rights have been abrogated and dissolved by government fiat.  The people have been done in by an ideology that focuses on the collective, not the individual.  They have also been done in by their own negligence and refusal to preserve, protect and defend their own freedom.

By |2020-05-06T02:37:12-04:00May 6th, 2020|

Wake Up America, You are the Last Asylum for Liberty on Earth

As we have said before, any governor’s false imprisonment of the general populace in their homes, the arbitrary declaration of some commerce as non-essential, the misuse of police powers to enforce pretended legislation, is all without constitutional authority and demonstrates a profound disrespect for the rule of law.

By |2020-05-06T01:12:08-04:00May 6th, 2020|

Major Crisis Averted! Netflix and AOC Propaganda Film to Educate Your Kids

AOC and the rest of the socialist Democrats are highly organized, well funded, and have a lot of power players backing them – like most of the media, Facebook, Twitter, and George Soros and plenty of other progressive voices. Many of AOC’s positions are, like the Green New Deal – an exercise in futility combined with stupidity.

By |2020-05-05T02:36:20-04:00May 5th, 2020|

Propaganda Wins, Sheeple Comply and Freedom Dies

America’s Constitution guarantees our God-given right to pray, to assemble, to speak, and to travel. Our civil liberties have been nullified with a virus that is less than one percent deadly.  Thomas Jefferson said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”  Time to take it back now!

By |2020-05-05T02:10:50-04:00May 5th, 2020|

Is Civil Disobedience Only Way to Re-Open America?

Sheriffs in several counties in a half dozen states have come out publicly and said they will NOT enforce stay-at-home orders from their governor and other unconstitutional orders.  If you or better yet, a group of business owners, can get a sit down with your county sheriff, do it.  Present the information in this column and tell your sheriff to stand with The People.

By |2020-05-04T03:25:06-04:00May 4th, 2020|

The Smoking Gun in the China Virus Caper

Running for president in 1980, Ronald Reagan was asked for his opinion on the so-called Sino-Soviet split. “They were allies and the only argument that caused their split was an argument over how best to destroy us,” he said of China and the Soviet Union. President Reagan understood Marxist dialectics

By |2020-05-04T02:32:56-04:00May 4th, 2020|

Ruminations of a Baby Boomer: Human Cruelty Around the World

During this Coronavirus event that slows down our world for the duration, I ruminate about life on this planet.  In this series, let’s examine what humanity continues perpetrating on itself and other creatures.  As a species, we may need to examine what we’re doing to ourselves and all other creatures on this planet.

By |2020-05-04T01:35:50-04:00May 4th, 2020|

It’s Not About Your Health

I guess that today, here in America, where we’re all supposed to be equal, with equal rights and equal justice for all, SOME are more equal than others.  We are witnessing the United States follow the same road as Venezuela, right before our eyes.

By |2020-05-03T01:27:51-04:00May 3rd, 2020|

Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

Mary and I live in a tiny town in West Virginia. Our grocery shopping options are 26 miles away in Maryland and 45 miles in Virginia. Maryland stores refused to allow us to enter because we did not have masks. We drove to Virginia. It was refreshing seeing Virginians free to wear masks or not.

By |2020-05-02T04:36:22-04:00May 2nd, 2020|

Will It Ever Be The Same Again

Could it be that gone are the days of handshakes and hugs, that social distancing is the order of the day, that no more gatherings of people are allowed, that we should be fearful of those near us?  We are now hearing the phrase that this is the New Normal.  I say it is NOT.  We must RESIST THIS! It is a LIE!

By |2020-05-02T04:04:11-04:00May 2nd, 2020|

We Are Currently Facing Political, Economic, Ideological Corruption on a Global Scale

We are currently facing political, economic, ideological corruption on a GL0BAL scale. Perhaps even beyond our globe; perhaps it's become interstellar. The Imperial Fascists of the NWO aren't even hiding it anymore. They have announced their NWO is coming to YOU in mere moments. (Oops, my's already here and kicking the door down. Sorry.)

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Ruling Class Wants Your Face In The Dirt Begging For Handouts

I believe this to be the most dangerous period in our history. My prediction is, if the Ruling Class does not release its control and stop destruction of everything in our country, then many people will die in a Civil War. My use of derogatory words to describe the Ruling Class and their Lackeys is more than justified.

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Advice for the Church: Better Call Saul

With scales on their eyes, today’s Christians for the most part seem afraid to challenge secular authorities and various “executive orders” about how they should worship. They have resorted to drive-in or drive-by “worship services,” so they don’t get out of their cars.

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In my view, and I’ve been studying survival since the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, it was almost too mild of a reaction when the food ran out. A component of primal instinct is mob mentality, and that was observed less than it should have been.

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Why Do George Soros and Bill Gates Wield So Much Influence In Our Republic

The Holy Bible plainly states that parents should train up their children in the way they should go so that they may not depart.  Meaning that like all humans, they will make mistakes and sin.  But if parents take the time to raise their children in the right way, they most likely will not permanently stray from the straight and narrow path.

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