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Self proclaimed Black Unhyphenated American, Lloyd Marcus is a featured columnist on American Thinker, Renew America, Canadian Free Press and numerous other Internet websites. A speaker, activist, singer/songwriter, recording artist and entertainer, Marcus was a featured act on the historical 2009 Tea Party Expressed Tour. The finale event was the Sept. 12th Taxpayers March and Rally in Washington DC where Marcus performed for a million people. His appearances include FoxNews, CNN, PJTV and numerous TV and radio programs. He emcees and performs his patriotic original songs at rallies and special events across America. He was the featured entertainment at the 2009 Free Republic National Convention. Marcus' mission is to use his God given gifts to spread the "truth" that Conservatism is best for all Americans. He resides in Central Florida. An elected official, Marcus is Chairman for Precinct 424, Volusia County Florida. He is also Creative Director for the Republican Executive Committee of Volusia County. Lloyd Marcus, Singer/Songwriter of the national "American Tea Party Anthem." President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color) E-Mail: Website:

Last Stand to Save America as Founded

I pray that Christians will stop kneeling to wicked cultural demands and begin standing up again for Godly principles. Far too many youths are Marxist zealot domestic terrorists because we've allowed leftist schools to poison their minds about their God, their family and their country.

By |2020-07-25T04:00:34-04:00July 25th, 2020|

The Leftists Are Turning Our Kids Into Sleeper Cells

Black disciples of socialism disguised as civil rights activists have also been allowed to sow their seeds of anti-American hate in public education for decades. In the 1970's, I was a student at the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art via scholarships. The Black Panthers showed up, angrily demanding a platform on campus to protest.

By |2020-07-18T02:59:20-04:00July 18th, 2020|

Black America: Before Y’all Sign On to Black Lives Matter

BLM operatives have white middle school students hating themselves, taught that they were born racist. Does Jesus want people (kids) hating themselves? BLM had a sportscaster fired for daring to say, “all lives matter.” Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross because all lives matter. If you support BLM's racist mandates and agenda, the love of Christ is not in you.

By |2020-07-14T02:00:48-04:00July 14th, 2020|

Trump’s July 4th Birthday Gift to America

Fake news media are masters of illusion. Their celebratory reporting deceived corporations into believing a majority of Americans support Black Lives Matter's absurd demands. Therefore, corporations wrote several million dollar please-don't-attack-my-business checks to BLM.

By |2020-07-07T01:19:35-04:00July 7th, 2020|

Anarchists and Trump’s Reelection

My stomach turns every time I hear conservatives, Republicans and Christians say we must create meaningful dialog with the protesters to discuss their grievances. The problem is their grievances are purposely rooted in the lie that my beloved country is a racist hellhole. I refuse to pander to that concept.

By |2020-06-30T02:27:39-04:00June 30th, 2020|

BLM at War with America

Another thing causing my head to explode is all of the pandering to BLM, an evil and demonic hate group. In compliance to BLM, pastors are telling their white congregations to own-up to their white privilege. My response is, “Stop it! Stop falling for leftists' bogus guilt-trip.” For crying out loud! America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to purse their dreams. Anything else is a lie!

By |2020-06-22T02:56:10-04:00June 22nd, 2020|

Oprah is a Ultra Leftist Trojan Horse

Oprah is exploiting George Floyd to further her fellow progressives' far-left-radial agenda. If she really cares about blacks, Oprah would focus on addressing out-of-control black-on-black homicides in cities controlled by Democrats. As a true advocate for blacks, Oprah would focus on ending generational poverty, gangs, drugs and incarcerations due to fatherless households.

By |2020-06-13T03:58:33-04:00June 13th, 2020|

Disciples of the Gospel of Democrats and The Fake News Media

At our annual family Christmas gathering a few years before he died, my dad, Dr. Rev Lloyd E. Marcus, instructed them to follow me as the new leader. I heard through the grapevine that most of them disapprove of my politics. At family events, I am pleasant and keep conversations non-political. Still, they read my articles posted on social media and the internet.

By |2020-06-06T03:28:05-04:00June 6th, 2020|

Exploiting George Floyd’s Death

And yet, rather than bringing our nation together, fake news media and Democrats are excitedly throwing gasoline on the flames of racial hate and division. Their message is America is still a hellhole of racism in which blacks are routinely murdered by whites and police.

By |2020-06-05T01:28:41-04:00June 5th, 2020|

Reopen America Now!

