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I was thrilled to hear that the Michigan militia said they will prevent police from enforcing wacko Gov Whitmer’s unconstitutional demand that 77 year old Karl Manke close down his barber shop.

We the people finally rising up to say this is America and we’re not gonna take this crap makes me extremely proud to be an American. Thank God that we have not become a nation of metro-sexual wimps, allowing power-drunk Democrats to behave like our parents. They demand that we stay in our homes. When we ask why, their response is, “Because we said so!”

Several weeks ago when the national lock down began, I had a conversation with two political activist buddies. They were concerned that Democrats would force the lock-down to continue until election day in November. I said I could not imagine the American people putting up with it that long.

Seeing that Democrats are using covid-19 to implement their dream list of extreme leftist initiatives, many of you were frustrated that Trump appeared to surrender to Dr Fauci’s keep-America-closed recommendations. I told you guys to chill out, trust Trump and God. Trump is a master deal-maker in a crazy situation. While you were annoyed at Trump for listening to Dr Fauci, Democrats and fake news media continue to spread the lie that thousands have died and will die because Trump refuses to listen to Dr Fauci.

Weeks ago, a large chunk of the country believed fake news media and health-experts’ lie that covid-19 is the worst thing that ever hit the planet. They said 2 million would die if we did not close down the country. It would have been foolish for Trump to push against the tsunami of fear sweeping the country. Trump wisely waited for evidence to begin surfacing that the predicted doomsday numbers of deaths were proven false.

In April, Trump announced his plan to reopen America. As expected, Democrats and fake news media responded in outrage, hysterically claiming that over 100 thousand will die. Trump realizes a large percentage of Americans are over the fear and ready to begin living again. Dr Fauci wants the lock-down to continue. After expressing his respect for Dr Fauci, Trump said he will proceed forward in reopening America.

Now is the time for more Americans to step up and rebel big-time against power-drunk evil Democrats. My two political activist buddies played a major role in making the May 1st ReOpen California protest a huge success. But we can’t stop there. That was only phase one. Democrat governors continue to dig their long claws deep into the walls of their lock-down, implementing more absurd covid-19 restrictions. They will not loosen their chains around the necks of their constituents. They must be forced to let their people go.

Joe Wierzbicki, a true patriot, is president of the Conservative Campaign Committee. He posted this on Facebook. “Nevada’s disgraced Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak’s actions cause closure of famed Colorado Belle in Laughlin, NV. Another 400 jobs lost. Folks – we must RECALL these Democrat governors who are destroying our economy.”

Folks, this cruel insanity should make every American extremely angry. The Bible says, “Be angry, but sin not.” The Bible also speaks of “righteous anger”. Seeing Democrat tyrants punish and destroy peoples’ lives should make righteous Americans angry. Conservative Campaign Committee is laser-focused on helping Republicans take back the House.

Wicked Nancy Pelosi must be unseated from her role as House majority leader. From her illegal impeachment scheme to exploiting covid-19, she will use anything to remove Trump and dictate the behavior of the American people. She has zero compassion for U.S. citizens.

The Pelosi controlled House recently approved a new $3trillion covid-19 relief bill, polluted with funding for extreme leftist initiatives and give-a-ways to illegals. While 30 million Americans have lost their jobs, Pelosi’s bill allows illegal aliens to work. Pelosi’s bill also gifts illegals stimulus checks and amnesty.

Her bill includes huge tax cuts for rich liberal donors in Democrat controlled states.

Pelosi’s bill mentions cannabus 68 times while only mentioning jobs 52 times.

Taxpayers oppose funding abortion 55% to 29%. And yet, Pelosi’s relief bill includes taxpayer funded abortion. What the heck does abortion have to do with covid-19? Pelosi’s bill includes blocking voter identification laws even-though 80% of Americans want such laws. Again, what does voter ID have to do with covid-19? Pelosi’s bill includes $20 million for arts and humanities. Pelosi stuffed much more crazy evil leftist garbage into her bill calling it covid-19 relief.

In New York, police wrestled a woman with a toddler to the ground and arrested her for not wearing her mask properly. This is too much folks. There is something seriously wrong when one person can mandate brute force to implement their unconstitutional decrees.  For this reason, we must never allow Democrats to ignore the Second Amendment to confiscate our guns.

Phase two of the battle to restore our constitutional freedoms require that we lawfully and rightfully push back. I would love to be a part of a national ReOpen America bus tour.

Similar to the Tea Party movement, the grassroots ReOpen America movement does not have one charismatic leader. It has numerous courageous lovers of freedom and America saying, “I will fight and suffer the consequences”. My mind flashed back to that scene in the movie, “Spartacus”. Soldiers came to arrest Spartacus, but did not know his identity. Each of his men boldly proclaimed, “I am Spartacus”. The soldiers crucified all of them. We have small business owners from beauty salons to gyms to restaurants and more, in essence, saying, “Take me, I am Spartacus”.

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