Unfortunately, fake news media has so successfully filled some conservatives with fear of coronavirus that they accept Democrats repealing our constitutional liberties. Incredibly, they want this unnecessary lock-down which is literally destroying our country to continue.

By |2020-05-29T01:49:49-04:00May 29th, 2020|

Phase Two in the Battle to Reopen America

We the people finally rising up to say this is America and we're not gonna take this crap makes me extremely proud to be an American. Thank God that we have not become a nation of metro-sexual wimps, allowing power-drunk Democrats to behave like our parents.

By |2020-05-23T01:23:00-04:00May 23rd, 2020|

Trump is Not Weakening

Folks, you need to understand once and for all that Democrats and fake news media are sick with hatred for all things wholesome and good and hatred for America. Without hesitation, they will destroy you and America for power to control every aspect of our lives. The treasonous wacko Democratic party must be defeated at the ballot box in November.

By |2020-05-14T02:33:14-04:00May 14th, 2020|

Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

Mary and I live in a tiny town in West Virginia. Our grocery shopping options are 26 miles away in Maryland and 45 miles in Virginia. Maryland stores refused to allow us to enter because we did not have masks. We drove to Virginia. It was refreshing seeing Virginians free to wear masks or not.

By |2020-05-02T04:36:22-04:00May 2nd, 2020|

Time to Join the Rebellion

They plan to keep filling Americans with bogus fear about the corona virus to keep the country shutdown all the way to the November election. They do not give a rat's derriere about the shutdown causing 22 million people and climbing to lose their jobs. Suicides are skyrocketing, lives are destroyed and fortunes are being lost.

By |2020-04-24T01:27:31-04:00April 24th, 2020|

Behind the Curtain of Corona-madness

Trump has done a remarkable job for We the People despite 92% negative lie-filled reporting, deep staters', Democrats' and never Trumpers' efforts to stop him. Trump could keep America on the winning track for at least a decade if Republicans win a majority in the house and senate.

By |2020-04-17T02:27:53-04:00April 17th, 2020|

Making the Most of House Arrest

During the corona-madness lock-down, I watched my favorite movie, “The Natural” for the ga-zillionth time. Insanely, that movie still makes me tear up. Due to my late preacher dad's DNA, I see numerous life lessons and sermons in that movie.

By |2020-04-13T02:20:31-04:00April 13th, 2020|

Corona Virus Causing a Right Turn

Our courageous president has announced plans to cautiously begin re-opening America in various sectors ASAP. Optimism is contagious. Trump believes our economy will bounce back stronger than ever. I agree.

By |2020-04-03T01:05:02-04:00April 3rd, 2020|

A Little Blue Bird Confirmed That God Is With Us

Folks, this is too amazing to believe, but it is totally true. My wife Mary was transferring her 6 cockatiels and 3 parakeets to a new cage. After working in my backyard studio, I went back into the house. I opened the door just as Blue bird parakeet got away from Mary.

By |2020-03-28T01:14:57-04:00March 28th, 2020|

Trump vs the Terrible Reporter

Trump is truly enduring false accusations and unfair persecution for protecting religious liberty, innocent unborn life, everyday Americans and wisely dealing with a national crisis. I am grateful that Trump continues to trust his God-given instincts. Roll on Mr President. We the People are with you.

By |2020-03-25T03:14:19-04:00March 25th, 2020|

How Long Will Americans Tolerate Corona-Madness

Folks, the light I see at the end of the Corona-madness tunnel is the strong will, spirit and instincts of the American people. Without analyzing their feelings through a lens of political ideology, Americans will begin demanding to have their lives back; working, weddings, kid's birthday parties, restaurants and so on. We are Americans!

By |2020-03-21T03:11:58-04:00March 21st, 2020|

Corona is Not ‘The Big One’

Barely able to contain their excitement, Democrats/fake news media believe they have finally found their kryptonite to take down this superman president. They are confident that their insidious evil manufactured hysteria over the Corona virus is The Big One that will end Trump's presidency.

By |2020-03-19T03:08:10-04:00March 19th, 2020|

Conversations with Everyday Patriots at CPAC

CPAC was really encouraging folks; tons of young people, college students and millennial conservatives. It was surprising to learn that for many of them, their conservative values are an outgrowth of their Christian faith. The big message of CPAC was “Trump 2020!”

By |2020-03-06T02:38:10-05:00March 6th, 2020|

Hope For America From CPAC

My wife Mary and I are having a wonderful time at CPAC, Wednesday Feb 26-29th, reconnecting with patriots and Tea Partiers we have not seen in years. We are promoting the release of the Trump Train 2020 song music video. We ask each of you to host Watch Parties when the music video goes live on YouTube. Here is the commercial promoting the music video release...

By |2020-02-29T03:53:23-05:00February 29th, 2020|

Rush Limbaugh, Trump and the Tea Party Family

We held our noses to rally behind Mitt Romney for president. We were devastated when Mitt Romney wimped out, refusing to forcefully challenge Obama's rhetoric during their second debate. In essence, Romney gifted Obama an undeserved second term. We felt betrayed.

By |2020-02-21T02:13:00-05:00February 21st, 2020|

Jussie Smollett Should Not be Rewarded for His Crime

Folks, why are progressives never held accountable for promoting racial hate, hatred for achievers, hatred for Christians, hatred for straight white men, hatred for successful blacks who do not vote Democrat and hatred for police. Progressives are not even held accountable for promoting and implementing violence

By |2020-02-17T01:17:02-05:00February 16th, 2020|

Saying No to Black History Month

Most American blacks do not realize that many original civil rights black freedom fighters who stood beside Dr Martin Luther King Jr sold their souls to the dark-side after Dr King died. They joined the white Democrat/progressive movement, metaphorically receiving 30 pieces of silver. The agenda of the dark-side is anti-Christianity and anti-American.

By |2020-02-10T02:53:49-05:00February 10th, 2020|

The Major Takeaway From the State of the Union

My major takeaway from the State of the Union is Trump must be reelected. If not, every single one of his unprecedented victories for We the People will be reversed. Clearly, Democrats believe whatever Trump does good for America undermines their mission to control every aspect of our lives and remove America from her rightfully place as leader of the free world.

By |2020-02-07T03:38:19-05:00February 7th, 2020|

California’s Democrat Run Nightmare Spreading Nationally

If Bloomberg or any of his fellow wacko Democrats are elected president, America will immediately fall backwards, resuming the economic, cultural and world-leadership decline of the Obama years. An endless list of new perversions will be forced upon us; all who oppose will be shamed, destroyed and thrown into jail.

By |2020-02-01T02:26:25-05:00February 1st, 2020|

Biden Throws Blacks Another Racist Dog Biscuit

How many stupid blacks will stay on the Democrats' plantation, believing Biden's outrageous lie that Trump is a n*****-hating white supremacist? My fellow black Americans, please stop scarfing up Democrats' racist dog biscuits.

By |2020-01-25T03:10:21-05:00January 25th, 2020|

A Sad Baltimore Tale

Democrat controlled cities are insanely obsessed with pandering to criminals and illegals against the safety, best interest and rights of law abiding citizens. NYC Mayor de Blasio's latest soft-on-crime initiative includes giving freed inmates gift cards and cell phones.

By |2020-01-04T03:39:01-05:00January 4th, 2020|

What “White Privilege” Means in Small-Town West Virginia

It turns my stomach the way despicable evil Democrat presidential candidates say white men like Pop Kern are responsible for everything wrong in the world. Democrats boldly proclaim that if elected president, they will punish Pop Kern; tax the heck out of him and force him to pay reparations to minorities and even illegal aliens.

By |2020-01-03T04:14:35-05:00January 3rd, 2020|

A Surprise Christmas Gift

Over forty-five years ago when my white wife and I met, interracial dating was taboo. We endured verbal and physical assaults from blacks and whites. A deranged white man approached our table in a restaurant, smashed a bottle over my head and ran out of the restaurant. He was prosecuted.

By |2019-12-27T01:15:35-05:00December 27th, 2019|

We Don’t Need Different Santas for Every Race

All this identity politics, race and gender swapping is supposedly about empowering women and minorities. That is a lie. It is really about SJW's hatred for straight white men and their desire to punish, demonize and cancel them. I am not exaggerating when I say SJWs believe the world would be a better safer place without Christian heterosexual white men.

By |2019-12-24T01:14:14-05:00December 24th, 2019|

Trump Makes Christmas About Jesus Again

In 2016, Trump promised that if elected, Americans would say, “Merry Christmas” again. Wandering around the mall, I repeatedly heard shoppers and sales clerks say, “Merry Christmas!” I overheard a father instructing his three sons, “Remember boys, you're suppose to be shopping for others, not for yourselves.”

By |2019-12-13T02:56:41-05:00December 13th, 2019|

First Lady Dissed by Wimpy Snowflakes

First Lady Melania Trump was booed by students when she spoke at an opioid awareness summit in Baltimore. Snowflake adults said the students were justified because Melania's husband hurt their feelings by saying bad things about their city.

By |2019-11-30T03:37:04-05:00November 30th, 2019|

Why Trump is Black Voters’ Clear Choice in 2020

Unlike the Democratic party, the Republican party does not treat me like a poor inferior child in need of constant government intervention. Folks, the bottom line is America is the greatest land of opportunity on the plant for all who choose to go for their dreams! This inspiring truth is as repulsive to Democrats as showing Dracula the cross.

By |2019-11-16T02:29:39-05:00November 16th, 2019|

Young Adults Fed Up With SJW And LGBTQ Tyranny

Hollywood's laser-focus on promoting SJW has created a huge void for quality entertainment. We have a golden opportunity to fill that void. Perhaps, this is why well-crafted Christian movies are doing so well at the box office.

By |2019-11-05T02:47:31-05:00November 5th, 2019|

Nationals Elites vs Astros Americans

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on Fox and Friends wearing a Washington National's baseball cap in honor of them winning the World Series. Kellyanne excitedly said, “Since president Trump came to office the Capitals, the hockey team, the Mystics and the Nationals have won their first championships.”

By |2019-11-02T03:04:12-04:00November 2nd, 2019|

The Frightened Old Woman with Her Trump 2020 Flag

After our awesome recording session which felt like a family reunion, the owner of the recording studio emailed me. He raved about how much fun he had and how it was a pleasure working with such a great group of nice people. Clearly, we Trump supporters were not the deplorable racist haters characterized by fake news media and Democrats.

By |2019-10-17T03:13:50-04:00October 17th, 2019|

For the Soul of America, “Shifty” Schiff Must Go

Trump will be reelected in 2020. However, we must remain engaged, each of you doing your part to insure victory in 2020. It can be as simple as sharing with your neighbor a few of the long list of great things Trump has achieved for America. It is crucial that we counter fake news media and Democrats' lies and non reporting of Trump's unprecedented achievements.

By |2019-10-14T02:12:49-04:00October 14th, 2019|

The Purge of Conservatism from America

Oozing with obnoxious superiority and arrogance, Schiff insidiously deceived viewers to assume he was reciting Trump's actual words from the phone call. Schiff was lying. Not a single word of what Schiff told the American people that Trump said was in the transcript.

By |2019-10-11T01:46:01-04:00October 11th, 2019|

All Aboard Trump Train 2020

This confirmed the importance of my Trump Train 2020 song, spreading the truth about our courageous president. God turned the negative circumstance of not being able to find local singers supportive of Trump into an opportunity for true patriots to lend their voices for the good of our country.

By |2019-09-16T04:05:55-04:00September 16th, 2019|

Heads Up, America: North Carolina Special Election Matters

Though I love her dearly, my wife Mary interrupts my peaceful morning cup of coffee by reading me disturbing headlines on her phone. Court rules Idaho must give transgender inmate gender surgery.” Thank God the Republican governor, in essence, said it will be a cold day in hell before his state pays for the convicted sex offender's reassignment surgery

By |2019-08-30T02:07:38-04:00August 30th, 2019|

How We Reelect Trump in 2020

Progressives always find funds to trash Christianity and America. Remember when the National Endowment For the Arts awarded an artist with a $15,000 grant to place a crucifix in a jar of urine?

By |2019-08-22T02:10:33-04:00August 22nd, 2019|

Pocahontas’ Presidential Run Should be Over

Elizabeth Warren seated in the big chair in the Oval Office would be the equivalent of wicked Hillary on steroids; severely punishing achievers, disarming law abiding gun-owners, jailing political opponents, dividing Americans

By |2019-08-17T02:17:04-04:00August 17th, 2019|

Baltimore Black Kids Escape to Trump Country

It is amazing what a child can achieve once he is distanced from the destructive atmosphere of a Democrat-controlled city. Despicably, Democrats and fake news media relentlessly seek to fill black youths with victim mindsets – hate for their country and hate for Trump voters.

By |2019-08-04T02:35:23-04:00August 4th, 2019|

Leftists’ Effective Dirty Trick

Republican and conservative advisers always instruct us to guard our words and be nice; careful not to anger leftists. We have allowed our enemies to dictate the rules of engagement.

By |2019-07-26T02:10:03-04:00July 26th, 2019|

Pushing Back Against Anti-Americanism

In response to my clarion call for citizens to push back against anti-Americanism and cultural assassins, several of you have asked how. Some believe the battle is already lost. Some think violent resistance is the only solution. I disagree with both mindsets.

By |2019-07-16T02:20:34-04:00July 16th, 2019|

Trump’s Orlando Speech: Unprecedented And Remarkable

Watching live TV coverage of President Trump at his Orlando rally announcing his reelection campaign, I was blown away by Trump's unprecedented straightforward honesty. With no-holds-barred, Trump told the American people the truth about numerous important issues which have been lied about or hidden by fake news media.

By |2019-07-02T02:32:13-04:00July 2nd, 2019|

Reparations: Democrats Scam And Insult Blacks Again

If Democrats and wealthy black celebs really cared about their people rather than furthering a leftist socialist political agenda, they would call for blacks to take full responsibility for their lives. They would encourage a return to biblical morality. They would encourage traditional marriage, bringing fathers back into households.

By |2019-06-25T00:57:58-04:00June 25th, 2019|

Anti-Trump Traitors Rip Blindfold Off Lady Justice

What anti-American zealots in government and media are doing to president Trump is unprecedented and should scare the heck out of every American. They have created a parallel universe void of truth and reality. In the midst of Trump actually making America great again, millions of Americans believe Trump is a Russian agent, mentally ill and leading America to destruction.

By |2019-06-08T02:07:30-04:00June 8th, 2019|

Judgment Day Coming For Democrats

Democrats are insidiously bearing false witness; lying to the American people, in total contradiction of the Mueller report which did not find Trump guilty of collusion or obstruction. And yet, Democrats with the help of their minions in fake news media persist in keeping their Trump colluded and obstructed lie going.

By |2019-05-10T05:35:35-04:00May 10th, 2019|

Ignorance, Fear And LGBTQ

The surprising intensity of the LGBTQ attacks, reporters chasing me down and sticking microphones in my face, scared me. I could not give a rat's derriere about what leftists think of me. I had to fight off feelings of guilt as I witnessed LGBTQ enforcers attacking everyone associated with me.

By |2019-05-04T01:05:21-04:00May 4th, 2019|

Why Barr Must Confront The Deep State

Exposing their repulsive arrogance and sense of superiority, John Brennan, James Clapper, Adam Schiff, James Comey and Obama minions are moving full speed ahead with their treasonous quest to remove Trump from office.

By |2019-05-02T01:51:54-04:00May 2nd, 2019|

The Destruction Of Citizen Cain

It is unfortunate that negative press was many black Americans' national introduction to Herman Cain. When Cain dropped out of the presidential race, his accusers magically disappeared. Now that Trump has chosen Cain for the Federal Reserve Board, the allegations have resurfaced to block his appointment.

By |2019-04-25T01:25:54-04:00April 25th, 2019|

Tea Party For Trump

“Tea Party for Trump” is the righteous resistance to Democrats' deranged lawless resistance to Trump. Please support the Tea Party Express effort to keep president Trump in the White House; keeping America great.

By |2019-04-19T01:33:27-04:00April 19th, 2019|

Are Democrats Pushing Sharia Law

A fan thought I exaggerated when I wrote Sharia Law will spread like wildfire across America if Democrats win the White House. She feared my over-the-top statement about the spread of Islam will damage my credibility.

By |2019-04-13T01:04:32-04:00April 13th, 2019|

The Tea Party Is Back

And yet, every Democrat presidential candidate is on a mad dash to socialism. If a Democrat is elected president in 2020, we will be thrust back to the depressing days of Obama's failed economy; record high numbers of Americans on food stamps, unemployment and disability.

By |2019-04-11T01:49:52-04:00April 11th, 2019|

Is It Time For The Tea Party To Rise Again?

The Mueller Report exonerated President Trump of claims that he colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. In essence, Nancy Pelosi said screw Mueller's Report. Her minions will continue seeking to create evidence of Trump/Russia collusion to impeach him.

By |2019-04-02T02:23:32-04:00April 2nd, 2019|

Race Relations: If Democrats Would Get Out Of Our Way

To keep blacks feeling like victims in an forever racist America, Democrats keep the flames of racial division burning. Blacks are only 12% of the population. This means white voters gifted the first black president two terms. Despicably, Democrats continue to tell blacks, “Keep voting for us to keep racist white America off your backs.” Contrary to Democrats' lie, we have come a long ways baby in race relations in our country.

By |2019-03-28T11:20:55-04:00March 28th, 2019|
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